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April 22, 2016 6:19 pm

Mideast Policy Expert: Despite Significant Gains in Relationship With Russia, Israel Must Be Wary of Putin’s True Motivations

avatar by Lea Speyer

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Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The relationship between Israel and Russia has been strengthened to unprecedented levels under Russia’s current president but recent actions by Moscow in the Middle East should have Israel on alert, an international Middle East policy expert asserted in a recent op-ed published by a prominent American think tank.

Anna Borshchevskaya, an Ira Weiner Fellow at The Washington Institute, wrote that since March 2000, when President Vladimir Putin assumed office, “the two countries have significantly improved ties on a number of fronts,” including tourism, communications, defense, trade, technology and innovation. The Russian community in Israel is made up of “over a million immigrants from the former Soviet Union, which bolsters Russia’s ties to Israel,” Borshchevskaya wrote, adding, “Russian is the third most popular language in Israel after Hebrew and English.”

Despite all these improvements, Borshchevskaya believes “complexities remain” in the relationship between the two countries. Specifically, Russia’s support of Iran’s nuclear program and its arms trade with Syria — “arms that could fall into the possession of Hezbollah,” as Borshchevskaya notes — pose significant challenges to the relationship. Additionally, Putin has “denied that Gaza-based Hamas is a terrorist organization” and met with the terror group’s leaders in Moscow in March 2006 after extending a personal invitation. 

“Putin wants to be seen as a key player throughout the Middle East, and Israel matters in the region. Putin’s regional policy, however, is primarily driven by zero-sum anti-Westernism to position Russia as a counterweight to the West in the region and, more broadly, to divide and weaken Western institutions,” Borshchevskaya wrote. “Israel, unlike Russia, is a pro-Western democracy. Moscow’s growing aggression in the former Soviet Union, especially in Ukraine, and increasing influence in the Middle East in the context of Western retreat from the region, complicates Russia-Israeli relations.”

Putin’s actions in the Middle East, which run counter to his support of Israel, should serve as a warning about the Russian leader’s true regional intentions, according to the analysis. “Ultimately, Putin cares more about politics than anything else — sticking a finger in the eye of the West and, more broadly, weakening the West.”

Borshchevskaya believes Israel and Russia will continue to cooperate with one another but Putin’s growing influence in the Middle East “raises questions for Israel and suggests it has to walk a fine line in an increasingly complicated and unstable region.”

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  • Would like to have Ms. Borshchevskaya’s reaction to the photos of Putin and Netanyahu, comparing them with photos of Obama and Netanyahu.

    For this observer, the “complexities” are evident in the Obama-Netanyahu strains, not in the Netanyahu-Putin smiles.

    But, then, in political outlook, I am not limited by any form of establishmentism.

  • Brian Huggett

    Politics or economics? Control of the middle east oil is more likely than poking the West in the eye.

  • Theodore Crawford

    Putin = Gog!

  • Jonah

    You keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer. Who is sticking whom in the eye. This is a well written article it is true to be cautious of Putin. Putin does know that their will be a squaring off between Israel and Islam and he intends to see to it that it occurs in the Middle East and full well expects to protect his homeland from the collateral damage. He is also an opportunist and will maneuver himself in that Russia profits from the conflict….as the military industrial complex in the U.S. Is now doing. Without the Israeli Islam conflict Americas military industrial complex would go belly up. The Clintons expect to collect a trillion dollar windfall by mediating this conflict based upon who makes the largest donations to their foundation… you really think she is running to be the president of the U.S. You will see the Clinton crunch machine go into full swing after she is elected…that is why revelation refers to her as the harlot on the back of the beast. Read what happens to the harlot and the nation she represents. Now back to Putin. If you spend much time amoungst evangelists they will soon start wolfing that God is going to put hooks in the jaws of Russia and force them into a conflict which ultimately turns into Armeggedon. They also state Ez 38-39, Gog and Magog will attack Israel…..and they say God is Russia and Magog is the Islamic confederacy that attacks Israel at his direction….But they overlook that portion of Daniel which says a king of the north will enrage the beast. Yes God does put hooks in the jaws of Putin and draw him into this conflict, why?……so he will not be an arm chair quarter back. God wants him to be an active participant but a sly one….remember he is the only one on this planet going blow to blow with the serpent most all of the western powers have succumbed to the powers of the beast. Putin does not actively participate in this conflict with the sole motive of destroying Israel. The western powers now under control of Islam do….that is the big difference. Remember God controls the parameters of this conflict and that means he also controls Putin. If Putin crosses red lines his biggest problem will be God not Israel. God will warn Putin in dreams and wisdom in order to keep Putin on the straight and narrow….if he gets off path he will be hammered. Revelation states very clearly if you intend to be on the right side of this conflict listen to What the spirit is saying to you, the church, the temple…he talks to all of us regardless as to whether or not you believe it. Putin must protect himself from Obamas maneuvers, Israel is in the same boat until America has a new president. Every move Obama makes is to get the knife closer to Israel’s throat. And unfortunately the next democratic president will be worse. How can they be worse? Danial says our next President will abandon Gods precepts and will warship military might and money…that would be the Clintons with Hummus in charge of the nation of Israel. That’s a recipe for disaster.

