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July 18, 2016 6:13 pm

New Report Launches Scathing Attack on HuffPost for ‘Antisemitic Incitement’ Aimed at Helping Obama ‘Sell Iran Deal’

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The New York newsroom of the Huffington Post. Photo: Wikipedia.

The New York newsroom of the Huffington Post. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Huffington Post engaged in a “jihad of lies” against critics of the Iran deal, with special emphasis on Jews and Israel, a new report claims.

“The Rhodes To HuffPost,” whose release on Sunday came three days after the one-year anniversary of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), details a series of egregious violations of journalistic ethics on the part of the major media online outlet. In particular, it asserts, the HuffPost engaged in a concerted campaign to help US President Barack Obama get elected, and subsequently to assist him to push through the JCPOA by purposely deceiving the public about its true nature.

To this end, according to the report – compiled by Jon Sutz of the New York-based website – the HuffPost,

also published editorials and “news” stories that continued its long-standing pattern of inciting hate against Israel and Jews, using classic anti-Semitic libels and stereotypes, while whitewashing and even legitimizing Islamist terrorists, who’ve sworn to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. Examples include:

Falsely claiming that Netanyahu blindsided Obama in his speech to Congress: In the lead-up to Mr. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress in March 2015, HuffPost published an incendiary splash headline that perpetuated the lie that he had insulted the Obama administration, and upset White House protocol, by accepting Congress’s invitation to speak, before Obama had been notified. It also inserted a false quote from him into its headline: “No disrespect, Barry.” HuffPost did this despite the fact that one month earlier, the New York Times admitted that the Obama administration had been notified in advance, and that its original story (sourced from the White House) was incorrect.

Falsely claiming that Netanyahu said nothing of value to Congress – while consistently quoting Iran’s rulers verbatim: After Netanyahu’s speech, HuffPost used a Yiddish slur to claim, in a “news” story headline, that he said nothing of importance to Congress about the Iran deal. Yet at the same time, and for years prior, it quoted Iran’s rulers accurately, whitewashed their overt threats against Israel, and engaged in de facto PR for the terror state.

Selectively publishing editorials that advanced anti-Semitic libels: In early 2015, HuffPost gave prominent space on its front page to a variety of anti-Semitic editorials, against both Mr. Netanyahu and Israel, and in support of the Iran deal. Yet when Elie Wiesel, the revered Holocaust survivor and world-renowned human rights activist authored an open letter to Obama and Congress, urging them to oppose the Iran deal, and took out full-page ads to promote it in the New York Times and the Washington Post, HuffPost completely ignored him.

Ignoring Iran’s funding of Hamas’s preparations to attack Israel: In August 2015, just before the final climax of the debate over the Iran deal, HuffPost ignored substantive reports that Iran was funding Hamas’s preparations to instigate a new war against Israel… [W]hen Hamas-led terrorists began engaging in near-daily attacks on Israeli Jews in the coming weeks, HuffPost all but ignored the victims — yet whitewashed and even legitimized the terrorists’ narrative.

The report — whose title is a reference to the scandal surrounding Obama’s JCPOA adviser Ben Rhodes’ admission of deceit in relation to the deal — says that the HuffPost boasts 130 million readers per month, calling itself the “largest news site in the US.” In addition, according to one internet traffic analysis source, the outlet is now the most popular political website in the world.

The report quotes the HuffPost’s claim that it “has in place rigorous editorial policies and standards…to ensure that we maintain the highest level of journalistic integrity…Too many reporters have forgotten that the highest calling of journalists is to ferret out the truth, consequences be damned…There is an objective reality, and it is the media’s job to present it unequivocally.”

The stated purpose of the report is to provide the facts to Americans who are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the Iran deal, and the way it was portrayed in the media. “Without this knowledge,” it says,”one cannot truly grasp the magnitude or implications of what HuffPost did, and failed to do.”

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  • montlasky

    Anti Semitiism sells news. Just look at CNN, the New York Times, Huffington Post and many others that thrive and grow on their antii Semtiic content. The world generally hates Jews and we will ever be their scape goats and the world’s political canary. Whilst we have every right to be ultra sensitive this will continue for another 2000 years. We must just ensure that we can always defend ourselves and look to Israel as the Jewish arc which will ensure our survival as always.
    The Huffington Post’s of this world will be forgotten and cease to exist in the fullness of time.

  • sam cohen

    Huffpost is a left wing rag. They can’t stand Israel.

  • Miriam Setembu

    This is worrying.

    HuffPo is the largest news outlet online, read by tens of millions the world over. For them to have engaged in a long history of besmirching Israel and the Jews and being complicit in purveying a false narrative in support the Iran nuclear deal is unforgivable.

    Do their advertisers know about this?

    Jewish organisations should band together to ensure that all commercial advertisers in the Huff Po should be apprised of this egregious state of affairs. Pressure should be brought to bear for them to cease their support. Its the only way there might be any palpable effect.

  • Ani

    The Huffington Post is a trashy site and I don’t read it. Far too many people do however and get their “news” from it. The WAPO and the NYT have also engaged in delegitimizing Israel and Netanyahu, spreading vicious lies, portraying Jews as villains and Moslems as sympathetic and carrying the torch for “Palestinians”.

