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July 1, 2016 5:40 pm

Donald Trump Issues Day’s Second Statement on Palestinian Terror; Calls on Obama to ‘Recognize and Condemn’ Each Attack Against Israel

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Donald Trump. Photo: Twitter.

Donald Trump. Photo: Twitter.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called on President Barack Obama on Friday to “recognize and condemn” each terror attack committed against Israel, a mere few hours after he issued a strong statement lamenting Thursday’s slaughter of a 13-year-old Israeli girl.  

In a statement published on Facebook, Trump condemned Friday’s drive-by shooting attack which killed 48-year-old Rabbi Miki Mark, a father of 10. Mark was driving with his wife and children south of Hebron when a Palestinian opened fire on the family vehicle. Mark’s wife was seriously injured in the attack, with two of their children in serious to moderate condition. Over 20 bullet holes were found in the car.

“Yet another terrorist attack today in Israel — a father, shot at by a Palestinian terrorist, was killed while driving his car, and three of his children who were passengers were severely injured,” Trump said.

“I condemn this latest terrorist attack and call upon the Palestinian leadership to completely end this barbaric behavior. I also call upon President Obama to recognize and condemn each and every terrorist attack against our allies in Israel. This cannot become the ‘new normal.’ It has to stop!” Trump stated.

Earlier on Friday, Trump slammed the “heinous murder” of Hallel Ariel, who was butchered in her sleep by a knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist inside her family home in Kiryat Arba — located adjacent to Hebron — on Thursday. Following the attack, Palestinian Authority channels praised the terrorist as a “martyr,” with his own mother calling him a hero.

“The continuing incitement and preaching of hate by the Palestinian leadership, and the glorification of terror, must end immediately,” Trump said. “I call upon the leadership of the Palestinian Authority to condemn this murder and to take concrete steps to end this barbaric behavior.”

Trump’s statements on the two murders highlight his consistent focus on the responsibility of Palestinian leadership in inciting violence and terror against Israel. In June — in response to the deadly terror attack at the popular Tel Aviv Sarona Market — Trump cited rampant anti-Israel propaganda as a driving force behind hatred and violence in Palestinian society.

At the time, the presidential hopeful called on the world to “recognize the parallel horror of the culture of religious hatred that permeates many Palestinian quarters. From schools that indoctrinate toddlers to grow up to kill Israelis to the daily menu of hate that spews forth from various ‘news organizations,’ change is long overdue in the Palestinian territories.”

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has yet to issue official statements on either attacks by press time.

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  • Joaquim Levy

    Enquanto os dirigentes políticos dos ‘chamados palestinianos’ mantiverem, eles mesmos, o discurso de incitação ao ódio contra ISRAEL e o mundo civilizado não se o poder energicamente, os ataques terroristas continuarão como um insulto à política e organismos internacionais.

  • nat cheiman

    Obama & Clinton have other agendas

  • rivkah rothschild, esq.

    It is a breath of fresh air to hear a leader open an honest conversation regarding murder by terrorists – for so long we are silenced because the murders cloak their bloody acts – murder of innocent people – under the banner of a cause such as statehood, equal rights, disenfranchisement, etc. Trump has the convictions necessary to give real dialogue an opportunity to be reborn by using the words “murder” and “barbaric behavior” . . . for so long silenced by the sound bytes of being the underdog and the “victim”. Hillary Clinton likely has some leadership qualities, but this is not one of them.

  • Alfred Marton

    I am with you all the way.
    Thank you for recognizing the truth. You are the only one to do so amongst our very self righteous politicians.
    Alfred Marton
    Retired pharmacist, physician

  • Jonah

    If Hilliary issues a sympathetic statement it will affect her very profitable relationship she has with Islam and very hefty contributions to her foundation. Oh she will find a token Jew to issue a statement on her behalf….but the short of it is she is exately what she is describe as by Daniel and revelation. She and her money grubbing husband are gadflies riding on the back of the beast the ten horns eventually tire of them and you can read the fate of the Harlet in Revelation. Untortunately because of their wanton disregard of biblical warnings for those that flagurantely go for the jugular of Israel either advertently or inadvertently……consequently the American people will suffer the blowback when God strikes. Why? Because our president and the democratic congress knew exactly what her and her husband were doing …..our president knew that arms were being dispensed from Benghazi at her command and under the direction of her jihadist girl mate. The damage has been done and repentance will not quench Gods desire for vengeance on these matters. America is going down and is going down hard. Hilliary and Obama are the culprits and catalyst for Revelstion 18.

