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June 8, 2016 3:43 pm

4 Israelis Killed, 5 Wounded in Terrorist Shooting Spree in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai in the aftermath of the attack.

Four Israelis were killed and five others wounded in a multiple shooting attack in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night, the Hebrew media reported. According to Israel’s Channel 2, two Palestinian terrorists committed the attack, and they were shot and neutralized by security forces.

The shooting took place at the restaurant-laden Sarona compound, across from the Kirya military headquarters. Police spokeswoman Meirav Lapidot told Channel 2 that the public should stay away from the area, which is being scoured for possible explosive devices left behind by the terrorists, who went on a shooting spree against diners and passers-by, and then tried to flee.

The wounded were evacuated to the Ichilov Medical Center, where three were initially pronounced dead, and a fourth died on the operating table. One of the terrorists is among the wounded being treated for moderate wounds; the condition of the other terrorist is not yet clear.

One witness at the scene told Channel 2 that he heard people shouting, “Why? Why?” as gunfire and a possible pipe-bomb explosion rang through the air.

The perpetrators were identified by police as relatives from the West Bank city of Hebron. So far, according to official reports, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, although shortly afterwards Gaza-based Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh tweeted his delight over the shooting, “Glory and salutations to the Hebronites,” he said, alongside a victory sign emoji.

Responding to the incident, Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai said, “It was a hard night in Tel Aviv. There was another attack in which terrorists, who were apparently sitting at a coffee shop, hid their weapons and then started firing indiscriminately.”

“We ask the public to remain calm,” Huldai added. “We in Tel Aviv are a target of terrorism, and they are trying to disrupt our lives. We will continue to enjoy living in the city, and terrorism will not make us surrender. I ask everyone to return to their daily routine tomorrow.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — who just landed in Tel Aviv from a landmark trip to Russia, where he and President Vladimir Putin celebrated the 25th anniversary of the establishment of full diplomatic ties between Moscow and Jerusalem  and discussed the future of Syria and the Palestinian issue — decided to hold an emergency meeting of the security cabinet on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon issued the following statement:

Today’s heinous attack sadly proves that when the international community refuses to condemn terror against Israelis, the next attack is only a matter of time. Terror in Tel Aviv must be treated the same as terror in Paris or Istanbul. I call on the Security Council and the Secretary General to unequivocally condemn this murderous Palestinian attack.  They must demand that the Palestinian leadership put an immediate end to their hateful rhetoric which incites terrorism.

The Sarona attack was the latest incident in the surge in Palestinian terrorism that began in September.

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  • when will this stop….never …
    why in the world did Israel give back the land it won in war..???
    1967 cost lives but for what ?? for this……..
    Israel the world supports you, your children died for what?
    take back what you won and deport all arabs to other arab lands…
    bless you and never give in

  • And one terrorist is killed, one wounded and is being treated at Ichiliv Hospital and being well cared for while Israelis are dead and dying.

    These Arabs know that the Jews will take care of them, not what they would do to captured Israelis.

    The Arabs aren’t afraid of Israel and the Jews because as much as they despise Israel’s humanity they will use it.

    That’s why Russian criminals love going to jail here because its so hard and terrible in Russian jails and its like a country club here.

    Make it terrible for these animals and put the fear of God into them.

    They’re taught and conditioned from the moment of their birth to hate Jews and to destroy Israel and the parents are proud of them when they kill Jews or blow themselves up.

    Israel needs Jabotinksy’s and Sharon’s in the thousands.

    My mantra is “Respect me or fear me”.

    Why weren’t Israelis armed? Because they’e fatalistic or just stupid. Two or three Jews with weapons could have made the shootings less deadly.


  • Leslie D.

    We do need a lot Danny Danon, and a lot Neftali Bennet to have our voices heard by the International Community, the UN and the rest of the blind silent world. Yes, what happened in Tel Aviv is not different than what had been happening in Europe and other parts of the world. That’s why there should be no two State solution to peace. The peaceveffort should be towards one State solution. Israel should and must prevail, to maintain true sanity around the region.

