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May 11, 2016 6:10 pm

Heavy Backlash Forces Brown University’s Hillel to Pull Sponsorship of ‘Nakba Day’ Event

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Brown University Hillel House. Photo: Brown University Hillel.

Brown University Hillel House. Photo: Brown University Hillel.

Brown University’s Hillel has pulled its sponsorship of a Wednesday event commemorating the 1948 Palestinian Arab exodus from Israel — more commonly referred to as the “Nakba” — following heavy backlash, The Algemeiner has learned.

Hillel, along with other pro-Israel and Jewish student organizations, initially agreed to sponsor the campus event set to feature a film screening and discussion of the Nakba, an Arabic word which literally translates as “disaster” or “catastrophe.” Nakba Day is generally observed on May 15, the day after Israel’s Independence Day on the Gregorian calendar, and often sees heavy rioting and violent protest by Palestinians across Israel and the West Bank.

The initially planned event, titled “Jews Facing the Nakba,” was cancelled by its student organizers following Hillel’s withdrawal of support, sources told The Algemeiner. However, a new private screening, sans Hillel’s sponsorship, but on Hillel premises will take place Wednesday evening. Several other pro-Israel and Jewish groups remain sponsors of the screening.

According to part of a statement — published by pro-Israel blogger IsraellyCool — that was posted on the private Facebook group for the event:

We regret to inform you that internal and external pressures have made the ‘Jews Facing the Nakba’ event unfeasible at this time. The event was previously backed by a politically diverse coalition of students and Hillel staff…Due to the fact that there is no longer unanimous support from Israel-related student groups for this event taking place within the Hillel building, Brown/RISD Hillel can no longer endorse this event. As a group of Jewish students committed to the well-being of the Brown Jewish community, we strongly believe that watching these films and having the difficult conversations that will follow are critical…In order for Hillel to maintain its integrity as a pluralistic Jewish space, the community must embrace Jews who currently feel excluded from mainstream Jewish discourse and who seek to question dominant narratives about Israel…We invite students in the community to join us in gathering…in the Hillel Meeting Room, despite the lack of official Hillel sponsorship. Join us in creating the pluralism that we want to see reflected in the American Jewish institutions that claim to represent us. Join us in setting a precedent for future critical dialogue and institutional change. Students only.

The film being screened at the now private event was produced by the Israeli NGO Zochrot. According to the watchdog group NGO Monitor, Zochrot engages in raising public awareness about the Nakba and stresses the “Palestinian right of return” to all of Israel. The group calls for a “one state solution” and has accused Israel of ethnic cleansing. “This agenda is equivalent to calling for the elimination of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people,” an NGO Monitor report stated.

Representatives from Brown’s Hillel failed to respond to The Algemeiner’s requests for comment by press time.

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  • Rick Freedman
  • Rick Freedman

    There actually has an event, Hillel national just pretended that it was canceled.

  • dan ehrlich

    What deluded Arabs have never come to understand is that the war and exodus was of their own making. That’s largely because in the Arab/Muslim mind their is only one view…the view of the Believers.

    The Israel statehood declaration implored the Arabs to work with Jews in building the nation. But the war changed much of that.

  • aaa

    Hillel was correct to withdraw. Firstly, the title “Jews Facing the Nakba” is offensive and erroneous because it presumes a priori that Israel bears primarily guilt for Palestinian dispersion and that Jews support Israel unconditionally. This is not a setup for “dialogue.”

    Yes, let’s do “face” the Nakba…but let’s ALL of us face ALL aspects of it; such as these:

  • ronnie pleet

    This is not a day to celebrate. False that Israel made the Arabs leave. Arab leaders told them to leave and they would have ALL the land when the Arab armies wiped the Israels out

  • confused

    Ummmm WTF?

    This piece effectively says nothing….

    “Brown University’s Hillel has pulled its sponsorship of a Wednesday event[…]following heavy backlash, The Algemeiner has learned.”

    What backlash?, From Who?, Why?

    “According to part of a statement — published by pro-Israel blogger IsraellyCool — that was posted on the private Facebook group for the event:”

    Why was this statement published? Its nothing more then political round about that says nothing other then “we needed to make a statement but didn’t want to say anything”. Second the blogger published that statement from “Sophie Kasakove, Ben Williams, and Eital Schattner-Elmaleh” not from the blogger in question. You make it seem like that blogger was the one making that statement.

    “The film being[…]NGO Monitor report stated.”

    This kind of, maybe, covers why a backlash may happen…. but is so void of the detail in regards to the event in question it reads more like a footnote. Further why is this section being the only thing close to “news”/”information” so small next to printing out the whole of a blogger post which could simply have been linked to without any need to publish…. let alone publish in full.

  • Yaakov

    The term “Jew” is often used loosely, referring to everyone of Jewish ancestry. But what if we restricted use of the term to those students who consider Judaism to be a way of life for themselves? I’d like to know how their viewpoint differs from that of the larger group.

  • Arlene Seidel Abrams

    Our American universities need to recognize the importance of Israel as the Jewish homeland. It is surrounded by ‘cousins’ in all the Arab states……

    Academia needs to rethink the chaos they are initiating and supporting. Shame on them.

  • a yid
  • a yid

    Wait… article says there still will be a private screening? oy enough already. somebody please give these people the emes