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July 19, 2016 2:00 pm

Atlanta Mayor Flatly Rejects Demand From Local ‘Black Lives Matter’ Group to Cut Ties With ‘Apartheid Israel’ (VIDEO)

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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed refused demands from a local Black Lives Matter group to cut ties with "Apartheid Israel." Photo: Wikipedia.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. Photo: Wikipedia.

The mayor of Atlanta on Monday flatly refused a demand by protesters associated with the Black Lives Matter movement to terminate the local police force’s cooperation and training with Israel. 

Mayor Kasim Reed denied the request at a meeting with members of #ALTisReady — self-described as a “collective of student activists, community organizers and leaders working to amplify Black and other marginalized voices in Atlanta” — to discuss improving the relationship between police and the community, a week after hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Georgia governor’s mansion. 

The first demand on the group’s list was:

…a complete overhaul of Atlanta Police Department’s (APD) training institutions…[and] a termination to APD’s involvement in the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE) program, that trains our officers in Apartheid Israel…

Members of the APD constitute a small fraction of police across the US who take part in Israeli counter-terrorism training.

In a press conference following the meeting, Kasim told reporters:

There was a demand that I stop allowing the Atlanta Police Department to train with the Israeli Police Department. I’m not going to do that. I happen to believe that the Israeli Police Department has some of the best counter-terrorism techniques in the world and it benefits our police department from that long-standing relationship. That was a specific demand.

Over the last several months, the Black Lives Matter movement has become closely aligned with anti-Zionist and antisemitic movements, most notably the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) initiative. The logic behind the connection between the groups, according to anti-Israel activists, is that both are representing and defending dark-skinned minorities against oppressors.

During a 2014 protest in Ferguson, Missouri, for example, following the killing of black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer, demonstrators yelled at police, “You gonna shoot us? Is this the Gaza Strip?”

Speaking to the Daily Beast, another demonstrator said, “We are being occupied. They say it’s the death of three men that started a chain reaction of death and destruction in Gaza,” a reference to the murders of three Israeli teens who were kidnapped by Hamas in 2014. “Will we as a people rise up like the people of Gaza? Will our community be bombed like last night with tear gas? That was a terrorist attack.”

The alliance between Black Lives Matter and anti-Israel groups is quickly gaining in popularity across college campuses in the US. In one instance, at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), student groups linked to Black Lives Matter took part in a violent anti-Israel demonstration.

As reported by The Algemeiner in May, protesters shouted, “Long live the intifada,” “f*** the police,” “displacing people since ‘48/ there’s nothing here to celebrate” and “all white people need to die.”

UCI’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) — an organizer of the demonstration — said anti-Israel protesters were “wholly justified” in their acts, because “the presence of the IDF, better known as Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), and police threatened our coalition of Arab, Jewish, Black, Latinx, API, undocumented, trans, and queer students and the greater activist community. Our demonstration was held to protest the presence of military and police forces on campus, which threaten the lives of Black and Brown people every day.”

More recently, as reported by The Algemeiner, New York University’s (NYU) SJP chapter prompted an uproar after linking Israel to recent police shootings of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota. In a July 7 Facebook posting, SJP wrote:

In the past 48 hours another two black men have been lynched by the police. The total number of black people lynched by cops in 2016 now totals 136. We must remember that many US police departments train with the #‎IsraeliDefenseForces. The same forces behind the genocide of black people in America are behind the genocide of Palestinians. What this means is that Palestinians must stand with our black comrades. We must struggle for their liberation. It is as important as our own. ‪#‎AltonSterling is as important as ‪#‎AliDawabsheh. Palestinian liberation and black liberation go together. We must recognize this and commit to building for it.

#‎BlackLivesMatter ‪#‎PhilandoCastile ‪#‎NoJusticeNoPeace‪ #‎FromBatonRougeToGaza ‪#‎PalestiniansForBlackLiberation

Watch Reed’s comments to reporters following his meeting with #ALTisReady representatives below:

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  • God Bless Mayor Reed of Atlanta

  • All lives matter. These fools are against the only people who repeatedly tried to aid them and side with those who sold their ancestors into slavery; who still practice slavery. Nice going.

  • Do these black lives matter?

  • Reform School

    Years ago, Eric’s Justice Department Holdered Black felons. Nowadays, Loretta Lynches them. How dumb have we become?

  • robert

    How is it that we will soon have to choose between Hillary and the Donald ? In a years time we may very well look back and think that the only honest and helpful White House occupant in the past 25 years was Michelle Obama.
    All the best,
    Reuven Zusha
    15 Tammuz 5776

  • Black Lives Matter (BLM) has been subverted from it prime objective and has now become not only ann anti white and anti American but and anti Semite organisation as well. Jewish lives matter too and BLM please take note that many, many Jews are blacks too. The stench of Islam has taken over this racist mob.

  • nat cheiman

    Do white lives matter?

  • SteveHC

    The fact that the “Black Lives Matter” and related groups have been co-ipted and corrupted by the strongky anti-Semitic SJP and other BDS-related organizations MUST be publicized as much as possible and organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League MUST wirk directly with others such as the NAACP to counter-act it ASAP.

