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June 5, 2016 9:53 am

Alan Dershowitz: Sanders’ Bigoted Appointees Endanger Clinton’s Election

avatar by Alan Dershowitz

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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has "demonstrated a consistent bias against the nation state of the Jewish people," Alan Dershowitz argues. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has “demonstrated a consistent bias against the nation state of the Jewish people,” Alan Dershowitz argues. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

For many years now, support for Israel has been a rare point of bipartisan consensus in an increasingly polarized political climate. Bernie Sanders apparently seems determined to undermine that consensus.

Sanders has demonstrated a consistent bias against the nation state of the Jewish people and surrounded himself with foreign-policy “experts” who often describe Israel as an apartheid state, and have repeatedly accused the IDF of committing war crimes. Sanders has clearly absorbed some of this rhetoric, as demonstrated in a series of interviews last month, in which he grossly overstated the number of Palestinian civilian deaths in Operation Protective Edge, and accused Israel of using disproportionate force in response to Hamas’ rocket attacks.

Following these statements, primary voters in New York and across the Northeast decisively rejected Sanders’ candidacy, and effectively ensured that Hillary Clinton will be the next Democratic presidential nominee. But Sanders’ efforts to end the Democratic Party’s support for Israel may well endanger Clinton’s prospects in the general election. Rather than modify or moderate his positions on Israel, Sanders now seems intent on remolding the Democratic Party to reflect the views of his most radical anti-Israel (and anti-American) supporters. Sanders apparently wants to use his newfound political clout to revise the language of the Democratic Party platform as regards the only true democracy in the Middle East.

Sanders claims that he wants Democrats to embrace a more “balanced approach” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but his appointment of James Zogby and Cornel West to the Democratic Platform Committee suggests anything but. Indeed, both Zogby and West are notorious for espousing policy positions that are extremely critical of Israel, and for using rhetoric that sometimes borders on antisemitic.

Zogby, for example, has frequently used provocative and even bigoted language when commentating on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He has compared the plight of the Palestinian people to that of the Jews during the Holocaust. He has described Gaza as “the world’s largest concentration camp” and repeatedly accused the Israeli government of perpetrating crimes against humanity. Comparing Israel’s self-defense actions to the Nazi genocide against the Jews is a not-so-subtle form of Holocaust denial: if all Nazi Germany did was defend itself against Jewish aggression, then there were no gas chambers, no rounding up of Jews from the most far flung corners of Europe and transporting them to Auschwitz, and no genocide. Moreover, Zogby has endorsed the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement, which calls for the boycott only of Israeli goods and institutions, until Israel allows for the so-called “right of return,” which would turn Israel into yet another Arab-Muslim majority state. In effect, Zogby is supportive of a group whose stated objective is to undo over 30 years of negotiations, and end the existence of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.

Zogby, however, seems like a moderate in comparison to West, whose frequent diatribes against Israel at times speaks to a propensity for borderline antisemitic stereotypes. According to West, for example, the Iraq War was caused by “the close relationship between American imperial elites and Israeli political officials.” He has repeatedly accused Israel of killing Palestinian babies—an allegation that echoes historic attacks on Jews for “blood libel”—and frequently claims that Israel is deliberately seeking to annihilate the Palestinian people.

Like many hard left anti-Israel bigots, West also has disdain for America and its current president, who he has accused of being a war criminal for supporting Israel’s military interventions in Gaza, and for escalating the use of drones in operations against ISIL and Al-Qaeda. He has also called President Obama as “the first niggerized president of the United States,” a remark which was widely condemned by Republicans and Democrats alike. West justified his criticisms of President Obama by explaining that the President “feels most comfortable with upper middle-class white and Jewish men who consider themselves very smart, very savvy, and very effective in getting what they want,” thereby invoking another antisemitic stereotype, that of the savvy Jewish businessman. West has a long history of accusing Jews of being racist. He claimed that “large numbers of Jews tried to secure a foothold in America by falling in step with the widespread perpetuation of anti-black stereotypes and garnering of white-skin privilege benefits to non=black Americans.” Yet it is West who is doing the stereotyping: when West angrily left Harvard for Princeton in 2002 because of a feud with Harvard’s then-President Larry Summers, he said that Summers had “messed with the wrong Negro” and called Harvard’s Jewish president, “the Ariel Sharon of higher education.” West also called Black Lives Matter a “marvelous new militancy…with courage, vision” and believes that the shooting of Michael Brown was a manifestation of “American terrorism.” West also does not shy away from associating himself with 9/11 conspiracy theorists, going even himself so far as to suggest that one cannot be certain whether Muslims were behind the attacks.

