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June 30, 2016 3:44 pm

Hundreds Gather at Funeral of 13-Year-Old Israeli Girl Butchered in Bed by Palestinian Terrorist; Mother Asks God to Watch Over Her Daughter

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The funeral of 13-year-old Hallel Yaffe Ariel, who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist on Thursday morning. Photo: Facebook.

The funeral of 13-year-old Hallel Yaffe Ariel, who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist on Thursday morning. Photo: Facebook.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral of 13-year-old Hallel Ariel, who was butchered by a Palestinian terrorist in her bedroom on Thursday morning, the Hebrew news site Walla reported.

Family members, friends and politicians gathered at the cemetery in Hebron to mourn the young girl from Kiryat Arba, and many expressed horror at the manner in which her short life was snuffed out by knife-wielding 19-year-old Muhammed Taraiyre from the town of Bani Naim in the West Bank.

Her devastated mother, Rena, wept as she eulogized her daughter, who was killed while alone in the house – as her parents had left her asleep to drop her younger siblings off at their summer activities.

“Halleli, look around at everyone who has gathered… to eulogize a flower. A pure soul. I was privileged to have given birth to you 13 and a half years ago. You turned me into a mother,” Rena said, adding as she looked heavenward: “God, I am returning this deposit to you, but know that it is crowded up there. I am begging that Hallel will be the last sacrifice. Take care of her. I returned her to you. My job has ended.”

Addressing the Palestinians, she said, “I am standing here and turning to you, Arab mother. I raised my daughter to love, and you raised your son to hate and sent him out to commit murder. We are strong. We will not break. All of Islam won’t break us.”

Hallel’s father, Amichai, said, “My beautiful, beloved girl, I am parting with you here… God gives and God takes away, may he be blessed….What a girl, among the greatest born in Hebron.”

Likud MK Yehuda Glick — an activist on behalf of the rights of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount who himself survived a Palestinian terrorist attack – burst into tears as he offered his condolences to Hallel’s grieving parents.

“Rena and Amichai, there is no person in the world who can see a young girl’s bedroom with a mattress full of blood and not cry out, ‘God Almighty, enough. Enough fathers and mothers who bury their children and children who bury their parents. Avenge the spilled blood of they servants!’” he wailed.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, from the right-wing Jewish Home party, said, “You should not be here today. You should be with your friends, preparing a dance, or volunteering, or simply having fun in your room, enjoying your summer vacation. Instead, your friends are here with you, your mother and father and brothers and sisters, and a whole nation embracing you and crying. The whole nation: settlers, city people, religious, secular and haredim.”

Bennett also referred to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, without mentioning him by name. “There is one person responsible for this murder,” he said. “He who says about Jews in 2016 that they poison wells is personally and nationally responsible for this wound and all the terrorism rampant on our land. It’s not that he’s not a partner for peace. He’s not a partner for anything. We must make a fundamental change. We must dry up the swamp of terrorism.”

Bennett was referring to a series of blood libels that Abbas repeated last week while addressing the European Parliament in Brussels. He later retracted his accusations. But, as was reported by Palestinian Media Watch, in the immediate aftermath of Hallel Ariel’s slaying, the official Facebook page of his Fatah faction lauded the terrorist, hailing him as a “martyr.”

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  • Yves Souvenir

    The loss of a child is the most painful, the murder of a child is beyond all comprehension.

    I really expect that every murder committed by the Palestinians is condemned by the European Union, and expect also that they understand by now that Abbas is useless in the strive for peace, and put him on the Terrorist listings, instead of inviting him to the parliament for a speech.

  • It’s not just the horrible way this young Israeli was murdered but the fact that the killer was only 17 years old tells the whole story.

    This young man was indoctrinated from the moment of his birth, his family, his mosque, his school, his books, the maps all reek of anti-Jew, anti-Israel hatred.

    Now this family will make him a martyr and the PA praises his actions.

