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April 28, 2016 1:22 am

New UK National Student Union President Deflects Acknowledgement of Israel’s Right to Exist in First Interview Post Election (VIDEO)

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In an interview with Channel 4 News, NUS President Malia Bouattia deflected answering whether she believes Israel has a right to exist. Photo: Video Screenshot.

In an interview with Channel 4 News, NUS President Malia Bouattia declined to answer whether she believes Israel has a right to exist. Photo: Video Screenshot.

The newly elected president of the UK’s National Union of Students (NUS) refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist Tuesday in her first television interview since being elected earlier this month, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

In an appearance on Channel 4 News, journalist Cathy Newman asked Malia Bouattia if she had a problem with Israel’s existence or just “with Israel per-se.” Bouattia deflected the question, answering instead: “I have a problem with the continued occupation of the Palestinian people and them being stripped of their rights. Israel as it behaves is problematic to me.”

Earlier, Bouattia was asked whether she held Israel to a double standard. In response, the NUS president stated, “With Israel I condemn the human rights violations and continued oppression of the Palestinian people. It is not a particular targeting of any group.”

Bouattia’s ascendancy has brought about a storm of controversy in light of antisemitic and anti-Zionist comments she has made in the past. In a 2011 article she co-authored, Bouattia called Birmingham University a “Zionist outpost” with the “largest [Jewish Society] in the country.” In 2014, while speaking at a “pro-resistance” event celebrating “Gaza and the Palestinian revolution,” Bouattia asserted that it is “problematic” to consider that “Palestine will be free” only by means of “non-violent protest” and bemoaned the fact that “resistance” is presented as terrorism in the “Zionist-run media.” The NUS president was also accused of sympathizing with ISIS when, in 2014, she delayed a NUS motion condemning the bloodthirsty terror group because of “problematic wording” that she believed may have incited Islamophobia.

Prior to the election, over 300 leaders of Jewish student organizations issued an open letter calling on the then-NUS presidential candidate to clarify her comments. “Our question for you is clear: why do you see a large Jewish Society as a problem?” they wrote. Responding with her own letter, Bouattia denied having any problems with Jews, writing, “I want to be clear that for me to take issue with Zionist politics, is not me taking issue with being Jewish.”

Students at top universities in Britain, including Cambridge and Oxford, now say they are contemplating breaking ties with the NUS due to Bouattia’s election. A number of NUS members have launched campaigns to disaffiliate their schools from the student organization.

Bouattia told Channel 4 News that her life has been “very, very difficult” following the election. “My parents have been personally harassed in their home in Birmingham by media, and they’ve had to see death and rape threats over social media.” She said the criticism directed against her is “total lies” and is “unfounded.”

Originally from Algeria, Bouattia is the first black female Muslim president of the NUS. The umbrella organization represents 600 students organizations, comprising 7 million student voices across the UK.

Watch Bouattia’s responses about Israel below:

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  • John Burruto

    Ms. Bouatti, it seems, cannot deviate from the Palestinian script that has so usefully served the Islamic anti-Zionist narrative. Have the UK’s university students been so thoroughly brain washed that they elected a leader whose lovely face twitches when delivering her toxic and evasive lines in compressed, deadpan tones? Those students have mindlessly elected an apologist for murder. They have done so in a climate of increasingly explicit and dangerous anti-Semitism throughout the UK and most of Europe. University students here in the U.S. are not far behind.

  • Yale

    The question that needs to be put to her is whether she believes Jews are entitled to the same rights as other peoples, including the right to live, self-determination, etc.

  • myra sacks

    she is a horrifying reminder that many educated Jews represent a problem…one that historically despite our miniscule percentage of the world’s population requires action to remove, resettle or worse. the world is upside down.

    she is a negative leader whose lack of understanding should be condemned by the student bodies of all uk and other nation’s colleges and universities.

  • Abraham

    She’s so cute with her answers and beautiful hair too I wonder how long she will hold that position once England and the rest of Europe gets overwhelmed by Islamist and she will be forced to wear a hijab lol and not be allowed to open up her mouth without her husbands permission bottom line she’s Jew hater anti Semitic liberal

  • Benjamin Gruder

    She is slippery, yet dimwitted. But in a position of influence. What a black eye for her generation of college students. I hope she gets the boot.

  • enufizenuf

    This type of bigmouth quickly turns into a quiet little church mouse the minute their address becomes public.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Let’s guarantee this anti-Jew her right to exist.

    Jews are the only ones on this planet in mortal danger from so many enemies that people have to say Israel or the Jews “have a right to exist’ and its not the Jews who are going to be the ones to guarantee that right.

    She should be forced out and forced to apologize and never be heard from again.

    Jews better start organizing their tactics because this is the 1920-‘s all over again and the Mosley’s are coming again.

  • Stan Flamer

    Ms Bouattia seems concerned about Israeli “human rights violations” but not about Palestinian incitement to murder innocent Israelis, and their terrorist actions.

    I would like to hear how she defines Zionism.

    • Benjamin Gruder

      “I would like to hear how she defines Zionism.” She will never say, because it will not stand up to scrutiny. She also never defines “occupation” as in her likely belief that all of the land from the Jordan to the sea is ‘occupied’.

  • nat cheiman

    Here is the future of Europe ( UK included)). What this biased female fails to understand is that Islam itself, may not exist in the future because of factionalism and aggression towards America and Israel.

  • Lia

    Perhaps we can lead/guide her onto Mr Corbyn’s way?

  • Bouatti sings from the same “hymn sheet” as all Moslems
    whatever they tell you-with a few exceptions.With the
    help of a Left wing press and Left wing students who
    know nothing about Israel. Yet the majority come from
    Countries where the word Democracy does not exist.
    Jews World wide will have to be aware that in France
    its 13% Arab population will be replicated all over
    the world and cause them problems forever. Islam is the
    only thing they believe in. Live and let Live is not
    for them and with their teachings never will be

  • Hillel

    Which international law in particular was she referring to. Oh, bombing and hijacking aircraft, I remember that. Throwing a wheelchair bound invalid overboard in the Mediterranean some years back, oh yes. Perhaps, beating a little girl to death, where was that somewhere near Nahariya and that Arab bastard hero was taken out in Syria recently. Yes,, which international law?