Sanders’ decision to elevate radicals like West and Zogby into positions of power within the Democratic Party speaks to either a stunning lack of judgment or an underlying hostility towards the nation-state of the Jewish people. Either way, it must be resisted by the much-maligned Democratic Party establishment come the Convention in July. Clinton has already made significant concessions to the so-called progressive wing of the party represented by Sanders. On issues like free trade, the minimum wage, and regulations of the financial industry, she has moved towards Sanders in meaningful ways. As far as Israel is concerned, however, Clinton must stand her ground and oppose the fringe positions of the far-left. If she does not, she may well suffer among centrist voters in several swing states.

Sanders seems determined to turn Israel into a partisan issue by appointing surrogates like Zogby and West to rewrite the Democratic Party platform. It is up to centrist Democrats, who still represent a majority of the party, to resist this attempt, and to ensure that support for Israel remains a point of bipartisan consensus. Weakening this historic consensus would be bad for Israel, for America, for peace — and for the electoral prospects of the Democratic Party.

Alan M. Dershowitz is the Felix Frankfurter Emeritus Professor at Harvard Law School and the author of Taking the Stand, My Life in the Law.

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  • Before Sanders came Obama who in my eyes did a lot to antagonize and undermine Israel. So there is a precedent!

  • enufizenuf

    Alan, Hubert Humphrey is dead. The Democrat Party has become a largely anti-Israel party, FILLED with human debris like so-named “Regula,” whatever kind of turd-world name that’s supposed to be. The Democrat Party is now the socialist party of the USA, their position on Israel was determined by the USSR many decades ago.
    The Democrats fail in every single one of their positions and they are tearing the country to pieces. It’s time to switch parties, professor. Trump will be a great friend to Israel AND he will destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.

  • John

    Regula shows her blind bigotry against Jews by referring to “genocide” regarding the treatment of Arab “Palestinians.” What kind of genocide have Arab “Palestinians” suffered given that Palestinian population has grown more than 800% since 1948? (note this estimate comes from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics).

    Arab Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have among the highest population growth rate in the world — i.e. 3.4% for the West Bank and 4% for Gaza.

    How can anyone support the barbarism of the Palestinians — who largely favor terrorist organizations like Hamas and Isis? Hamas advocates, in its charter, the worldwide extermination of Jews. Isis, meanwhile, is implementing genocide against the Bahai and the Yazidis, among others, and advocates the annihilation of Jews, Christians and anyone who disagrees with ISIS. Regula should go to Syria and become a Jihadi bride and see what happens.

    • It is about “Goebbelian” disinformation that the antisemites of the world adore!
      A significant portion of the “democrat party” is moving towards SOCIALISM, a FAILED system. That is the result of teaching by far left academia with MEastern petro$. Amazingly, communism and socialism were promoted and supported by numerous JEWS!!!! They still have not learned the lessons of history. A. D. is fighting a lost battle. The space for Jews in the democrat party is shrinking fast.
      Socialists and Communists are antisemites by enlarge.

  • Arab League and Hamas endorse Bernie Sanders! A scare headline?

  • aall55

    A traitor embarrassing his coreligionists .

  • nat cheiman

    Good news for Trump

  • robert davis

    sandbag really looks like a rat because he is a rat. He is disloyal to his religion, to his country, this guy will NEVER be loyal to anyone. He is by far the worse candidate and will surely be rejected by all except the stupid students who think he’ll give them money… leftwing radical people are the bottom, the scum of the population and scumbag and sandbag fit together!

  • Ani

    One also has to hope that the voters in the primaries this week were paying attention to what Sanders has been saying and doing. Of course his recent attempts to further denigrate Israel will continue to win him support from his base. But there are many, especially older people, who were supporting him as it was “cool” and their grandkids like him, who hopefully will heed his actions.

    As for Clinton and the Dems, it’s up to them to take a stand and not legitimize what Sanders is trying to do to Israel. I for one wish there was a better alternative on the Republican side to vote for but I may have to vote Trump(if I even vote).

  • Regula

    Dershowitz shilling for the Jews and for Hillary as the better bet for unfettered genocide of the Palestinians to “free the Jewish homeland” of Palestinians. And the US of course cannot say much against that genocide, having acquired its own country with genocide of the American Indians!

