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May 26, 2016 1:38 pm

Israeli Ambassador Says UN ‘Completely Disconnected From Reality’ After Resolution Singling Out Israel as World’s Sole Violator of Global Health Rights

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Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon. Photo: World Likud.

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon. Photo: World Likud.

A recent United Nations resolution singling out Israel as the world’s only violator of global health rights reveals how the international body is “completely disconnected from reality,” Israel’s ambassador to the UN told The Algemeiner on Thursday.

Danny Danon was referring to a resolution — co-sponsored by the Arab Group and the Palestinian delegation — accusing Israel of violating the “mental, physical and environmental health” of the Palestinians. The motion, which received support from France, Germany, the UK and various other EU states, was passed during the World Health Organization’s (WHO) annual assembly on Wednesday. The US and Canadian delegations both voiced their strong objections to the resolution.

According to the Geneva-based watchdog group UN Watch, no resolutions were passed against any other country. The assembly did not address other major health crises, such as the bombing of hospitals in Syria by pro-regime and Russian warplanes, or the Saudi-led bombing and blockade in Yemen, which is denying millions access to food and water.

Various Arab countries also used the WHO assembly to lob further accusations at Israel. Iran claimed that Gaza is under “an inhumane blockade,” while Egypt alleged that Israel shows a “disregard for basic human rights.” Pakistan charged Israel with carrying out a “wave of terror against the Palestinian civilian population.”

The Syrian delegation, UN Watch said, submitted a report “laced with antisemitic conspiracy tropes,” which claimed that Israel continues “to experiment on Syrian and Arab prisoners with medicines and drugs and to inject them with pathogenic viruses.” Israel’s humanitarian medical treatment of injured Syrians, the delegation asserted, is done in order that the Jewish state “can resume [its] subversive terrorist activities directed against the country’s peaceful citizens and its infrastructure.”

Danon slammed the UN and WHO for continuing to undermine and delegitimize Israel. “Instead of compiling a professional and objective report, the WHO is being used by those whose only interest is to harm the state of Israel. They are doing so even when this means that they are creating an alternative reality and disseminating vicious lies,” he said. “We will continue to stand up to the incitement spread by anti-Israel entities who are using international institutions to besmirch Israel’s good name.”

The UN ambassador is not the only Israeli leader to come out against the WHO declaration. On Thursday, Knesset Member Yair Lapid called the vote a “modern manifestation of antisemitism” in a letter to WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan. The letter, which was posted on Facebook, also stated, “The World Health Organization has become the latest United Nations affiliated body, after the United Nations Human Rights Council and UNESCO, to allow itself to be used by those who seek to alienate the state of Israel through a campaign of delegitimization.”

Following the vote, the WHO assigned a special delegation to investigate “the health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory” and “the occupied Syrian Golan,” the results of which will be revealed at next year’s meeting. A series of reports on alleged Israeli crimes, including “the impact of prolonged occupation and human rights violations on mental, physical and environmental health” in “the occupied Palestinian territory,” were also commissioned.

One hundred and seven countries voted in favor of the resolution. The US, Canada, Israel, Australia, Paraguay, Guatemala, Micronesia and Papua New Guinea voted against it. There were eight abstentions and 58 not in attendance.

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  • James Alford

    The majority of world’s population is satanically inspired therefore anti God which automatically leads to anti- semitism(God’s chosen people and God’s chosen land,Israel!, Remember,beloved people and land of Adonai,with Him on your side and the _______________Born Again Christians(Judeo-Christian religious tradition)let the hatred against us(I am Bac)destroy itself!!Shalom Shabbat!!

  • Nathan

    Maybe Israel should consider pursuing war crimes charges against the WHO and even the UN for their complicity in calls to pursue genocide against Israelis.


    The incessant vomiting of such overt, putrid Jew-hatred is expected from the worthless UN that long ago debased its foundation. The UN just picked-up where its brethren at the League of Nations left off; remember the Evian Conference..?

    The difference is that the UK and France no longer need Israel’s support to retake or save their colonial possessions (1956-Suez, Algeria). Even Germany has come out of its shell to join its fellow Jew-hating countries like Belgium in false, one-sided condemnations of Israel. Ironically, these same dying European countries that cannot even protect themselves from terrorists, discreetly push aside their BDS embrace to counsel with Israel and learn its expertise. As Greece has turned to Israel for its defense and friendship, sadly, Western and Northern Europe have found in Israel a convenient excuse to blame for their own society’s ills and failures.

    All the more reason to never negotiate with Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, or 1967 borders on the table. Thanks to Europe, and North America’s blindfold as well, our people already took that one-way ride in the cattle cars to their extinction. We vividly know from history that such countries will never have the “back” of the Jews.

