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May 5, 2016 7:18 am

What If Israel Is Forced to Fire at Missile Bases in Schools in Southern Lebanon?

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An air strike in Lebanon during Israel's 2006 war against Hezbollah. Photo: Wikipedia.

An air strike in Lebanon during Israel’s 2006 war against Hezbollah. Photo: Wikipedia.

Israeli reconnaissance has documented thousands of missiles that have been planted and ready to fire from the cover of schools and clinics, strategically placed throughout southern Lebanon.

​If and when Israel fires back at these missiles, and ​if ​there are thousands of casualties, one can expect the ultimate Islamist campaign accusing “the Jews” of the mass murder of thousands of women and children who have been positioned to take the hit and die.

The imminence of such a threat is real.

MENL, the Middle East Newsline, reports:

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​Israel’s military has bracing for an imminent strike by Islamist militias on Syria’s Golan Heights” and that the Israeli military is now “training for a massive strike by Islamist militias linked to Al Qaida and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant” and that  “President Bashar Assad has been quietly cooperating with Islamic State – ISIL-  of Iraq and Levant amid the war in Syria.

​IDF intelligence sources quoted by MENL also state that “the military scenario of a coordinated attack is … an effort to spark a massive Israeli counter-attack.”

Syrian coordination with Hezbollah missile launchers from southern Lebanon can therefore to be  expected.

​The IDF has identified at least five Islamist militias in Syria’s Quneitra province that have controlled most of the Golan Heights since 2013. The most powerful of these was identified as the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, linked to ISIS, which controls an area from the Israeli frontier to the southern border with Jordan. Also bordering northern Israel is the by Nusra Front for the Defense of Levant and the allied Ahrar Al Sham.

​R​adical Islamic communities around the world are well aware of this scenario.

​Like props prearranged on a Middle East “Universal Studios” set, the scenario of a strategic Israeli response to an expected missile barrage from the north may now result in the international radical Islamic community reacting with ferocity against Jews who live near areas where Islamists have gained a foothold.​

Are Jews around the world prepared​ for this eventuality?​

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