    Even in the likely distorted descriptions of West and Zogby, their standpoints make way are sense than Dershowitz blind subservience to Zionist/Jewish atrocities that Dershowitz considers legal and acceptable.

    Let’s be clear: Israel used excessive force against the Palestinians in the last war on Gaza, killing close to 2000 mostly women and children, destroying hundreds of private homes, bombarding schools and refugee centers, and destroying much of the civilian infrastructure that Palestinians, cut off from the rest of the world, now live in extreme poverty and misery. And as is to be expected of shill Dershowitz, that is of course all only Israeli self-defense.

    Beyond that, it is of course clear that any division into two states has to follow along the pre67 borders with East Jerusalem the capital of the Palestinian state. If that isn’t so, no two-state solution will be possible and the only other choice is a one-state solution, which then by necessity includes the right to return for all Palestinians. Why should EU countries and the US be open to Muslim refugees from all over the world but not Israel? There is no reason for that. The time for religious states is past. Should, in a one-state solution, Israel insist on treating the Palestinians as second class citizens, banished to small leftover pockets in Gaza and the West Bank, yes, the entire world will boycott Israel for such an apartheid state. And quite rightfully so. That is an offense against human rights.

    What Dershowitz has trouble understanding is that Netanyahu is the greatest enemy of Israel. Netanyahu thinks he can get away with squeezing the Palestinians into less and less land in Gaza and the West Bank – reserves, as the Indian reserves in the USA! – but that is a mistake. The entire world will protest and boycott Israel unless Netanyahu accepts to establish a two-state solution based on the pre67 boundaries with East Jerusalem the capital of the Palestinians or an integrated, secular and non religious, democratic state for both Palestinians and Israelis.

    Just as Trump said, unless Israel is willing to make the necessary concessions, there may not be a deal. Which means a one-state solution. The US by necessity at some point has to push for a genuine two-state solution for its own interests. The US will continue destabilizing and keeping destabilized the Middle East and North Africa. That necessitates a separation of Muslims and Jews in Israel, otherwise the US is enemy to half of Israel’s population and its policies would be no longer viable. Israel cannot remain a US fortress in the Middle East and also not agree to a viable two-state solution. If it doesn’t, the American people will protest against the $4.5b that the US shells out for Israel every year. And without that money, Israel will lose its capacity to wage wars in the Middle East. Once the US taxpayers take a stand against Israel, that will be Israel’s end. And that end isn’t that far away.

    AS to Hillary, she will have to comply with just what Sanders said. Because without that, there cannot be a solution and the US is isolating itself internationally. That would be against its hegemony desires. In addition, Russia and China wield increasing influence including in the Middle East and they come with way more sane approaches. The US will in time not be able to destroy China or prevent its rise. Which again means, less and less support for Netanyahu’s apartheid state.

    Israel wants to win with outmoded models like a Jewish state – i.e. a religious state – or an apartheid state, a breach of human rights. And that is a fallacy. It is a dead end avenue. The world has moved on from those narrow-minded political forms and doesn’t want return to that dark past. Israel can either join modernity or relegate itself to insignificance.

    • John

      Regula, you show your blind bigotry against Jews by referring to “genocide” regarding the treatment of Arab “Palestinians.” What kind of genocide have Arab “Palestinians” suffered given that Palestinian population has grown more than 800% since 1948? (note this estimate comes from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics). Arab Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have among the highest population growth rate in the world — i.e. 3.4% for the West Bank and 4% for Gaza. How can anyone support the barbarism of the Palestinians — who largely favor terrorist organizations like Hamas and Isis? Hamas advocates, in its charter, the worldwide extermination of Jews. Isis, meanwhile, is implementing genocide against the Bahai and the Yazidis, among others, and advocates the annihilation of Jews, Christians and anyone who disagrees with ISIS. You should go to Syria and become a Jihadi bride and see what happens to yourself.

    • rulierose

      with all due respect, you’re an idiot.

      no, Israel did NOT kill “close to 2000 women and children” in the 2014 Gaza War. even Hamas puts the figure at only 1,200, and the vast majority of those were men of fighting age–in other words, terrorists, not poor little kids.

      let’s also remember that the Gaza War–and indeed every war Israel’s been involved in since 1948–was started by Arabs murdering innocent Jews. people like you don’t think Israelis should be allowed to defend themselves. this just shows once again that “pro-Palestinian” is shorthand for “Jewhater.”