    It’s time for Yichida 101 to be reborn and bring death and destruction to his village and his family.

    Israel doctors can save the life of a Hammas’ commander’s daughter in an Israeli hospital and it means absolutely nothing,

    For decades Arab leaders have been flying into Israel for complicated operations and medical treatments, they leave and go back hating Israel.

    Nothing positive has ever come of the largesse of the Israelis to their enemies.

    The only thing that Arabs respect is force and fear of their opponents.

    When the next Gaza-Lebanon war starts soon thousands of missiles will be hurling toward Israel and the Iron Dome defenses will be overwhelmed.

    The Arab population will prevent Israelis from getting to the bomb shelters and the black Africans will mount an attack on Israelis armed by their enemies.

    This is from the person who warned Israel about his dream in 1973 of black cases and Israeli tanks. The black cases became the Strella missiles which destroyed most of our tanks in Sinai.

    Israel will use A-bombs in the coming war against Gaza and Hezbollah.

    Am Israel Chai

  • Gisele

    Those crazy Palestinian they have so much hate for Jewish people everyone should be having an arm in their home to protect teimself and their family ,its no life like that they live in fears but the Jewish people God is their to help them one day with God help they will have revenge for all those crazy muslem jalousy thats what they have most.

  • Thomas

    My heart is heavy upon learning of this senseless tragedy. Really I have no other words.
    My sincere condolence to the family.

  • NCS

    This is beyond ghastly. Surely Israel must respond to this hideous act with force. Fear is the only thing these terrorist understand.

  • a child of survivors

    Blame this on Kerry, a self hating Jew, Soros, another cursed anti semite, or Jerry Nadler, who allowed Iran to get stronger ,and curly top Wasserman – what do all “Jews” these have in common?
    Non sensitivity, hatred, greed and same Jew types who allowed, helped and financed the death of 6,000,000 European Jews-the Nazis could not ever have done it without, the ugly truth- now, things are just worse.
    No child should be allowed to be murdered in her own bed.
    you all know the answer, but, our hands are tied- the world could not hate us anymore if we did what needs to be done. We are all hated, compared to Nazis, Isis, merchant of Venice, call us whatever you all want, we have to do- you all know what!

  • Lawrence

    Stories like this make my blood boil and brings to light the necessity for Israel to take a more proactive role in safeguarding their people. Israel has had a long standing policy of only attacking if they are attacked first. The problem with this approach is it does nothing to prevent Palestinian barbarism, it only reacts after the fact. Perhaps if Israel was more assertive, a thirteen year old girl and the countless other victims of Palestinian savagery might still be alive. If it means going into Gaza and other areas and wiping it out, so be it. Earlier this week, Britain made the decision to break away from the homogenized and morally culpable EU. This decision was made knowing full well that they would have to face some adversity. This is precisely what Israel needs to do and what they have done in the past when they took down the Iraqi nuclear facility in the early eighties and in Entebbe. Then as well as now, Israel will be shredded to pieces by the main stream media, the international community, and pro Arab organizations like the EU and U.N. Every member of the Knesset should carry a picture of this thirteen year old girl with them as a reminder to stay resolute in their commitment to live normal and civilized lives so that instead of having crowds to commemorate the life of a thirteen year old, there would be crowds of people celebrating her Bat Mitzvah.

  • My heart goes out to the parents and grandparents, and
    to the neshumah of this pure, innocent, beautiful girl.
    What to do now? For no more victims like her: “Justice, justice, you shall pursue.”

    • This is a tragedy of biblical proportions. These people are damning themselves.!

      Stanley, my maiden name is Barcun and we were the only ones by that name in Buffalo. Are you by chance, a distant relative?

  • Jose Duran

    Why have not Facebook closed the Palestinian authority account, a bunch of terrorists and animals , all of them, maybe we should pay them with the same coin.

