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June 28, 2016 3:21 pm

Knesset Member Yehuda Glick: Jordan Justifying, Encouraging Palestinian Violence on Temple Mount by Blaming Israel (INTERVIEW)

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MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick slammed Jordan for blaming Israel for recent violence on the Temple Mount. Photo: Facebook.

MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick slammed Jordan for blaming Israel for recent violence on the Temple Mount. Photo: Facebook.

Jordan’s condemnation of Israel for Muslim disturbances on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem justifies and encourages Palestinian violence, an Israeli lawmaker and longtime advocate for the right of Jews to pray at their holiest site told The Algemeiner on Tuesday.

Knesset Member Rabbi Yehuda Glick was responding to a statement issued Monday by a government spokesman in Amman, demanding that “Israel immediately stop all the escalating actions.” 

Glick — who survived an assassination attempt in October 2014 at the hands of a Palestinian terrorist — slammed Jordan for ignoring the actions of radical Islamists and accusing Israel of stirring up unrest at the holy site. “The guilty parties are those who commit and incite to violence. Any attempt to blame someone else constitutes a justification for the violence — something I totally reject,” he told The Algemeiner.

On Tuesday, following intense clashes on the site, the Israel Police announced a ban on all non-Muslims from accessing the Temple Mount until the end of Ramadan. According to Islamic tradition, the last 10 days of the month-long holiday are the most sanctified. This period began on Sunday.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that throughout the week, Palestinians barricaded themselves inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque with stockpiles of fireworks and other objects, which they used to attack security forces.

In addition, non-Muslim worshipers at a nearby plaza were pelted with rocks and other items, leaving a 73-year-old woman lightly wounded. Thus far, 16 Palestinians have been arrested.

According to Glick, over the last year, the behavior of the Israel Police and policies of Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan — “have proven that it is possible to treat those who incite to and commit violence on the Temple Mount with determination and without fear of threats from terrorist groups.”

Citing the blacklisting of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement and noting that the Muslim activist group Morabiton — which was responsible for harassing Jews visiting the holy site — was banned, Glick said that in recent months a “record number of Jews have been able to visit the Temple Mount in peace.”

While Glick said he “understands, though doesn’t agree with” the decision to close the Temple Mount to non-Muslim visitors, he made clear that “when the security situation warrants it, the Temple Mount must be closed to everybody, and we must not allow for tourists and Jews to become hostage to terrorists and perpetrators of violence.”

“We must use all means at our disposal to locate the perpetrators and bring them to justice, so as not to encourage them to re-offend,” he added.

Glick — who entered the Knesset last month — told The Algemeiner that by “taking a tough stance against the extremists who call for terrorism and violence, and simultaneously strengthening the moderates who understand that the Temple Mount is a holy site for all people, we can reach a point at which it will be possible for every person to go up to the holy mount — whose calling is to be an international center of peace and reconciliation — and converse with his or her Lord of the Universe. I intend, through the parliamentary tools at my disposal, to continue to ensure that this is the policy of the Israeli government.”

The Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest site and Islam’s third holiest. It is the place where the two Jewish temples stood and where Muslims believe the Prophet Mohammed began his night journey to heaven.

Over the last year, Palestinian leaders have accused Israel of trying to alter the status quo on the Temple Mount — and even of seeking the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque — as a way of inciting the populace to commit violence. The surge in Palestinian terrorism that began last September, commonly referred to as the “lone-wolf intifada,” was spurred by such claims which were spread on social media.

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  • The more disturbing issue is why Israel is rewarding the PA for this next step up in violence. Rather than closing Har HaBayit to Jews who have caused no violence, they should close the area to the Muslims who are rioting. This is a very bad sign. The Brits lost here because they continuously rewarded the Arabs when they rioted. Israel needs to think twice before doing the same. If the Muslims know that each time there was an Arab riot their access to Har HaBayit would be restricted, they might react differently.

  • Michael Elofson

    And Jordan is supposedly the “good” country.

  • Leon Rogson

    Since we are being accused of trying to change the Status quo whether we do so or not, and since the Temple Mount is always been a tinder box, close it to Non-Jews and allow Muslim “visitors” to come in restricted numbers to pray at their 2 Mosques after undergoing severe security checks.

    Stop the harassment of Jews. Pay with disturbances once rather than time and time again.

  • jakob

    Glick is a provocateur, no doubt about it. He is symptomatic of Zionist duplicity: unilaterally tearing up agreements and basing claims on suspicious readings of the Torah and unreliable history. He is a poster boy of ultra religious intolerance and feeds on the extreme nationalism that the ruling righ wing parties head by Netenyahu. The ultimate conclusion is war, which these weekend warriors welcome without a whit of understanding that they are grave diggers of Israel

  • Myron Slater

    The Israeli police should react to the Muslim unrest at the temple mount, by controlling their access. This is the holiest site to the Jews and they should not restrict their access.

