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April 17, 2016 9:23 pm

MK Tzipi Livni: ‘What Is Your Suggestion — That We Live With All These Antisemites Together in One State?’ (VIDEO)

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Zionist Union MK Tzipi Livni, in an interview with Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief Dovid Efune at a Ruderman Family Foundation-sponsored event at Temple Emanuel in Newton, Mass. Photo: Screenshot.

Zionist Union MK Tzipi Livni, in an interview with Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief Dovid Efune at a Ruderman Family Foundation-sponsored event at Temple Emanuel in Newton, Mass. Photo: Screenshot.

“When I made decisions in the Israeli government, I thought not only about the Israeli citizens, but also about the impact of my decisions on world Jewry,” said prominent Israeli politician Tzipi Livni on Wednesday, during an annual mission to the US, sponsored by the Ruderman Family Foundation.

This concluding remark of MK Livni’s on-stage “Knesset Town Hall” interview with Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief Dovid Efune – delivered to hundreds of people at Temple Emanuel in Newton, Massachusetts – was the culmination of her views on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the BDS movement and Israel-US relations.

Livni, co-leader, with MK Isaac Herzog, of the oppositionist Zionist Union party, was warmly received by the audience, as she reiterated her “vision” – which she referred to as her “GPS” — on the imperative for “two states for two peoples,” which, she said, “is not a favor to the Palestinians; it’s not even a favor to any president of the United States; [it] is the only way, basically, to keep the values of Israel as a democracy and a Jewish state.”

This she reiterated in response to a question put to her by Efune about Herzog’s recent admission that he does not see the possibility of a two-state solution happening in the near future.

“I’m not that kind of leader [who] would say to you, ‘Just give me a Palestinian for five minutes and we will solve the conflict,’” said Livni, who has the distinction of being the only woman in Israel’s history to have served in eight different cabinet positions, among them foreign minister and minister of justice. “But I believe that we should not put aside this…aspiration.”

Since one of her key roles in government was as chief negotiator with the Palestinians for the three years – 2006-2009 – following Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip, Efune challenged her to address what he called the “gap between visions and reality,” citing a recent Anti-Defamation League poll revealing that an overwhelming majority of Palestinians hold antisemitic views.

“So, what is your suggest[ion],” she retorted. “That we…live with all these antisemit[es] together in one state?”

“No,” she continued. “The whole idea is to separate us from the Palestinians… There is incitement [in the PA] and antisemitism there and this should be stopped, and this is part of what we need to do during the negotiations – to speak about a culture of peace, to speak about education, to speak about changing their books in schools. But this is just part of what needs to be done. It’s not a reason to stop negotiations.”

Though hinting, thus, that the current Israeli government (of which her party is not a member), rather than the Palestinian leadership, is responsible for a halt in peace talks and for being “isolated in the international community,” Livni unequivocally called the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement an “ugly phenomenon.” She pointed to the “similarity between antisemitism and BDS” as being “not about what we do, [but] about who we are.”

The problem is, she added, that many young people who are critical of Israeli government policy “join BDS because of their ignorance; because they don’t understand that BDS doesn’t represent just criticism of an Israeli government policy, but [is] completely against the existence of the state of Israel as a Jewish state.”

Jay Ruderman, president of the Ruderman Family Foundation, which sponsored the week-long Knesset Mission to the US — and whose stated aim is to “strengthen the relationship between Israeli and American Jewry” — told The Algemeiner that the Knesset Town Hall “was an opportunity for the six members of the mission to speak to the general Jewish community about how they see the challenges facing Israel and Israel’s relationship with American Jews. It also gave the community a chance to see and interact with the members of Knesset close up.” 

Watch the full interview below:

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  • Stein

    Every two-stater is a foreign policy disaster waiting to happen.

  • Andrea

    I was at this Town Hall last week. It was wonderful to see you, Mr. Efune! What was disturbing was in a massive audience of “Israel lovers,” there was a lot of cheering for the leftist MKs, who seemed to be the majority. It was shocking to me.
    I was dumbfounded that the moderator referred to “the occupation” at one point. He should’ve been tossed out of the room.
    Overall, though, it was a great opportunity and an interesting event.

  • Swen Guzzi

    I think that the region is a mess because of the way everything was partitioned after WWI by the British. And somewhat again after WWII, without clearly understanding the consequences. And here we are today still struggling with this. But I agree that most Israelis don’t feel comfortable with a two state solution. The other problem is that Israel should have never allowed the militarization of Gaza. And finally if Israel decides to expel all Arabs form Gaza, West Bank, and the Golan Heights who would take them and where to put them?

  • sifter

    No Tzipi, we dont want to live in an ne state with anti Semites. But giving them their own kingdom next door is suicide. Only answer is to transfer populations, just like India expelled Muslims when Pakistan was created.

    • Edna

      Has it ever occurred to anyone that the Palestinian tribes living in the West Bank are as attached to their land as Israeli Jews are to fheirs?

      The only solution must come from the Jordanians. They must allow the Palestinian tribes to aquire Jordanian citizenship. Once this happens the Palestinians will have no reason to cintinue their terrorist activities against Israel, as they will be part of a Palestinian state called the Kingdom if Jordan, which in effect could easily change its name to the Kingdom of Palestine.

