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April 1, 2016 12:37 pm

Islamic Academy in Britain Teaching Students Jews Conspiring to ‘Poison Thinking and Minds of Young Muslims’

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Outside view of the Islamic Tarbiyah Academy in Dewsbury. Photo: Website of the Islamic Tarbiyah Academy.

Outside view of the Islamic Tarbiyah Academy in Dewsbury. Photo: Website of the Islamic Tarbiyah Academy.

Students at a private Muslim school in Britain are being taught that Jews are secretly working to take over the world, Sky News reported on Friday.

According to the investigative report, the Islamic Tarbiyah Academy in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, is “promoting an extreme form of Islam” to its 140 pupils enrolled in an after-school madrasa, and to its full-time students, aged 16 and above. Dewsbury was home to one of Britain’s youngest suicide bombers, a perpetrator of the 7/7/2005 London bombings. 

The Academy’s founder and spiritual leader, Mufti Zubair Dudha, Sky News said, is described as a “respected cleric” who follows the strict Sunni orthodox Deobandi sect. It is estimated that half of all Islamic institutions in Britain adhere to Deobandi theology.

In a pamphlet distributed by the academy, Dudha sources the antisemitic propaganda tome, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to prove that Jews are working together in an international conspiracy. Pop culture is part of a Jewish plot to “poison the thinking and minds” of young Muslims, he wrote, adding, “The various forms of distractions have been successful to considerable extent in achieving their objectives.”

The Sky News investigation also found on other printed materials distributed to Deobandi institutions bans on watching television and women working; warnings that mixed-sex establishments are evil; and guidelines on how women must be fully covered in public.  

Keith Vaz, head of the Home Affairs Select Committee, told Sky News that the academy’s teachings are “totally reckless,” especially in light of recent terror attacks across Europe.

“After what we have seen in Paris and in Brussels and the way in which the Muslim community has come out so strongly in favor of peace and tolerance, I think these kinds of leaflets serve no purpose but to divide in a poisonous and totally reckless way,” he stated.

The Department of Education in Britain told Sky News that it has launched an investigation into the matter.

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  • Yale

    I am I the only one who has noticed that the allegations coming from Muslims about “conspiracies to take over the world” and “poisoning the minds of the young” are exactly what Islamists are seeking to do?

  • ++Markus Elkana Brajtman

    Who are these idiots trying to convince? There are in total 14 million Jews around the world, with 1.6 billion Muslims.
    What is the Christian population around the world? 2 Billion@

    And this idiot says that the Jews are trying to take over the world.
    He should be locked up in an asylum for mentally retarded

    Why does he not tell his students the truth?
    Islam has been saying for nearly 2000 years, that ISLAM WILL CONQUOR THE WORLD AND TURN THE WORLD INTO AN ISALMIC CALIPHATE.

    THE JEWS ONLY WANT TO LIVE IN PEACE, but the Arab/Islamic countries have the greatest propaganda machine, which has turned the world against Jews and Israel WITH BDS ETC.



    Their propaganda makes Hitler’s minister of propaganda look like a nursery school Goebbels said. THE BIGGER THE LIE, THE MORE OFTEN REPEATED, THE MORE THE WORLD WILL BELIEVE THE LIE

  • Because our politicians will not face reality it will be too late before they open eyes and accept that there is a Trojan horse in our midst .they want to destroy all of us ,they hate us , they do not want to assimilate into ‘western culture ‘ they despise it. How loud must one shout NOT to be heard. ??!

  • The earlier the School is banned, the better it will be. Thanks for the space provided God bless you all in Christ Jesus Mighty Name Amen. We should let what happen in Paris and Brussel teach us lesson.

  • ennufizenuf

    But, but, but if any Christian or Jewish religious organization taught or disseminated similar materials about muslims the British police and Scotland Yard would have them thrown in jail in a matter of hours.

  • stevenl

    Without the complicity of the West, this couldn’t happen.