  • Is it merely an oversight that you neglect to mention that Mr. Glick is an extreme right-wing activist, heading organizations dedicated to building the third Jewish temple instead of the Al Aksa Mosque ?
    The extreme right in Israel has raised its ugly, incendiary head, by definitely trying to alter the status quo in this most delicately explosive place. Sample Minister Miri Regev’s outspoken calls, and Uri Ariel’s visit. Jews visiting the temple mount insist on prostrating themselves in prayer despite this being forbidden by law. Whether Jews have the right to pray there or not is NOT the issue. A jew praying on what is considered to be Muslim holy ground is as incendiary as a muslim claiming he has the legal right to slaughter and eat a pig in a Jewish Synagogue on Yom Kippur. Not illegal, but Unfortunately, the Jordanian claims appear to be true – and those Jews who are trying to force a change in the status quo do nnot even really try to deny it.
    Does Mr. Glick ( or the authoress of this report) expect Jordan (the religious authority in charge of El Aksa by agreement with Israel) to support attempts by extreme religious Jews to forcibly change the status quo, or to condemn these actions as inflammatory ?

  • gandolf

    The king Jordon has a lot of problems with its people who love isis . better to unit his people to hate the Jews rather than deal with his internal problems . I personally hope Jordon burns . The king is no friend of Israel .

    Jordan is the Palestinian State and the King knows it. “There is, in fact, almost nothing un-Palestinian about Jordan except for the royal family.

  • robert davis

    “Following days of unrest the Israeli Police banned…non moslem fromaccessing to Temple Mount”!!!!!! Hell this is exactly the contrary to what should be done even if the PM does not want to have to expell these bloody arabs presently. He should at least inflict them HEAVY CASUALTIES so they know better next time.

  • Ephraim

    Which just goes to prove that the more savage the barbarians behave, the more rights they get and the fewer rights everyone else gets.

    Nothing will appease these savages. Allow all prayer at the site, and arrest anyone who causes trouble, be he Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or anyone else. Try locking the beasts out every time they pull these atrocities, and maybe they will stop and just pray, instead of murder, at their ‘third holiest site.’ But it is pretty obvious that these pseudo-human beings are not interested in prayer, they are interested in power and intimidation. Their beliefs are devoutly to be feared.

  • Not that anyone will listen as they are all pro Islam but, how about Islam proving that they have rights to the Temple Mount?? Violence is their only claim to fame as Muhammad was never there and Arabs were never there either. History favors the Jews but nothing but violence favors the Arabs. The Islam world is not interested in facts if they go against their sick policies and hates.

  • nat cheiman

    Time to start praying on temple mount

  • NuritG

    In the State of Israel: Guilty Before Found Guilty

  • Dan

    Shalom.. This is the Land of Israel and they should not have to go through all this hostility in there own nation. They should be able to ban anyone that doesn’t abide under there laws, especially people who have nothing else better to do except by trying to take other people land and peace. Ban everyone who possess a threat. May the God of Israel be with you and bless you with favor in everything you do. Bibi for American President and Cheif commander of United Nation. Hashem Yeshua Christ Be with you. Shalom… Peace…

  • stevenl

    What is the king of Jordan doing?

  • Aliza

    In 1967 the army liberated both the Temple Mount and Maaras HaMachpela. The government retreated from the Temple Mount and tried to do the same at the Maara… but at the Maara there was a miracle and the government was not able to retreat. Hashem put the Maara in our hands and would not let us drop it.

    If Jews want to pray at a holy place, please go to the Maara. The more people come to the Maara, the more it is established as Jewish in the eyes of the government.

    We have so many fronts to fight on, now is not the time to fuss about the Temple Mount – especially because there are valid opinions that we are not allowed on the Temple Mount at this time.

    I resent that Jewish security forces have to risk their lives to guard people for whom the Maara is not good enough.

    The Rebbe strongly supported Jewish presence in Hevron. The Rebbe did not encourage Jewish presence on the Temple Mount.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Members of the Jordanian parliament should not condemn innocent, peaceful, respectful non-Muslims who wish to ascend and actually do ascend the Temple Mount. There should be and there must be freedom for anyone and everyone to respectfully and peacefully ascend the Temple Mount.

  • Ours 1st holiest, no others need apply go back to arabia

    Ours 1st holiest, no others need apply go back to arabia

  • brenrod

    I long to see the hashemite stooge king deposed and sent packing and then there will no excuse to allow anti semites to remain in Israel, they must then be driven across the river.
    There is no good reason to allow the continued anti semitic abuse of Jews at the holy site… there is less muslim anti semitism in france than in Israel.