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May 31, 2016 5:41 am

The Irish Times Legitimizes an Absurd Israel-Nazi Analogy

avatar by Adam Levick

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Facebook page of Temple University Professor Alessio Lerro questioning whether 6 million Jews really died in the Holocaust. Photo: Screenshot.

Nazi death camp survivors. Photo: Screenshot.

To begin with, let’s try to keep two thoughts in our head at the same time. One: General Ya’ir Golan, deputy chief of staff of the Israeli army, had the right to make a speech on Holocaust Memorial Day suggesting some parallels between certain aspects of the early days of Nazi rule and Israeli society today. Two: such a comparison doesn’t hold up to even the most minimal critical scrutiny.

Golan later clarified that he was not comparing Israel to Nazi Germany

However, leaving the question of what Golan was saying aside, it’s troubling that Irish Times editors chose to publish an op-ed by far-left Israeli activist Uri Avnery using Golan’s words to legitimize his claim that “racist bills in the Knesset strongly resemble laws” adopted “in the early days of the Nazi regime.”

Here’s the crux of his argument:

The discrimination against the Palestinians in practically all spheres of life can be compared to the treatment of the Jews in the first phase of Nazi Germany. (The oppression of the Palestinians in the occupied territories resembles more the treatment of the Czechs in the “protectorate” after the Munich betrayal.)

The rain of racist Bills in the Knesset, those already adopted and those in the works, strongly resembles the laws adopted by the Reichstag in the early days of the Nazi regime. Some rabbis call for a boycott of Arab shops. Like then. The call “Death to the Arabs” (“Judah verrecke”?) is regularly heard at soccer matches.

A member of parliament has called for the separation between Jewish and Arab newborns in hospital. A chief rabbi has declared that Goyim (non-Jews) were created by God to serve the Jews.

Our ministers for education and culture are busy subduing the schools, theatre and arts to the extreme rightist line, something known in German as Gleichschaltung. The supreme court, the pride of Israel, is being relentlessly attacked by the minister of justice. The Gaza Strip is a huge ghetto.

Of course, the suggestion that any legislation in the Knesset resembles early Nazi laws, or that discrimination against Arab-Israelis or Palestinians is akin to the discrimination against Jews “in the first phase of Nazi Germany” is completely ahistorical.  Here’s a list of significant antisemitic legislation and acts during the first two years of Nazi rule:


  • March 31: A decree by the Berlin city commissioner for health suspends Jewish doctors from the city’s charity services.
  • April 1: Nazi leadership stages an economic boycott of German Jews. (Thousands of Stars of David were painted on doors and windows by Nazi Stormtroopers with accompanying antisemitic slogans such as, “The Jews Are Our Misfortune.”)
  • April 7: Law for the Reestablishment of the Professional Civil Service removes Jews from government service.
  • April 7: Law on the Admission to the Legal Profession forbids the admission of Jews to the bar.
  • April 25: Law against Overcrowding in Schools and Universities limits the number of Jewish students in public schools.
  • July 14: The De-Naturalization Law revokes the citizenship of naturalized Jews and “undesirables.”
  • October 4: Law on Editors bans Jews from editorial posts.


  • May 21: A new Army law expels Jewish officers from the army.
  • September 15: Nazi leaders announce the Nuremberg Laws, stripping Jews of German citizenship.

Avnery doesn’t provide any examples of the Nazi-like “rain of racist bills” in the Knesset, perhaps because there are none that could even remotely stand up to such a comparison. Merely the fact that some Israelis have made racist statements and proposed racist ideas — as some people do in every democratic society — is not similar to the codification of a system of racial discrimination enforced by despotic regimes.

Further, the German word “Gleichschaltung,“ which Avnery uses to characterize Israel’s “dangerous lurch right,” actually refers to the totalitarian practice (under the Nazis) of ending all independent institutions, and coercing all communal, professional, religious, cultural, and judicial bodies into subservience to the state — a term with no relevance whatsoever to life in the pluralistic, democratic state of Israel. (Avnery may be alluding to a proposal, which isn’t yet law, by the Culture Ministry to cut government funding from institutions that incite to racism, violence, or terrorism, or support terrorism. Whilst the merits of  proposal are debatable, there is certainly nothing totalitarian, or Gleichschaltung-like, about it.)

