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May 16, 2016 6:34 pm

Anti-Israel Students at Connecticut College ‘Occupy’ Office of School President in Protest Over Investigation of Mock Eviction Notices

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The Occupy Fanning poster. Photo: Facebook.

The Occupy Fanning poster. Photo: Facebook.

A group of anti-Israel students at Connecticut College is “occupying” the office of the school’s president in protest over an investigation into mock eviction notices they posted across campus accusing the Jewish state of a series of crimes.

An alumnus who asked to remain anonymous due to his tracking of anti-Israel activity at his alma mater told The Algemeiner, “This is a group of students who put up mock eviction notices that were factually challenged. It was done during finals and some students were alarmed by their tactics.” 

As The Algemeiner reportedstudents returning to their dorms last Monday encountered fake eviction notices put up by Conn Students in Solidarity with Palestine (CSSP). “Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes is RACIST, is part of a project of ETHNIC CLEANSING and COLONIZATION, and is ILLEGAL,” part of the notice stated.

In response to the notices, Connecticut College Interim Dean of Equity and Inclusion David Canton sent out a campus-wide email, stating, “Seeing these posters in residential common areas, particularly this close to final exams, has been disturbing to our students. I am writing to let you know that my office is carrying out an investigation of the incident.”

The anti-Israel student organization pulled a similar stunt last semester, when its members plastered posters across campus stating, “Taglit-Birthright is settler colonialism.” The poster campaign is a tactic that has been frequently used by anti-Israel groups on American college campuses to intimidate Jewish and pro-Israel students.

“I gather some students filed a bias complaint and only because of Canton’s email did some students and faculty learn of the notices and the investigation,” the anonymous source said. “This led to a strong reaction from CSSP and I guess they don’t like the notion that what they did is being taken as a bias complaint. They also didn’t like that Canton sent out a mass email to the entire campus, when I suppose other bias incidents don’t get mass emails.”

The students staging the sit-in , which began on Thursday afternoon, have organized themselves into the Occupy Fanning movement, taking their name from the building — Fanning Hall — that houses the president’s office. Originally, the sit-in was organized by CSSP, which publicized it on its Facebook page, but the post has since been deleted.

According to a statement issued by the group, “We initially entered the office to inquire about the differential treatment of alleged bias incidents on campus, particularly why some bias incidents warrant all-campus communications and administrative actions while others do not.”

However, the group has now widened its grievances against the school, specifically accusing Connecticut College President Katherine Bergeron of cultivating “an environment of control, surveillance, job exploitation, and repression that inhibits the work of the College…Join our coalition against administrative incompetence!”

occupy fanning fb page

“They have a blog up offering a list of demands and, in this kind of absurd ‘Wikileaks’ and small-potatoes way, are putting up posts that make the administration look bad,” the source told The Algemeiner. “The whole thing is riddled with irony. I don’t think the students see themselves as antisemitic, but while they say they have sympathy for minority groups, there is a wide lack of concern when it comes to Jews.”

The student protest, according to the source, is being carried out in the name of free speech. However, according to his own careful tracking of anti-Israel student activity, historically, whenever “anything bad is written about them [anti-Israel student groups at Connecticut College], they delete the comments. They moderate them to remove any negativity. Free speech is clearly not absolute.”

According to the source, faculty at Connecticut College “are alarmed by the eviction notices, because they are historical propaganda and demonstrate a group that opposes the existence of the state of Israel.”

However, he said, not all faculty members are standing in opposition to the Occupy Fanning movement. “The faculty adviser to CSSP, Eileen Kane, has not backed down, arguing that the eviction notices are legitimate criticism to certain Israeli actions. Certain faculty members have even liked the Occupy Fanning Facebook page,” he said.

“In my view, the administration only has itself to blame because, based on previous incidents, they’ve coddled these people. It’s not surprising students have become emboldened,” he said. “Connecticut College administrators are sending out conciliatory messages and are right now in full damage-control mode.”

Pamela Dumas Serfes, vice president for communications at Connecticut College, declined to comment on the situation when reached by The Algemeiner.

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  • Al Talena

    Tyranny of the Left

  • Why do they think that random Jewish students should be targeted for the alleged offenses of Israel? This is collective punishment. Then why shouldn’t random Muslims be targeted for the atrocities of other Muslims – Boko Haram, 9/11, ISIS, etc.? Why not put “Save our girls” posters on the doors of Muslim students?

  • louisD

    Where is the old JDL that took care of these things?

  • paul ackerman

    Dear President of Connecticut College,
    Exactly what is your job description and salary ?

    I’d suggest the following be implemented immediately.

    1) The President of the College issues a 15 minute order to the protesters to vacate premises,no excuses.

    2)those who vacate within 15 minutes will be suspended for one semester,no refund for tuition or fees.

    3) those protesters who refuse to leave within 15 minutes will be immediately expelled,and refused re-admission in the future.
    No refund for tuition or fees. And will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law fro any damages caused during the illegal occupation of private property &obstruction of the work processes of the office.
    4)All students who participated in the posting of these “eviction notices”,even if they did not participate in the “occupy fanning” protest will be expelled once they have been identified.

    5) If the college President does not follow these guidelines,the board of trustees ought to resign en mass…which of course is a fantasy.

  • Karen

    Pretty obvious who runs this school, and it sure isn’t the President. Are there ever any consequences to this fascist behavior?