    Just as Nazi Germany interpreted Munich-1938 as a signal to march against Europe and destroy the Jews, so has Iran interpreted the weakness of the West in its kowtowing to a worthless nuke deal to be the signal to expand terrorism and its version of Radical Shia “Anschluss” through Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. The West has yet to respect Israel’s position as its sole sentry of democracy; unless the West has already folded and thrown up its arms to surrender by trading with those who seek the destruction of what barely remains of western civilization?

  • Michael Kurtzig

    The hypocrisy of the UN members is breathtaking. It seems, as if from the outset, this organization was established to bash the Jews and Israel. It seems that every resolution is anti-Israeli. And the WHO should be ashamed of itself, as should be the EU and its members and the rest of the hypocrites who voted for this obscene resolution. The fact that Israel rushes to global catastrophes to aid and abet is hardly a note. The fact that 100s of injured Syrians have sought solace and rejuvenation in Israel’s hospitals, warrants nary a note, while Assad and Isis murder 100s of thousands. The bottom line is that this is continued double standard and blatant anti-Semitism. Shabbat Shalom

  • Dani

    Danon is wrong in thinking that the UN and its organizations don´t see reality as it is. They understand it perfectly well but they don´t like the truth as it is and prefer to see Israel as the perpetual bad guy. We should help them to be more accurate in their assessments by expelling all UN representatives from Israel´s controlled areas. That would turn air cleanner for breathing.

  • Francis Figliola

    Defund our UN contributions!

  • fred

    The UN cesspool lives in the land of the Lotuseaters supported by by the Europeans who know their murderous past against the Jews and now boot lick the Arab club. The UN has become a vile, vile Arab club.

  • Myron Slater

    As I’ve said in the past, the UN should be kicked out of NY.

  • Dan Gomez

    Keep up the good work Danny Dannon, the rest should check in to the mental facility to make sure they are safe to make there own decisions. Again they should dismantle the UN, all of those clowns are just puppets…


      I don’t know about making their own decisions but they clearly should not be making decisions for anyone else.

  • Dan Gomez

    Peace..Shalom… It looks like the United nations reps are not fit to be in there position in the United Nations. Maybe its time to do away with the United Nations once and for all. ISRAEL IS THE leader in the world medicine, medical, always first to heal. I say Bibi President of all nations since these fools wants a nwo so badly or World Constitution, all you guys in favor of NWO or world Constitution is really out of touch with reality and all should be detained. Peace Shalom

  • Esther Kaplan

    As a young bride, fifty years ago, and a newcomer to Judaism, I was appalled at the lopsided treatment of Israel by the UN. UNICEF funds, as a small example, were specifically held back from Israel even though fifty years ago there was plenty of need there. Wild and unfounded accusations and outright lies are consistently lobbed at Israel with the approbation of most of the member countries. Over the years I have watched as time and time again the world’s metaphorical arrows were aimed at the nascent, tiny refuge of a decimated people. The UN is a sham. The fact that it is located in the United States does not reflect honor upon Americans but cheap pandering to ruthless people.

  • Una Marron

    The UN is a disgrace pure and simple.

    • Ruby Miller

      Yes, and we(Americans) are disgraceful for allowing the UN to operate on our soil. Those who refuse to cry out against the enemies of Israel make themselves her enemies. The enemies of Israel are G_d’s enemies. Woe to us for having G_d as our enemy.

  • Robert Davis

    Danny Danon is an excellent ambassador ande is right to denounce the un lack of impartiality but the more the un will behave with total partiality using lies and blames as a political tool, the more its credibility will lower and therefore it’s good for us.Still as long as arabs will squat the Jewish provinces, the un, leftist governments and people, leftist medias etc. will use their political Tools to pressure Israel to bend to their diktat. The ONLY way to stop it is a surgical operation consisting in the forceful eviction of those arabs lefters want to use to replace the jewish people and their State. THIS is the solution the rest is only gimmicks including Lieberman’s idea to pay arabs to go which would cost hundreds of billions for nothing since most would still remain and …increase their demography and the first would return! After Israel would 100 billions or more their population would remain …3 millions if not more. Only a forceful eviction is realistic and efficient and if need be the payment AFTERWARDS on a basis estimarted by Israel with no discussion and for the totality of the arab population not just a partial removal. That could be compensated by the removal of jews from arab States. But all this cannot even be talked about as long as arabs squat the place.

  • Ani

    Where will it end? I’m afraid it will only end with the destruction of Israel. And then it won’t be Israel that is targeted and demonized but we will be back to the accusations leveled against Jews back in the Middle Ages, using the blood of Christian(Moslem?) children for our matzah.

    The irony of this is the dire conditions in parts of the world, especially the Arab world such as Syria, Yemen and much of Africa. Had Israel wanted to, they could have wiped the “Palestinians” off the map decades ago. They could have removed every non-Jew from Israel, as was done to Jews in Moslem countries. They didn’t, and this is their thanks.