Finally, Avnery falls back on classic anti-Zionist agitprop in describing Gaza as a “ghetto” — presumably akin to the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. The comparison between The Warsaw Ghetto is almost beyond comprehension, but a few facts need to be noted:

In 1941, many Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were limited to a diet of fewer than 200 calories a day, and in 1942, up to 5,000 Jews in the Ghetto were dying every month due to starvation. More than 100,000 Jews in the Ghetto died due to disease, starvation, or random killings. Hundreds of thousands were sent to Nazi death camps.

There is no starvation in Gaza, nor anything resembling an Israeli “liquidation” or mass slaughter of its inhabitants. Current restrictions on shipments to Gaza — including a legal maritime blockade — enforced by Israeli authorities limit only military items or goods that could have a military dimension. Thousands of tons of humanitarian supplies arrive in Gaza daily through Israeli crossing points, even during wartime.

Avnery’s Nazi comparison is completely without merit, and the decision by Irish Times editors to publish such a smear — an analogy considered antisemitic per the EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism — represents another example of how, when it comes to Israel, even the most hateful, offensive, and incendiary accusations are not off-limits.

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  • The only thing southern ireland has going for it are the plastic paddies in the us and canada

    The only thing southern ireland has going for it are the plastic paddies in the us and canada

  • nat cheiman

    You know the Irish jokes that do the rounds about stupidity?
    Well, now you know.

    • As an Irishman I can say that, yes, there is an extraordinary amount of blind hostility to Israel in Ireland. No doubt about it. You would have to look very hard to find people who defend that country’s right to even exist, which never ceases to shock me. The use of rational argument or factual information makes no impression against these so-called anti-Zionists (the mask of modern anti-semitism), so deeply rooted is this prejudice now. To call it stupid, however, is missing the point. Much of that prejudice comes from the universities, the graduates of which overwhelmingly staff The Irish Times and RTE (our state broadcaster). Elision is their main weapon of choice when it comes to reportage, so readers and viewers only get half the story. You have to look elsewhere for a fuller picture. The recent anti-semitism row in the British Labour Party is a good example of this. The story hardly got any coverage in Ireland at all, whereas it was splashed all over the UK press for the best part of a week. This is wilful ignorance, Nat, not stupidity. The nature of all prejudice, really.

      • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

        I wonder if there is not a symbiotic relationship between “ignorance” and “stupidity”? Is it not just possible that this “wilful ignorance”, as you call it, is fed by a pre-existing anti-Jewish disposition fed by centuries of malevolent anti-semitic Catholic propaganda? Even if these Irish journalists are “educated” in the intricacies of Arab-Israeli politics I doubt very much if they will change their anti-Israel stance and I am sure that they will STILL be anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist (which you quite correctly call “the mask of modern anti-semitism”).There is more than prejudice involved here – the negative judgement of what or who Jews are is so deeply embedded in the Irish nation’s psyche that no amount of tutoring or instruction about the realities of Jews or Israel can change the Irish mindset any time soon.But thank you Mr.Patterson for your erudite and sympathetic assessment of the “Irish-Jewish problem”,if I can call it that.I just wish that there are more Irishmen like you!God bless.

      • Yale

        More a question than a comment:

        Have the efforts of the Church to reconcile with the Jews and Judaism had any effect on Irish attitudes toward Jews, Judaism and Israel? If not, then maybe there is something more at work than just centuries of anti-Jewish agitation in the Church.

        • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

          The efforts by the Church to reconcile with the Jews and Judaism really only date from very recent times.It was Pope John XXIII who set the ball rolling in the late 1950s and early 1960s ,particularly with the Second Vatican Council,which did away with a lot of anti-semitic baggage.One or two later popes – John Paul II comes to mind – also helped with this reconciliation process.But the question must be asked : Can fifty or so years of positive Catholic-Jewish relations really heal nearly 2000 years of anti-Jewish Catholic (in fact, all Christian)propaganda.I don’t think so. Never forget that the chilling passage from the gospel of Matthew 27 : 24-25 :- “His blood is on us and our children!” was and is still used by many Christian Jew-haters as an excuse to oppress and persecute and traduce Jews.The Irish are a stubborn people as their history shows and I don’t believe that they will change their anti-semitic mindset any time soon.I also don’t believe that there is any other factor other than anti-Jewish bigotry motivating the Irish in their anti-semitism and anti-Zionism.

          Note : I am sure someone is going to comment that the Jews are also a stubborn people!

  • Frank Adam

    A Moslem colleague of mine counters comparisons with, “How many gas chambers has Israel commissioned?” which is a bit strong but as the answer is “none” makes the point of bringing up short and sharp the loose tongued.

    The point about the Gaza is that it would only be a ghetto or Bantustan if it were part of Israel. As everybody agrees that Gaza is NOT part of Israel and its population are NOT Israeli citizens, they do NOT have equal rights IN Israel as they are foreigners in Israel and besides do NOT wish to be Israelis.

  • Robert Davis

    General Golan is an idiot unable to utter properly a single word, hopefully he is a better military than orator. As to the irish they are a filthy bunch of antisémites and have always been. Hopefully next war will see the end of Ireland and its filthy inquisition type catholics.

  • Rosalie alter

    Again it’s a Jew feeding the fodder to the anti Semites. Don’t blame the Irish. Until we come together and realize we need to be one….. Wash our laundry in house and not in public……
    All we do is make it easier for the antisemites to finish the job.
    We are only strong together. Otherwise we will implode from the inside. Perhaps these Israelis need to be boycotted by other Israelis and Jews.


  • it’s bad (good? democratic?) enough our generals cant agree when they got the same set of facts among them (i.e. if mossad, mil intel, and shin bet DO give each the same set — and not what they give the military cabinet). when they get outside that area, their judgment’s no better than anyone else’s — dependant on which newspaper and political sloganeers they worship that day.

    Im not sure we can hold irish journalists or editors to any higher standard — they seem even more ignorant of the nazis, sho’ah, and israel than our generals and adolescents and political sloganeers. they got their long jewhating tradition to fall back on, as uri avnery has his long israel government hating to (he began slandering the labor governments at least as far back as 1964 with the equivalent of the irish herald focus, scandal, violence, and self righteousness.

    eventually this self righteousness creeps up from avnery to generals, from irish herald to irish times. if it ever had to.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Never forget that the “Irish Times” is published in a deeply conservative Catholic country.They not only hate Jews but even their fellow Christians – particularly the peace-loving Protestants of Northern Ireland!The “Irish Times” carries a lot of nasty,bigoted Catholic baggage (the anti-Jewish “Holy” Inquisition is just one example)in it’s editorial policy when it comes to Israel.The Republic of Ireland is in essence a state founded by terrorists – one of the most notorious of these being of course the ruthless IRA (Irish Republican Army). Is it any wonder then that they should give their wholehearted support to fellow terrorist movements like Hamas,Hezbollah and the like and excoriate Israel- the Jewish State – at every opportunity.While the “Irish Times” is busy comparing Israel to Nazi Germany perhaps it should also spend a little time to research Ireland’s role during the Second World War.Although officially “neutral” the country was in effect pro-Nazi.It sent as it’s ambassador to Nazi Berlin a vile Hitler supporter who sent one anti-Jewish communique after another back to Dublin.But worse was to come.When Hitler committed suicide in 1945 Eamon de Valera,the terrorist leader who was then also prime minister of Ireland, went cap in hand to the Nazi German Legation in Dublin to offer his sincere condolences! He was probably saddened that his hero Hitler didn’t finish off the Jews completely! This is the history which is the background to the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel policy of the “Irish Times” and of course the government of Ireland.

