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May 12, 2016 3:12 pm

American Intelligence Chief Says US ‘Can’t Fix’ Middle East

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U.S. Director of National Intelligence, James. R. Clapper Jr., pictured, said the United States “can’t fix” the Middle East region. Photo: wiki commons.

US Director of National Intelligence, James. R. Clapper Jr. Photo: wiki commons. – The United States “can’t fix” the Middle East region, the US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said in an interview with theWashington Post.

Referring widespread terrorism in the Middle East, Clapper said he doesn’t “have an answer” to the problem and that the “fundamental issues they have — the large population bulge of disaffected young males, ungoverned spaces, economic challenges, and the availability of weapons — won’t go away for a long time.”

Clapper admitted that the Middle East’s predicament is complex, and that the expectation of America finding a solution is unrealistic.

“Somehow the expectation is that we can find the silver needle, and we’ll create ‘the city on a hill,’” said Clapper.

At the same time, Clapper still believes the US needs to maintain a presence in the Middle East.

“Things happen around the world when US leadership is absent. We have to be present — to facilitate, broker, and sometimes provide the force,” he said.

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  • Stein

    Every ideology has reallife consequences.

    The ideology of Islamism is *the* problem.

    Even Islam is problematic because it seems difficult to distinguish itself from Islamism.

    If a CIA operative fails to understand ideology is a significant factor of future behavior, it is hard to call that operative is competent.

    A US CIA operative needs to sound more like a competent operative, and less like a Marxist materialist.

    After all, most Islamist terrorists and most Marxist revolutionaries come from the Middle Class. The poor themselves rarely do that kind of ideological violence.

  • Jonah

    Fix it! Who’s trying to fix it. We are responsible for its instability starting with the Arab Spring and ending with the Iranian deal. We have the war Hawks looking to profit from all angles arming anyone who calls himself a rebel fighting for freedom, we have the Clintons looking at this conflict as the most profitable venture on this planet…I mean the sky’s the limit when you put Israel on the chopping block. Things have happened with U.S. Presense under the guidance of a caliphate minded Islamic hoodwinker who has played both ends against the middle to create the most instability in the Mideast since the beginning of time. Yea the Middle East situation is complex especially when you are not looking for a peaceful solution which includes Israel surviving as a country but you attempt to per vey that personna when everything you do accelerates the possibility of their demise. They need to put you out on the pasture you have been neutered by political correctness and are useful for nothing but deceptive platitudes.

  • Why did James Clapper not mention ISLAM as one of the causes of terrorism?