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May 3, 2016 3:31 pm

Majority of Israelis Seeks to Retire Abroad, Survey Finds

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The logo of Chasdei Naomi, which released a survey showing that a majority of Jewish Israelis seek to retire abroad. Photo: Chasdei Naomi

The logo of Chasdei Naomi, which released a survey showing that a majority of Jewish Israelis seek to retire abroad. Photo: Chasdei Naomi – A majority of Jewish Israelis have no desire to grow old in their home country, a new survey released on Tuesday said.

Less than 30 percent of Israelis said Israel would be the best place to grow old while 60 percent prefer to grow old in a European country due to economic welfare and better living standards, according to a survey by anti-poverty NGO, Chasdei Naomi. The United States was picked by just 12 percent of those surveyed as a good choice for retirement.

Of those earning wages above the average, only 20 percent considered Israel the best place for retiring while 44 percent of the 500 respondents earning below average wages did prefer Israel as an ideal home for retirement.

Older people above the age of 50 were more likely (38 percent) to pick Israel as the best option to grow old compared to those (23 percent) between the ages of 18-29.

Meanwhile, Israelis living in Jerusalem (35 percent) were more likely to choose to retire in Israel over Israelis living in Tel Aviv (25 percent).

The number of secular Israelis (13 percent) wanting to grow old Israel was very low compared to 56 percent of religious Israelis.

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  • Stein

    The State of Israel seems trending toward a deeply religious country.

    I can live with that. The religious make Israel awesome.

    I hope Seculars choose to stay and make Israel fun and fair.

    I especially hope many Westerners make Aliya.

  • Jonah

    My suggestion is that you dig in and prepare to make your last stand with God in Israel. You will be hunted by caliphate hournds on every square foot of this planet. You may be safe in America ,if they will let you in……but you must have abandoned your blood roots and become a liberal to such a degree that you are not recognizable in any shape or form as a religious Jew. That would change over night if Trump gets elected. Things are looking pretty good for the last Trump before the tribulation. With his finger on the trigger Israel would be in good hands. The world with few exceptions will start spasaming like a bunch of rats who have had a large spotlight put on them…..after what happened in Indiana. Their will be a concerted push by Islam and this President to dismantle America before he gets in office….if they are unsuccessful Islamic radicalism will be toast if they get in the bullseye of the Trumpster. Remember one thing Israel and remember it well. In order for the complete takeover of this planet by the beast and his cohorts, Obama being one, the bloodline of the Jews must be eradicated….that is a caliphate absolute…Islam will attempt to kill all the Christians as they proceed on the road to Israel. It is an Islamic crusade to eradicate Jews and Christians from this planet. As Daniel said Russia and China are a thorn in the side of the beast and his cohorts.

  • Yacov

    When was this poll taken ?

  • Yaakov


    This exemplifies the major negative about Israel: the need to label people in a way that creates divisiveness, seeing everything as either black or white.