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July 19, 2016 2:32 pm

Israel’s Former UN Ambassador Says Europe Should Learn From Jewish State’s Counterterrorism ‘Experience, Expertise’

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor. Photo: UN Multimedia.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor. Photo: UN Multimedia.

Where global terrorism in general — and its recent manifestations in particular — are concerned, the Jewish state “has experience and expertise to share,” wrote Israel’s former UN ambassador on Monday.

In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Ron Prosor – who has also served as Israeli ambassador to the UK – said that “expressions of sympathy and solidarity” with the victims of the truck-ramming attack in Nice on Thursday night, which left at least 84 people dead and more than 300 wounded, and other such bloody incidents “aren’t enough. As the terrorist threat evolves, so, too, must our response.”

Prosor, who holds the Abba Eban Chair for International Affairs at IDC Herzliya and is a distinguished fellow at the Washington, DC-based Hudson Institute, continued:

In Nice, the use of a truck as the murder weapon shows how terrorism is constantly developing new ways to inflict mass casualties.

Israel has bitter experience of this. The devastation in Nice was on a vast scale, but the method of attack is painfully familiar. Since October, 44 terrorist attacks have used motor vehicles as a weapon against Israelis.

Indeed, he argued in the piece — titled “Israel’s Counterterrorism Lessons for Europe” — the perpetrators of stabbing and vehicular assaults “no longer…need training camps, bomb-making expertise or even an order. All they need is an internet connection, incitement and the desire to kill.”

Prosor went on to vindicate the way in which Israel has addressed and kept up with various and evolving methods of terrorism over the decades, each time with harsh criticism from the international community – which is now increasingly experiencing the carnage wrought by Islamist radicals.

When Palestinian terror groups pioneered plane hijacking, Israel pioneered rigorous security procedures for our airports and airlines. At the time, we were accused of undermining freedoms and criminalizing the innocent. Few would question the need for those procedures today.

When Israel first used drones to target terrorist leaders, we were accused of “extrajudicial killing.” Today these techniques are widely used in the fight against Islamic State and al Qaeda…

When, in 2014, a Palestinian terrorist attempted to ram his car into Israelis at a bus stop, he was stopped by a concrete bollard… Other countries now place bollards outside high-profile targets — at the White House in Washington, Westminster in London and high-risk embassies in major cities around the world.

Today, Prosor contended — returning to the example of the Bastille Day massacre last week –“[W]hen the enemy views children watching fireworks as a target, we need to adapt again.”

The “adaptation” he suggested is multi-faceted, involving practices geared towards “greater agility and speed against potential terrorists” before they commit their attacks. These practices, he said, include providing increased resources to intelligence agencies, and profiling those deemed most likely to be radicalized.

In addition, he concluded, social media outlets must join in the battle; Muslims, Christians and Jews must be given frameworks for presenting a united front against Islamist terrorism; and, “Finally, the General Assembly of the United Nations should conduct a special session to bring nations and communities of all faiths together, openly and honestly, to do what is necessary to defeat this evil. Islamist terror targets us all, and together we must fight back.”

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  • nat cheiman

    Indeed. Europe will not, though.

  • Hans Ripperger

    Thank you Mr. Prosor. Yes, Israel could teach them a lot, but it seems they not have the will to learn. The Europeans are helpless against Islam because of their suicidal political correctness.

  • The West is helpless against Islam because of their very stupid suicidal Political Correctness and Islamophobia, that, by the way was created by Islam to cripple the stupid leaders of Europe and the USA. Democrats are not Islamophobes, they are Islamolovers.

  • stevenl

    …. and STOP back-stabbing Israel at every single opportunity and even without any opportunity!
    What has been done to IL by the barbarians since 1968 has been done numerous time to the Western world.
    How idiotic can the leaders of the West be? Or perhaps they feel their pockets at our expense.

  • enufizenuf

    Europe isn’t going too learn anything from Israel. The only thing Europe is going to learn is the taste of conflict and civil war.

  • I might add that it was this past Christmas season when there were a number of Muslims ramming and killing pedestrians with their vehicles. Of course, the liberal press went to some length to make sure the names of the rammers (dead give-aways about being Muslims) didn’t make the news, or if that information had come out and was too late to hide, then the Muslim rammers, of course, were “mentally ill.”

    Even John Kerry has termed all the jihadists as mentally ill, God forbid, actually say, no that’s just Islam, plain and simple.

    The French and Germans were assumed to be ameliorated by this. They can believe the government narrative that Islam really is a religion of piece.

    The French, Germans and other Europeans have hundreds, if not millennia of experience blaming the Jews for Europe’s own shortcomings. They thought they could keep on getting away with blaming the Jews, and then only the Jews would suffer the terrorism. Well, how’s that working for you guys?

    Yes, Israel could teach them a lot, but they seem not to have the will to learn or face the tough choices facing up to terrorism and Islam will surely mean.

  • Ya’asher Koach

    Ya’asher Koach. But more than that Klal Yisroel should learn that the Torah is what matters first and foremost.

  • Stuart

    Thank you Mr. Ambassador. Israel is truly a beacon to the nations.

  • Why didn’t the GOP establishment and their official newspaper (“The Wall Street Journal”) bring up the abuse of hundreds of Federal officers (in the US State Department, the US Department of Justice, the local US Attorney’s offices and thousands of low-ranking workers throughout the vast Federal government) who were purged for their political beliefs and personal associations, in violation of Title 5 U.S.C., and many, many other laws, statutes, the US Code of Ethics, hundreds of US Supreme and lower Federal Court rulings and the articles of the US Constitution which specifically state all civilian officers of the US government are removed through impeachment by the House of Representatives and the conviction for “treason…and high crimes and misdemeanors” by the US Senate… simply were driven (some at gunpoint) from their careers and dedication to public service by First Lady Hillary Clinton, acting under the spurious authority of President Bill Clinton and his cronies. This was briefly mentioned in the “WSJ” at the time it happened but never fully provided to the readers, the GOP establishment., and the GOP Congress. Hillary suggested she had the right because there was “a vast right-wing conspiracy” in the government. Of course, the Democrat Congresses, did backup the Clinton Syndicate and any parts of the US Constitution… However, there was for one GOP US Sen. (head of the Republican Policy Committee) who did speak up and then was quickly run out of the Senate in a political frame up …it “went down” in Denver, a state the D.E.A. implies is run by drug lords with the probable involvement of the Democrat National Committee and its affiliates. If this is too much for your brain to handle you ought to get a top job at the Republican National Committee or the WSJ…

  • SteveHC

    European countries and the EU – and France in particular – should be required to PAY ISRAEL for its anti-terrorism technology, expertise and advice… all of that should be offered for sale from beyond the “green line.”

    • Isahiah62

      best reply

  • Jonah

    The general assembly of the United Nations is on the other side of the fence. They have opened the gate and let the wolves in. When they read well intended articles with intelligent solutions on how to control terrorism they laugh and think you just don’t get it! In France the terrorist are the norm and the native French are their as stupid lambs to be slaughtered. France does not have anything to offer the world but it’s country and its culture which by the way does not exist any more….Islam has gobbled it up. They will bow to Islam and sharia or be slaughtered. If you do not believe this you are suffering from extreme delusion. Their president is afraid of Islam and their government is under its control.