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June 26, 2016 9:45 am

Kerry-Netanyahu Meeting in Rome Not Expected to Bring Breakthrough in Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) with US Secretary of State John Kerry. The two met in Rome on Sunday. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

In what is being described as a last ditch effort to salvage the fraught Israel-Palestine peace process, the US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Rome Sunday. However, as is evident from remarks made by U.S. officials ahead of the meeting, hopes of a breakthrough are slim at best.

“The Secretary plans to discuss a range of regional issues with the prime minister at their meeting in Rome, which includes the fight against Daesh [Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group], recent developments in Syria. He will not be trying to restart peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians or offering any new initiatives,” US State Department spokesman John Kirby said during a press briefing Friday. “Obviously, as a part of this broader discussion that the Secretary will be having with the prime minister, they’ll talk about where things stand with respect to movement to or away from a two-state solution. But … he’s not going to restart talks.”

Read full story at The International Business Times.

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  • Paul Price, Ph.D.

    When a Secretary of State (esp. this one or the previous one) makes an announcement that the US is not going to screw an ally, we can take to the bank the assumption that the truth is exactly the opposite. This Prez., who grew up in Indonesia, the largest (and most moderate) Islamic nation, has warm feelings for his compatriots, which is why he will never denigrate the viciously anti-Semitic organization known as “Islam,” nor will he ever go to war against a Muslim State, in particular, because he announced and apparently believes that the US is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. Chances are that BHO will pretend that his Adminsitration will not continue its policy of supporting every anti-Israel State (notice that the only Arab State he opposes and refuses to help with adquate and appropriate arms is Gen. Sisi’s Egypt, currently a close friend of Israel), and will arrange for the anti-Israel States in the not-yet-dissolved EU to propose a UNSC binding resolution that will order the truncation of Israel to make it indefensible, while drawing the framework for an independent, terrorist State of a Muslim “Palestine,” within which Israel must allow free entry into Israel of any and all Pals, jobs in Israel for all Palestinian citizens (since currently most of the jobs are in the Pal security services or the Pal phantom govt.), Pal control over Jewish holy places in Jerusalem, Pal control over the airspace over Jerusalem, Pal control over Ben Gurion airport, Pals allowed to establish an Army, Air Force and Navy after Israel is planned to be forced to open an internationally guaranteed (Polish-like) corridor from the Pal State to the Mediterranean, the admission to Israel of a few million children or grandchildren of the original Arabs who fled during Israel’s War of Independence, the payment of phony reparations to Palestine for Israel’s phony alleged “oppression” of the Pals. One could go on and on. The UNSC resolution will be bad for Israel, bad for the US and bad for the world. It will be so bad that it cannot be the result of ignorance and stupidity. As the Don would say, it must be due to something else…

  • Assuming Kerry has a brain; why is he beating a dead horse.

  • assuming kERRY HAS A brain, why is he beating a dead horse?