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April 19, 2016 7:24 pm

Dershowitz Decries Biden Attack on Netanyahu in J Street Speech as ‘Payback From White House’

avatar by Lea Speyer

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Alan Dershowitz. Photo: YouTube Screenshot.

Alan Dershowitz. Photo: YouTube Screenshot.

Vice President Joe Biden’s jabs at Israel’s prime minister during a speech Monday evening at a gathering for a left-wing Israel lobbying group amount to “payback from the White House,” retired Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz told The Algemeiner on Tuesday.

In an address delivered at J Street’s annual convention in Washington DC, Biden singled out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for criticism, expressing his “overwhelming frustration” with the Israeli leader’s policies.

“I firmly believe that the actions that Israel’s government has taken over the past several years — the steady and systematic expansion of settlements, the legalization of outposts, land seizures — they’re moving us, and more importantly, they’re moving Israel in the wrong direction,” the vice president asserted.

While Biden did make mention of the failure by Palestinian officials, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, to condemn acts of terror against Israel, the vice president vowed to “push them [Israel and the Palestinians] as hard as we can” towards a two-state solution. “There is at this moment no political will that I observed from either Israelis or Palestinians to go forward with serious negotiations,” he said.

“This was payback from the White House and Joe Biden was just dead wrong,” said Dershowitz. “Netanyahu has offered over and over again to sit down without preconditions and negotiate peace. To create moral equivalence between Netanyahu and Abbas is to create a false equivalence.”

According to Dershowitz, Biden’s omission of the Palestinians’ long-standing practice of rejecting Israeli peace offers only serves to fuel the flames of criticism against Israel. In 2008, when then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “offered the Palestinians everything, Abbas did not respond,” Dershowitz said. “Why didn’t Joe Biden mention that? Ninety percent of the responsibility lies on Abbas, and to create a false moral equivalence is to play into the double standard directed against Israel.”

Biden’s remarks — which came hours after a suspected terror attack on a Jerusalem bus that injured 21 — also questioned how, under the current policies of the government, Israel could remain both Jewish and democratic.

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  • Loftev1

    I know that the mention of God in any context is no longer acceptable in many circles. but in this case it is needed. Israel belongs to the God OF Abraham Issac and Jacob. He gave this land to his people the Jews. Also our Lord Jesus Christ was and is a Jew. God gave to the Jews through his covenant with them the land forever in the bible the Israel is mentioned over 3 hundred times in the Koran not once! the The Arabs believe that God’s covenant is between Ismael not Issac. so in essence you have a blood feud which has gone on for centuries since the fall of Jerusalem was destroyed in 70AD by the Romans who coined the name Palestine naming it after Israel’s bitterest enemies the philistines. Arafat co-oped the name after the 67 war. which the world has accepted and sadly many in the Christian church have also. but make no mistake God is in ultimate control as he said in Ezekiel he would bring his people back from the 4 corners of the world where he scattered them to be never driven out again. remember this warning from him I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you, this promise was given to Abraham and has held true since read your history! Europe is now under God’s judgement they are being over run by the west’s enemies Islam. they are paying the price for centuries of anti semitic conduct toward his people. the open hostility towards the Jews that has once again risen it’s ugly head was also foretold by God. those who preach this hatred will face God’s wrath and it is just on the horizon. why is it that the Arabs have had the wealth of world under their feet and yet the majority still live in the 7th century? to those who denigrate the Jewish people and Israel do so at their peril! The Jews are once again the scapegoats for the worlds ills. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem..

  • I think its time that this elaborate house of cards called the state of Israel just give in. Not sure who you’re kidding but the world is not as stupid as you think and eventually this will go sideways again for the Jewish people like it always does. Zero claim to Palestine and for that we have had over seven decades of senseless deaths and Wars. All in the name of a Country that may or may not have existed someplace in the area. Enough is enough.