    • A Zionist

      In his book, “The Art of Being Right: 38 Ways to Win an Argument” by a German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer explains how to win an argument even when the argument is weak, by putting one’s opponent into some odious category.

      This is the essence of “Regula”. He cannot out argue Prof. Alan Dershowitz so he tries to win by putting Dershowitz and Israel into the odious category of “genocide of the Palestinians.” After the first paragraph, the rest is downhill and we are left the unoriginal defence of people who hate Jews, Judaism and the Jewish State of Israel.

      Finally, one cannot mention Israel without what Dr Kenneth Meshoe, a Black South African Member of Parliament who lived under apartheid and who has visited Israel many times, calls “a slander.”

      There is no apartheid in Israel – nothing remotely like it exists. It would be comical, if it were not so defamatory, to suggest given that Israel took great pains to airlift hundreds of thousands of Black Africans, brown skinned Africans and so on. There exists no separation of races, colours, ethnicities or sexual orientation. Jews, Arabs, Muslims and Christians co-exist. Israel is the only safe place for Christians and the Ba’hai; but truth matters not to Regula. An Arab Supreme Court Judge found guilty a Jewish former President and sent him to prison.

      Regula should educate himself regarding the real apartheid in the Middle East. Lebanon is a good place to start according to the Israeli-Arab-Muslim journalist Khaled Abu Toameh whose Facebook page was taken down after he criticised the Arab states. After a storm of protest (from the Jewish State of Israel), an apology of sorts was made, his Facebook page re-appeared, minus the offending article. In the Israeli Knesset, Arab MKs are elected, speak against the Jewish State and even go and support terrorists, like Hamas, without anything happening to them -some apartheid state! In all other countries, this would be a treasonable offence. There is no democracy, free speech, free elections or free press in any country in the Middle East or North Africa.

      None of the above matters to the antisemite like Regula who singles out the Jewish State, lies, libels and defames and presents an Orwellian nightmare as reality.

      Unfortunately, Regula is attempting to convince us that, “WAR IS PEACE,” “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,” “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

      Whereas, Alan Dershowitz: In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell

      It is Alan Dershowitz who is telling the truth and this is a revolutionary act as shown by Regula’s propaganda and falsehood.

    • Marvin Fishman

      Regula, your peddling of propaganda -“Israel used excessive force . . . destroying much of the civilian infrastructure that Palestinians, cut off from the rest of the world, now live in extreme poverty and misery” – is at odds with the actual situation in Gaza. Please visit these websites and see for yourself the mansions in Gaza (and in Judea and Samaria) of the Palestinian wealthy.;2Ekxi8hV7LLMJM:;fkbbuIfwvRSeGM:&imgrc=2Ekxi8hV7LLMJM:

      Then visit the photos at this site, first part of which is only about Gaza:

      Here is an extract from I copied this out of the larger piece. It’s about Gaza. Everything below is a quote.
      “But free Gaza from what? From starvation? from imprisonment, some calling it the largest prison in the world . So lets have a look at life in this so called prison and the poor starving people who live there… We’ll start with the food shortage so often stated as one reason that Gaza should be freed… ” Sorry, but as you can see, no food shortages here.

      Time to look at life for the poor families of Gaza. The photo below is a typical propaganda photograph put out by Hamas of how difficult it is for ALL children and their families after Israel’s savage attacks…

      But in reality you don’t need much of a brain to see that this was a set up photograph. So lets have a look at the rest of Gaza ..What is life like for them .. Do they have a chance to go to the beach like the rest of us take for granted…You can bet your life they do……

      Can you eat out in Gaza without being bombed by the Israeli savages , as Hamas would like to call them. or stay in a 5 star hotel? Sure you can…..

      Some prison!!!! not convinced yet… This might just let you at least open your mind.


      Entrance of the millionaires club in Gaza which has over 1,200 members and growing at an extraordinary rate. So where are all these millionaire members coming from? Don’t they live in a broken city called Gaza with little food and certainly no life style. Don’t make me laugh! . . . .

      Gaza’s corrupt leaders and other Hamas officials now boast of having over 1,200 millionaires after 7 years of successful war profiteering, skimming and theft.

      In recent media interviews, Professor Ahmed Karima of Al-Azhar University in Egypt noted that in recent years Hamas has blossomed into a movement of millionaires.

      According to Karima, Hamas can boast no fewer than 1,200 millionaires among its leadership and mid-level officials.

