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June 6, 2016 2:02 pm

State Department Funds Televised Call for Boycotting Israel; The New York Times Is Amused

avatar by Ira Stoll

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Palestinian rioters. Photo: Wikipedia.

Palestinian rioters. Photo: Wikipedia.

The State Department is using American taxpayer dollars to finance Palestinian Arabs celebrating violent attacks on Israelis and advocating a boycott of Israel and the division of its capital city.

Where’s the outrage?

Not in the New York Times, which treats the topic as subject for a light-toned feature article about what it describes as a Palestinian “reality television show.”

The show features contestants who “run” for the job of Palestinian president. The Times article reports that “the three finalists all had similar platforms: Boycott Israel. Designate East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.”

Later, the Times reports, almost in passing, that the television program “broadcast on the Maan satellite network to large audiences in Gaza, the West Bank and elsewhere in the Arab world — was funded mostly by a State Department grant.”

The dollar amount of the grant is unreported by the Times. Also unreported by the Times is what the members of Congress who hold the spending power under the Constitution think about the idea of having taxpayer money used to broadcast, across the Middle East, calls to boycott Israel.

An NBC news article on the program quoted one of the contestants celebrating the role of women in the “revolution and resistance — they were throwing stones.” The NBC article also included a contestant’s call for a “’right of return,’ or the right for Arabs driven from their communities in 1948 when the State of Israel was established to go back.” Never mind that some of those Arabs left of their own free will or at the urging of neighboring Arab states, or that their “return” would, as a practical matter, be a way of destroying the Jewish state.

The Algemeiner did what the New York Times did not do, which is contact a major American Jewish organization for its view on the wisdom of spending taxpayer dollars to spread this message.

The president of the Zionist Organization of America, Morton Klein, told The Algemeiner that he found the State Department funding for the television program “astonishing,” and “shocking.” He said that if the State Department were found to be funding an Israeli television program advocating extremist views, there would be an uproar. In this case, however, “not a peep — the only peep is from Ira Stoll.”

“Where is the media and Congress screaming about this?” Mr. Klein asked.

It’s a good question, and one in which the Times shows a disappointing lack of interest in answering, or even in asking.

More of Ira Stoll’s media critique, a regular Algemeiner feature, can be found here.

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  • The State Department has always been full of anti-Semites, and this goes back to the Roosevelt administration, when the State Dept. would not allow refugee Jews to enter this country in order to save their lives from the Nazis. The decision makers there are no different in that philosophy today, and many are pro-Palestinian, pro Arab. It is up to the president to remove those people and we have to hope that Mr. Trump will do so when he gets into to White House.

  • dante

    additional evidence of what the state dept has become under the current administration. and, also, a sad testament to the degraded, morally perverted, condition of the nyt.

  • Israel will be pairing up with Russia in no time. i’m sick of this crap. I didn’t vote for any of this!

  • “some of those Arabs left of their own free will or at the urging of neighboring Arab states”

    Yes, but you left out the most influential body calling for Arab flight: the “Arab Higher Committee for Palestine,” of which the British-appointed mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini, was chairman. This was highest leadership body of Palestinian Arabs.

  • Barry

    The US and European countries have been funding Palestinian propaganda for years.
    This from 2003

    ” USAID reports directly to the White House, which makes that allocation of particular significance to U.S. taxpayers. This funding arrangement was made possible back in 1997, under an agreement reached between the PLO and the man who was then the U.S. Consul in Jerusalem, Mr. Edward Abington. Immediately upon leaving his position as consul in Jerusalem in 1997, an employee of the U.S. State Department, Abington was hired by the PLO to be their paid lobbyist and official foreign agent in Washington, D.C., where Abington continues to lobby for the PLO under the framework of Bannerman and Associates. There’s nothing like paying back a friend who helps you out. ”

    Just google ” taxpayer money palestinian propaganda”.

  • I find this item to be suspicious as I cannot imagine our
    state department being a part of this. It is the Obama
    administration that they are against the boycott of
    Isreal Have not read this anywhere other than here.

    • ricardo

      Ms Berman: You need to read a little about our glorious
      State Department. They bitterly opposed Truman’s recognition of Israel, and have been hostile to Israel ever since. Until Obama, it was State which functioned as our government’s sole anti-Israel body. Now, of course, we have other threads of hostility being woven from campus to Capitol, and Netanyahu has to visit Russia to solicit a new alliance. Between long-standing State animus, Obie-wan-kenama, & the virulent UN, Israel is headed for even harder times.

  • nat cheiman

    Now we know the reason for Israel wanting closer ties with Russia.

  • Myron Slater

    We all know that the New York Times is antisemitic, I shudder to think that I used to read and enjoy that rag.