    • Aaron

      So True! It goes back thousands of years of persecution due to propaganda lies about Jews..When the U.N criticizes Israel, it’s only because of envy, with full blown antisemitism, geared by Arab oil Nations. The world goes with it for reasons they fear Islam more than Israel, knowing Israel is a decent moral nation, that would be expected to be more tolerant, and peaceful..Totally underestimating how quick things can change for the worst, if Israel feels threatens and goes on survival mode, which means there’s going to be total havoc, with destructions of infrastructures, and assassinations all over the place.. The arab world knows very well what Israel is capable of doing in time of war/survival, that’s why they have been trying to create this false narrative for 50 years to sway the world opinion against the state of Israel..They know they can’t do it by themselves, (no mater how many arab nations join the fight) after many many times of trying, and always losing, in-spite the Jews being out numbered 100 to 1..I’m not a religious man, but I do respect the powers above..

  • Atilla

    The only solution is for Israel and ALL other sane Christian countries, to withdraw from that muzslime infected cesspit, AKA the UN.

    And hope that Trump expels the same corrupt cabal of filth from US shores in its entirety.

  • It’s time for the United Nations and all the world’s civilized nations to understand that the corruption of violent youth by political Islam is the most fundamental source of strife in the Middle-East; in fact anywhere else too!
    And as regards the the great International bodies behavior, there are others beside the UN “completely disconnected from reality!” A case in point was when ICJ (International Commission of Jurists) “deceitfully involved India and artfully covered Pakistan” in Human Rights violations!

    • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

      Hindu-majority India was not Muslim enough for the ICJ to defend.”Pakistan”,of course,being almost totally Muslim (about 98%) can do no wrong in their eyes.What a sick world we live in!

  • Lia

    Bravo, Mr Danon! For shame UN!

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    If the Muslims introduce a motion in the UN or UNESCO or WHO that Israelis are aliens from another planet they will no doubt get the requisite majority to support such a ridiculous proposal! And France,Germany and the UK will unquestionably back them.As a leopard cannot change it’s spots so European anti-semitism will not go away.If these European powers believe that by voting with the barbarians and in so doing curry favour with the Muslim world they are sadly mistaken.It is Europe itself that the Muslim world – led by Saudi-Arabia(that great financier of European mosques and buyer-up of Western enterprises) – wants to conquer and rule.And it is doing this conquering by stealth and slyness right in front of our very eyes!They already have a fifth-column of rabid sharia supporters in every European country and it is only a matter of time that one European country after another will fall like dominoes to the tyranny of Islam.And when that time comes the European anti-semites will receive their comeuppance.I note that Egypt alleged that Israel shows a “disregard for basic human rights” – that’s a bit rich coming from a country with NO basic human rights!And to think that the Algemeiner recently included Egypt’s dictator Abdul Fatah el-Sisi as one of it’s “Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life,2015”.Big mistake!

  • Modern blood libels and antisemitism.

  • Hinda

    Abbas’ wife (i.e. wife of the head of the Palestinians) has received medical treatment in Israel.

    Haniyeh’s (HEAD OF HAMAS) relatives have OPTED to receive medical treatment in Israel.

    Etc etc etc..

    What does the WHO and the UN have to say about THAT??

  • Hinda

    Kudos to Danny Danon – our ambassador for truth!

    Might I suggest having written testimonies from Palestinian, Gazan, Syrian and other Arab patients treated in Israeli hospitals submitted to the UN…?

  • Greer Fay Cashman

    How many other countries regularly perform life saving surgeries and other health related treatments on citizens of enemy countries?
    Even the relatives of the Hamas leadership get treated in Israeli hospitals, not to mention Palestinians from across the Green Line and Syrians who are transferred on the northern border.

    If WHO officials would bother to pay surprise visits to Israeli hospitals, they might learn a lot about medical ethics and that in Israel human compassion takes precedence over political and military enmity.

    Greer Fay Cashman


  • Nancy Brenner

    I have been extraordinarily impressed with Danny Danon’s exemplary performance as Ambassador. Just excellent, excellent, excellent. Despite scandal after devastating scandal, the UN seems to have currently function without being tethered to a reality and factually based center. It is a delusional circus. I remain so proud that you have the stamina and energy to vigorously speak out for Israel all the time! The UN is a toxic and unhinged organization that I hold no respect for. You – I have ultimate respect for all your hard work!

    • Don’t be surprised!! Islam runs and UM and oil is the bait. With the help of silence of Obama the world is falling apart. The UN is less than useless and should be renamed The Idiotic Unity of Anti Israel Countries IUAI.
      What use is a report when it is written, edited and judged by bigots and anti semites.

