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April 3, 2016 7:06 am

Facebook Says Passover Blood Libel Posted by Egyptian Media Outlet Doesn’t Violate ‘Community Standards’

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Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Facebook does not consider contemporary blood libels against Jews to be in violation of its “Community Standards,” pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon reported on Friday.

According to the report, a complaint he had lodged with the social media giant about a “news” article posted on the page of Egyptian media outlet Sout al-Omma being an example of hate speech, received this response:

We reviewed the share you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

Please let us know if you see anything else that concerns you. We want to keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone.

According to the blogger, Sout al-Omma published the traditional “Passover blood libel” early last week as “straight news” in its “investigations” section. The outlet “explained” that since medieval times, Jews have used the blood of young children to make Passover matza, adding that today Israel imports children from Brazil for the same purpose. It claimed, too, that Israeli Arabs live in fear, during the weeks leading up to Passover, that their children will be kidnapped and murdered by Jews in preparation for the holiday.

Sout al-Omma then posted the article on its Facebook page, illustrating it with medieval Christian illustrations of Jews practicing the bloody ritual.

Elder of Ziyon said that Facebook’s response means that “accusing Jews of murdering Arab and Christian children to eat their blood is not a violation of [Facebook’s] community standards.”

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  • Isaac Semaya

    They are back to the same blood BS we have heard for many years. If the Egyptians are continuing to try and make the world believe this BS again, BEWARE 10 PLAGUES WERE BROUGHT UPON YOU MANY YEARS AGO. IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!

  • tobi love

    I would like a copy of just what the Facebook Community Standards are.

    • Mae Gardnermills

      I never heard of this blood thing before. Miscommunication can be taken as being anti-whatever with Community Standards. Different ages of people speak and write with a range of ideas and tones. Facebook blocked me. I know the company is young and a young man named, Mark is more liberal . I wish he would have room for seniors! I enjoy knowing genetics and testing of DNA and mtDNA. This article just gives me something new to read about. SENIOR FACEBOOK, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. You will be old, too.

  • Janice Howard

    I am absolutely disgusted at the way that this rubbish about Jews drinking children’s blood which seems to surface every year around this holiday time of the Passover has been allowed to stay nay encouraged to be written on Facebook again and again. This is most definitely encouraging hatred against the Jews. Many of these people both young and old are hardly what you would call very well educated, well travelled people with much experience of the outside world. Some person spreading malicious rumours of children being killed for their blood, while being ludicrous to everyone else may not seem so silly to these people. As far as I am concerned this is Anti Jewish and Facebook should take this type of thing off. Ask yourself would you let us Jews say that the muslims eat our children. What would you say then?

  • joep

    There is an entire facebook page called “Jewish ritual murder” which is dedicated to promoting blood libels. Facebook refuses to remove it.

    Your report
    You anonymously reported “Jewish ritual murder” for containing hate speech or symbols.

    Our update (from Facebook)
    Thanks again for taking the time to report something you feel may go against our Community Standards. We took another look at the Page you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t go against the Facebook Community Standards.
    Please let us know if you see anything else that concerns you. If you want us to look at something specific on a Page, be sure to report the content (ex: photo), not the entire Page. We want to keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone.

  • Paula Blum

    The thought that Facebook allows this type of false, hateful, inflammatory speech is irresponsible and reprehensible,and shows ignorance on the part of the decision-makers of Facebook. It is furthering hate and the potential for violence. Shame on Facebook!!

    • John zimmerman

      Good comment. And with liberalism in general, it masquerades as tolerance but that is just to attract followers as once in power it rules as iron-fisted n as his or communists going after dissidents.

  • He is an Jewish Anti Semite and a Racist.

    • Barry Wilson

      I felt the only way to protest this was to go to Zuckerberg’s page and say he enjoys children’s blood like the this Facebook page that was ruled acceptable and put in the link so people know what he allows

      Some may think it’s too strong but for Mark Z it is only words not a Horrific lie perpetuated through the ages

      Barry Wilson

  • Thomas

    Good article. I just have one question in light of the issues raised here and a very similar article “Why is Facebook Enabling Anti-Semites?” dated February 4, 2014, more than TWO YEARS ago.

    Why is The Algemeiner supporting Facebook as evidenced by the “Like us on Facebook” banner right next to the Albemeiner one at the top of every Algemeiner webpage?

    Maybe it’s time to examine your own ethics!

    • No. It is important not to run and hide and let others roll all the lies over us. For too long these lies have been spread and it is time for them to stop. That is sure. It is time for lies for the destruction of a people to stop. Islam is not the Only True Abrahamic Religion and all this is just to push Judaism off Abrahams Rock. These are devious lies and by far not the only ones.

