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March 30, 2016 8:49 am

Palestinians Comprise Notable Portion of Israel’s Requests for Jewish Conversion

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Requesting to convert to Judaism. Illustrative Photo: A scene from 'Arrested Development,' wikia.

Requesting to convert to Judaism. Illustrative Photo: A scene from ‘Arrested Development,’ wikia. – About half of the annual requests in Israel for conversion to Judaism were received from Palestinians, foreign workers, illegal infiltrators, and illegal immigrants, the Israeli Knesset State Control Committee revealed.

There were a total of 200 such conversion cases that were rejected over the past year by the Knesset Exceptions Committee, which must give its approval in order for anyone’s Jewish conversion process to begin in Israel.

Israeli law states that a non-Israeli citizen who is ineligible for “right of return” can begin the conversion process only after receiving permission from the Exceptions Committee, which often involves a drawn-out bureaucratic process.

“The mixture of halachic (Jewish legal) and government immigration policy concerns is not healthy. The Exceptions Committee must transfer its authority to the Interior Ministry, and instead just provide an estimate of the [conversion] candidate’s honesty,” said the head of the State Control Committee, Member of Knesset Karin Elharar (Yesh Atid).

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  • Gerald Sobel

    Instead of fighting each other, humanity needs to put 100% of it’s efforts into saving our wonderful planet, and stop worrying about some imaginary paradise we get after we’re dead as a reward for out suffering while we are alive. Besides, my imaginery paradise is way better than yours. True believers in the Lord Roscoe (The Great Hamster) get double virgins (144) with choice of eye color. (Two tone virgins, alightly extra) And for true believers who die this year we offer unlimited experienced women with large dowries.

  • Gerald Sobel

    The very fact that Palestinians who try to leave Israel and become citizens of other so called Arab countries are persecuted and forced to live in ghettos is another proof that they are, in fact, Jews who are only considered Arabs because the speak Arabic and go to a Shull that has a star and crescent moon instead of a Mogen David.

  • This is indeed very troubling. Judaism is a faith and way of life open to people of all races, colors, ethnicities, and cultures. One can understand why there might be reticence to convert someone whose motivation might not be genuine and who might be a threat to the state, but no one should be rejected out of hand because of his or her ethnicity or culture. I’m assuming that the word “Palestinians” here is being applied to people who live outside of Israel and not to Israeli Arabs, at least I hope so.

    • Gerald Sobel

      Jay, I’m afraid that’s exactly what is going on. DNA studies have proven 85% of palestinians in Israel and the West Bank are, in fact, Jewish decendants, and the figure for Gaza is 90%. In effect, this whole mess is another example of Judaism being at war with itself! Uughhh!! Oye vey!!