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April 7, 2016 6:11 am

Obama: I Can Give Illegal Immigrants Social Security and Disability Benefits

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President Barack Obama Photo:

President Barack Obama Photo:

CNS – Does the president of the United States have the power to unilaterally tell millions of individuals who are violating federal law that he will not enforce that law against them now, that they may continue to violate that law in the future and that he will take action that makes them eligible for federal benefit programs for which they are not currently eligible due to their unlawful status?

Through Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, President Barack Obama is telling the Supreme Court exactly this right now.

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  • James Wright

    As a veteran I see my fellow brothers and sister suffering due to the lack of help and this idiot wants to give away benefits that others don’t deserve. Do you think you can go to Mexico and get assistance—NO—they made a decision to break the law so why should I as a taxpayer give them a dime!? For those who don’t care then leave your door unlocked and let the people here illegally help themselves–because this is what they have entered our country (house) without permission and now want benefits!! PATHETIC TRUMP 2016!

  • Well, humans need to survive, illegal people are created by the capitalist system cheap illegal workers, Obama wants to help defenseless people as a cover up on his political mistakes fighting strong country leaders as Mr. Gaddafi who was made – man dictator by Norway staged fake events driving Gaddafi into insanity made by Obama administration in cooperation with Jens Stoltenberg agents who were infiltrated in Libya to recruit Libyan naïve en defenseless people into becoming blind political activist against Mr. Gaddafi, to rob Mr. Gaddafi big money 300 billions Norwegian crowners invested in the Norwegian corrupt stat oil company by brain manipulation, the reason for the creation of the door for refugees move into Europe where hundreds of thousand people did become defenseless people as the illegal people in USA, helping from one side illegal people in USA and creating more defenseless people from another side is the old Vikings ideology of robber men’s property by a pull – push psychology tactic of giving and taking all, which does create chaos is the reason for Muslims to revolt becoming aware of been cheated killing each other for nothing at all, the big money is robed where thousand of people from foreign countries did lost their jobs in Libya causing the fall of the oil prizes pushing the global economic out of balance harming Russia who was a target for NATO which Jens Stoltenberg did buy him self into by Mr. Gaddafi money! Voila!

  • Linda kackson

    How can this man give illegals any social security when they are here against the law? He cut funding for our Veterans and now is trying this! He needs stopped immediately!where is Congress because it’s their job to stop him!

    • Gloria

      I agree being a USMC Veteran myself. Why do we pay our taxes for the Illegal’s to get all our benefit’s that we can’t even get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!