    I’d say this has been quite effective as the majority of liberals tend to read sites such as these and feel they are well educated as to the issues in Israel because of it. Thus we have BDS, Israel bashing, the Iran nuclear deal and all the rest. Not sure what to do about it. Seems to be a pretty concerted and effective effort to me.

    It might be helpful if advertisers sympathetic to Israel and Jewish causes were to refrain from sending any advertising money to these sites and let them know why. The same holds for colleges that are hotbeds of anti-Semitic activities; stop donating to them!

    • Ephraim

      Except that they are NOT liberal. There is nothing liberal about bigotry, including antisemitism. Pseudo-progressive entities such as Huffington, Times, etc. are left-wing fascists, to whom fairness and truth are anathema if they get in the way of their cheer leading for terrorists.

  • Ted Crawford

    Reading any HuffPost output makes me sick. I’m glad someone finally castigated them for their extreme “journalistic” bias. Call them what they really are; a propaganda bureau!

  • richard sherwin

    so what’s the difference between huff’s strict truth and editorial standards, self-praise, no criticism allowed, and those of the NYT’s all the news thats print to fit those ideologies of ‘strict truth’ etc.? israel and jew bashing is something the former christians of the world get fed with their culture’s milk. it’s their ‘default’ button whenever reality gets too real, complex, hazy, grey, i.e. ‘real’. just like the default violence against infidels of mixed up moslems when their sinnings in sex drink faith food work social status overwhelms them, they can always ‘return to purity’ by murdering innocents. i really dont see much ‘truth’ difference here at all.

    • Ephraim

      There isn’t any. And yes, the hard left do mine the deep chasms of antisemitism among Christians. How else do you explain the Presbyterians, Church Of England, Church Of Scotland, and G-d knows how many other ‘mainline’ churches delighted to have an excuse to return to their antisemitic ways of the past 2000 years?

  • Why is this not news? Huffington Post is headed by the ruthless Ariana Huffington née Stassinopoulos daughter of one of the fascist Greek colonels who staged a coup d’état in Greece and ruled for several years. The contributors to HuffPo are not paid! She is an exploiter of the worst kind.

  • When the open minded & liberal friends of the HP will come home to roost, thanks to the new ‘education standards in US colleges & Universities…….the end of free speech in the HP will be a thing of the past.

    It will be ‘free speech like in Turkey or Iran/Hamastan, the countries they so vehemently defend!

    • Ephraim

      There is nothing open minded or liberal about the troglodytes on the left. They are as open minded as Hitler, as tolerant as his country, and as progressive as ISIS.

  • What sort of decedent from Neanderthals would be proud when and if a Nuke goes off over Jerusalem? Islam cares nothing for Jerusalem except to use as a political pawn in their fight against modern decent men. Obama cares nothing either as he is the main proponent for the destruction of Jerusalem and Israel in the name of Allah! Obama sold his soul (if he has) one for Islam.

  • nat cheiman

    Obama will go down as the worst US president. The man is devoid of humanity

  • Hamanslayer

    For quite a long time, now, I have bundled the Huffing-and-puffing-Pots with salon and Vox. Though slightly less flagrant in its slant and bent and bias against Israsl and Jews than those two shmattes the Huffing Pots nevertheless is far more “progressive” (I never knew that word described rhe radical wrong — “left” is too good for them) than the obnoxious liberal (another abused word arrogated by Potses) NYT or Washington Post.
    My introduction to the Huff-and-Puff came from Yahoo, which provides the email and home page for Yahoo, since Ms. Couric took over the reins of managing it’s newspages, has also managed to introduce me to Al Jazeera. Another unbiased, highly ethical and objective piece of dreck. I am wondering when Ms. Couric will see fit to run some items from Algemeiner on the Yahoo news pages…
    Kudos to the authors of that report. If The Huff ‘n Puff really has that many readers, it is too damn bad not enough of them will get to read this report!

  • Lia

    The moment Mr Rhodes did the unexpected and unfamiliar thing of speaking the truth, HuffPo’s game was up. HuffPo has long since joined NYT & CNN as distorters of the truth. I wonder where HuffPo gets so many journalists so willing to sell their souls.

    • Ephraim

      They are not journalists, they are novelists, plying their bigoted and hateful beliefs to anyone who will listen. Journalists report the news, not report their worldview as if it were fact. I do not think there are many journalists left on planet earth.

  • Dov

    Can any of your readers advise me how I can get rid of the HuffPost from my web? I use AOL. Does it mean I have to quit AOL, or can I write AOL to find another news outlet?

  • Leslie Ruth Benjamini

    It is positively disgraceful how in the tank the media is with the democrats and Obama to the detriment of the country and frankly the world. One would think they would think of their own families and the future of those families if they did not think of anything else. It make me ashamed to be an American to see what Obama and Kerry with the help of the media have done.

  • stevenl

    HuffPost the largest American antisemitic organization in the US. That is really great!True journalism is long dead tks to ignoramus like the Huffpuff!

  • enufizenuf

    The worst part about this is that the degenerate morons on the left are going to get us all killed by Iranian nuclear weapons.