  • enufizenuf

    The average Asian-American IQ is 108, the average Caucasian American’s is 100, the average African American’s is 78, and the average African’s is 70.
    Many just have no brains. They certainly have no education, and they make the perfect useful idiots
    for the insidious inhuman garbage who do all the organizing for the various arab, palestinkian and muslim groups in this country who are dead set on turning the country against Jews and Israel. If you want to live, and you want your children to be able to live in safety and security, then you’re going to have to be willing to take that extra step to guarantee their future.

    • Malcolm X talked of democrats as useful idiots and he was of the Islam faith…sounds as if they don’t know History or someone is feeding them untruths.

    • eby keller

      you don’t have to insult us (blacks) just to prove your point. i am not in support of this BLM agenda. its stupid but its not a means for you to start a ‘comment war’. a group of black people are stupid and foolish doesn’t make all blacks stupid. Israel has done nothing wrong against black people and i will for always support/stand with Israel.

  • Robert Hedaya

    Disappointing that the Black Lives Matter movement aligns with the anti-zionists, pro-terrorist groups. I was sympathetic to a degree, but apparently they think like victims, never taking responsibility for their own behavior and circumstances. That is the fashion of the times. Thus aligning with the oppressed Gazans makes sense. Not sure why the Gazans don’t use all the money they get to build schools educate for peace and cooperation. If Israel put down its arms, there would be a genocide; If the palestinians put down their arms, their would be peace and progress.

  • fred

    Anti Israel sentiment in Black Lives Mater is like a putrid stench introduced into this movement , now looses its credibility becoming another weapon into the anti Israel political mantra not benefiting the Black movement but becoming an tool of abuse for foreign elements.

  • Frances Weingarten

    The ignorance of these people from Black Lives Matter knows no bounds. It might do them some good if they made themselves familiar with what is actually happening in Israel: the constant attacks by Palestinians on Israelis by ramming cars into them, shooting and stabbing them. They don’t care who they are killing as long as they can kill. If the Palestinians are suffering it is from the treatment they receive at the hands of their own people. Israelis would much prefer peace with the Palestinians rather than war and terrorism from them but the Palestinians consistently refuse all attempts at resolving the problem. BLM should do some exploration into what the Palestinians teach their children and how they sow hatred and the desire to kill all Jews. The information is easily available on You Tube and in the many newspapers that record the ongoing attempts to murder Israelis. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and is a country where all people are accepted, whoever they are and whatever they believe: black, white, yellow, LGBTQ, etc. Educate yourselves people! It’s about time that you did!

  • Robert Levy MD

    They attended urban schools in America

  • ricardo

    It never ceases to amaze me that the virulent antisemites are so successful in contradicting reality. A number of credible studies have shown that blacks are actually shot in FEWER numbers than whites in proportion to the number of police interactions. There are mistakes, sure. But when a white is mistakenly shot, nobody seems to hear about it. When a black is shot, it makes international news and is a direct result of Israel’s abusiveness. How dare Jews live? Their successful survival is the root of all violence in the world.

  • Dear Sir, thank you for standing with ISRAEL this will bring a blessing to you for GOD ALMIGHTY says “I will bless those who bless ISRAEL and I will curse those who curse ISRAEL..every time you stand with ISRAEL you will have GOD almighty standing behind you…GOD bless you…

  • Rick

    Black lives matter doesn’t matter anymore.

  • Robert Hall

    Boy these BLM people are so messed up. I suppose they are grasping for straws to find something to use as a cause. Unfortunately they are not going to be the only ones that will pay for their actions. Our forefathers could not have grasped the gigantic mistake they were making.

  • Howard

    How is it these people are so uneducated and so stupid.

    • Robert Hall

      They have chosen their paths for many decades. It is the easy path, but the path leads to no where.

    • Sir when you stand with ISRAEL you are obeying GOD..For GOD says “I will bless those who bless ISRAEL and I will curse those who curse ISRAEL”…GOD ALMIGHTY SAYS WHAT HE MEANS AND MEANS WHAT HE SAYS…ALWAYS STAND WITH ISRAEL ISRAEL YOU WANT TO SUCCEED ISRAEL LIFE…

    • Reform School

      That’s an easy one. They were “educated” by Leftists. Sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood, if truth were a requirement, “Black Lives Matter” would be called “Radical Black Islamists are the Only Lives that Matter.”

    • Ted Crawford

      They are “educated”… with lies and hatred. As for intelligence; it’s a characteristic, not a virtue. It knows no moral restraint and can be malevolent, as in this among many other cases. When G_d holds the reins of our intelligence (wisdom) we can then benefit others. That is what these people need.

    • ALT is ready? Ready for what? Ready to knock some common sense into the heads of the idiots who seem to have found a place on the map of the world called “Apartheid Israel”. These representatives of “Dumb Atlanta” need to get a life. If they think they have a cause, because they think that black lives matter, they should realise that, whatever the value of one of their black lives, it is no more than that of a Jew who is stabbed or blown up in Gaza by the people they claim to support. And the sooner they come to understand that killing is killing, the better.

      Could I say that “All black people need to die”? If these fools think that I can’t say that, maybe one of the higher-IQ members of that group could explain to me what is the difference between calling for the deaths of all white people, and calling for the deaths of all black people.