  • A Zionist

    As Principal, I would “send down” all students involved. The term, “send down” is a British term referring to University discipline regarding student bad behaviour. A student could be “sent down” for a term, a year or for good.

    It seems that universities are so scared of these delinquents, that they would rather appease than address the problem: antisemitism. This is because they know that Jews do not riot or create disturbances, threaten or bully. However, these Jew-haters do behave badly.

  • I was in NYC several years ago when the Jewish students in dorms at NYU received “eviction notices” and the Jews did nothing.


    When do they learn to fight?

  • Campus Watch has been monitoring the donations given to universities world wide by Middle East nations, for the formation of Islamic studies departments since the 1970s. 1979 a Saudi magazine claimed $200,000 paid to Duke,750,000 from Libya to Georgetown,250,000 from UAE to Georgetown, etc. 2007 a Saudi prince gave $20 million each to Harvard and Georgetown, only one of many such munificent gifts. The aim is” to improve relations between the Muslim world and the West and enhance understanding of Muslims in the West.” All that money buys a whole lot of understanding.Could that possibly have any bearing on the rather tardy administration reactions to obviously antisemitic actions on campus ?

  • brenrod

    the college should be shut down until we can figure out what is going on with the state and federal funds… obviously no education is going on.

  • brenrod

    the fbi should be called in to investigate dederal crimes of the faculty and the student group of anti semites. Lawfare is the only answer the individual faculty members responsible for inciting the students should be hounded with lawsuits and criminal charges… the best defense iis a good offense.

    the faculty involved and the students should be expelled for wasting the time and money of an educational institution subsidized by the state and federal gov. I am sure there civil rights charges here.

  • nat cheiman

    Turf them out. They can go to universities in Yemen/ Syria/ Lebanon

  • Zucker

    Cut the funds for these privileged unproductive kids, let them do their own laundry and send them without the help from Daddy and Mamy to the real world for a reality check. Enough of spoon feeding these self serving, arrogant brats.

  • kern

    Why aren’t these racist b—–ds expelled from CC and forcibly removed from campus?

    It is only a matter of time until the United states becomes as unsafe for Jews as the increasingly Islamist dominated Europe is for us.

    It is pathetic that many Jews, blinded by their “progressive” ideology, join our enemies in aiding those intent on our destruction.

    Our people have been persecuted for two thousand years, and most Jews don’t give a s–t!

  • Democracy is its own worst enemy. It is used to subvert and destroy its very own goals and soon all freedoms will be gone in the name of freedom of speech and actions.Winston Churchill defined democracy as “MOB RULE” and so it is proving to be. If we do not stop this vile curse on humanity, dictatorship and violence will be the result.

  • Every attempt by the powers that be, to get to the truth is followed with violence of some sort to suppress that truth.If you have antisemitism in your university soon the whole university will be in trouble and learning with be replaced by hatred and violence. As Louis Armstrong once sang :”what a wonderful world it would be ‘without Islam'”.Islam spreads infidel hatred wherever they go and it will not get better until all of Islam is expelled back to the barbaric lands that they come from.

  • Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    When Bernie Sanders carries on about the fabulous young people hes talking about these left wing crazies and antiSemites n selfhating Jews like himself who freely slander Israel like his lies about Gaza n its terrorists.

  • Lia

    Parents, alumni and rightly-guided students: you saw what worked at Mizzou. Does this college offer any degree or certification that cannot be obtained at others? If not, simply go where academic work is taken seriously and students cannot waste time with this sort of pathetic abuse of others.

  • Anschel

    I would love for the “occupying” students to be dismissed from the college and, to the extent they are foreign exchange “students,” deported from the U.S.!

  • ita

    They are obviously terrorists. So treat them like all terrorists should be treated.

    Cut off their electricity, water, food, & access to bathrooms and plumbing.

    When they give up and deceide to come out demand that they come out one at a time with hands raised and dressed in prison uniforms. Have dogs and armed police waiting for them. Have them lie face down spread eagle
    One at a time. Handcuff each one and immediately cart each
    one off to jail to await with no bail for prosecution. No crowds. No videos. No press.

    Immediately SUSPEND each one and put indefinate hold on any
    Funds or scholarships monies that they receive from all sources.

    File civil suit for all expenses that they caused the college.

    If they do not come out in 48 hours throw in a can of tear gas.

  • enufizenuf

    You’re all looking for school administrators to do what they’re supposed to, but they’re not going to. The Jewish students need to take care of the offending pieces of crap with direct action.

  • fine and send them home banned from campus

    fine and send them home banned from campus

  • Stephen Sacks

    Which is worse? – having a student Jew-Hater group operating on campus, or having an ‘Interim Dean of Equity and Inclusion’ on campus?

  • howiej

    If the “occupying” students are violating any college rules they should be prosecuted. If the eviction notices violate rules they too should be prosecuted. If the CSSP violated rules by their actions the group should be suspended.

  • SteveHC

    The extent to which the current crop of American college and university administrators have relinquished control of their institutions to their students, refusing to accept the fact that it is THEY who are getting paid to assume said control, is truly astounding.

    The offending students should receive ONE warning prior to permanent expulsion with no refund of tuition or fees.

  • Dov

    Hopefully the collage administration is not going to buckle to a few wild students. If they do, they might as well wrap up, because they will allow a few hooligans to run wild and take over.