    • Howard Wolf

      Is it possible that William may or may not exist now, or sometime in the past? Is it possible that someone out there pretends to be William, so as not to reveal an anti Semitic bias? Is it possible that whoever William is, he is so ignorant of history that he doesn’t know that more than one civilization in the ancient world had diplomatic relations with ancient Israel, and left written records of that? Is it possible that William is ignorant of a stone column in Rome on which a Roman emperor left a record of his having sacked Jerusalem and carried off most of Israel’s inhabitants to be slaves? Indeed, what is it that William truly knows?

  • Jacob S. Rand MD

    It should be obvious that Abbas is afraid to sit down with
    Netanyahu because he is afraid he will face assassination as did Safat for achieving peace with Egypt.

    20% of Israeli population is Arab. By reciprocity, if a Jew wants to live in the future Arab Palestine settlements should not he be allowed to? If not allowed to we will end up with a “Judenrein” Palestine,as presently exists in the
    terrorist run Gaza Strip.

  • Theo

    It’s time that some thought be given to whether there ever was a possibility of a “two-state” solution. The Palestinians have been very clear they don’t want this, so why should Israel be blamed if one doesn’t come about?

    The issue goes well beyond the legalistic dimension addressed by Arthur Solomon Safir to the underlying logic of the concept: Simply put, given the size of the territory involved — about the size of New Jersey — it cannot work unless both parties want to make it work. Once the Palestinians demonstrated that they are opposed, the entire global diplomatic community should have ditched this idea and started looking for something else, perhaps along the lines of what existed before 1967: Israel with adjacent territories ruled by Egypt and Jordan. That was acceptable to the Arab world for 19 years, and presumably would be again.

    The problem it appears, is the compulsion to establish a Palestinian state. There never was one, and perhaps there never should be.

  • Jack

    It has become increasingly more difficult to respond to the ideological trumpeting on both sides of the Palestinian/ Israeli rift, and very little should be expected to change. The only real change would be if outside forces that supply the reactionary elements inside Palestine could find a way to cease the random violence against innocent civilians.
    But they can’t.
    Many believe they have a right to kill Jews where they find them, as expressed in the Koran. These individuals interpretation is blasphemy.
    As are the nihilistic cults like ISIS and al Qaeda.

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Biden is a DESPICABLE Jew hater…like Obama & Kerry !!!!

    • Norman

      I was trying to come up with an argument against your statement, but alas, I could not think of one. Not even one!

    • Frosty7530

      I totally support Chris Rettenmoser’s remark. I do have to add some others to this pathetic list of Jew/Israel Haters, and that consists of many, if not all, of Obama’s closest advisors; such as Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett. The most pathetic supporter of Obama’s Mid East policy is none other than Sen. Bernard Sanders. Sander’s grandly claims he gets most of his advice on Israel from J Street. That certainly appears to be the truth

    • Philior

      Your observation should not surprise anyone as a coincidence. Animosity towards Israel was the primary consideration for the candidates to the Obama’s Cabinet

  • Penni Cochrane

    I am so TIRED of the Obama Radicle W.H. and their Anti-Semitic Rants and Hate towards anything Jewish. I am also tired of the World saying SETTLEMENTS!!!! They are NOT. Not one in Media or Jews corrects it?? Left Wing “Jews” “J Street” also spread their hate of Israel. They seem to be Self Hating Jews? I received an email from a Left Wing Group asking me for donations to help the Syrian refugees coming to the US or Obama allowing them here not knowing “who is who” in the country. Look up Valery Jarrett Obama’s second President. Another Irian Radicle. Does she like Israel? Jewish people seem to constantly turn the other cheek?

    • Michael Mann

      The correct diagnosis is Masochistic Omnipotence Syndrome; that is, Jews who have internalized the charge that they are responsible for all that is evil in the world. It then becomes their responsibility to give up their own cause and advocate for the Palestinian cause as penance. This form of therapy is styled as tikkun olam therapy.

    • Philior

      If you don’t like the word SETTLEMENTS, and I agree with you, the other words invented to destroy Israel are PALESTINIANS and PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES.
      I find it so stupid that Israelis themselves use these terms.
      Saying of words, calling the entity self-appointed as the Islamic State THE ISLAMIC STATE is and absolute idiocy in my opinion.

