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May 25, 2016 6:47 am

How Social TV Tries to Destroy the State of Israel

avatar by Ronn Torossian

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The logo for Social TV. Photo: Wikipedia.

The logo for Social TV. Photo: Wikipedia.

I recently wrote about the commendable work of Stand With Us, a pro-Israel organization that operates in the digital media arena. Social Television, on the other hand, is an organization that uses social media to promote an anti-Israel agenda.

Social Television, established in 2006, defines itself as a “non-profit independent media organization promoting social change.” In reality, it is a platform for the New Israel Fund (NIF) and similar organizations to spew anti-Israel hate.

The NIF has been supporting and financing Social Television since its inception, transferring $249,697 in donations to Social TV between 2008 and 2014.

An in-depth examination of Social TV’s website reveals an online presence with a patently anti-Zionist perspective — one that advocates the cessation of Israel’s existence as a Jewish and democratic state. The content published on its website includes calls for the realization of the Arab “right of return” and calls for Israelis to refuse to serve in the IDF. Social TV champions draft dodgers, and publishes calls to participate in events supporting draft evaders.

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Further, Social TV serves as a supportive platform for Israeli BDS activists and various boycott initiatives. Social TV was a signatory to the appeal to the Norwegian government to boycott Elbit Systems, and Social TV‘s journalists and personalities often make statements delegitimizing Israel and the IDF. These statements include accusing Israel and the IDF of war crimes, terrorism, and crimes against humanity.

Ehud Shem Tov, the founder and editor-in-chief of Social TV recently spoke about the BDS campaign in an interview to Kol Hashalom, where he fully supported the movement. Social TV also gave plenty of coverage to the Palestinian effort to have Israel suspended from FIFA games — and did so in a supportive manner.

In February 2015, Social TV published a petition calling on Europe to increase pressure on Israel by boycotting products and imposing additional sanctions. Then it published a petition calling on the European Union to exert more pressure on Israel by imposing various sanctions. The petition was signed by Shem Tov, as well as senior NIF organization activists. The petition calls for the labeling of products made in the West Bank, to stop Israelis living in the West Bank from entering EU countries, to boycott Israeli academics and businesses, and to encourage legal measures against companies engaged in business with Israel. Later that year, the EU approved labeling items from the “occupied territories.”

At the end of Operation Protective Edge, Social TV published a call from Palestinian organizations to attend International Day of Rage demonstrations against Israel, under the headline: “Activism: Gaza Calls: International Day of Rage on Saturday, August 9.”

Social TV links to other BDS websites, and also runs advertisements promoting the use of BUYCOTT, a smartphone application that identifies products manufactured in the settlements and other areas, so people can avoid purchasing them.

Those who support the New Israel Fund, a major donor to Social TV — including the Jewish Communal Fund, Julianne Heyman, Alisa Doctoroff, and Yaffa and Paul Maritz — must stop funding this organization.

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  • How many Jews today are oblivious to rapidly-increasing global Israel-bashing and rapidly-increasing global anti-Semitism? It is not just the 57 nations of Arabs and the Muslims.

    It is also the entire European Union, the United Nations, the major newspapers, large churches, celebrities, the entire academic world from first grade to college campuses, influential non-profits organizations and “Jewish” Liberals who see nothing wrong with policies designed to wipe all-of-Israel off-the-map forever.

    I have tried to counter this trend by publicizing pro-Israel websites – not because I think it will solve the entire problem, or even one-tenth of the problem, but because it is the only thing I can do, and every little it helps,