  • Mrs farah sajid

    Prophets never teach people to do some things like this horrible so bad and sham to them who treat a child like this.
    Every day Muslims in prayer they send Darood on Abraheem ( Prophet and friend of G-d forefather of Jacob which name be changed by G_d in Israel and Hashem give him so many blessing) BUT Muslim hate Abraheem children and Want many blessing of their Allah,
    Please give our condolence to Hallel Ariel’s parents,
    May Hashem Bless His Family.

    • Anne

      Thank you for being a lone Arab voice of reason in this insanity. A child is murdered, and her crime…sleeping in her bed.
      This terrorist is no martyr, he was a coward. How was it brave??

  • Our hearts are heavy, and our prayers surround you and your family. Peace be with you and know we will be praying for all of you in the days to come. Praying for peace for all of you.

  • God does not take away. Rotten and evil men take away. The terrorist was the most evil of men and we pray that God will judge him severely and send him to Hades for all time.May Abbas join him soon.

  • stevenl

    Israel fearful of using real deterrence cost Jewish lives.

  • Myron Slater

    Why can’t they leave us alone? This was a girl who only had love in her heart, not hate. We American Jews cry with you, if I had it in my power to punish the leaders responsible, I would!

  • David

    May Hashem welcome her with open arms in Gan Eden and give her family ALL the support and His Blessings.

  • Thomas

    It’s not bad enough that Fatah is adulterating their own religion if their Facebook page is in English or correctly translated from Arabic they are also massacring the language.

    A Martyr is one who is killed for his/her religious beliefs. Under the circumstances it was the pure soul of this innocent 13 year old girl that was martyred because she was Jewish and the coward who killed her in her sleep was simply killed for being a murderer regardless of his beliefs.

  • Max

    The Palestinian Arabs will never have a state precisely because they are a people with the base morality of anointing the action of a murderer who kills a helpless 13 year-old girl in her own bed when her family is not there to protect her, as an act of heroism. The shamelessness of these people has no limits!

  • ART

    I didn’t hear Kerry or Obama denounce this murder deem it an obstacle to peace or demand that abbas stop incitement

  • Rita Crespi

    Mothers and fathers all over the world mourn with you today! Your beautiful daughter will be remembered by us all and I pray her name be a blessing forever. No,parent should have to bury a child. My heart is heavy and I will pray for her tonight.
    My words to the parents of that monster are that the killer you raised and taught to hate is NOT in heaven. He is burning in hell for eternity and I wish the same on you and the rest of your family!
    G-d will take his revenge on you!

  • Linda billingsley

    Bless this young girl in heaven.evil must end!

  • charge those fk arabs with murder

    charge those fk arabs with murder

  • Jay Lavine

    A terrible tragedy. What a beautiful name Hallel is.

    Bennett’s comments about the whole nation — religious, secular and haredim (and what about the large number of people who fit none of these categories?) — was meant to denote inclusiveness, but the application of labels such as these has the opposite effect. Labels and categories promote divisiveness.

    When I was in college, the art department was having its problems, and my professor once mentioned how the chairman of the department, in hanging pictures for an exhibition, placed two of them next to each other in such a way that the subjects of the two were facing away from each other rather than toward each other. The professor commented that this reflected the chairman’s mode of administration: separating people rather than bringing them together.

    There are people who divide and there are those who bring others together. Categorizing and divisiveness played a role in this horrendous murder. People need to see the light and work toward bringing people together, not separating and ultimately alienating them.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    All of Israel is in mourning tonight. The loss of sweet Halleli is beyond our comprehension. Such unadulterated hatred! Such hatred! Oh my G-d such hatred! Stop it! Stop your hatred for us! We are human beings! We deserve to live and our children deserve to live. . . and sleep in peace! What sort of human being slits the throat of a young girl in her sleep! ? We teach our children to love! What sort of people teach their children to hate? As a father of two grown women who live in America, I am beside myself here in Jerusalem! My emotions are out of whack! Such a loss of innocence, goodness, purity, and grace!