      That assertion was backed up by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who in 2012 estimated the number of Gaza millionaires to be 800.

      Dr. Ibrahim Abrash, a former Palestinian Minister of Culture from the Gaza Strip, recently surprised many Palestinians by publishing an article that included a scathing attack on both the PA and Hamas, holding them responsible for the continued suffering of their people.

      This is a photograph of the The Blue Beach Resort Gaza, made up of 162 chalet-style rooms set among palm trees and overlooking the Mediterranean, hopes to become the “most significant tourist attraction and entertainment venue in Gaza,”
      It COST? $29 MILLION to build ….So where did the money come from ????? Are you suckers beginning to feel a little cheated???…Lets continue.

      Moemen Abu Ras is very proud of the Mercedes in his car business in Gaza City.
      He opened this dealership months ago, importing cars from Germany via Israel and selling them in the Gaza Strip. So what is the Typical price of a Mercedes in Gaza? “We have a black 2014 Mercedes E-class sedan with 20,000 kilometers on it for sale on the lot for $80,000, give or take.The taxes are the killer,” said Abu Ras, who pays cash for the cars in Germany, ships them through the Israeli port of Ashdod and then pays duties and taxes to the, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

      Palestinians living in Gaza have one of the most update Gyms in the Middle East where becoming a member cost a fortune but there is a large waiting list to join, so where all this money coming from after all don’t they all live an impoverished life in a prison. . . .

      A mile away from the luxury car dealership is at the newly opened Techno Gym, Gazans pay about $200 a month (the average wage in Bulgaria is not much more per month!!!) for an all-inclusive membership at the air-conditioned sports club, which offers cardio workouts, hydrotherapy, spin classes, swimming lessons and high-end weight machines, indoor heated pool, restaurants etc.

      Some prison!!!! not convinced yet… This might just let you at least open your mind.”

      To repeat, photos which illustrate the statements above can be found here:

    • You are a raging lunatic, and bigot, and your nonsense mustn’t be dignified by repeating it in order to rebut it.

    • Unfortunately you do not know history. Just the agendized re-writing. ‘Til the 60’s there was really no P-stinians. They are pawns of the Arab states; a mythology to badger and villify the state of Israel. The Arabs that are citizens are very blessed, secure & safe amongst their peaceful, Jewish neighbors. You are so blinded by hatred or ignorance you don’t see the horrendous abuses tge P-stinians are perpetrating against their women, and even worse, their children!!!!!!

  • Arthur Alexander

    What a complete state of disgrace. HRC and Debby are unable to stand up to Bernie and and point to his insanity and say “NO WAY” to Zogby and Wilde. The Democratic convention will be an expression of incompetents and racists trying to draft a platform which will appeal to the perverts and sub human elements of our changed society. May theLord help us!

  • Apartheid states are, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Egypt in fact all of the middle east. Israel is land for the Jewish Nation but they also allow other religions to prosper and worship in peace.Islam is Apartheid as they kill the people who do not share their barbaric beliefs.

  • Marta Gucovsky

    Congratulations Dr. Dershowitz. You have written a most coherent article explaining why democrats should not vote for Bernie Sanders under any circumstances irrespective of race or religion. Sanders is modeling himself on Ralph Nader and wants to bring the downfall of the democratic party. Sanders is an ego maniac who has become inebriated with his own explosive and angry rhetoric. I hope your article reaches a widespread audience so they can truly evaluate the incoherent messages he is spouting. He is the Donald Trump of the right. We have too much at stake with this election. Sanders has prided himself on being the Independent Senator from Vermont. He has had a poor record in the Senate. Why has he been allowed to run as a member of the Democratic party?

  • ita

    Nice impactful article except that the author and the editor made a major error by NOT putting the last paragraph at the top of of the article. This is deserving of a more powerful title.

  • John Train

    Unfortunately, the American Jewish community remains unaware of the crucial role that Hillary Clinton played in initiating the Iranian nuclear talks with the hardliners in power in Iran two years before the election of the so-called moderate regime.

    Iran  fires ballistic missiles simulating attacks on  the u.s. navy, and emblazoned with the ominous message: “israel must be wiped off the face of the earth” in hebrew. 

    The Jewish cheerleaders {* partial list below} who sold the Iranian nuclear deal refuse to publicly demand that the Obama administration live up to its promises of strict surveillance and strict enforcement. Worse , they adamantly remain silent in the face of Iranian nuclear, missile and terror actions.