  • Yadja

    Biden is pushing Obama’s agenda for Israel for O’s legacy. Biden is the laughing stock in America known as O’s trained monkey. He has dishonored himself further with these comments and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt he nor O a friend to any of our allies.

    The elections for a real president and vice president can’t come soon enough and if America looses this one we loose our Republic so when praying for Israel pray for America.

  • Harold Moskowitz

    And yet, Dershowitz and his other lib Dem friends do not regret having voted for Obama – twice! Nor do they go after the Dem Party for their anti-Israel policies — as they fawn over the just-as-bad-against-Israel Hillary Clinton. Maybe if Bibi would come out for abortion, they’d love him more.

    P.S. The fact he went to speak at a J Street event was a clue.

    • Penni Cochrane

      Why in the world do Jews like Hillary?

      • Norman

        good question

      • Avraham Reiss

        … because she has a Jewish on-in-law

      • Leann Sherman

        Good question, Penny. Some of us definitely don’t though…

        • Leann Sherman

          Penni. (Sorry.)

    • Frosty7530

      Yes Mr. Moskowitz, the fact that Biden chose to come to J Street with this speech is a clue, a very dark clue. It was through our unified love for Israel, that American Jews were able to help this tiny nation exist. Along comes Jimmy Carter, Obama, Bernie Sanders, and others, and we are now divided re Israel, at her most serious time of need.

  • Robert Davis

    Why doleftwing cowards never blame “palestinians” for anything? because they know they will concede NOTHING. Why do they blame Israel? because that idiot Netanyahu keeps running if not cringing to arabs. When one thinks Netanyahu is the Israeli “leader” cringing to arabs far less than his predecessors, the reasons why they all blame Israel not the arabs is evident. Things MUST change it’s about time to say NO NO NO NO NO NO and force that word into their throats.

  • jako wasi

    Desh is a hack, period. A warrior among the law books. Israel is not without blame, and certainly the Zionist Revisionist Netenyahu isn’t. The smash-em-in-the face has endangered Israelis and the Zionist state than anything the Palestinians can come up with.

    • Robert Davis

      Keep yoiur stupid advice for yourself no one asked you for it. Meddling into Israel’s politics is useless now, jews are NOT such cabbage as you think.We know PERFECTLY where the danger comes from and even if there were not evident reasons not to keep arabs Inside Israel the mere fact the advice comes from antisemites it would be a good reason to reject it.

    • Penni Cochrane

      Isn’t your name “Loko?” The more you hate the stronger JEWS BECOME!

    • penni

      I don’t understand why your on this site? Jewish people don’t need your pathetic views.

    • Jay Manne

      I’ll state this in a way even you can understand it…. The problem is that one side, the “Palestinians” reject Israel’s right to exist. Once you plant your flag on that concept, what is there to negotiate? Even you can understand that can you not?

  • Carol

    Biden didn’t mention Palestinian atrocities, etc., because money speaks louder than words. The democrat machine has been anti-Israel for years, and maybe the World is too.

    I as a Jew find it intolerable when a Jew refuses to gather, and bond, with Jews, Israel, and their allegiance to their people seemingly misguided.

    My question has always been to anti-Semites, “what came first, the chicken or the egg?”.

    • Penni Cochrane

      I agree with you! As far as the chicken or the egg my answer, we are over 4,000 years old therefore we came first. I like bonding with other Jews. We are even more than a Religion and I hold dear our Heritage!

  • Paul Winter

    Dershowitz, as usual, made several good points. But why didn’t he call out Biden for predicating his attack on Israel on a pack of lies? Israel is not seizing land or expanding “settlements”! Quite the contrary, the EU is building homes for Arabs in Area C and claiming diplomatic immunity for doing so all the while ignoring the Oslo Accords of which they are a witness.

