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June 23, 2016 11:41 am

Poll: Israelis Would Vote for Clinton Over Trump Despite Seeing the Mogul as Better For Israel

avatar by Barney Breen-Portnoy

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Photos: Wikimedia Commons.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Photos: Wikimedia Commons.

If the upcoming US presidential election were to be decided by Israeli voters, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would defeat her Republican challenger Donald Trump, according to a poll published by Israel’s Channel 2 on Wednesday.

When asked who they would vote for, 42% of respondents chose Clinton, while 35% picked Trump. And on the question of who was most fit to serve as president, Clinton beat Trump 47%-31%.

But that does not mean Israelis are in love with the former first lady. Many are concerned about her potential policies regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. 57% of respondents said Clinton would apply more pressure than Trump on Israel to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians, while only 13% believed the opposite.

Also, Trump narrowly edged out Clinton 37%-36% on the question of which candidate would be better for Israel as president.

Over the past seven and a half years, the often frosty personal ties between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have cast a shadow over the broader US-Israel relationship. When it comes to the next occupant of the White House, Israelis —  by a 43%-34% margin — think Trump would have a closer relationship with Netanyahu than Clinton would.

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  • David Wehab

    she is pakistani and india u dumb jew lover

  • Patti T

    If I heard correctly, Hillary receives most of her funding from Israel’s enemies. And of course, we know that means they will expect special favors from her, which could certainly backfire on us all.

  • Steve B

    If, out of the final 3 Presidential candidates, Trump would be best for Israel, it’s like voting for “the tallest midget”. Or to put it another way, with “friends” like Trump, Hillary and/or Bernie, who needs enemies?

    • theo

      As the British vote to leave the E U the people are tired of the Establishment ( read: Obama and Clinton ) telling them how they should lead their lives and run their country
      The British have had enough of ” open borders ” policy whereby they have become strangers in their own country
      London looks like a suburb of Pakistan and the Middle East Clinton wants to increase foreign immigrants five fold above what Obama is doing
      She will be rejected the same way that Cameron was in the UK

  • Jeffery Saddlemire

    Are you kidding me, (would vote for Clinton over Trump) I thought the Israeli people were intelligent people?

  • Lanny Greenberg

    In the U.S., polling data is often manipulated to fit the self-serving desires of the polling organization. However, if these results accurately relate the opinion of the majority of Israeli voters, they demonstrate that Israeli Jews are as suicidal as U.S. Jews.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    Maybe, Israel should consider Russia as their best friend? Who knows?

    • MrOcto

      Actually, Israel has been reaching out to other nations for a long time, and oftentimes “under the radar”. It often manifests itself in economic deals and the desire for other nations to obtain Israeli technology in medicine, IT, water management, etc. Israel has also helped many nations [e.g., Haiti and the Phillipines] after natural disasters, thereby reaping good relations with populations of those countries and sometimes their governments. Israel offers human inventiveness and defensive systems plus ways to improve life abroad, while Islam only offers oil [now needed, but definitely limited] and misery and death. Israel has reached out to Russia, India, and even China in economic terms and most nations, unlike the agenda driven and bigoted/close minded Leftists like Obama, are much more practical.

      • Markus Elkana Brajtman

        After the help that Israel gave the Philipines after their earth quake, that country was one of those who voted against Israel/Jews at UNESCO>
        Israel should learn a lesson. look after your own.

        How can any Jew even consider that criminal witch who should have been arrested for all her crimes.

        Look who gav her millions towards her campaign. They will tell her when she can go to the toilet.

        Trump has no financiers, so he can decide what he wants without pressure from financiers.


        Unfortunately, the US Jews will vote for the Democrats, no matter even if Hitler was standing.
        Before the Muslim Obama was elected, I phoned some friends and relatives not to vote for him as he will be a disaster for Israel. Not only was I shouted at, but also, told never to contact some of them ever again, as they are Democrat and will always vote for the Dems.
        After his first term, I again asked relatives and friends not to vote for Obama as they have now seen that he is an enemy of Israel. They still voted for the Democrats.
        Imagine if Mitt Romney was voted in as POTUS, not only would Israel be in a better situation, but so would the whole world

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    It seems to me as though the Israelis need to have their heads read.
    That witch will be worse for Israel than the Muslim Obama ever was.

    Do they not know of her past history against the Jewish state?

    How can any US JEW vote for the witch?

    Trump would have been the best supporter of Israel. But the GOP voters threw Ted Cruz out He would have been the answer for both, ISA and Israel.

    • Diane B.

      Very well said! Don’t forget “that witch” has an assistant who travels with her everywhere – Her close Palestinian side-kick, Huma Abedin. Huma’s parents have very close ties to Hamas. The fact that Jews are still voting Democrat is a disgrace.

  • Andrew

    They must not like America or Israel very much, they want more Obama and an antisemitic government, WOW!

  • Wilma Feinstone

    More proof that Israelis are not even close to being one of the smartest animals created.