  • rob

    Another unprovoked attack on innocent lives.
    The day is coming when those who support violence and practice violence against G-ds Land and G-ds people, will be dealt with in a way never seen before.
    Today all reasonable and G-d fearing people of the world stand with Israel and morn their loss, and denounce this type of behaviour as a cowardly act and an insult against all Human
    dignity and self respect.
    May peace finally prevail, Come mighty Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

  • The Jewish people’s long history of victims of anti-Semitism continues to get worse.
    The Jewish victim does not receive justice in our world. At last we have a State,
    but the world powers could care less what happens to Jews. It still appears the Jews
    must suffer as no one listens to us. Teachings against Jews have not been changed.
    We are still the Christ killers, or we oppress the Palestinians. Yes, the world and the UN do not weep over dead Jews. They cry that it is the Settlements. That is a bunch of nonsense. Give up Jerusalem. Give up the Temple Mount. Teachings of hatred
    continue.”Blame the Jew” is tragic.
    Lois Wasserman, Ph.D.,
    Northeastern University,Retired

  • concerned citizen

    Many thoughts and prayers for the victims of this henious act. May the memories be for a blessing and recovery be short.

  • The immediate and extended families of those terrorists have to be deported and all their homes leveled, NO MERCY ZERO TOLERANCE!!!

  • “Why? Why?”, people were heard shouting. I mean, at this point, are there people who still need to ask such a question?

    But here’s one possible answer. “Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh tweeted his delight over the shooting, “Glory and salutations to the Hebronites,”

    Baloney – Occupation. Hogwash – Occupation. Oh, just stop it – Occupation. Incitement to murder Jews is a deep-seated cultural disease of these genocidal, visceral Jew-haters.

    Why does this Ismail Haniyeh not walk around with an adult diaper in fear that a red dot will suddenly appear on his forehead?

  • Aliza

    I don’t like this ‘public stay calm attitude.’

    The people should drop what they are doing and go sit on the Knesset lawn until all foreign organizations that support terror are permanently exiled from the country. Until all the schools that Arabs go to are taught that they are living on the land of Israel that was given to the Jews by Allah. And they are to respect the Jewish nation or leave. And all politicians, Jew and Arab alike, who associate with terrorists should be stripped of their position. Abbas should be tried and duly sentenced for being a facilitator of terror.

    That’s what the public should be doing. Not pretending nothing happened when three Jews are killed. Or even is none were killed. If there is terror in the streets – the government has to protect its people.

  • Will there be any reprisals against there relatives in Hebron?

  • Stella Schindler

    They celebrate – we mourn.

  • Heart broken every time. These are the Palestinian Arab versions of “freedom fighters” – gunning down civilians in cold-blood. If they still believe that will get them a state they are dangerously delusional. This in fact, is why they won’t.

  • Anschel

    Terrible news. Time to take Haniyeh out. Death penalty most appropriate for surviving terrorist. This will not stop me from visiting Israel for 1st time in October!


    Israel…..please help me to understand why your arms are so open to those who wish you doom, suffering and death. You are far more caring for your enemies than I.


  • “One witness at the scene told Channel 2 that he heard people shouting, “Why? Why?” as gunfire and a possible pipe-bomb explosion rang through the air.”

    I should think the “Why?” was obvious; the people who did this are terrorists who seek the destruction of Israel and see killing innocent people as a way to advance their cause.

    My sympathies to all the innocent people who were killed or injured in this terrorist attack.

  • When I read “shot and neutralized”, I expect to read that the terrorists are dead and their bodies are cremated very quickly. There should be no prisoners and no martyrs.

  • zehava blackman

    shame-did not know these people

  • brenrod

    so when will Israel begin to kill their enemies?

  • Lia

    Prayers for the injured and their relatives and loved ones and prayers for the relatives and loved ones of the fallen. Never think that the G-d of Israel, Who never slumbers nor sleeps, does not know about every single one of these outrages and will not stretch out His hand over you.

  • Yadja

    I am so sad to hear this news but not surprised it is going to get worse all over this world before it gets better. I just heard that in Germany alone they have suffered over 74,000 crimes by refugees in one month and that last month alone 1000 rapes in Europe by refugees.

    On our blogs in America Muslims are threatening violence all over America and I don’t doubt with all the refugees Obama bringing into every single part of our country, ever tiny town and hamlet and city we will begin to see this also.

    May the Almighty help us to get off our duffs, come together and defeat this enemy within.

  • Thank you – I was just about to post this in my NEWS forum!
    May the LORD be with Israel!