  • Robert Davis

    PS Further to my comment explaining why the 2states hypothesis is by far the WORSE of all for Israel but it’s the worse also for the US which would have to support Israel in bad conditions for décades. As the her “jewish values” she does not even know what she talks about she is as stupid as a GOOSE, jewish values does not mean suicide.

  • Robert Davis

    Not only tsipi livni has no brains but she also has no ears nor eyes to see and hear what we say : the alternative to “2 States” is NOT living together with the jordanian/”palestinians” as her dogm suggests but the transfer of these arabs to jordan so the matter is over once and for all. Keeping in situ the squatters is NOT an option except for foolish communists such as herself because it woulod not be much better than the 2 States hypothesis since arabs will continue the conflict except they could not invite all the moslem states to send out their armis against Israel since only a State can do that. Her choice is the WORSE OF ALL but keeping the squatters is NOT a solution either. Only their transfer IS THE SOLUTION. Returning jordanians to jordan is NOT anti-democratic and anyway better bre antidemocratic than dead or fighting antisemitism for another century as livni’s poor strategy would lead us to.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Ms.Livni is quite correct – a two-state solution is the only option if Israel is to remain an independent,democratic Jewish state.Who wants to share the land with millions of dyed-in-the-wool Muslim Jew-haters? When India was granted independence by the British the Muslims under their sinister leader Mohammed Ali Jinnah refused to be part of a Hindu majority unitary State of India and demanded a two-state solution;and after incessant Muslim rioting in which millions of Indians died,a new state called “Pakistan” was invented for them – to the severe disappointment of the peace-loving Hindus.So when it suits them ,the Muslims cry out for a two-state solution!That is how nation-states come into being – why should Israel be any different?You can’t force people of different cultures,religions and histories to live together.Even oppressive Communism could not succeed in doing that!Just look at the former Yugoslavia or Soviet Union – as soon as the opportunity arose these multi-national “empires” split into their natural constituent nation-states.Having stated all this,it does not preclude Israel having bi-lateral relations with a future Palestinian state regarding trade,transport,air rights etc.But for Israel’s survival a one-state solution is no solution! It is just another plot by the Arabs and the Muslim world to destroy Israel by demographic means.

    • Liz Wagner

      The problem is not that they want a state; its that they want to create a state for themselves out of the land of Israel. If they need a state so badly, the land must come from Jordan or another Arab state; not Israel.

  • Peter Joffe

    Tzipi Livni, is a wonderful person who is prepared to be counted. Political Correctness is not what she does and will not be what she will do in the future. Lets make a suggestion? Let us suppose that Gaza is a country that is rife with leprosy and Israel is free from that disease. Therefore the best way to make all of the region the same is to merge Gaza with Israel and then all will be equally sick. The cancer of Islam pervades Gaza and the PA so the answer is NOT to make everyone equally violent and hateful. A 2 state solution is only possible if the two different state recognize and respect their differences. Why do sitting American Presidents as well as some new presidential hopefuls think that they can solve a 4,000 year old problem (Antisemitism), but siding with one side only???

  • Bruce Rubin

    I used to be a very liberal person but during the last 30 years believing in equality and a more socially equal society, I have seen many of those same demographics historically denied now, not denied expressing very antisemitic belief systems. First of all, your typical American is stupid and clueless in understanding propaganda. The BDS people clearly understand this. They show the results of Gaza used by Hamas as a giant human shield and then show it all over the world blaming the Evil Jews. It works!! We also have individuals like Louis Farrakhan as a respected speaker at historically African American Colleges.I grew up in a Jewish town outside of Chicago. I can tell you if any Rabbi or Jewish Religious speaker talked about blacks they way Farrakhan talks about Jews there career would of been over in disgrace. Farrakhan is a respected speaker among many Predominantly African American Schools and just gave a speech at TSU claiming the US government is run by Satan. Well, I think anyone who is in college and follows Farrakhan should keep in mind the next time they are at the financial aid office they just signed a pack with the devil!!! I try to laugh but we should cry, University administrators allowing someone like Farrakhan influence young minds in racial separation hate theories should be fired.

  • NuritG

    The Algemeiner is stupid to give stupid Zipppee a platform, unless if bribed to give a platform to such political trash. This woman is a veritable stupid item and bad news for Israel. She attended the Jerk Streeters’ conferences, entirely dedicated herself to “disengagement” and all of that in planning. I want to know when there is a “Palestine” hovering over Ben Gurion airport, what will Israel do!?

  • Kevin Bermeister

    “building in the settlements doesn’t serve our community interests”? I guess that’s a matter of opinion, but Gush Katif certainly provided a more informed establishment and prevented tunnels from being built into Israel. I fail to understand how leaders like Tzipi don’t see the benefits to security that building and settling Jews everywhere in Israel provides…

  • Jonah

    Tzipi has developed laser vision since her country is surrounded by those that want to move in for the finale blow. The days of facing your enemy with rose colored liberal glasses on are over. Israel is close to fighting in the streets with those that want to gut your pregnant woman and kill your children. The liberals have always attempted to put in place policy’s that would facilitate the strategy of your arch enemy’s. That’s all fun and games until you see that you are surrounded by them and they intend to kill all of you and that includes the liberal lunatics. Tzipi has developed a woman’s wisdom about survival which trumps the liberal agenda.