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July 4, 2016 5:47 pm

‘Al-Quds Day’ Rallies See Hezbollah Flags Flown on Streets of London ‘Without Fear of Consequence’ (VIDEO)

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Hezbollah flag being flown during 2016's Al-Quds Day march in London. Photo: Steve Winston.

Hezbollah flag being flown during 2016’s Al-Quds Day march in London. Photo: Steve Winston.

The leader of a prominent British pro-Israel group spoke out against the flying of terrorist flags on the streets of London during an anti-Israel rally over the weekend, telling The Algemeiner on Monday that such open displays of support for terror groups should not be tolerated.

“Hezbollah flags were once against being flown seemingly without fear of consequence,” said Simon Cobbs, co-chair of Israel advocacy group Sussex Friends of Israel (SFI), whose organization was one of three main sponsors of Sunday’s counter-demonstration against the annual anti-Israel “Al Quds Day” march.

As reported by The Algemeiner, the annual march has emerged as a festival of incitement against Israel. In previous years, the flags of Hezbollah, Hamas and ISIS have been flown, with rally organizers failing to issue condemnations of open displays of support for terror. In the UK, only Hezbollah’s military branch — which shares the same flag as its political branch — is classified as a terrorist organization.

Cobbs told The Algemeiner that  numerous sources who infiltrated the march said rally organizers sent children — some wrapped in Hezbollah flags — and members of the marginal Haredi anti-Zionist group Neturei Karta to the head of the procession, seemingly to provoke pro-Israel counter-demonstrators. “Highly offensive” anti-Israel placards — such as “Dismantling of Zionist State = End Of Bloodshed” — were waved by protesters, he said.  

At one point, a “tense standoff, with both groups no more than a few feet apart,” took place, Cobbs said, adding that “police did a fantastic job in ensuring the safety of all involved.”

According to police estimates, “approximately 500-600 people gathered in solidarity with Israel from communities across the UK, including Jews, Christians and Muslims,” Cobbs said. “We took to the road outside the US Embassy to say ‘No to terror – Yes to peace.’”

While the counter-demonstration had “many aims, all of which were not only achieved but mostly surpassed,” two great victories emerged, according to Cobbs. 

“It was our intention to highlight the flying of a proscribed terrorist group’s flag in London. Tory MP Matthew Offord, who spoke at the rally, has again pledged to raise the matter in parliament and work on ensuring that the loophole in the law that allows it is closely scrutinized,” Cobbs said.

Offord already appears to be keeping his promise.

On Monday, it was reported by the UK’s Jewish News that the parliamentarian wrote a letter to the Assistant Commissioner at the Metropolitan Police voicing his objections to the flying of the Hezbollah flag, which he wrote is “contrary to the Section 13 of the Terrorism Act (2000).”

The second major victory, Cobbs said, is that “the day also proved that a small but growing number of people here in the UK are becoming more willing to show their support for Israel despite troublesome times.”

“The hate of Al-Quds has been unopposed for over a decade and this year we certainly made it very clear that not only is Israel not going anywhere, but that we will not allow their lies and hate to remain unchallenged any longer,” Cobbs told The Algemeiner.

The pro-Israel demonstration — titled “It’s Time To Stop The Hate: Stand With Israel” — featured speeches by Board of Deputies president Jonathan Arkush, Jewish Leadership Council CEO Simon Johnson, Zionist Federation president Paul Charney and UN Watch director Hillel Neuer.

Watch footage from London’s Al-Quds Day rally below:

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  • Jafa’ar

    You do realise there were several orthodox Jewish rabbis that were among the most enthusiastic participants at the al-Quds rally, something which the article and video conveniently leave out (check on YouTube if you don’t believe me). Also conveniently forgotten, as usual, is any proof or evidence to back up the claim that the al-Quds rally is anti-Semitic, which is a serious allegation and not just something meaningless to say to opponents of Israel.
    PS: Is it not ironic that many of the comments complaining of racism against Jews engage in the same bigotry against Muslims?

  • Linda Rivera

    Many years ago, a German told me, “Britain won the war, but lost the peace.” Tragically, we lost the peace AND the war via Muslim colonisation, unlimited Muslim migration/invasion and massive Muslim breeding all paid for by infidel taxpayers.

    Due to this treason, native Brits are now in a minority in their own capital city with a Muslim mayor. Hezbollah Flags Fly triumphantly in London’s streets.

    What is this if it is not Muslim Conquest of our nation? Engineered by the elites who dance on the graves of our brave military who fought and died so that we could live in freedom and safety

    It’s a reminder of how God-hater Hitler and his God-hater Nazis who worshiped the Devil, waged war with Muslims against both Jews and Christians.


