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April 28, 2016 12:56 am

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Disastrous’ Leadership Called Into Question Over Handling of Naz Shah Scandal

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Labour Party head Jeremy Corbyn's leadership is being called into question over allegations of antisemitism within his party. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Labour Party head Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership is being called into question over allegations of antisemitism within his party. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The head of Britain’s Labour Party is being “forced out on a limb politically” after a party member who made antisemitic statements calling for the relocation of Israel to the US was not immediately suspended from her post, a policy expert told the Algemeiner on Wednesday.

“The issue about the Labour Party’s antisemitism has been raging for some months, and despite denials, it has been getting worse and more public,” Dr. Denis MacEoin — a Senior Fellow at the conservative think-tank the Gatestone Institute and member of the British Israel Coalition — told the Algemeiner. “Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a disaster, and moderate Labour members and supporters know that, so long as he is leader, Labour will not win another election.”

MacEoin called Corbyn a “Trotskyite” and said his “very far left…views do not match those of traditional Labour.” He added, “It is interesting that, although Corbyn has put his foot in it several times, it is the antiemitism revelations and his inability to address them that have exposed him to the most criticism since he took over as leader.”

On Wednesday, Corbyn rejected calls by shadow Energy Secretary Lisa Nandy to suspend MP Naz Shah after social media posts from before Shah was elected surfaced saying Israel should “relocate to the US.” Nandy told the BBC’s “Daily Politics” program earlier in the morning that Labour should “suspend anybody who makes antisemitic comments, in line with our policy, and investigate them.” Corbyn later suspended Shah following pressure from within Labour and from British Prime Minister David Cameron.

On her Facebook page Shah had shared a map of Israel superimposed onto the US under the headline “Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict – Relocate Israel into United States,” adding her own comment: “Problem solved.” The post claimed that Americans would “welcome Israelis with open arms” and that making Israel the 51st state would allow Palestinians to “get their life and their land back.” Shah ended her post with a smiley-face emoji and pledged to lobby the prime minister to adopt the plan.

Shah quit her position as a Parliamentary aide on Tuesday and issued an extensive apology, which was published by the UK’s Jewish News on Wednesday. In it, she wrote “ignorance is not a defense” and asserted that she now understands that “referring to Israel and Hitler as I did is deeply offensive to Jewish people for which I apologize.”

Following Shah’s apology, Corbyn issued his own statement: “What Naz Shah did was offensive and unacceptable. I have spoken to her and made this clear. These are historic social media posts made before she was a member of parliament. Naz has issued a fulsome apology. She does not hold these views and accepts she was completely wrong to have made these posts.” Corbyn’s spokesman added that Shah had “shocked herself” with her own comments and did not mean what she wrote. “We’re not suggesting she’s antisemitic. We’re saying she’s made remarks that she doesn’t agree with,” the spokesman said.

An editorial published in The Telegraph on Wednesday called Shah’s apology a “weasel-worded statement that all but confirms that she endorsed a quintessentially antisemitic position at the time.” The “most pressing” issue, according to The Telegraph, is how “Corbyn himself is friendly towards hateful groups seeking Israel’s destruction.” His handling of the Shah incident within Labour “speaks volumes about Mr. Corbyn’s disgustingly inadequate response” to antisemitism in his party, the editorial said. 

Marcus Dysch, a political correspondent and assistant news editor at the Jewish Chronicle, called out Corbyn’s handling of Shah in a series of posts on Twitter. He called Corbyn’s statement “pathetic” and “utterly shameful” and said Labour has established “free reign for Jew hate in 2016.” Stephen Pollard, editor at the Jewish Chronicle and a columnist at the Daily Express, also took to Twitter to condemn Corbyn and Shah.

According to a statement from Labour, Shah will undergo an investigation and “is unable to take part in any part activity” in the interim. 

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  • Yale

    >>Corbyn’s spokesman added … “We’re saying she’s made remarks that she doesn’t agree with,”

    If this is true, then Shah isn’t mentally competent enough to hold a position of any responsibility.

  • nat cheiman

    Any Jew that votes labour should join Hamas

  • Whatever happened to the notion of robust public debate? (See Justice Brennan’s New York Times v. Sullivan opinion.) Are people entitled to their views or not? In these censorious times, I guess not.

    Anyway, if Corbyn is a Trotskyite, he better be on constant lookout for the Stalin who will push him out of Labour.

  • Edna

    As a British born, now Canadian Jew, I am puzzled as to why a British MP would have the nerve
    to comment on where Israeli Jews should be “deported” to.

    What business is it if hers? She was not elected by Israel or its Jewish nationals, but by British Muslims..

    The gross out of line temerity of a Muslim of Pakistani descent whose family chose to emigrate to Britain boggles the mind.

    I would tell her “mind your own business miss bossy shoes”!!

  • NuritG

    Anti-Israel and anti-Semitism runs deep in the British veins. Nowadays the “Labour” party and in the USA, the Democratic party, represent Fascism, communism and other evil to include being godless and intolerant. So with such devalued values, what could one expect from such party member? And to add to it, with a name like Naz Shah, this woman is probably Moslem and from a Pakistani origin or the like and these immigrants are the model of the future British society, full of hate for Jews and Israel…but it starts with the Jews, it will not end there. Wait till they turn on the godless real white skin British people, not the new comers of recent years. Londonistan already exist Britainistan is next!

