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May 29, 2016 4:13 pm

Israeli Mother Injured in Palestinian Rock Attack Calls Survival of Babies in Car ‘Bloody Miracle;’ Says She Wouldn’t Have Fired Her Weapon (INTERVIEW)

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The windshield of the car that was hit by a large rock on Sunday. Photo: Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron.

The windshield of the car that was hit by a large rock on Sunday. Photo: Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron.

A 31-year-old Israeli mother-of-four who was lightly injured in a terrorist attack on Sunday told The Algemeiner that her survival — and that of her year-and-a-half-old daughter, sister Miri, and newborn niece — was “a bloody miracle.”

Aviva Yisraeli, a resident of the Judean settlement of Tekoa in Gush Etzion, recounted the horror of riding in Miri’s car, with their babies in tow, and watching a huge rock smash into the windshield.

Yisraeli – whose family immigrated to Israel from Canada when she was a young girl — described returning from the branch of the Tipat Halav baby wellness clinic in nearby Efrat, when an 18-year-old male Palestinian suddenly emerged from behind one of the cement security barriers along the road and hurled what she called a “boulder” head-on at their car.

“Glass was everywhere. The rear-view mirror flew off and hit me in the shoulder,” she said. “Miri, who was driving, yelled, ‘What do I do, what do I do?’ And I told her to keep going, until we could reach a manned lookout post. That’s what she did – thank God she didn’t lose control of the car — and when we got there, we called the IDF.”

Yisraeli, 31, said that though she owns a gun, it was not with her at the time, because she had been at her sister’s house, before the two set out with the children, and she had left her weapon at home.

“But I’m grateful I didn’t have it with me,” she said, explaining that she would only ever shoot if she encountered a situation from which there was no other recourse. “We were able to drive away from the scene and seek help.”

Yisraeli said that one of the soldiers they approached asked her if she was carrying a gun. “I said, ‘No, and if I had been, I wouldn’t have used it; that’s your job,’” she explained, bemoaning the “label of ‘crazy settlers’ that is falsely and unjustly attached to us.”

Meanwhile, as she waited for her husband to pick her up and take her to the hospital (she refused the ambulance, because she would have been stuck having to get home by herself by public transportation or a taxi), Miri was unable to comfort or nurse her wailing infant.

“Miri had tiny shards of glass all over her clothes,” Yisraeli said. “And little cuts everywhere. It would have been too dangerous to take the baby. But thank God, both babies were unharmed — physically.”

Yisraeli also stressed her lack of surprise at the violence she and other Israelis continue to suffer at the hands of such terrorists. “They are raised to believe they should harm Jews. They are incited to do so by the Palestinian Authority. They are honored for committing these kinds of acts, which shouldn’t be justified, no matter who carries them out. That’s why, when Jews do something horrible, they are put in jail, not rewarded, like in the PA.”

When she returned home from the hospital, Yisraeli said, her seven-year-old asked her why her arm was in a sling. “I told him that a bad boy had done it. He wanted to know if it was an Arab boy. I told him it doesn’t matter who the boy was. I don’t want him to grow up with hate. You see what happens when you teach your kids hatred.”

The attack in question is part of the surge in Palestinian terrorism that began in September, and has continued until now – albeit with lower frequency.

American-Israeli journalist Josh Hasten, a resident of a different community in Gush Etzion — who was the victim of a similar rock attack two weeks ago near the spot where Yisraeli was hit — told The Algemeiner: “It’s great that stabbing and other attacks are statistically down. However, according to the Hatzalah Yehuda/Shomron emergency medical response organization, there are an average of 10-15 rock and firebomb attacks daily. Sometimes there are as many as 30 per day, including on the day that I was attacked. The government has to crack down on this phenomenon, because rocks are deadly weapons.”

As was reported by The Algemeiner, Hasten also survived a near lynching at the hands of an angry Arab mob in October.

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  • What a stupid woman who would rather die and have her children murdered because she wouldn’t fire a weapon to save them.

    It was the story of the Jewish people in Europe long before the Holocaust but continuing till today. Jews don’t fight back and their haters and killers know this.

    Think this! 600,000 German Jews could have prevented the Holocaust in the 1920’s by killing Hitler and his Nazis but they didn’t believe it could happen. IT DID and will happen again because of stupid women like this one.

    Was she in the IDF? Is she Orthodox or Herudi? God help us.

    • Read the article. She said if she had her gun she would only have used it if there was no alternative. She was able to drive off and get help from the IDF.

