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May 30, 2016 4:29 pm

Jewish Wedding at Refurbished Ancient Synagogue in Turkey Ignites Antisemitic Response on Twitter

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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The wedding at the renovated synagogue in Edirne, Turkey. Photo: Twitter/Screenshot.

The wedding at the renovated synagogue in Edirne, Turkey. Photo: Twitter/Screenshot.

A video of a Jewish wedding in Turkey aroused a slew of antisemitic comments on social media, the Hebrew news site nrg reported on Sunday.

According to the report, the wedding was particularly special, because it was the first time in 41 years that such a ceremony had taken place at the now-renovated synagogue in Edirne.

The event was first broadcast live on the website Periscope, but a video of it was later uploaded by the head of the Turkish Jewish community to his Twitter page. According to nrg, when Ishak Ibrahimzadeh tweeted the link to the broadcast, his feed was met with comments in Turkish such as, “Too bad Hitler didn’t finish the job,” and “kill the Jews.” Others referred to “occupied Palestine.”

Edirne is a city in Thrace, close to Turkey’s border with Greece and Bulgaria. During the early 1970s, there were about 100 Jews living in the city. In 1971, its Jewish cemetery there was abandoned by the authorities, later destroyed and finally covered over by private homes.

In 2012, it was reported that there was only a single Jew remaining in Edirne, in spite of the city’s 1,500-year Jewish history there. In 2013, renovation began on its synagogue, which was opened to the public last year.

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  • Am Yisroel Chai 4 state solution for smoked turkey, Kurdistan, thrace, azeri, anatolia

    Am Yisroel Chai 4 state solution for smoked turkey, Kurdistan, thrace, azeri, anatolia

  • Joseph Feld

    Mazal Tov to the Bride and Groom! Those living in the private houses built above the damaged graves may have a surprise on the great and awesome day of the Resurrection!

  • 1. Remember it was the Ottoman Empire that in 1492 opened its gates to the Jews fleeing Christian persecution in Spain and Portugal.
    2. Nothing ever stays the same for ever. Erdogan’s Turkey is moving back to authoritarianism.
    3. If one is looking for a permanently good press on social media, one is wasting one’s time.

  • It us such a shame that there are so many antisemitism racists in the world today. What ever did these decent people do to deserve this hatred? Islam is a curse on progress and on the world at large.

  • citizenstat

    Sorry; “not” should read “into.”

  • citizenstat

    You know, every country that has despised and/or expelled its Jews has fallen not decline relative to its past “glories.” Poor Turkey.

  • I am a Jewish 81 year old woman. I am disgusted by the stupid and ignorant people, they are clueless to anything decent.
    My late husband Max (Cohen) Kahn was in the Army Air Force in world war 2, and was a bomber on a B17, he did his missions over Germany, after that war he went to Israel as a volunteer. He was part of the beginning of the Israel Air Force.
    We Jews have out lived all kinds of horror, but we are strong and will never give up. We will go on forever, wishing for piece for all.
    ISRAEL FOREVER, Am Yisrael Chai

  • Leonard Feinman

    There is something special about hatred, strong enough to make you go out of your way to protest what should be a joyful occasion.It’s a special kind of low-life that not only hates but goes out of their way to disturb.
    Jews should remove themselves from Turkey. The lessons learned from their years there should have been enough. The Armenian genocide should have clinched the deal. The State of Israel exists to be a home for people in this situation.
    Turkey wants to join the E.U. and is already a member of NATO. They want the world to accept them as first class citizens, yet they still resort to abhorrent behavior. It is past time to marginalize them and leave them in the dust. They will never be partners in anything.

  • Kerry M. Berger

    What do we expect from Turkish society being autocratically ruled by the President of an Islamist Party, a President who spews anti-Jewish or anti-Israeli remarks. No wonder the uneducated masses of Turks regurgitate the same sort of vitriolic rhetoric. They are as stupid as Trump supporters in the United States.

    • Michael Kurtzig

      Good points. Erdogan is a rabid anti-Semite and actually, throughout the Islamic world, anti-Semitism pervades. Recent surveys speak to anti-Semitism by people who do not know Jews, have no contact with them and as you say are the uneducated masses. You are correct that these are Trump supporters who kowtow to Donald’s unrealistic statements and solutions but if you believe as I do that the masses are asses, then Donald’s popularity is no surprise. Be well.

      • Pearl

        So tell me Michael, your choice is an anti-Semite in Bernie or a liar who will stop at nothing to be president and continue the downward spiral of the US. Unfortunately our choices in this years election are limited. As of today Donald, I hate to say this, is the least offensive of the three running. I trust his bombastic ways more than either of the other two.

  • brenrod

    remnants hanging on to the past, better to embrace the future and leave the anti semitic cesspools.

  • One Jew? Then, who got married, and who came to the wedding? They should probably get out of there as well.