    * Robert Eshman     
          Mel Levine             
          Glenn Sonnenberg
          Michael Berenbaum 
          Adam Schiff          

    They thrust themselves into the discussion concerning the desirability and ramifications of the “deal with Iran” {  Joint Cohesive  Plan of Operation-JCPOA] by presenting, as fact,  to the public the Obama administration’s most optimistic talking points.  they not only supported these efforts, they deceived America’s Jews by misstating the safeguards that the Obama administration was promising

    THEY ARE FAILING THEIR MORAL OBLIGATION to speak out and demand that the Obama administration live up to its  promises  of strict surveillance/inspection and strict enforcement

    • Reform School

      Moynihans, O’Neills and their ilk get no respect anymore.
      Caucusing with acadaemia nuts for decades, one wonders whether Dream-Team Dersh’s self-image (or teaching job?) could withstand ostracism from a Democrat Party hijacked decades ago by Far Left Marxists/Socialists/ Communists. One need only have watched the Democratic Party and its media surrogates actively destroy Jim Webb (for giving National Security, Patriotism and Sacred Honor priority over Party Loyalty) to appreciate Dersh’s mindset. Professor Dershowitz’s words ring as hollow today as they did at Times Square in July 2015. Offering Hitlery Clinton as a pro-Israel alternative to Bernie the Boob will not spare him the Yellow Star when it resurfaces in the United States.

  • Anita Pomerance

    It is important that Sanders does not achieve the power to make determinations regarding the U.S relationship with Israel. He is an anti-Semitic Jew with skewed judgment, believing that he is in a position to assess the appropriate amount of force that Israel should use against Hamas. In fact, he knows nothing about the consequences of any increase or decrease in force, either for the preservation of the Jewish State or for the deaths and casualties which would be inflicted upon its soldiers and civilian population. Like Donald Trump on so many matters, Bernie Sanders speaks from ignorance on this matter.

  • Mrs. Clinton’s prospects are already endangered in the general election because she is the weakest Democratic contender since Jimmy Carter in 1980. If Mrs. Clinton wins in November, her administration will be tougher on Israel. And one Clinton Administration was enough!

  • Greg

    Mr. Dershowitz, I’ve seen quite a few of your rationalizations for the continued support of Obama — clearly the most unfriendly president to Jews in the past 100 years. If Mrs. Clinton embraces the “balanced approach,” what rationalization will you put forth to still support her?

  • Jonah

    The clintons have had their hands in the Islamic cookie jar for so long both of them have gone mad. Millions and millions and millions on top of thousands of more millions of Islamic money funneled through the Clinton foundation if she gets elected will certainly doom Israel. Cornell and Zogby are light weights in comparison to what Obama has done to Israel.

  • John Michaels

    well said alan! You should’ve tho mentioned the polling data to boot, to show how badly Bernie’s stances go with AMERICA’s (see Pew and Gallup polls on Israel/Palestinians)

  • So Alan, is it TIME to leave these anti-semitic lefties behind you (yes, Even Clinton) and join the TRUMP TRAIN…

    TRUMP TOWER, next year in JERUSALEM and JUDEA and SAMARIA!!

  • dan ehrlich

    Sanders, more and more seems to be showing his true colors…that of of a communist…a person who hates capitalism and all for which is stands.

    Granted there is a lot wrong with it and I think a social welfare state is instore for a future America where jobs will be a premium and mass unemployment will be the norm.

    Yet, although I was supportive of a Jewish president,I don’t think Bernie is that person…he’s a one issue candidate trying to broaden his base with an international issue, that being his dislike for Israel becoming a right wing capitalist democracy. This is sacrilege for a guy in love with the old Zionist Labor Party of Ben Gurion.

  • arlene abrams

    I just submitted my pro American thoughts on the above. and it wasn’t ‘sent’….indicated my name and e mail were required. they were there………..and I didn’t use capital letters to express my disgust with sanders and the two imbeciles he has chosen to work (against America) with him………

  • Zogby also is a liar.

    In a Huffington Post piece “My Role with the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee,” he said it is “false” that he accused Israel of carrying out a Holocaust against Arabs.

    An example of what Zogby really has said, though, is found in his op-ed “Israel: Using WikiLeaks to Build a Strawman.” There, Zogby wrote: “In a real sense, the plight of Palestinians is to the Arabs, what the Holocaust is to Jews world-wide.”