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April 19, 2016 2:56 pm

Abbas Says He Doesn’t Want to Run Again for Palestinian Authority President

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he does not “want to run again." Photo: Wikipedia.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he does not “want to run again.” Photo: Wikipedia. – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday told the German online publication Spiegel Online International that he does not “want to run again” if new elections are held. Ever since Abbas’s presidential term officially expired in January 2009, new Palestinian elections have yet to take place.

“I am willing to have elections at any time, but Hamas refuses it. Currently, we are negotiating the creation of a unity government with Hamas in Qatar. We can conduct elections as soon as we have a unity government,” Abbas said in response to a question regarding the decline in his popularity and whether or not he fears a Hamas takeover in the West Bank.

Abbas’s interview with Spiegel Online International also covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process.

“I am constantly asking the Americans and Europeans: What are my mistakes? They confirm that I made no mistakes. It is the Israeli side which misses all the chances for peace,” Abbas said.

Abbas said he opposes terror attacks against Israelis, but that such attacks would stop if Israel stopped “occupying” Palestinian land.

“If Israel stops this, no child will take a knife to attack Israelis,” he said.

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  • E Pluribus Wombat

    He doesn’t have to; he’s president for life.

  • I was mind attacked been claimed anti – Palestinian in 2004 by a Norwegian porno newspaper Dagbladet who does abuse children’s sexually is a clear fact! I never had in mind political thinking about any political cases including the Palestinian case and yet I was mind attacked by fake staged criminal event! In fact a Norwegian author did write about the case been a fraud in the same news paper is a fact that the Hebrew mind is but in Israel! Norway did rob my property is not a case for me to kill any Norwegian! In fact those who did attack my mind did attack their own minds been drown into their own dark mental labyrinth made by them selves! To kill Israelis do not help! It makes reality worse for Palestinians and never for an Israeli. The collective Hebrew mind in human civilization on our planet is constant! Israel is not as big land as Germany or as France or as USA a robbed land from the Red Indians. The Palestinian – Israeli conflict must be solved trough the entire Arab world for Justice done among men! Did you know that those people who did and does support Hamas and the Palestinians for many years did indeed kill Mr. Gaddafi for his money to be robbed are the same people who did try to create chaos in China by recruiting naïve Chinese People into becoming political activist against to people of China and against the government of China is a crime against civilization! If Israel was big as any other known country Israel is willing to give land for peace. But Israel has no land to give! Maybe one day Israel will build land on sea water to have land to give out! Jerusalem, Beersheba, Bet Lethem is what? Is Chicago asbest powders names?

  • McQueen

    Right, because if Israel stops “occupying” the West Bank (as it did with Gaza) Abbas and his followers will use rockets instead of knives.