    • A few corrections: Ireland is not a deeply conservative Catholic country. If you had said this even twenty years ago, it would have made sense, but certainly not today. The number of Church scandals since the early nineties has shaken the institution here. In another twenty years our churches will be empty.

      Secondly, The Irish Times was established in 1859 as the voice of Irish unionism (political union with Great Britain, that is) and was considered a Protestant newspaper. While that is not the case today, it is still perceived as Ireland’s most liberal broadsheet (centre/right, middle class, prides itself on being more interested in fact than opinion). That might sound strange to an Israeli, given the lack of balance in that paper when it comes to reporting on Israel and Gaza, but unfortunately it is not peculiar to the Irish media. Anti-Zionism (the respectable face of the new anti-semitism) is now widespread in Europe, not only among all those young people who suddenly became politicized during the Iraq War and its aftermath but also among the educated, who ought to know better but don’t. It is a depressing thought but anti-Zionism has, in some ways, become a respectable political cause for many.

      Thirdly, to say that Ireland is a state founded by terrorism does have some truth; yes, Ireland did get its independence after a guerrilla/terror campaign by the IRA in the early twenties, but it is not exceptional in this regard. Look at the history of Israel and you will see it has a similar genesis, and against the same enemy: Britain. What the Irgun and the Stern Gang did in the forties is right out of the IRA handbook. In fact, their methods were more like the IRA of the seventies and eighties, i.e. more ruthless and indiscriminate. Unlike the Northern Ireland case, the British chose to leave Palestine and hand it over to the UN rather than fight it out. It was not a difficult thing for them to do, since they were not leaving a settler colony behind them, as they have done in Ulster. As for support for the IRA in the Republic of Ireland, every Irish government since 1922 has recognized the subversive nature of this organisation and has treated it accordingly. IRA units were never allowed to operate freely in the Republic. They always had some popular sympathy, yes, but whenever it was possible they were arrested and interned, just as Israel would presumably do with Irgun today if it decided to reconstitute itself. Incidentally, German pilots who dropped into Ireland during WW2 were also arrested and handed over to the British, while Allied pilots were returned home. And, for what it’s worth, many Irishmen served in the British army during the war, even if it was mostly out of economic need than conviction. De Valera did offer his condolences to the German ambassador on the death of Hitler, that is true, though really to irritate the British, not from a dislike of Jews. This does not make it any less shameful and embarrassing a part of our historical baggage. Maybe the only consolation is that every nation has them.

      None of the above is to deny the peculiar virulence of Irish anti-semitism. It exists, beyond a shadow of a doubt. In a period of ten years it has mutated from an apparent concern for Palestinians in Gaza into the most ghastly anti-Jewish propaganda, much of it right out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Der Sturmer. The only thing to do is resist it.

      • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

        Thank you for your corrections,they are much appreciated.There are still a few things about the Irish which you can perhaps help to clear up.You state that Eamon De Valera offered his condolences to the Nazi German ambassador in Dublin on the death of Hitler “to irritate the British”.If that is true why did he then allow Allied (RAF)pilots to “return home”?Surely if he wanted to “irritate” the British he would have interned the RAF pilots and allowed the German pilots to go home – or,to be “fair”, interned both nations’s pilots!Is this now somehow considered to be a positive pro-Allied act re Irish “neutrality” in retrospect? You also mention that “many Irishmen served in the British army during the war” – about 60,000 I believe.Was the Irish government powerless to stop them?Surely the government could have prevented this and so “irritate” the British even more.Did De Valera consider these pro-British Irishmen no better than traitors?I think he did.After the war under a so-called “emergency act” popularly called the “starvation order” almost 5,000 of these – former members of the Irish Armed Forces – were found guilty in their absence by courts-martial of going absent without leave.Their names were placed on a formal blacklist by the government of De Valera ,barring them from employment and refusing them military pensions.It was only in 2013 that these blacklisted “deserters” were pardoned!So for someone to use the service of these Irishmen in the British army as a sort of pro-Allied mitigating factor of so-called Irish “neutrality” doesn’t make sense.You are quite right about the Irgun and the Stern Gang using the same tactics as the IRA against the British – even though the behaviour of the Stern Gang in particular was roundly condemned by the Zionist leaders of the time (including Ben Gurion,Weizmann and many others).The difference between Israel and Ireland is that after the establishment of the State of Israel the Irgun and the remnants of the Stern Gang were completely disbanded,while many former members of the Irgun of course joined the newly-established Israel Defence Force.In Ireland on the other hand the IRA continued in operation with their nefarious activities long after the founding of the Irish Free State – even though many subsequent governments of independent Ireland disassociated themselves from the movement(at least publicly),as you correctly mention.It is true that the “The Irish Times” was founded as a pro- British newspaper,but that was long ago.For many decades now it has been pandering to a mainly Catholic constituency in it’s readership – so it’s anti-Jewish and anti-Israel articles and editorials cater so effortlessly to these Jew-haters and no doubt fall on fertile ground. While it is also true that Catholic church-going has fallen off in Ireland,centuries of anti-Jewish brainwashing engendered by the Catholic Church is sadly not going to go away any time soon because of secularization – anti-semitism is just too deeply embedded in the Irish soul.