    • Leor Suissa

      Also, had she used her gun against an 18 year old Palestinian after he had thrown a rock, she would have been put in jail. Strict laws. Even with a molotov cocktail, once it’s out of their hands, they don’t pose an immediate threat. Once in jail, who would’ve taken care of her children? you? Stupid comment

  • racy we

    Israeli leaders must stop worrying about what the world press thinks or writes. Anti Semitism is rampant even among world leaders and has been for centuries. An all out war must be declared against terrorists. If anyone decides to inflict terror or harm an Israeli, that person should be prepared to lose his life. Rocks, bombs, knifes, cars . . used as weapons kill and ruin lives of families. Consequences should be clear. Anyone who inflicts terror on Israelis faces death. Stop playing around with Israeli lives. Be strong and it will stop. THANK GOD LIEBERMAN IS MINISTER OF DEFENSE. I HOPE HE KEEPS HIS WORD.

  • Myron Slater

    Israel is the only place in a world of hate for Jews, no matter where in the world we now live, we have a home to come to, when the world of anti-Semitics take over! G-d forbid! We all live in a dangerous world, a world that we thought was in the past.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Hailing from Chicago, I am always amazed at the fortitude and resilience of so many of the Jewish terror victims here in Israel. it seems that the common refrain is “let’s go on with the show” no matter how frightening the trauma might have been so long as the victims are able to get up in one piece and walk away from the incident. What an honour to live among them!

  • Robby

    I’m glad she and her chjild are okay, but she’s wrong. You kill Arab terrorists to protect your children, yourself, and other innocent people.

  • Stuart Kaufman

    I would have used the gun. How many others will this savage attack?

  • Charlene

    Mainstream media should report on how the Palestinians love to murder, how it is inculcated into them along with their mother’s milk. So glad she survived and what a coward to throw a huge rock at a woman and children. A real war crime.

  • nat cheiman

    Terrorists must be shot and killed

  • “We must be ready to sacrifice all for our country Israel. For history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. We must continue to acquire proficiency in defense and display determination and stamina in purpose.” Never surrender – we are fighting for our survival and the alternative is extinction.
    Israel’s mission first and foremost is to take care of the Jewish people and insure their safety and security in Israel. Israel’s obligation is to its Jewish People and not to pacify the world at large. The historical facts are that for thousands of years the world at large has always persecuted the Jewish people and stood idle while millions of Jews are exterminated and persecuted.
    Right now we are in a badly separated, internally struggling, bickering state both within Israel and also in the Diaspora. And our enemies are happily latching onto this internal fragmentation exploiting us against each other and leading successful campaigns against us on all fronts.
    No political wisdom, trickery no weapons and a mighty army can save Israel or Jews worldwide unless we rise above our differences, above our argumentative nature and form a single united Nation that is impenetrable.
    And that wouldn’t just save us but would blaze a trail of hope for others in this crazy world where there are no allies or friends any more only enemies waiting for the opportunity to destroy each other.
    We may not agree on everything, but we must respect each other and work together for our common goal which is survival in this hostile world which is on spiral deterioration to mayhem.
    “A United Israel is a Strong Israel”
    YJ Draiman

  • Yaakov

    She gives lie to the settler stereotype. Her attitude is admirable.

  • Ruthie, NOT “Aviva Yisraeli, a resident of the Judean settlement of Tekoa in Gush Etzion”, but “Aviva Yisraeli, a resident of the Judean COMMUNITY of Tekoa in Gush Etzion”.

    Let us take back the narrative from the likes of the BBC, the British Foreign Ministry, and the US State Department.

    Tekoa, whatever the contours of any agreement, will remain in Israel, as any part of Gush Etzion will, and just as Yitzhak Rabin asserted in his speech before the Knesset a month before he was assassinated.

    As long as we allow the other side and all other adversaries of ours control the narrative, we will always be on the narrative defensive.

    And let us remember that, for all intents and purposes, and according to Palestinian maps and schoolbooks, I also live in a settlement, even if it is called Givat Shmuel.

    • How about a truthful narrative? Many of us live in sttlements. Most are living in settlements built on land that legally belongs to the State of Israel, myself included. This woman did not so if you want write an accurate narrative it would be, “Aviva Yisraeili, a Jewish resident of the West Bank settlement of Tekoa.”

      This is not to say that Jews should not be allowed to live in the Territories. However, when it is done with illegal force and land appropriation, then it does not make for a good situation.

  • John Cohen

    Not a day goes by without this sort of thing happening. Why? Because the Palestinian leaders incite and urge their people to hate, attack and kill Jews. It’s time that Israel retaliated with an iron fist.