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May 19, 2016 11:29 am

BBC News Passes Up Gaza Strip Weapons Smuggling Story

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An IDF soldier at the entrance to a Hamas tunnel. An arrested Hamas operative has provided information about the Palestinian terror group’s tunnel-digging operations. Photo: Wikipedia.

An IDF soldier at the entrance to a Hamas tunnel. An arrested Hamas operative has provided information about the Palestinian terror group’s tunnel-digging operations. Photo: Wikipedia.

On May 16, the Israel Security Agency cleared an announcement for publication.

The Israeli Navy arrested off the coast of Gaza last month a Hamas-affiliated smuggler who is accused of bringing weapons and illegal building materials into the Strip, the Shin Bet revealed Monday.

Salim Jamal Hassan Naman, a resident of the al-Shati refugee camp, admitted to interrogators that he’d been involved in a naval smuggling operation for some time and had helped bring in weaponry and “materials used in the production of rockets, like fiberglass resin,” the security service said. […]

Though Naman was most closely affiliated with the Hamas terror organization, he told investigators the smuggling ring brought weapons to a variety of terror groups in the beleaguered Gaza Strip, the Shin Bet said.

He also gave additional information on the terror group’s methods of using dedicated smugglers as well as Gaza fishermen to bring contraband to and from Egypt.

Naman also gave his interrogators information regarding Hamas’s operational plans to use Gazan fishermen as a “camouflage” for their military actions, the Shin Bet said.

To date, the BBC has shown no interest in reporting this story to its audiences. That editorial decision is, of course, all the more significant when one considers that the corporation’s often inaccurate portrayal of the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip usually includes the ‘Israel says’ formulation. For example:

“… the blockade, which Israel says is a necessary security measure.” (link to source)

“Israel says the blockade aims to stop the supply of arms or other items for military use, and to put pressure on the Hamas administration.” (link to source)

“Israel tightened maritime restrictions on Gaza from 2007 [sic], leading to a blockade which it says it [sic] a vital security measure against the militant Islamist group Hamas, which administers the territory.” (link to source)

“Israel says the naval blockade is necessary to stop weapons being smuggled to militants within Gaza.” (link to source)

The BBC’s continued avoidance of stories such as this one means that its audiences are deprived of information which would aid their appreciation of why “Israel says” what it does; this obviously hinders their audience’s understanding of this particular “international issue.”

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  • Yale

    Being a Leftist means never admitting when you’re caught with your pants down. being a Leftist journalist means never running a story that demonstrates that your opinions are nonsense.

  • In India the “left-liberal” media does a similar thing to the present India government and the main national party,BJP which leads it (incidentally, the media including BBC and most American ones mention BJP as Hindu Nationalist party, in a pejorative sense!)BJP/leaders is uniformly discriminated against, not believed, and misquoted. NewsMedia pounces on any suspicion of BJP misdeed,spend hysterical days about it and if it was a false alarm,no aplogies,they move to the next hoax! There is a glossover school of journalism which ignores positive news about the ruling party. I have always thought that at the very minimum, those who engage in discourse about “the Hindu Nationalist party” or its national government, meet the requirements fairness, an understanding of the facts and circumstances and some humility in the face of one’s own ignorance. I am sorry to say, I don’t see it- just as Israel doesn’t get fair treatment too!

  • nat cheiman

    Of course the BBC will not report on stuff like that.Too many migrants may be offended

  • Malcolm Jackson

    The BBC is no more than the bought and paid for propaganda arm of the Islam loving EU dictatorship.

  • Do not believe one word that comes from the BBC and perhaps also the New York Times and other misguided newspapers? I cannot remember who said it but it was simply this – “A newspaper will not educate you, it will misinform you”. The BBC and The New York times have become the propaganda tools for misinformation on Islam. Close them down please as they are enemies of the free world.

  • Lia

    I do not listen to the Beeb (and thought and think that) nobody else should. But grateful thanks to those who do this unpleasant and unsavoury assignment.