  • I pray for the peace of Israel!
    The United Nations earth Summit in 1992 what’s the creation of Sustainable Development.
    To read the preamble and I understand that this is a war against the spirit of God and it is published that way as the spirit of the earth and throughout the universe is a disharmony I know it takes a ridiculous Holistic approach to save the world. Everything that Obama says these days sounds ludicrous – President Obama: he is seen as someone with great over reach of congress and this missing sovereign laws of America. People do not understand that he has already left the United States and is a member and soon to be the head of the United Nations. This is a horrible organization with corrupt people and if I could add the only one point, keep it imind my great love for Israel – yet take heart that the United Nations hates you so much. Take courage and even greater hope that the Lord God will never ever forsake you. If I could only find a way to be a part. May God give Benjamin Netanyahu wisdom and strength and discernment! God bless Israel and God bring justice upon the united nations – this hateful and, anti-Semite batch of liars. They are fraudulent deceitful , even arrogant for no reason because they are ignorant people
    Shalom, Robert Cox

    • Sheree Rihari

      Agreed! Our one consolation is that it is a sign of the return of Jesus Christ – this time as the almighty judge not a lowly, humble, pure sacrifice. He will judge the nations righteously. I too pray for the peace of Israel in these last turbulent days.

  • stevenl

    This is anti-Semitism!
    Europe looks for redemption via a vis the Islamic world.
    A world ignorant of ethics uses Israel as a punching ball.

    • maria

      Yes the worst form of antisemitism. And EU countries support this Nazi resolution. It is time dissolve EU and UN. They are ruled by muslim terrorists and their money

  • The PLO terrorist entity is deliberately using the United Nations to establish an independent PLO terrorist state. Those same countries that voted for the Anti-Israel resolution will also vote in favor of a PLO terrorist state.

  • Hillel

    It is a disgrace. I hope the assimilated Jewry on the left are paying attention. They should be prepared for the storm troopers. They should remember their grandparents stories how the rightious stood by and even gave directions to the brownshirts, the SA, the SS and gestapo. That is what is about to happen again. “Never again”? As king Solomon said ” he who doesn’t remember the past is bound to repeat it”.

  • Yaakov

    I’ve read the resolution, and it doesn’t state that Israel is the world’s only offender in these areas. It does request a report and recommendations regarding “the impact of prolonged occupation and human rights violations on mental, physical and environmental health and on the development of a sustainable health system in the occupied Palestinian territory,…”

    • agammi

      That may be true. But fact is, that of all the resolutions, only one – actually two – refers, in its title, to a specific geographic area: “Health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan”. I did not read all of the individual resolutions, and other areas may be discussed. But none, besides the Palestinian territories, were singled out for a specific resolution.

    • arcaneone

      And where is the urgent UN demand for studies of the long-term effects of lengthy occupation in Cyprus,
      Kurdistan, Kashmir, Tibet, or Lebanon, itself occupied
      at various times and under various definitions by Syria,
      Iran,the Soviet Union and the Palestinians themselves,
      but seldom unequivocally ruled by Lebanese citizens for
      the benefit primarily of Lebanese citizens? True?

    • Robert Davis

      There is no “occupation”,no violations and nothing to blame Israel for. The occupiers are the arabs who are very far from their territory which is arabia.

  • Ted U.

    Not one European Country voted against this absurd resolution.
    You know what they say “Karma is a BXXXX”. Who will have the last laugh when all of Europe is overun by muslims and is ruled under sharia law?

    • Robert Davis

      This is called IMMANENT JUSTICE When it’s difficult for men to obtain Justice, destiny does it in its place.

    • Markus Elkana Brajtman

      The present Pope is handing all of Europe to the Muslims

      One must read what he is doing, and compare him with the previous Pope you was a real man of peace and understood the problems of Islam

      Countries like France are already being over taken by Islam.

      It wont be long, before Britain will be over populated by Islam.

      In a few years time, there wont be a Great Britain, it will have a Muslim Prime Minister as well as an Islamic parliament. It will become Great Islam.

      All the beautiful cathedrals will become mosques.

      Unless Europe wakes up now, Europe will be lost

      Europe is being taken over by Islam.

      When will they wake up, and realize what they are doing?

      Are they so afraid of Islam that they are handing over to Islam what were Christian countries?

      The Migrants are the start of Europe being taken over by Islam.

      Have they not learned that Islam has an agenda to “take over the world” and convert every Christian, Jew, Hindu, to Islam, create a world Caliphate, or else face the sword.

      Those who voted against Israel, will be cursed by the Almighty GOD and the children and grand children who will have to live under Sharia law.

  • Proof the UN must be defunded at removed from American soil

    Proof the UN must be defunded at removed from American soil

    • maria

      Absolutely. And EU should be boycotted