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April 4, 2016 7:16 am

Islamist Terrorists Couldn’t Care Less About the Palestinian Cause

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A Palestinian demonstration against Israel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A Palestinian demonstration against Israel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

According to President Obama’s worldview, the Palestinian issue is a principal Muslim concern and a major source of Muslim frustration that has fueled regional violence and intensified Islamic terrorism.

However, irrespective of Obama’s far-reaching gestures to the Palestinian Authority, the number of Muslim terrorist cells in the US has increased, as have Islamic terrorist attacks on the US mainland, such as in San Bernardino (2015), Boston (2013), Times Square (2010), Ft. Hood, Texas (2009), Little Rock, Arkansas (2009), Dallas, Texas (2009), etc.

Moreover, in 1983, while President Reagan brutally pressured Israel to end its offensive against the PLO in Lebanon and withdraw to the international border, Islamic terrorists attack the Marines’ headquarters in Beirut, murdering 300 US Marines. In 1998 and 2000, as President Clinton pressured Israel to make dramatic concessions to the Palestinians, and made Arafat a frequent foreign visitor to the White House, Islamic terrorists attacked US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (murdering 300 persons) and the “USS Cole” at the port of Aden (murdering 17 US sailors). Furthermore, “September 11” was planned while President Clinton pressured Israel to repatriate Jerusalem, retreat to the pre-1967 lines, and accept a limited version of the Palestinian “claim of return” to the pre-1967 area of Israel.

President Obama was right when declaring in June, 2009, at Cairo University, that “Islam has always been part of America’s story.” Indeed, Islamic (Barbary) terrorism targeted US ships between 1776 and the beginning of the 19th century. John Quincy Adams, the sixth US president (1825-1929), researched the causes of anti-US Islamic terrorism, concluding that the core cause was Islam’s endemic hostility toward the “infidel” as expressed in the Quran.

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The US is the role-model of democracy and civil liberties, and therefore, it is perceived as a lethal threat by repressive, rogue, anti-democratic Muslim regimes, which have terrorized their own people and other Muslim communities since the 7th century. They, also, consider the US to be the biggest hurdle on their way to regional and global domination. US prominence has made America the chief scapegoat, blamed by rogue Muslim regimes for their own social, economic, and moral failures.

Islamic terrorists believe that their victory over the USSR, in Afghanistan, caused the disintegration of the Soviet Union. They are convinced that defeating the US would be easier, in view of recent US retreats from Vietnam (1973), Iran (1979), Lebanon (1983), Somalia (1993), Iraq (2011), and Libya (2012), and the expected evacuation of Afghanistan. Islamic terrorists assume that the US policy-makers and public tend to cave under intensified terrorism — increasingly on the US mainland — which will, therefore, trigger further US retreats.

Islamic terrorists have been emboldened by President Obama’s and CIA Director John Brennan’s claims — in defiance of 1,400 year old Islamic terrorism, Islamic tyranny and the absence of intra-Muslim peaceful coexistence — that there is no Islamic terrorism, since Islam promotes peace; that there is no Jihadist terrorism, since Jihad purifies the soul; that the US should engage rogue regimes diplomatically rather than militarily; that the Muslim Brotherhood (the largest transnational Islamic terrorist organization) is not a terrorist organization; that there is no military solution to terrorism; that terrorism should be contained rather than defeated; and that terrorist acts may be defined as “workplace violence,” etc. Wrong US assumptions have produced wrong US policies and failed battle tactics.

According to the late Prof. Fuad Ajami , one of the leading Middle East scientists in recent years: “The sad truth is that the terror will continue – and continue to test the patience of an America that insists on its innocence and its distance from the feuds and passions of the Middle East…. A terrible wind was now blowing throughout the realm of Islam. Americans were caught there at a time when a large fight was breaking out – a fight for the soul and historic direction of that society…. Caught between the frightened privilege, on the one side, and the militant wrath, on the other.  And, America was inevitably on the side of the privilege…. The distant superpower was turned into a demon…. Decades of oil wealth and promise in the Moslem world was ending in failure and defeat. When the inevitable scapegoating came, America was the best kind of scapegoat….This amorphous world took America on the only way it could – with terror…. In reality, to talk of a peace process that would end this wave of terror is naïve.  If Americans can be sure of anything, they can be sure of this: Nothing would inflame the passions of extremists more than a major American diplomatic initiative…. No US diplomatic scheme would spare America the fury of those bent upon eradicating its presence in the Middle East. It is a false reading of Islam to say that terror springs from the impasse between Israelis and Palestinians….  It does not advance Israeli-Palestinian peace to pretend that it would solve a problem larger than their conflict….”

Is it realistic to assume that rogue Muslim regimes, which have employed terrorism — systematically and deliberately — since the 7th century, in order to settle intra-Muslim conflicts with fellow “believers,” would not employ terrorism in order to settle their conflicts with the US, “the big, arrogant, infidel Satan”?!

Islamic terrorism constitutes a clear and present danger to the US and the free world, irrespective of the Arab-Israeli conflict, independent of the Palestinian issue, and regardless of Israel’s policies or the very existence of the Jewish state, which is only “the little Satan” as far as Muslim rogue regimes and terrorists are concerned.

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