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May 8, 2016 1:29 pm

Bob Dylan Thought of Producing Holocaust Movie, Says Ex-Lover in New Memoir

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Singer Bob Dylan had an idea to produce a film about women escaping Nazi concentration camps. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Singer Bob Dylan reportedly considered producing a film about women who escaped Nazi concentration camps. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Music superstar Bob Dylan once conceived of producing a film about women who escaped Nazi concentration camps, the singer’s former lover has revealed in a new memoir, the New York Post reported on Sunday.

Aspiring screenwriter Britta Lee Shain wrote in Seeing the Real You at Last that Dylan thought to title the film “Nazi Whores.” Together, she said, they even brainstormed about actresses to cast in the picture, including “Cher, Sissy Spacek, Jessica Lange, Debra Winger, Theresa Russell and Melanie Griffith.”

The relationship between the two began in 1985, when Shain started dating Dylan’s road manager, Ernie. According to Shain, throughout her relationship with Ernie, Dylan flirted with her and sought to make her question what she was doing with his friend.

According to the account, this particular form of courtship worked, and she began seeing Dylan while both of their partners were away. After declaring their love for each other, however, Shain told Ernie about her relationship with Dylan — and about how she had committed to run off to the Caribbean with him. The revelation prompted Ernie to quit Dylan’s tour and reveal all to the singer’s girlfriend. At this point, Dylan suddenly cooled towards Shain. When she begged him for an explanation, he reportedly said, “Sometimes I do bad things.”


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  • Dan D’Onofrio

    If not for you.

  • Focusing on women who escaped death camps by trading their body for freedom is a new on me but what do you expect from someone who, in Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (about Likud and Labor) claimed that hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered by the Nazis, not millions. This message is hidden in poetry and I doubt if the reader has spent a life time trying understand what Bob Dylan is saying, so most will dismiss my claim as they did in the 1970’s that Dylan was a heroin addict.

    • Janet Caterina

      I thought everyone knew that Dylan was a heroin addict.

      • We did know! We simply expected it to be Blowing In The Wind, the answer.

    • Try looking at Mina Astman, Sara Beer and Malka Tolenfeld who managed to get away from Belzec. What price their freedom?

  • I made an excellent Nazis Whores painting calling it “Nazi women huntsman“ just as for the pentagon “who is the enemy in Afghanistan?”

  • dante

    so, Israel is being slandered, threatened, attacked; it is the unique object of self-righteous, vicious, ignorant and adamant hatred of the e.u., u.n., and others.

    where, one wonders, is Bob Dylan?

    Dylan has a heart. he has a voice. Dylan has friends or, at least, professional colleagues. has Dylan performed in Israel? has he written about Israel? has he spoken out, poetically, even tersely, elliptically, or otherwise?

    so, one wonders, where is Dylan’s voice? maybe, he’s been misled by all the slanders, some shouted by Dylan’s colleagues. maybe, he’s too busy with his real estate and other investments. (those can be very time-consuming, can’t they?)

  • Lia

    Some men are worth loving and some are simply not.

    • Do we know who they are or are they Knocking on Heaven’s Door in Bowie’s case. To be honest though! There were things which Jews felt they had to do to Survive. The Factual Evidence we have gained on much of The Holocaust comes from those Jews who saved themselves to afford us Testimony!

  • Jack Holan

    Well the Dylan Love Tryst had nothing to do with a new film other than a flash in the pan thought.