  • The global politics of to day is brain polluted!The reason for collective minds complexities by politicians! What the majority of the Hebrew minds and Russia have in common historically is been attacked by Nazi Germany doing WW2, and of course Marxism after the 2WW. USA’s White Houses politics after WW2 president Nixon politic was and is of “Death” politics, whish did start in Vietnam and Cambodia wars which the causes of the wars never took place, it was a fraud where USA masses citizens who were against the wars few of them were killed by USA security forces in DC Washington and brutally beaten in Chigago. High profile personality artist John Lennon “Give peace a chance” who was assassinated was surveyed by the CIA. Actually if USA was a real country of freedom the white house will never give a dam about John Lennon, but by the fact that the White House did interfere in John Lennon private life made the situation worst for USA politicians and did of course push for John Lennon and Yoko mind evolution. “ One mans life is as a nation life” was the reason of USA split between the White House and the people of USA which did create space for the rise of The Black Panthers protest Martin Luther Kind, the real disloyalty to the country of USA was Nixon’s, Hoover’s, the INS and FBI all people. Is a constant fact that USA politicians are stupid low mind people Then comes the Busch administrations who were worst than previous president Nixon moving from Far East Asia into the Middle East/ Arab world oil wars politics is the reason Obama’s father was targeted by a white women for Obama to be put into power in the White House manipulating the Arab world, the stat of Israel, the collective Hebrew minds, Russia Putin, EU, NATO, INESCO and more by whom? By Scandinavian countries as Norway who did gave the fake Nobel Prize Prizes to Obama and EU, Stupid paranoid Jens Stoltenberg in infiltrated in NATO fabricating a conflict in Ukraine for attacking Mr. Putin mind giving time for ISIS to grow! Obama’s deal nuclear agreement with Iran is a jock! Why? The one who stands behind Obama’s politics are the same people who has connection with Iran government under cover ups telling the Iranian’s what to say. Under the Iranian nuclear agreement the Iranian delegation did behave as they were in a picnic laughing enjoying the agreement atmosphere giving time to ISIS terror group to grow keeping the world masses on focusing on ISIS. Mr. Putin is attacked from Obama administration and from EU, to day Mr. Gorbachev urges the west to stop isolating Russia. Mr. Putin is not aware of that Iran government is controlled by people who are working against him. Here a triple standard politics is taking place. Why? Norway has good relation to Iran, selling tons of nuclear stuff to Iran, in the same time Norway has recruited Iranian young people from Iran to Norway who did grow in Iranian public schools singing anti- Semitic songs every morning before entering classes who are to day active Norwegians neo Nazis in France and Germany under cover ups looking Iranians. The same Iranians neo Nazis are actually against Putin! In the same time Putin is cooperating with Iran without him to be aware of the real faces of the people who stand behind the Iranian government political games. The people who stand behind the Iranian government political games are in reality against all, against USA citizens, against all European people, against the Hebrew collective minds, against Russia, and against China! Who are they? Unseen solder in civil clots neo – Nazis under different faces activities infiltrated in all countries worldwide. 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We see that USA is fabrication a conflict in the Chinese south sea which is a west of money and time. The White House people politics are but stupid historically! “ Give Peace a chance”for the global world to grow economically, let the people not live in fears but living as a happy people worldwide! The next president in USA must change politics making EU to be reformed into becoming a better men than they are to day! The problem of EU is created by infiltrated fake people in EU and infiltrated fake president Obama in the White House! By whom?, You know it! By hided neo – Nazis! Who did recruit millions of naïve people worldwide into becoming political activist against their own life future as the ISIS members were stupidly recruited which the business of political “ Death”

  • brenrod

    putin is courting the muslims, not the jews, he will play along until the jews wake up.

  • Dan Burland

    Pragmatism rules in this relationship as in all between countries.