    • Robert Davis

      The eu too is NOT demc-rat but leftwing communist and totalitarian and good for nothing except bust everything they do and cannot fix anything.

  • Juan Vega

    This administration is pro-Arab and flat out pro-Muslim and anti-Semitic and anti-Christian.

    Biden’s comments show the moral equivalence that is dooming the United States and the Middle East to another war. This time Iran will be openly involved and the objective will be the destruction of Israel and the eviction of any US influence in the Middle East and the World and on the side Russia and China with the North Korean chihuahua will be watching with glee.

    For any Jew to be supporting Biden’s vision is to open the door to another Holocaust.

    • penni

      My reply was a praise. Why was it removed?

  • Joe Biden’s pathetic moral equivalency remarks between a peaceful US ally, Israel, on the very day of yet another terrorist attack in Jerusalem and a murderous Palestinian Authority, allied with terrorist Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Botherhood, show us how far astray President Obama, Biden, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Cory Booker, Bill Nelson, Patrick Murphy, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, aide and abetted by Reverand Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, CAIR, among countless other hypocrites.
    Israel gave up Gaza for peace but received terrorism for the past 12 years as its reward for a unilateral peace gesture, a fact NO ONE in our current administration has mentioned over the past Israel-bashing, anti-Semitic 7 years of Barack Obama’s presidency.

    The multiple, sincere, heart-wrenching peace offers have been rebuffed by the likes of Yassir Arafat, Mahmood Abbas, and the Palestinian pathetic excuse for “leadership”.

    Israel is our ally and we should support it instead of siding with the evil J-Streeters who share a common cause with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamss, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran, Syria, Boko Haram, and prescient Barack Hussein Obama and VP Joe Biden and Secretary if State John Kerry.

    • “President” Barack Hussein Obama:
      He’s far from “prescient”

      • Leann Sherman

        Cogently stated, Robert.

    • So, what’s new? Biden got off talking to J Street?

      • Norman

        J Street – An Arab funded Jew hating organization

    • Penni Cochrane

      You are so refreshing!!!!!!! Very few Jewish people, my experience, see a very clear picture of the Muslim backed Administration. When you hear and see Obama say, with his mouth that he is a Muslim twice, “a reporter had to tell him he’s Christian and Obama agrees” and light bulb does not go off there is something very wrong with the picture. You forgot one name in your email, Valery Jarrett.

    • Leann Sherman

      Cogently stated, Robert.

  • Dershowitz uses clear logic to reframe what our Vice President doesn’t get. Total travesty to put the blame on Bibi without mention of what the Arabs haven’t brought to the table.

  • Linda

    Guess Biden never heard of the six million Jewish people who were slaughtered in WW2.

  • Stein

    Every two-stater is a foreign policy disaster waiting to happen.

    • Penni Cochrane

      I ask, what other Country Ever had to give up land won in a war??? This is a demand from people who for Centuries hates Jews!!! During my life I have been stoned,spit on, beaten up,had pennies thrown at me, called every name in the book JUST BECAUSE I WAS JEWISH!

  • tiki

    ‘Payback from the White House?
    This is only the beginning and it’s the White House that you Mr. Dershowitz supported and probably will again in the next elections!

  • Jacques Sussmann

    That is what you can expect as long as Barack Hussein Obama is in the White House. The Western World will sigh in relief from January 1st 2017. That man will go down in history as America’s WORST President (EVEN WORSE than Jimmy Carter).

    • Penni Cochrane

      He’s no friend to America. He came out of no where. Was in the Senate a very short time. I don’t believe he ever voted on a bill. Was B.H.O. a plant? Look who he befriended. With a little research, mostly Radicle Communists! Look up his close friend, Ayres. Can’t think of his first name. He has a Conn. S.S. Card. Never lived there.

  • Joshua Hoffman

    This administration’s Israel policy is nothing short of anti- Semitic.