      • Thomas

        I’m going to assume you misunderstood my comment. I was not saying that Algemeiner should not publish articles like this one and in fact I support that endeavor.

        The reason I suggested they “examine their ethics” was that they are supporting the the very platform (Facebook) that is allowing these ridiculous false attacks on the Jewish People.

    • lena866

      So you propose boycotting facebook? Someone has to infuse the conversation with truth. And what other blog is there?

      • Thomas

        First of all Facebook is not a “blog”. There are many sites, such as WordPress, that support hosting blogs. Facebook is a social media site that can be used as a blog but is also so much more; mostly in the pursuit of using the information you post to generate MONEY for Zuckerberg et. al.

        An alternative to using Facebook might be to set up your own webpage and allow access only to those you wish without having anyone stealing your data. Maybe it’s time for someone to come up with an alternative social media network that does not allow hate speech and respects one’s privacy, one which you may have to pay for.

        Protest for your principles may involve some sacrifice. Just because someone offers you some candy does not mean you should let them lead you off the cliff.

        Also there is a difference in having an account because you need one for whatever personal reasons you have and actively supporting Facebook by promoting it at the top of your webpage.

        PS – I do not have a Facebook account for reasons too numerous to discuss here.

  • Barbara

    So ONLY Jews in Israel follow the custom of draining blood from little Christian and Moslem children? What about the rest of the world? Are the Jews not celebrating this blood libel world wide?
    What is the matter with all the reporters from the rest of civilization? Where are the articles and photographs and warnings pre-passover?
    How absolutely ridiculous!! Matzoh is simply bread made with no yeast so it doesn’t rise. Even Jesus ate it at the last supper. It symbolizes the bread baked on stones in the dessert during the desert crossing after the Jews left the slavery in Egypt. I have heard it referred to as “holy”. It is not holy…but it is a traditional food for the holiday.
    I have seen the Pollywood videos showing young people being kidnapped and bled. This is anti semitism at its worst and is rooted in ignorance and incites hatred.
    What is wrong with Facebook to allow this accusation to remain on it’s pages? I have a feeling that young master Zuckerberg has lost control of his senses and leaves business to those who are bias and are happy to spread the poison.

  • Kathy Dunleavy

    Excuse me this is a accusation of old…this runs contrary to the teachings of Judaism and this is just silly that you did not know this….Blood in cooking is prohibited in Judaism…..soooo like ummm ya a bit Anti Semetic……hummmm perhaps all of us should start something that goes round like that would that violate you? Nawwww you wouldn’t mind right!

  • Myron Slater

    Facebook should take responsibility for antisemitic libel and remove all comments from your website.

  • A.Rosenberg

    This is outrageous!!!! In this day and age!

  • Irving D. Cohen

    This response by Facebook must have been written by that famous scholar Mahmoud Abbas or one of his grandchildren, after putting down his knife so that his/her hand would be free to write it.

  • Despicable and venomous lies about this canard should NEVER be permitted to be viewed!

  • I am outraged! We need to boycott Facebook immediately. Zuckerberg has made himself a millionaire on the backs of people he has fooled into thinking they have friends when they don’t. It has robbed people of the skills of interacting & building normal relationships which include nuances in voice, tone, etc. He needs to be reminded there is more to this life than money-it’s called ethics. Any other peoples targeted this way would immediately sever ties with the company, possibly bring a lawsuit. There isn’t a clearer violation of their policy than this one. Jews -put down your laptops & boycott Facebook or inundate them with your outrage. Purim has just ended-take a stand-step up to the task! Thank you.

  • Stephanie Brent

    If I knew of another social media website (an Israeli version of Facebook for example), I would cheerfully leave Facebook any time and encourage everyone I know to do so. The only problem I can think of is that my Hebrew is very limited and the translate programs come up with bizarre translations to English.

  • With regard to the Blood Libel that Sout al-Omma published on Facebook: Zuckerberg may be a billionaire prince in dollars, but his inaction in this matter shows that he’s a pauper in the eyes of the world Jewish community. I am ashamed that he is one of us.

  • Facebook employees who command the service of reporting offensive content have shown themselves to be complicit in antisemetic acts judging by this and my exerience as well. A pro-palestinian supporter had written that she wanted to “murder jews with pork hot dogs because all jews are made of pig meat.”
    Facebook responded to my request to remove that content with the same message- that her hate speech against Jews did not violate their community standards. So either Facebook condones and supports an institutionally mandated program of facism and racism against the Jewish People or perhaps rather facebook has enlisted nonpolitical actors in the role of monitoring facebook posts. This is what must be reviewed by upper management. What employees do to fb user profiles posts and comments is not shared with endusers. Who are these individuals? Where is there oversight? What background checks are done on emplyees of facebook with these privileges?