        • You have made some fair points, though there are other aspects to the neutrality issue which we have not taken into account here. One was the problem of Partition – the division of Ireland into North and South – which was, for most Irish people or all political persuasions, considered unfinished business in 1939. Indeed that continues to be the case today for modern Sinn Fein, who have never wavered in aim to unite Ireland. You could not say the same about the rest of the Irish political spectrum. There is not support for the IRA today, not even among Nationalists in the North. And as I said before, although the IRA has existed in one form or another since Independence, it has often been harshly dealt with by governments. Many were executed in the Civil War that followed Independence. A lot more were interned. The organisation remained very small and and ineffectual until the seventies, when it split again and began its terror campaign in the North. Again, to many people Partition looked like unfinished business, which goes some way towards explaining why Ireland chose neutrality. This is not an excuse, merely an explanation.

          On the Irish who volunteered for service in the British army: 60,000 is actually quite a large figure, given that the population of Ireland was, at the time, less than 4 million. Not as much as the WWI number, I grant you (200,000, when Ireland was still part of the UK) but still considerable. You ask if the Irish government could have done anything to stop them from enlisting. The answer is no. Post-Independence, the Irish and British governments kept a mutual open border policy. The same is true today, i.e. I can travel to the UK without a passport and vice versa. So it would not have been difficult to stop Irishmen from travelling there, for whatever purpose. No government would not have wanted to stop them anyway. The Irish have been an emigrant nation since the 1840s, and have never been prevented from leaving their country. A cynic might say they have even been encouraged, for all the obvious economic reasons. As for those who went AWOL during the war, there is nothing unusual about a courts martial in such a case. Every army recruit is subject to this discipline, however harsh it may seem. The US Army and IDF operate in the same way, as they must.

          One final word on Irish anti-semitism: It is, as I have said, a real and ugly phenomenon. You attribute this to centuries of Catholic brain-washing, though I would argue that this has very little influence now. Catholicism has a history of anti-semitism, that is undeniable, though I can tell you with certainty that, in my four years as a boarder in a Catholic school in the 1980s, the subject of Judaism and Jews was never mentioned, either as a positive or negative thing. Israel was never discussed and the Holocaust was not ignored or trivialised. The kind of anti-semitism we are seeing now is a newer development. The continuing survival of Israel is at the core of it, and radical Islam has relentlessly fanned the flames. Why so many people in the west have taken up the cause of Gaza is difficult to understand. It is often asked why they choose this cause above all others when there is so much real injustice elsewhere. It’s good question. The answer, I think, is in the self-loathing nature of much of contemporary western thought. That is, a general and ill-considered belief that the West can do no right, which would include Israel and its military successes. Europe is particularly infected by this self-destructive impulse, which has been festering in university campuses since the 1960s (independent of the Six Day War, I mean). IDF operations in Gaza have only inflamed a prejudice already in existence. The reality, however, is that most gentiles know very little about Jews or the Jewish way of life, even though you will hear some of the worst anti-semites talking about the Jewish friends they have (though, interestingly, they do not name them). And they really do not wish to know, that is the depressing thing. Again, this ignorance is the nature of their prejudice.