  • June

    If only Israel stopped defending itself, and didn’t win wars Islamists start with them, Islamists would live in “peace” with “the infidel”…just as MuHamMad did…oh wait, no…just as the Ottomans…umm, no….exactly like the EU invaders….dang….just as in Pakistan, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Afganistan… America helped save the Afghans from USSR slaughter, yet they STILL hate America and say they have cause to hate us… JUDea is where JUDaism is from…. Arabs are from Arabia… The Arabs have ALLLLL that land, but NO…they want the teeny speck of land and OUR Temple Mount…
    To all who hate Israel and deny Islamism is the problem: I hope YOU become cannon fodder of Islam and Israel is saved..FU!

    • Penni Cochrane

      I could not have said it better. Love the ending!

  • Simcha Kruger

    In noting Palestinian failure to condemn acts of terror, Vice President Biden hardly confronts the extent of Palestinian mischief.
    Until Palestinians are accountable for their
    misdeeds, until they live up to the standards of civilized society, they will teach hatred of Jews in schools and summer camps, preach the need to kill Jews because they are evil and marshal the media and preachers to reinforce the lesson. Palestinian insistence on a Judenrein state has not been denounced.
    The Passover Haggadah reminds Jews that every generation produces haters who want to destroy us. The world approves by its silence.

    • penni

      So sad but so true.

  • judith kalin

    You are right on Mr. Dershowitz. Thank you for taking time to write the article

    on the horrible “J Street /VP Biden terrible article.

  • Golum…

    Another Example of Israel Hatred by obama!!!

  • On the eve of Passover, the festival of freedom, it is proper to affirm (once again) that Israel will survive the likes of Biden and those who share his views.

    David Abel
    Hon Life President
    Likud South Africa
    Western Cape Province

  • Leslie Benjamini

    Meant to say lapdog not Dodgers

  • Leslie Benjamini

    I have lost all respect for VP Biden, he knows what he said was wrong, he was just being obamas lap Dodgers or puppet & speaking obamas words. That he would betray Israel like that is unforgivable. On the off chance that he is stupid enough to believe what he said then he lives in the universe of unicorns not like his boss who is a petulant child & just cannot get over his hatred of PM Netanyahu long enough not to play into the hands of terrorists. May he rot in hell.

  • Denise Gershon

    Thank you Alan Dershowitz for standing up for Israel
    Please continue to do this for the rest of your life
    We as Jews should stand together and fight for Israel the only democratic state in the
    Middle East
    You are absolutely fabulous BRAVO for speaking out.

  • Alexis Jemima

    Without preconditions? That’s insane. The least one could expect of a supposed ‘peace negotiating partner’ is that he stop the terror attacks and murders of one’s people.

  • Lia

    But look at Mr Biden’s master! How can he be different?

  • robert

    This is pure antisemitism. Obama would like to be the leader of a lynch mob at the UN.

  • HP Benson

    Biden, Obama, Hillary, the UN, they can all wail all they want, but have they ever faced the terror and warmongers that tiny Israel faces? As long as the Arab leaders teach Arab children from age two total disgust and hatred of Jews and Israel, and as long as these leaders remain primitive-thinking bigots, nothing will change. I’m against a ‘two-state’ solution. The Arabs already had their state….Gaza…….and look at the results. They’ve also turned down many, many offers of a state in the past 68 years. I’ve seen to much to naively think if they had some ‘state’ that peace would somehow “break out” in the area. Just face facts and look at history. This is what Israel is doing. Can’t the USA face facts and look at history? If not, they are soiled.

  • Biden is a perfect ignorant of Israel’s History. He was brainwashed by his boss who hates Israel. This guy without his boss is just a follower not a thinker. Something like a mule in a golden grass. He needs to exist when opening his dirty mouth. Good riddance in few months. He does not deserve to be American. We need the real values of America not the imported ones.

    • penni

      Respectfully, Biden knowns just what he’s saying. Remember when Hillary kissed Arafat wife hand. She goes the way the wind blows. She spoke to a Black group a few years ago and WALLA she had a Black Southern Accent!!!!!! She loves Blacks People, no. She’s done NOTHING for them but use them!

