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May 6, 2016 5:05 pm

Israeli Flag Burned at Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial in Kiev

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Monument to the murdered in Babi Yar, Kiev. A group of people were filmed burning an Israeli flag at the memorial site. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Monument to the murdered in Babi Yar, Kiev. A group of people were filmed burning an Israeli flag at the memorial site. Photo: Wikimedia Commons – The mayor of Kiev, Ukraine is asking authorities to identify a group of people who were filmed burning an Israeli flag at the Babi Yar Holocaust memorial. Babi Yar is a ravine near Kiev where between 100,000 and 150,000 of Jews were massacred by the Nazis throughout the Holocaust, according to historians.

The flag burning incident is the latest in a few anti-Semitic incidents targeting the memorial and took place on Israel’s national memorial day for the Holocaust Yom HaShoah.

“Video surveillance recorded the group of young vandals burning the flag of the State of Israel near the Menora memorial, at Babi Yar,” Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko said in a statement, the Times of Israelreported.

“This happened on the national Holocaust Remembrance Day, when the Jewish people all over the world remember the 6 million victims of Nazism, who perished during World War II,” he said, calling the incident “unacceptable.”

“It is intolerable to brutalize the memory of the victims. Especially at the place that which is globally known as one of the symbols of a terrible crime of fascism, at Babi Yar, where tens of thousands of people of different nationalities, the majority of them Jewish, were killed,” he said.

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    At least the Dutch people had the courage to vote down in a referendum the EU association agreement with the Neo Nazi led Ukraine in April.
    Now the Dutch government has to take action after they had silently previously approved this agreement in parliament and forced it through the peoples throats! May be someone can shed the light on why Joe Biden’s son Hunter is on the board of a Ukrainian Oil and Gas company!!

    or may be you progressive left wing Jews want to wait until Hillary sells you out in a new “final Solution”, the way she sold out the Libyans to ISIS?

  • racy we

    Why am I not surprised? Their grandparents were collaborators and it’s in their genetic pool. The sin of the fathers are on the sons. Bastards beget bastards!

  • Elliott

    There will always be irredeemably ignorant imbeciles – it’s a DNA mutant strain thing…

  • nat cheiman

    When Putin invades Ukraine, or his soldiers bomb Ukraine or he invades Ukraine, I think of Ukraines assistance to Germany in the 2nd world war. Ukraine deserves its Karma and I feel no pain or pity for the country or its people

  • Fraide

    Only ignorant vicious thugs would do something like this. The next time Russia or whoever wants to invade them, let them. They couldn’t do any worse.

  • Myron Slater

    I can believe it, the Ukraine is and always has been Antisemitic. The Ukrainian people helped kill their friends and neighbors that were Jewish.

  • fred

    We did not do it.Ukrainians who participated in the murder of Ukraineans Jews seem to have got away scott-free so it should no be a surprise that hatred of Jews in various form is alive & well.

  • SteveHC

    re previous sbmission- please correct to read “video *and so most likely* “. Thanks, SHC

  • SteveHC

    At least the local politicians are trying to properly lead by example. The idiot criminals were caught on video and do most lijeoy will be identified and charged; no one ever saud criminals were very bright..,

    • Shirley Hiller

      Those responsible for this outrage at Babi Yar should not be described as idiots, they are the spawn of satan. As for the authorities in kiev Ukraine doing their bit to bring them to justice, i would not hold my breath if i were you.
      The whole lot of them are anti-Semites and will not turn against each other.
      They were so eager to help in the killing at Babi Yar and they have never changed.
      With a bit of luck they and Russia will kill each other, the latter for all the pogroms and for the reign of the monster Stalin, also for taking such a long time for allowing our people to go.
      I will shed no tears for either side.