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May 9, 2016 1:36 pm

11-Year-Old Boy Charged With Hate Crime After Setting Jewish School Bus on Fire in Brooklyn (VIDEO)

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The scene of the bus that was set on fire in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Photo: Twitter.

The scene of the bus that was set on fire in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Photo: Twitter.

An 11-year-old boy has been charged with a hate crime after setting a Jewish school bus ablaze in Brooklyn, the New York Daily News reported on Monday.

The African-American youngster was charged with criminal mischief and arson, both as hate crimes. Police said the arson took place on Sunday evening while the bus was parked on Brooklyn Avenue in Crown Heights, outside the private girls school, Beth Rivkah.

Security video shows five children running into the bus with pieces of cardboard. Shortly afterwards the kids flee the scene and smoke is billowing from the bus, which soon becomes engulfed in flames. A witness confirmed seeing a group four or five African-American children, between the ages of 10 and 15, on board the parked bus, Yeshiva World News reported.

Local Jewish volunteer patrol group Shomrim received a call about the fire and the suspects. Volunteers who arrived on the scene located the boys within minutes but they denied involvement in the fire when police arrived. A witness initially identified them, but later said she was not sure if they were the boys responsible for the crime. Police took down their information and are reviewing surveillance footage from the scene.

No one was injured in the incident.

According to Yeshiva World News, firefighters responded swiftly and extinguished the blaze, but not before it had caused significant damage to the bus, operated by BSD Trans Corp, a local Jewish-owned company. Leon Yavich, who owns the company, said he thinks it is too early to know what motivated the perpetrators.

“I am not going to jump the gun and accuse these kids of a hate crime,” said Yavich, 54. “I will not accuse them of a hate crime simply for the fact that I have not spoken to them. My bus doesn’t have any Jewish markings. It doesn’t belong to the Yeshiva.”

Authorities are searching for the other four boys who participated in the crime, the New York Daily News reported. NYPD Officer Vinny Martinos, from the 71st Precinct, told local blog COLLive, “We will be increasing police coverage and visibility in the Jewish area.”

Police sources said another Jewish school bus was targeted in a crime that took place on Thursday, less than a mile away from the fire scene. Insiders said a bus driver told police he was driving down Eastern Parkway when someone threw a brick at his bus, shattering the driver-side mirror. A separate attack took place on Friday, in which a group of African-American teenagers threw rocks and stones at a Jewish man in Crown Heights before hitting him with a heavy steel stick.

Watch the scene of the fire in the video below:

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  • nat cheiman

    Vote Trump

  • Alan Bergstein

    Will this kid be described as an aspiring doctor or scientist? What are the problems he caused in his own school? Where is the mayor on this? Where are the Jewish leaders calling for Jews to wake up to this hate from blacks? Is it not time to face reality…..that there is hate emanating from blacks who are led by the likes of Sharpton? And the fact is that there is NO hate reciprocity from Jews….is there?

  • robert

    Tribalism is accompanied by hate directed toward non-members. We are a small tribe and need our own land, the State of Israel.

  • Jeffrey Justin

    All of your comments are based on a part od f a story taken out of Context . I qoute . The bus was owned Leon Yavich’s BSD transit Corporation . Yavich said he wasnt ready to suggest the children were motivated by hate .”I will not accise them for the fact I have not spoken to them, he said . My Bus dosnt have any Jewish markings. So Mr Yavich isnt sure but all of you are . Read the paper some time , not just the internet.

    • lioness

      You think because the bus was owned by a non-Jewish company, yet was full of Jewish kids, in an almost exclusively Jewish neighborhood, that this doesn’t make it a hate crime? Are you for real? What if the kid used a knife made in Germany and went inside a Temple and tried to stab a whole bunch of Jews, would this also not be a hate crime? Read about the other attack on Friday and tell me what you think that is! It’s amazing how ignorant or anti-Semitic people manage to say the most obnoxious things in order to justify an act for what it really is!

  • Dani

    Why is this considered a hate crime instead of just vandalism? Was the bus identified as Jewish? And if so, what difference does in make if the hooligans were black or white?

    • Dale K

      So then we can say that possibly the bus itself was not the target of Jew Hate. However, when we see that this bus is parked in front of a Jewish school… Do you think, maybe, it was about what was IN the bus? Or maybe about the specific function of the bus? IE, transporting Jews?? Add that to the growing list of attacks on Jews in the same area…. But it couldn’t have been about Jew hate, right??

    • dov

      The bus was next to a Jewish school on a Sunday, so that makes it pretty much a hate crime.

    • lioness

      Please read my comment above, because it applies to you too!

  • Wm. J. Levy

    What a shame that the Jews who fought and died for blacks during the 1960’s are now the hated target of the offspring of these blacks.

    The term African-American is ridiculous. They are blacks as the whites are whites. We don’t designate whites as European Americans or EA’s do we?

    Blacks are the nemesis of Jews and they pose the greatest danger to the Jewish community as they will become more radical as they convert to Islam as they are doing in prison and trying to kill Jews with car bombs. The two failed car bombs at synagogues should make every Jew award of what is going on and they should stop acting like Ostriches hiding their heads in the sand.

    What’s the solution as blacks continue to increase their numbers thanks to welfare, food stamps, Title 8 housing, Medicaid and every other entitlement under the sun?

    We have to arm ourselves and threaten them as they threaten us.

    Dr. H is too busy with his operations to become involved in protecting his family as the German Jews found out too late.

    Jabotinsky, Begin, Sharon they were all right. Heed this warning as more Jewish buses burn.

  • brenrod

    american blacks were polled at 35% anti semites, plus you have farakhans black muslims. gosh, now they will call ME racist, LOL.

  • Ani

    One must ask oneself just where kids learn to do these things? Look to the parents. And hold the parents financially responsible for the damage.

    • Lia

      I agree. parents who actually have to fork out for the damage their children do, will attend more to what their children do.

    • Michael Fox

      Right on…hold the anti-Semetic parents responsible for the financial damages to the bus….take it out of their welfare checks.

  • It is shocking that these “Afro-Americans” children participate in such a disgusting act in a hate crime in setting fire to a Jewish school bus. – Once again it is evident the lack of “education” given to these children,who are still obliged to attend school, since they are all under 15 years of age.- Apparently no one told them of the “freedom fighters” of the 60´s, who fought for integration in the south of the USA. Now it it seems that they, the”Afro-americans” are the racists and segregationists. Sad that a struggle for equality and respect has gone down the drain.

  • Rachel Cohen

    The age of the criminal is irrelevant–he is a criminal–and should be prosecuted like an adult would be. This behavior goes right back to his upbringing.

  • Rachel Cohen

    The age of the criminal irrelevant–he is a criminal–and should be prosecuted like an adult would be. This behavior goes right back to his upbringing.

  • Shepherd

    Jews can thank Obama-Hellary Clinton for this!