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May 29, 2016 7:22 am

12-Year-Old Connecticut Boy Brutally Beaten by Classmate Yelling ‘Kill the Jew’

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Orit Avizov said her son was beat up by a classmate for being Jewish. Photo: Video Screenshot.

Orit Avizov said her son was beaten up for being Jewish. Photo: Screenshot.

A 12-year-old Jewish boy from New Haven, Connecticut was beaten up by a classmate in what his mother called an antisemitic attack, local TV news station WTNH 8 reported this week.

In the televised report, the boy’s mother, Orit Avizov, said her son was “physically attacked and verbally threatened” by a classmate at the Walsh Intermediate School. According to Avizov, the assailant yelled “kill the Jew,” while slamming her son’s head into a locker; knocking him to the ground; and kicking and punching him in the stomach and ribs. 

Avizov recounted: “He was afraid. He was humiliated…He was like, ‘Mommy, I don’t want to go [to school],’ and I said, ‘You are going. You are going to be strong[er] than this. We are going to beat this.'” She said she blames the school administration for not doing more to prevent such incidents.

Avizov is part of a coalition of parents from Walsh Intermediate who last week brought the issue of bullying at the school to the attention of the Board of Education. Her son’s attack — which, according to news site Branford Seven, took place in January –– is one among many of such incidents now coming to light.  

Branford Seven reported that the perpetrator of the attack in question has a history of physically and verbally assaulting other children. He is a student at Walsh Intermediate under the “Open Choice” program, which buses inner-city kids to suburban public schools. Though the school has labeled the attack a bullying incident, Avizov and other parents, the report said, want the Board of Education to define it as a hate crime.

Walsh officials released a statement on Monday that did not address Avizov’s son’s attack specifically, saying only that the school district does not tolerate bullying.

“Branford Public Schools is committed to ensuring each school maintains a safe environment for all students,” said Branford Superintendent of Schools Hamlet Hernandez. “The district strongly condemns inappropriate behavior toward any student, including bullying, violence and racial attacks. All claims of misconduct or prohibited behavior are investigated and addressed in a timely, thorough and judicious manner by the administration.”

Hernandez said any potential disciplinary action against the assailant will be taken by the school district, and will remain confidential under federal law.

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  • Robert Goldman

    Teach your kids to defend themselves and not take the abuse.
    Once the kid fights back the others think twice about messing with your kid.
    Krav Maga tought by an israeli practitioner and not some fly by night will be a good start..
    Jewish day schools only insulate your kids from the real world..

  • To help combat bullying: The rhythm and rhyme of songs can help teach kindness and tolerance.
    “Be a Buddy, not a Bully,” is a popular song on YouTube with over 7500 hits so far. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or7WPUtUnRo

    • judorebbe

      With all due respect … Are you serious?

      Sounds like you never had to deal with a bunch of Jew-haters who wanted to rearrange your face, simply because you are Jewish.

      I’m a big advocate for Jewish kids – both boys and girls – learning and developing the physical skill and strength necessary to defend themselves.

      I will tell you, in no uncertain terms, that when I was growing up on the streets of a particularly anti-Semitic section of Philadelphia in the 1960s (and yes, dinosaurs did still roam the earth), that kids twice my size, who would not or could not fight back, were routinely getting beaten (often mercilessly).

      I only wish that your overly idealistic approach could work … But, please, get real.

    • Robert Goldman

      Oh please that poam is just gonna get your kid beat on harder in middle school and murdered in high school but also a tender liver in collage name Phil lol

    • Waaaaaaah

      I’ve been bullied as a kid, and trust me, that song will not help in any way, shape, or form. The only thing to do is to teach the kid to fight back.

    • Stanley

      Are you serious? You are a typical diaspora liberal Jew who will sing a song when spit in the face and called k^&%ke.

    • Leslie Friedman

      You can’t be serious.

  • Ronald Murphy

    The Jewish parents of the boy could send their son to a Jewish school, Charter school, or homeschooling. Aren’t there vouchers for this?

    • Eli

      Thats the most repugnant response and question you can give! Its as brazen as asking why the boy doesn’t go back to Israel or Poland! Stop blaming the victim and no there are no such vouchers for this but there should be jail time or mandatory hospitalization for the assailant!

    • BexarKat

      why should they? That Jewish kid needs to get stronger over the summer and beat hell out of that black kid…oh, oh…I’m sorry, strike that – that “inner-city” kid.

    • Laurie

      Why should they have to do this? Children should be able to go to school, no matter their religion, ethnic origin, etc and not be beaten and harassed for it. Besides, most Jewish schools are religious parochial schools – and this family could be completely secular and have no interest in paying privately for a religious education for their son.

    • Ann

      Why should they do that?? Would you say that to Black parents if a black boy was beaten up… You should send the boy to a school for blacks? So you are saying bigots are fine and those being “hated” should be punished?

    • bob

      And maybe we should send your Mic ass back to Ireland, you potato eating worm.

    • @Ronald Murphy

      Why should the Jewish child be forced to go to another school? Why not revoke the “Open Choice” for the attacker. Why should the Avizov have to run? His mother was correct in sending him back to school. The attacker, who “has a history of physically and verbally assaulting other children,” should not be afforded privileges of attending this school. What if he attacked a child that was Asian, Hispanic, Black, Irish, Protestant. My point is your statement is ridiculously blind in its application. You need to read Pastor Martin Niemoller’s poem “First they came…”
      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.
      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
      Hopefully your child does not get assaulted in school, for if they do – are you going to run and hide?

    • Hadara S.

      The stench of anti semitism is so strong on you that I can smell it from here. Isn’t that how the Nazis started their campaign against the Jews. You are ignorant and repulsive. Maybe we can find a place for YOU where you can be with your own kind! You’re as un-American as they come.

    • David

      First off there are no voucher s in Connecticut. Second, if there were vouchers and the parents had an option to send him somewhere else than it would be OK to say “kill the Jew” and beat him? Just clarifying

  • Kacy

    “Open Choice,” of course: explains why the school board did nothing. When are parents going to say “enough!”

  • Sherlock Holmes

    ‘Any disciplinary action gainst the assailant …will remain confidetial under federal law.’ In simple English there will be a cover up and the feds will make it impossible to have a public debate over how the crime was dealt with. The feds protect the criminals and also cover up for incompetent local school boards.

    • god forbid if it was a muslim kid he will be at the whitehouse already….but it is only a jew

  • shneerzalman

    When the Collective adopts Liberalism as it’s new religion, the innocents suffer the consequences of their parents’ folly. Federations think they are the new NAACP, fits in with the American Jewish Liberal religion. I dont want my charity going to ‘inner city’ nor BDS anything. Jacob declining;Esav Rising.

    • Douglas

      Let me get this straight. You don’t say anything bad about the bastard that attacked another because he was different but you feel Jews should give up everything they stand for to join a collective of mindless self centered Liberals and give up the struggle to improve the world through diversity and knowlage. Well aren’t you just a special kind of Liberal stupid.

  • judorebbe

    The “fundamental transformation of America” is now reaching high-gear.