    • II don’t blame them . The World is against Israel as usual. The world has always been against the Jews.

      This is nothing new.

      Obama will not treat Bibi with respect.

      Putin is no Angel but he is a tough cookie and won’t take crap from anyone.

      The Enemy of his Enemies is his friend?

      The New York Times is full of Anti Semitic Jews

      I use it to pick up dog turds from the streets of New York.

  • jakob wasi

    Once again the pressure from Israel and allied pro-Israel lobby groups in the US are trying to subvert the US constitution. When it does suit Israel all plugs are pullout to push anti-democratic manoeuvres to bolster up a Zionism that is collapsing under its own weight. Ever since the adoption of the 1944 Biltmore programme, Palestinian Arabs do not exist for Zionist revisionist or not. Even when forced to admit Palestinians should have a state, as stated in the weak tea Oslo Accords, the right wing under Netenyahu’s leadship have done everything to make real Clausewitz dictum that politics is the cover for warfare. The US should ignore calls from these less than healthy forces that see the subversion of America’s founding principles turned to their unhealthy ambitions and goals.

    • ricardo

      You must have failed to stop taking LSD after the Hippy Revolution died down. How else could you possibly view the Arab attacks on Jews, the vile, antisemitic violence which was unprovoked and which long preceded the establishment of Israel, doctrinal Islamic violence which also continues against all other religions and even against co-religionists of different sects, as peace-loving and preyed upon, as somehow the victims in this long-running antisemitic,antihumanistic, anti-democratic, anti-reason Mohammedan violence? Zionists are the guilty party, indeed. The Palis have rejected peace after peace, and it is all the fault of us scheming Zionist world conquerors. Those poor, innocent Mohammedans who ask for nothing but to kill the Jews. And anyone else they can get their hands on. What a twisted view of history you reflect.

  • Pearl

    Not only is there no “peep” about this from ANY news media, no one who has read this article so far has commented! Where is everyone? Sleeping! Not only should there be outrage that your tax dollars and mine are supporting this, every single one of us should contact every news outlet!
    Maybe your all still sleeping. SO WAKE UP!!!!
    We all have a job to do. We have to be vigilant and frankly, I don’t want to pay for this propaganda !

  • Let’s not fool anyone, it is not the State Department, the funds might come from there but it is under the direction of OBAMA and that is why Hillary is not allowed to take his place!!!

  • i guess the media already bought into BDS and the State Dpt as expressing President’s policy independent? of congress…. as for NYT, it’s got a TYN ear re Israel Zionism and Judaism — i’m hoping in 100 years when all the secret files are released theyll show the NYT having been part of the Elders of Zion conspiracy to take over the world… just a part of the good old russian KGB…after all….

  • ART

    Does anyone with an iota of intelligence still believe that the Obama administration is anti Israel? The Democratic party has sold its sole backing Obama and betraying Israel

  • Norton

    The leader of the free world received the Nobel Peace prize after a few months in the White House. Rather fitting that Yassir Arafat also received a Nobel peace Prize. Elie Weisel returned his Nobel Peace Prize as a result of this. It is rather disheartening that my tax dollars are paying for this hyppochrasy. I do not know why none of the members of the Senior Executive Service have yet to bring charges of Aiding and Abetting. This smells of Benedict Arnold.

  • Linda Rivera

    God Forbid, The EVIL Obama Regime is Acting like a Hard line Muslim country and Treating our Wonderful ally, Israel as an ENEMY to be DESTROYED. And doing it with American taxes.

    When the Rabid Jew-Hater, Israel-Hater, Rabid Christian-Hater Obama Regime Treats Israel as an ENEMY, it’s the Exact Same as treating Americans and Brits as enemies.

    Obama recently went to London and arrogantly informed Brits that if they voted to leave the EU that America would punish Britain.

    It’s no wonder that Netanyahu is looking to Putin and Russia.

    All of America’s allies: Watch Out. You may be the next ally to be Viciously Stabbed in the Back by Obama.

  • Ron millen

    So how do we concerned citizens make this known?

  • enufizenuf

    You would expect a different reaction from the perverts at the New York Times???

  • US SD a main center of anti-Antisemitism. Not new. Work hand in hand with Foreign Office and Quai d’ Orsay.

  • Carole Siesser

    I have been a Sunday NY times reader since I was teenager, I am now 78. I will be cancelling the NY times immedialtely and I hope my Jewish and other friends will do the same.

  • Lia

    The NYT has simply become disappointingly uninterested in any form of journalism.

  • betty k. schneck

    Not too long ago, I had stated that the New York Times lost its character and sould. I’m not sure if it really had one but when they agree with the anti-semitic state department then we know it’s become a mixed marriage, hoping to see the original get lost. It’s such a mistake since words and thought have ways of returning.