          I realize I haven’t answered all your questions here. We may come back to it another time. I could certainly say a lot more about it. Until then, shalom.

  • how about a UN investigation into the rampant gang-murder and purposely underfunded and unsupported police forces in Dublin and western farm counties, the government poisoning of the population with lead piping for water (When the populace can afford any), the butchery going on in equally skimpy hospitals, hostels for the aged, and child abortion. For starters, that is. Then we can carry on to send European Union NGOs to investigate the unequal treatment of women (fewer get to suicide than men apparently because the men kill them first?), and take a close look at the terrorist associations of the IRA with gangs in both irelands and with international terrorism. And if one has any more energy or self righteousness left, check out the money laundering and tax evasion government policies encourage by inviting international companies to dodge national responsibilities and taxes.

    who’s got time for the Irish Times’ sloppy journalism and national jewhating?

  • Paul

    The author of this article is either dumb or deceitful.
    There HAS been a strong lurch to the right in Israel. This government is the most extreme right wing government ever. And they are proud of this fact, they do NOT deny it. There ARE many many manifestations of extreme nationalistic ferver, and racial discrimination is becoming supported more and more by the established government.
    The author raises the extreme examples of Nazism and then shows that we are not there. NOBODY SAID WE ARE DOING WHAT THE NAZIS DID ! MANY ARE SAYING, CORRECTLY, THAT THERE IS SIMILARITY IN ISRAEL TO THE EARLY BEHAVIOUR AND MINDSET OF THE NAZIS – BEHAVIOUR THAT GREW INTO THE EXTREME BECAUSE NOBODY WOKE UP TO STOP IT. Even Benny Begin spoke of Fascist signs appearing in the current Israeli government.
    Nobody said Gaza is like the Warsaw Ghetto. But does ANYBODY deny that the Gazans are locked into Gaza, unable to leave to Egypt or Israel ? A Ghetto is a place where people are concentrated against their will and not allowed to leave – so Gaza definitely is like a ghetto. Not the Warsaw Ghetto, but a ghetto nonetheless. This is not Israel’s fault – yet the author feels he has to deny this reality.
    the reality is this: Israel insists on maintaining rule over many Palestinians, who do not receive the same liberties and rights as Jewish settlers on the West Bank. THIS IS THE REALITY. This is what happens when a minority enforces itself on a majority of other people by force of arms. This is an unacceptable reality that inevitably will lead to unacceptable, worse and worse results – results that are now appearing, and that the author strives to ignore or defend.
    Israel is already paying a terrible price for the messianic ideology of the right wing – and many of us fear that unless this changes, Israel may not survive.
    WAKE UP !!!!

    • R. Manory

      Your claims are ridiculous. They make the same assumption as the article in the Irish Times. So what if there are people who express certain views? Take America today and all the bunch of Trump supporters. Does teh US qualify for being called ‘Nazi-like’?
      People unfortunately throw words into the air without realizing their full meaning. Uri Avneri has been anti-government even during the Mapai and Mapam years. This is him, and I am surprised that he is still around to spew venom. Yes, in view of the fact that the Palestinians are busy with incitement all the time, so Jewish members of the Knesset are seeking ways to counter that. In the times that there were no road checks Arabs would come and work in Tel Aviv until they were incited to kill their employers, so their work in Israel stopped and they seek otehr ways to kill Jews. Now Netanyahu has declared that he agrees to negotiate with the Arab peace initiative. Do you think that Uri Avneri or the Irish Times would change their view? Having said that General Golan is an idiot if he cannot understand the damage that comes out of his mouth.

  • Jake

    You are Discovering the traditional absurd goyish contradictory anti-Jewish rebuke???
    It is useless to answer…. but SHOOT back…As did the Young Jews in Warsaw Ghetto in April 43 ….
    You have an other Idea?
    Educate educate educate and always the same paranoia and silliness and nastiness are coming out from anyway incurable people!