  • Wm. J. Levy

    And so it goes. They can say anything they want against Jews and you won’t ever have 1,000-100,000 Jews rally and demonstrate against these anti-Jews.

    If they were blacks these anti-Jews would be terrified because they know how violent the blacks can be or the Muslims.

    Jews should be more like the Blacks and the Muslims then they’ll be afraid to make such remarks.

    Don’t Jews ever get angry? GET ANGRY AND GET EVEN!

    • norm_t

      You’re 100 percent correct

    • Corey

      Ditto for what’s taking place on campuses across the USA.

  • So what else can you expect from Corbyn and labour. Any British Jew who supports labour gets what they deserve vis a vis existence of Israel

  • Stan Nadel

    There are reports that Shah actually wrote a far better and more full apology that explicitly dealt with the Antisemitism of her original posting but that her draft was censored by the party leaders because it implicitly criticized their dealings with Antisemitism to date. If that’s true it makes Corbyn look even worse.

  • nat cheiman

    I don’t know Corbyn but why do I get the feeling that his personal hygeine is lacking?

  • Tom Wood

    I sometimes read articles on this Web page and think that the facts have been miss represented or ignored.

    However on this occasion they clearly do not go far enough. Corbyn the far left comunist has been so far off the mark on so many different topics and is a bigger threat to world stability and peace than Trump the fascist could ever be. I dread to think what would happen if they both get elected and have to work together.


    Shah will undergo an investigation and “is unable to take part in any part (sic) activity” in the interim.

    Of course you meant party activity

  • Billy Corr

    Actually, the idea is not at all a bad one. It would be climatically challenging for the Israelis to be relocated in Idaho or Nebraska but they’d soon rise o the challenge.

    Ideally, every Muslim in the U.S.A. could be sent to MENA and – better still – the Islamic Republic of Pakistan could be wiped off the face of the Earth and relocated on Pluto. Or Alpha Centauri.

    • Corey

      אתה אידיוט. Nice one Billy … perfect example of why you should not post comments while you are high on cough syrup.

  • fred

    Shah has shocked herself . Wowo. A child makes remarks it is understood it can’t think. Shah is a big child who knew exactly what she said and how it will be understood, with no error of judgement. Anti Semitic ( Israel ) hatred of the best rank. Would she talk as freely in her homeland Pakistan, would she consider going back to beloved Pakistan taking Corbyn with her.Vile anti Semitism has a place now in British Parliament & Politics. British Labor is talking & taking the Hitler path in vile anti Jew hatred. A good outlook in Europe ???

  • As a member of UK Lawyers for Israel, it is my job to take the excellent parliamentary reports produced by the Scottish Council for Jewish Affairs and forward them to the chairman, stripping out anything that does not relate specifically to Israel. I have been doing this for a number of years, and believe me, Naz Shah’s remarks are moderate compared with some of the some of the stuff that is bandied about in parliament. The worst offender is, of course, Baroness Jenny Tonge and her allies who include all the Muslims in parliament, virtually without exception. It is absolutely true that nowadays the far left, of whom Jeremy Corbyn is one, take on poisonous hatred of Israel that morphs into antisemitism as part of their credo. We have several such people in our Camden Labour Party, a recent motion was put to the General Committee condemning the Jewish National Fund for being “racist”! Fortunately, it was defeated. I blame the entryism that plagues the British Labour Party since the Communist Party was disbanded. All the ex-communists flocked to the Labour Party which has never done anything about getting rid of them or barring them from entry, as they did with Militant in the 1970s. I have written to successive General Secretaries of the Labour Party about this and never even had a reply.The result is the election of Jeremy Corbyn, a bigotted ignoramus, as leader.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    So this racist Muslim woman “made remarks she doesn’t agree with”.How very strange! Was she in some kind of hallucinatory stupor? No,she meant every word she stated.This translocation of populations is an old Muslim tactic – and now they want to use this device to get rid of the Jews.And the Trotskyite Corbyn – who looks like a vagrant who has just risen from a park bench – is not going to do anything to rein her in since he ,as one of Britain’s foremost anti-Israel campaigners,is probably in complete agreement with her.I’m sure that behind the scenes Corbyn (after making some cosmetic mumbo-jumbo explanations about her evil statements)is congratulating the Muslim bigot on her “courage” for speaking out against Israel.The only positive point in all this sad state of affairs is that as long as Corbyn is head of the Labour Party they will never get elected.

  • Lia

    Being forced out of politics couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  • Peter Joffe

    As we move closer to an Islamic Barbarous world we have people like Cronan and his anti Semitic Labour Party, that is furthering the cause of barbarity. If you think that barbarity is the way forward for the United Kingdom then now is the time for you to resign. There is no place in the world for Islam or Antisemitism. There is only one basic difference between Islam and Antisemitism and that is that Islam hates everyone other than Muslims. Antisemitism is racialism and will lead to the hatred spreading like the plague that it is.

  • After they clean out Labour, they can start with the Media and then the Universities.

    A lot of work ahead in “Great” Britain!

  • shloime

    …and will quietly be replaced by another equally virulent anti-semite with the sense to express their views a little less publicly. the constituency that voted for george galloway was not unaware of his views, nor of naz shah’s.