  • Pinchas Baram in Boston

    thanks Alan– for nothing. you covered for obama for many years, you sat with him at the White House and told us what a great friend of Israel he was, you made Jews believe in him and thus drop our defenses– and now you wake up and tell us this crap from Biden is payback from the White House.

    in short, obama made a fool out of you and you made a fool out of the rest of us. you’re smart but you’re also a jerk.

  • Elise Karras

    The VP has shown that the weakness and moral corruption of this administration has seeped into his being as well. I am eagerly awaiting departure of both him (and his boss) from the White House. They have both represented the worst of America. Shame on them.

  • stevenl

    “Netanyahu has offered over and over again to sit down without preconditions and negotiate peace. To create moral equivalence between Netanyahu and Abbas is to create a false equivalence.”
    The English speaking people are known to be lazy! Perhaps Bibi has been speaking in Hebrew and no one understand because they don’t want to learn Hebrew and or Arabic!!!

  • stevenl

    More is to come from the duo Erdo-BHO against Israel!
    If needed, Biden reminds us of the true friendship of the BHO Adm towards Israel!!! With this kind of friends you need no other enemies.

  • Francis Figliola

    Yes, the president is the culprit, Biden his useful idiot.

  • Marco Redwolf

    J Street a bunch of self loathing Jews.. The Obama administration , a bunch of Jew Loathers. Seriously folks, why does this surprise anyone? Jews Who Vote Democrat is the equivalent of Wife beaters and the women who love them. Biden’s remarks reflect the administrations position . A vote for Hillary is a vote for J Street and four more years of Obama.

  • anon

    Is anyone else wondering if Bernie and Hillary’s diametrically opposed comments on Israel during the NY debate swayed the election results at all? I for one was all for Bernie before but kind of disgusted by him after.

  • enufizenuf

    Professor Dershowitz, the liberal policies of the Democrat Party simply don’t work, and their twisted view of Israel, especially if Hillary Clinton were to win the presidency, will certainly pose an existential danger to that state. So, please tell us, how and why you continue to be a member of that corrupt and degenerate political party?

  • Arthur Solomon Safir, J.D.

    I applaud Professor Dershowitz for his criticism, much deserved, of Vice President Biden. But I would hasten to add the following. Not only is the supposed “Two State Solution” (TSS) dead, its possibility should never have been raised. And why is that?? Because the UN Charter, Articles 80 and 6, deprived the UN of the authority to create such an entity.
    The rights of Jews to settle anywhere in Palestine been the Jordan River and Med Sea were established by the Mandate for Palestine, which was unanimously adopted by the international powers meeting at the San Remo Peace Conference in 1920 and later again in 1922. Since those rights were never altered by a the imposition of a trusteeship during the 3 year period between October 24, 1945, the day the UN Charter entered into effect, and may 14-15, 1948, the date the Mandate expired and the proclamation of the State of Israel, the UN was bound by Article 80 to uphold the rights set forth in the Mandate.
    Succinctly put, Biden does not know his history or, if he does, then he is supporting an illegality, a ruse, perpetrated upon the Jewish people.



    • Jay Manne

      Barbara…. I presume DErshowitz is talking about payback delivered from his proxy Biden to Netanyahu due to Israels recent claim that the Golan Heights in Northern Israel is Israeli territory. The Syrians used the Golan to launch attacks on Israeli villages in the north which Israel has, at great expense in lives, had to defend. NObody has challenged the Israeli presence in this land, until now. Germany, Obama and numerous others have declared Israel must withdraw, to which Netanyahu has said “Go F*** Yourself, the Golan is ours permanently!” So Obama sent his boy Biden to make the a public speech at J-Street, a well-known organization of Jewish leftists who hate Israel… That about sums that up. Personally, Obama, Biden, Germany and anyone else who supports that Israel give up the Golan can go straight to hell and stay there.

  • manley kiefer

    Our administration is like the

    cowboy with a burr under his saddle but continues to ride on and on and on.

  • Beatrce scheinbaum

    You’re a champion!