  • theo

    It is shocking that many would prefer a Clinton presidency to a Trump one
    Clinton will not be a friend of Israel Rather the opposite – more of the same Obama treachery
    Saudi Arabia has given the Clinton Foundation millions of dollars which she accepted without a murmur This from a country which espouses everything foreign to America from denying women’s rights to torture and mutilation
    Clinton has accepted this blackmail and who is to say that further even bigger transfers to the Clinton Foundation will not be made to procure her favours against Israel
    I have no doubt Donald Trump as president will be good for America , the Middle East and good for Israel

    • Markus Elkana Brajtman

      By “pulling” for Clinton, the Israelis and every US Jew who voted for the witch, don’t seem to realize that whatever has to be said or done, Saudi Arabia and others “own” Clinton.
      She will have to do whatever they say.

      She will be the worst president against Israel. She cannot be trusted.
      How can the Americans allow the witch to be their president after what she has done?

      Trump does not have to bow to anyone or any country

      He will be totally independent and can be trusted

  • LDiamonte

    Trump is infinitely better for Israel & the US! He doesn’t pander or prevaricate. Hillary has lied to Americans her entire political career. She has sold out both countries for her personal gain. In spit of her rhetoric, she’s no friend to Israel.

  • roberto

    Just crazy. This is a suicide!

  • Reform School

    While American Jews are overwhelmingly Liberal and Democrat are they also stupid? Be thankful Jews comprise only 2% of the population. Were Adolf Hitler unearthed, resuscitated and nominated for President by the Democratic Party, most Jews would vote for him. The only poll that matters is the one conducted at polling stations on Election Day. The contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be decided by American voters, not Israelis. The only way to know whether Israelis prefer one or the other is for them to run for a Knesset seat. Although national average SAT scores have fallen every year since 1963 (a testament to the Great American Dumbdown fostered by Leftist professors and administrators) don’t assume Israel would necessarily score much higher.

  • I cannot believe this poll. How many were questioned? It would really be sad if this poll is accurate. Hillary was a disaster as Secretary of State.

  • chinbro

    Well then they are just play join stupid, c z Hillary ” f$%k the Jews” Clinton will continue the isolation, weakening and castigation of Israel that Obama has instituted.

  • Steve

    Not sure why those polled in Israel,would think Clinton would be a better fit then Trump.If they did any research on how corrupt she really is,they would realize there wouldn’t a worse advocate for Isreal then her.

  • If you folk swallow that “poll”, I have a rather decrepit wood and steel bridge over the Jordan river to sell you, cheap…

  • enufizenuf

    They haven’t the slightest idea how much Hillary Rotten Clinton despises Jews and loathes Israel. Let’s hope they never have the chance to find out.

  • NYCView

    For purposes of candor, context and transparency, the salient information about the nature, scope, and content of the poll is in order here.

  • Mark Anderson

    I really don’t understand Israelis’ preference for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

    I have many reservations about Donald Trump but I think Hillary Clinton would be a totally disastrous President.

    For most of the last eight years she has been part of a US Administration which had repeatedly shown its hostility to Israel.

    Do Israelis seriously think that will change if she becomes President?

  • RAB

    Israelis know what Hillaty and the US and European media want them to know. Fact is, she is so corrupt she makes Olmert look like a tzadak. She’s been quoted in the press as describing Jews in expletives that major media outlets would only print with dashes and stars.

  • CS Goldstein

    I find this hard to believe. she has been horrendous towards Israel on all counts. Whom
    and what was asked ? Report what she has done, and what she wrote in her emails about Israel, background on her advisors like Huma, and about her character and what she did in office . she is incapable of telling the truth according to Carl Bernstein in an interview on the authorized biography he wrote on her.

  • Lia

    One would expect Israelis to have a more responsible attitude.

  • HaDaR


    In reality, AMERICAN JEWS IN ISRAEL, would vote OVERWHELMINGLY AGAINST CLINTON, just as 80% of us voted AGAINST OBAMA, both in 2008 and 2012.

    The rest of the Israelis DO NOT MATTER: they have NO SAYING IN US ELECTIONS.

  • brenrod

    that explains their terrible judgement in figuring out who is their enemy and then liquidating him.

  • Yaakov

    Those whom I respect are those who would vote for neither.

  • judorebbe

    OMG !!! – They are as foolish as American Jewish voters.

    • brenrod

      not quite… they haven’t yet elected a guy named hussein to be their president…. after 911…. twice.

    • Geraldine Bass

      I agree with judorebbe 100%. Hillary Clinton has throughout her adult like been a Palestinian supporter and anti-Israel. This is a fact………period.

    • NYCView

      Seriously?! Those favoring Clinton over Trump (!) are indeed as foolish as her supporters in the USA — and only more given the utterly unambiguous lack of support the Obama administration (of which Clinton was an integral part) has shown Israel. Positively inexcusable — on all fronts.

    • Benjamin Gruder

      Sometimes, character matters. Donald Trump is a poster child for Lashon Hara. Never met a rumor he wouldn’t spread, an innuendo he wouldn’t engage in, outright falsehoods about other people. It’s people like him that foster groundless hatred, the consequences of which we are all too familiar (the Churban)

    • Mark_NYC

      No; just like American Jewish voters, they don’t want to see Trump’s unstable finger on the nuclear button.

    • GalileeGal

      Was this poll all Israelis? If only American- Israelis eligible to vote were polled, the outcome would come out more heavily in favor of Trump. We don’t want more of the same anti-Israel, pro-Islamic bias Obama’s reign produced! Trump may be a loose cannon, but he is pro-Israel.