    • Clinton’s recently ten $32 Mln from Saudi Prince. Would she somehow defend Israel? Of course, no

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Clinton is as bad as Obama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DON’T VOTE FOR HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Trenton

    This violence is endemic to the teachings of the KORAN.

    Islam is a demonstrable CULT OF DEATH !!!


    The Koran is a random collection of verses. Without any historical, or other sequence.

    As such. The Koran cannot be quoted out of a context that doesn’t exist !!!

    Muslims are born and bred to revere Death and Martyrdom instead of Life and Liberty !!!

    There cannot be any sort of real peace on Earth while the Death Cult of Islam continues to infect Humanity with its cancer !!!

  • Trump looks better with his dark hair instead of that mop of gold hair that defiles him. He looks like a president in the above picture.

  • Obama will not do anything that endangers his world wide Jihad. He may utter a few lies to placate his stupid supporters but will not deny his faithfulness to the Quran. Islam is his god and he is as evil as Islam is.

  • Mike Levy

    We Jews don’t murder people they way the Palestinians murder us because we are better than them and we value life more than “they ” do, not to mention that our religion teaches us not to commit murder.
    BUT!! I think the time has arrived whereby we, “the Jews” should retaliate on a ten fold basis.
    If they murder one, we should then murder ten of them, also in their own beds,so to speak. The family of the perpetrators should then also be deported to wherever their ancestors came from.

  • Ron millen

    Thank you!!!!!!

  • Terrorist homes to be demolished.Family includes parents ,siblings also their spouse and children to be sent to Gaza and stripped of Israeli Citizenship and never allowed to visit Israel again.
    Death Penalty needed when they are found guilty of terrorism or murder, when they are found guilty by the Court.This is the way to reduce terrorism.Incitement for terrorism by their Sheiks or Leadership should be punished severely or have them sent to Gaza never to return.Otherwise Israel will be a hellhole like all these Middle East Islamic countries in the future.Action to be taken NOW by Israeli Leadership and Government.Am Yisrael Chai.SHALOM.

    • Unfortunately, Israel not only leave the family of terrorists in Israel, but after demolishing their houses let them build a new ones

  • Tess

    Let us not hold our breath. Jewish and Christian lives do not matter to the American leftists.

  • sabine wolf-gilbert

    Dear Mr Trump
    do you really think a men like Obama cares about Israelis??
    the mother of the terrorist called her son a “hero” .
    being still President of the US ,Obama cannot say words like that but what about after his presidency??
    are you all going to be surprised??I will not.
    I hope you will be the next President and I really hope that the American people will FINALLY understand that nothing good (BUT EVEN WORSE)will come out with a liar like Hillary.
    can nobody be worse than Obama??OH yes she can and she will.
    Let’s hope that they put her in jail(where she belongs)before any election.

  • Zach Schneider

    Very well written article!

    Horrific happenings, may we all have a beautiful and peaceful Sabbath day!

    May the evil schmucks take a note from us and have a rest from their day jobs as well but permanently, not just the 7th day.

  • brenrod

    Jews who vote for hillary over trump are lunatics.

  • Michael Mayben

    Obama doesn’t recognize and condemn attacks against Isreal because he is a closet Islamic believer and supports Islamic terrorism against all non-Islamic nations.

  • Carla

    As long as jewish voters in the USA ,keep casting their votes for any democratic presidential nominee, it will never change. The support the leftists give to the opponents of Israel is too much.It is time to change the voting behavior for American presidents into republican hopefuls.

    • Absolutely right! I did. I was devoted democrat all my life in America (I am emigree from Russia) and spent half of my lean pension for their campaign in 2014. But seeing that nasty Democratic terror and endorsing DBS and Palestinian rights, leaving alone all huge lie, rumors, unjust charges on Trump, and heavy criminal behavior of Madam Clinton, I sharply changed my mind. Hillary is not only threat for Israel, but for America, too. But as Ted Cruz said once: “First, I am Christian, then American”, all Jews should turn out for Trump and republicans

  • Really Barach Hussein Obama, don’t hold your Breath!