    History Of The Bosnian Muslim Nazi 13th SS Handzar Division

    • E P Campbell

      There are many online instances of Hezbollah being shown in photographs giving Nazi salutes. It is also common knowledge that Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a best seller amongst Muslim communities worldwide, especially in the Middle East and Pakistan. Hitler wished that his storm troopers were as dedicated and single minded as Muslim jihadis. He also saw world domination in terms of: the perfect synthesis of a German-Islamic super race, conquering the world – according to the memoires of Rudolf Hess. Like the Dome of the Rock mosque, Al Quds, forcibly occupying the foundations of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, Islam can not exist without occupation, warfare, and strife in the lands of its enemies worldwide (all other civilisations – Dar Al Kharb: The Land of War). No war. No Islam. 1400 years of blood-filled history (600-700 million deaths from Morocco to Mongolia) proves it. The cynical, social engineering construct of Muslim self-made victimhood, ‘Islamophobia’, can only be validated by aggressively creating an artificial enemy for the purposes of manufactured conflict and expansion. See Edward Bernays, ‘Propaganda’ 1928. (All Bernays’ books were required reading by Dr Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda), also, Gustave Le Bon, The Crowd; A Study of the Popular Mind, 1895. “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”, as the French say.

  • Bindon Blood

    I worked in London for many years and never saw an anti Israel or anti Jewish demo or march of any kind. This sort of nastiness has only appeared since the Islamic immigration to England became a significant number. Before the modern day anti-Semitic bigots revived the hatred,the last time such disgusting behaviour took place in London was when Mosley’s British National Socialists were sullying London’s streets in the 1930s. Britain went to war to defeat this ideology yet here we are again,same old hate,same old lies,same old ideas. We don’t want this in England;the Londoners gave Mosley’s thugs a bloody nose;and we didn’t ask for it.The government must act to stop this sort of rabble rousing before it gets out of control.

    • E P Campbell

      We now have Islamist and fellow travellers demos in Brighton, on the UK South Coast, since Muslims have started to proliferate here, too.

  • Yadja

    Actions speak louder than words. Israel is not killing people, defenseless people. Going through streets and stabbing them etc. But the Muslims are.

    You want peace in the world? Get Muslims out of all civilized countries, get them out of your infrastructure and put them back with their own people in the ME or wherever.

    Think on this who is causing all the problems in this world today from one end to the other? Muslims. Get rid of them.

  • nat cheiman

    As the UK drifts slowly to the right, there will be less tolerance for Hamas / Hezbollah & other terrorist entities.
    Imagine an Isis flag at the protest.

  • Why instead of 500-600 people in solidarity with Israel there wasn’t 50,000 or 500,000 people marching for Israel?

    That’s the difference. Jews are too busy with their own good lives to spend the time at a rally for Israel until they’re thrown out of England for the 3rd time in history.

    For such intelligent people Jews are pretty stupid and self-destructive.

    • E P Campbell

      Wishfully, the ‘intelligent’ Jews will be lobbying the new Home Secretary to have such organisations banned from the UK. Ever hopeful. On her watch, Theresa May let in many Islamist hate preachers, including Anjem Choudary roaming the streets of London handing out ISIS recruiting leaflets, while keeping out the right wing narrative of American Jewess,Pamela Geller, Melkite Greek Catholic, Robert Spencer, and popular, outspoken Dutch MP Geert Wilders. Let’s pray that the incoming Home Secretary has a more robust defence against such poisonous influences in our midst. Michael Gove sounds more robust. He declared dissatisfaction with the IRA/Northern Ireland Peace Accord, which has done nothing to remove the divisions of Ulster and the 20 kilometres of so-called Peace Walls across permanently-ghettoised Belfast, where children’s education is divided from birth into Catholic/Protestant binary segregation schools.

  • As London now have a Muslim mayor, this is set to get worse. Much worse. The creep of Islam is closer and closer to infecting all of the UK. Brexit will help but it not enough. Laws need to be honured and enforced if needs be.

  • It is incomprehensible that something like this can happen in the UK in London, something that that would have never been seen before all the Muslim Refugees influx.
    Watch out Britain before you know you will have 100% Sharia LAW!!!

  • Sarah Collins

    It is fashionable in left wing circles in the UK to be anti-Israel, and the parading of terrorist flags gives them a buzz! It’s very daring, isn’t it, to be ‘revolutionary’ and support these organisations which appear to challenge established values and the status quo? Corbyn, indeed, has joined in the fun in the past, meeting terrorist group members and referring to them as ‘brothers’.