  • Is Mark Zuckerberg, an American Jew, so naive or ignorant of the facts, that he believes the old canard of the Jewish blood libel could possibly be something Jews actually perform? Or better yet, is the community standard that Facebook upholds the Egyptian standard where anything anti-semitic is acceptable because that is what the locals believe? Perhaps the community standard that Facebook uses should be updated to reflect the truth rather than the ugly “standard” used in the offending country.

  • Reform School

    Suckerberg’s babyface reflects his emotional immaturity

  • D Cripps

    It’s not 100% the answer, and comes with its own potential problems, but reporting the post as a “false news story” might have some success…

  • Judith Levine

    Articles like that incite violence towards Jews by those who can’t see the inanity of such charges. The idea that Israel can ‘import’ Brazilian children is so silly that if it was connected to this charge it would be laughable. I am unaware of any Brazilian laws making children a product that can legally be bought and sold just like a box of crayons or clothing. Even if someone thought it might be true, it would take about one minute with a moist sample on a hematology kit using a piece of matzah chosen randomly by the believer to prove that this has no basis in reality. But then again, some people will refuse to believe any fact that doesn’t fit their carved in stone beliefs.

  • Karen Levin

    This note from me to you might warm your hearts – at the least. At best, it will hopefully give you a good laugh.

    Quite a while back, I posted on my [now extinct] Facebook page that Mr. Zuckerman’s grandfather must have been rolling over in his grave, watching his grandson embrace Jewish hate by permitting to allow so many anti-Semitic posts.

    I’m banned from Facebook – and am quite proud of that. 🙂

  • dante

    if the exceptional but morally repellent swine who work at fb can’t figure this one out, it’s not because the facts are unclear; it’s because they are enemies of the Jews. a lot of people don’t care about that: Jews & Israel, alone, have been declared a legitimate target for any attack, regardless of how moronic or hateful or murderous.

    zuck doesn’t have to like the Jews or Israel. (he would be a better person if he did, but he is what he is.) but, he should be effing ashamed that he provides a forum, actually, many fora, for active, genocidal enemies of the Jews.

    he should be ashamed. but, he won’t be…until, perhaps, his kid asks him one day about why he provided a platform for the mortal enemies of the Jews. don’t expect zuck to come to this by himself. his personal complacency is invincible.

  • Lee1

    I have no FB acct. And my life is not a big black hole lacking activities, i.e. real life social interactions
    Why cannot all Jews of conscience leave , boycott FB?
    They lived most of their lives not lacking,
    And now, most of the universe is pure FB addict.
    How the heck did that happen,
    How many hours a day does the average FB member spend on that crap,
    I exhort all Jews to close their FB accounts. All Jews of conscience, and in fact, any sentient being should close their FB accounts, MZ is the devil, IMHO. The outrages continue, and no one acts. Shut down FB.

  • siftit

    Which proves that JINOs are a much bigger physical threat to Jewish lives than any Muslim.

  • Social media represent a violation of Jewish standards.

  • Gary Frank

    It’s just that their “community” has somewhat low standards.

  • Marcus Redwolf

    Mark Zuckerberg. Another nominee for the ” Court Jew Hall Of Shame ” It’s also a great question to ask Hillary at a debate or at so called Town Hall. “Madame Secretary, what is your opinion of the Passover Blood Libel being promulgated on Facebook , is it hate speech? Be prepared for a deer caught in the headlights look then a typical Clintonian non answer.

  • Rachel

    It’s not surprising.
    Antisemitic publications are allowed by Facebook.
    Mr Zuckerberg doesn’t care.

  • Sascha

    Start a petition to have this monstrosity taken down.

  • Elnora Ganoe

    It disappoints me that FB would allow the lie that Jews use children’s blood to celebrate Passover. That shows ignorance as that has never been true. Whoever says this is ignorant. and sand I can see that FB is prejudice toward Jews.

  • Susan

    Jews do not use the blood of children for Passover. GOD has ordered us to preserve life above all else. Taking the blood of children is forbidden to. Maybe some group is responsible for making this accusation seem like truth, however there is no truth to it. Jews would be severely punished if they did this, and it is against their laws to take blood from adults or children to use in sacrifice, or cooking or any matter. Matza is made with wheat and water as the only ingredients. Lies such as this are manufactured by anti-semitics that want to perpetuate fear and hate of GOD’S chosen people.