  • Dave

    So Uri Avnery is still around and spewing lies. He did that in the 1970׳s through his magazine Haolam Haze (This World) that was full of lies, innuendos, gossip and the beginning of the Anti Zionist Israeli left that evolved into various groups that love defaming the Israeli State. Of course, certain Anti-Israel publications in Ireland, Britain whose writing smacks of old Anti Jewish sentiments, love to quote idiots like Avnery who give legitimacy to the most absurd ideas. But tolerating Avnery and his ilk shows how strong Israeli democracy really is. Anywhere else in the Middle East, they would be held ” Incognito”

  • Eric R.

    What is it about the Irish that has made them such frothing Israel-haters and Jew-haters?

    Like Sweden and Norway, Israel should sever diplomatic relations and then round up all its diplomats and “journalists”, and expel them to Gaza – while havint them wear “I Love Likud” T-shirts.

  • Barry Fitzgerald & Gerald Fitzbarry

    Having had some considerable acquaintance with certain editors of The Irish Times, I should find it most surprising if any of those disagreeable drunken louts were either able to or bothered to read Urinal Avnery’s supposed article.

  • A Switzer

    How sad that the dangerous Nazi analogy comes from an Israeli. Surely his ideological blindness is fed by the very institutions that the government is challenging.

  • Brian Richard Allen

    …. the German word “Gleichschaltung,“ which Avnery uses to characterize Israel’s alleged lurch to the “right,” actually refers to the totalitarian practice (under any and all of fascisSocialism’s names – including “German SOCIALIST Workers’ – AKA Nazi) of ending all independent institutions, and coercing all communal, professional, religious, cultural, and judicial bodies into subservience to the state ….

    What is it with the lunatic Left it insists its universally-loathed and despised ideologically-identical bedmates are of the “right?”

    Brian Richard Allen

    • Yale

      It’s simple:

      Any organization that fails to align with the Left MUST be under the thumb of a non-Leftist government. The notion that people can think independently and come to conclusions that differ from those of the Left is simply incomprehensible to the self-styled highly-intelligent people on the Left. The sad reality is that their obsession with being hostile to Israel demonstrates how truly stupid they are.

  • The whole argument is a blatant lie: Israel is not discriminating Palestinians because Israel herself is the only TRUE Palesine, according to the origin of that term(Romans gave it to the kingdom of Judea) and these “Palestinians” are but the descendants of Jordanian trespassers injected into the future land of Israel shortly before 1948. Consequently, what Israel is doing is merely protecting herself from these invaders who enjoy a good standard of living thanks to Israel, but constanly plot against the only country that accepted them, even being invaders, when no other Arab country, including Jordan herself, would take them after the first Arab defeat of 1948.

  • Richard Keogh

    Not surprising really, the Irish Times has shown many times in the past that it has no problem printing blood labels. It is easily the most antisemitic paper in the Western World and that takes some doing considering the likes of the Guardian etc. It’s also worth noting that it’s readership is in a death spital, not surprising given the opinion pieces it likes to call journalism.

  • Baruch

    The tens of thousands of Irish Zionists and Jew’s have it hard enough with global Jewry confusing us with the looney Northern Irish without dejudasised lefty loons rubbing our noses in it. There is good news in that the former paper of record the Irish Times circulation has fallen off a cliff. Particularly famous is their ME correspondent a convert, female and aptly named Michael. So lefty loons from Israel. Piss off and leave the real Jews to clean up your BS afterwards

  • Joseph Feld

    This article is deeply unfair! The Loony Left have long had a dispensation to ignore any and all true facts in favour of false generalizations and bogus analogies. Then along comes Adam Vedick and ‘shlugs up’ all their ‘terrutzim’ by stating indisputable facts. How unfair is that ?

  • So the Irish Times is anti-Israel or should I say Jew.!!
    This is a Catholic Country who despite the oppression of the
    Catholic community in the North cannot see it is dealing
    with the Israelis/Jews in the same way. In the words of the
    song “What’s New Pussycat”. Nothing.