    It’s fine in the UK today to refer to Jews as ‘Zios’ if support for Israel is detected or suspected, and to dismiss any views the left wing don’t endorse as ‘fascist’ or indeed Nazi. When I objected to this recently, I was told to ‘take the flak’ for my ‘unpopular’ views.

    Anti-Semitism is downright trendy in the UK, whereas the young left wing intellectual is all over the politics of Hezbollah and its kindred.

    Being Jewish and being abused is commonplace – and if you think I’m over-egging it, just watch what happens when a female Jewish MP attends a Labour Party meeting!

    • E P Campbell

      The only country in the Middle East which is LGBT friendly is Israel, especially the Israeli Defence Forces, yet there are LGBT groups in Israel who side with Gaza LGBT groups against Israel, which is the only country in the Middle East that is safe for gays. With ‘friends’ like these, who needs enemies, already? Tel Aviv has an annual Pride festival. Can you imagine that in Gaza?

  • robert davis

    The day “al quds day” can be replaced with “Western Palestine Day” arabs will be so depressed they will be resigned settling in arab countries and will not demonstate any longer. It only takes a little courage from Israel’s PM to expel those arabs over to Jordan so the conflict is settled favourably not with te destruction of Israel as antisemites in particular France wants turning Israel into a mini State unable to defend itself when arabs are stronger in future.

  • Shepherd

    London now has a Muslim jihad mayor, a curse!

    • E P Campbell

      Saint Paul’s Cathedral will be renamed ‘Quadis Bulus Masjid’. Just like the former Byzantine Christian cathedral, Hajia Sophia, in Istanbul, Inshallah 🙂

  • If you invite cancer into your house, you will catch it and die. Islam is a disease that will kill you too. Fight it or allow it and suffer the drastic side effects including beheading.

  • Lema Charles

    We shall always stand with Israel and not allow terror groups to interfere with our freedom, values and love for human kind.

  • Leonard Feinman

    Freedom is not free, we say, but it should not cost because of accepted lies. Hate is the same, no matter who is hating, or who is hated. There is no legitimacy to this, yet it is permitted.
    Let me amend that statement. Sometimes it is acceptable if it is true. But, if it is a hate-based on a lie, then it should be halted. This parade is an anti-Israel, anti-Zionist protest. Since both Israel, and Zionism is real and exists denial is hate based. This march is anti-Semitism out in the open. If directed at a particular race, we would call it racist. So, we have now identified what is going on, but the powers that be refused to react appropriately. They let these marchers go on their way, and I am sure there was some police protection as well. This action is illegitimate, and must be renounced loudly, and now. It can never get acceptable and only become worse. Somebody there must react before it degrades even more.

  • RiverKing

    First time I’ve ever heard a Muslim mayor called a loophole. Who knew?

  • Devorah

    Great article. I think though that the title is misleading to what actually the article highlights as the main idea, however. The main point seems to be that: “While the counter-demonstration had “many aims, all of which were not only achieved but mostly surpassed,” two great victories emerged, according to Cobbs.”

    I think the title should allude to these victories.

  • Lia

    May Mr Offord have huge success! Grateful thanks to the Jews, Christians & Muslims who rallied for Israel.

  • Rosa Lopes

    You people are crazy! how can you proclaim Islam a religion when all you do is promoting hate and death to those who do not follow your satanic ideology .How can anyone today believe that God would entrust the lives of human race Billions of souls into the hands of murderers like you.Shame on you!!! Promote Love and not hate .We are all brothers under one God and we are all free to choose who we adore.God gave us such freedom!

  • Bruno

    These idiots who are marching with the terrorists and those watching without doing anything against this- deserve what will come.

  • Michelle

    Wonder what their Royal HRH’s think of this……. Do you know they are of German descent and changed their names to Windsor when they came to England …… It’s all such a mess

    • E P Campbell

      Sadly, racism in all its forms runs deep in the elite of England. One of the most egregious examples was the removal of Prince Louis of Battenberg, as a very capable and long serving First Sea Lord in 1914, because of his German name and ancestry. Soon after the outbreak of war, the British Royal Family-linked relatives changed their name to Mountbatten. The Queen’s husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is a Mountbatten, who served as an eminent Royal Navy officer in WW2. Even he could not escape his German-relatives’ past at his marriage to Princess Elizabeth, 20th November 1947, later, Queen Elizabeth II.,_Duke_of_Edinburgh