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July 21, 2016 2:12 pm

New York Magazine Denies Supporting BDS, Despite Calling Sabra Hummus ‘Politicized,’ Suggesting Alternative Brand

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New York Magazine's July 11 issue criticizes Sabra for being "politicized." Photo: Twitter.

New York Magazine’s July 11 issue criticizes Sabra for being “politicized.” Photo: Twitter.

New York Magazine told The Algemeiner on Thursday that it “does not support a boycott of Israel,” despite its designation of Sabra, a popular brand of hummus and other spreads, as problematic.

The attack on Sabra appeared in the cover story of the magazine’s July 11 issue in an article entitled “The Neurotic Eater’s Grocery List,” which featured a list of products the magazine considers “morally squishy.” Among these was Sabra hummus, which it called “politicized” because its parent company, Strauss, provides financial support to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The magazine also directed readers to an alternative, locally sourced hummus brand should Sabra’s support for the IDF “bug you.”

Responding the article, one reader wrote: “I’m… not sure why hummus is singled out for being ‘politicized.’ Don’t a lot of food companies get involved in political issues? I stopped buying Eden Foods products because of their stance on contraceptive coverage under Obamacare.”

Sabra, which exclusively manufactures and distributes within the US and Canada, told The Algemeiner in a statement that it has “no political positions or affiliations.” The brand is owned by PepsiCo, which is based in the US, and Strauss Group, which is headquartered in Israel. Sabra said each group is “a separate entity and independent company.”

Strauss Group’s chairwoman, Ofra Strauss, defended the company’s support of the IDF in 2011, after students at Princeton University and Chicago’s DePaul University pushed for a boycott of Sabra hummus, according to Al Arabiya News. Strauss told Forbes magazine at the time, “For us, Israeli soldiers are not army; Israeli soldiers are our kids. When children of this country are in need, we will be there.”

Strauss added that the boycott of its hummus product is “against all the good things that we do. Among them: promoting workforce diversity (Muslims and Druze, along with Jews and Christians) and economic redevelopment in the northern city of Acre.”

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  • nat cheiman


  • GWR

    Hey…..I like Sabra products and look for the kosher symbol while shopping for middle eastern foods. I have not been disappointed in the quality of these products.

  • Sam Dinnerstein

    Just because New York Magazine is guilty of anti-Israel hatred is no reason anyone should ever do anything like ruining copies of it on sale in stores. That is illegal and wrong.

  • sam cohen

    Is this a slow day at the Algemeiner?

  • It has nothing to do with the Hummus, but everything with the ignorance of the “Journalists”, so if you want real good food advise, better inform you in alternative food magazines.

  • We should boycott New York Magazine!

  • Hillel

    its like that quoted line that most antisemites use, “I’m not antisemetic, some of my best friends are jewish”. Now that makes it all better.

  • Lia

    But many people and instances do not know such little details, as that the IDF consists of the children of the people who live in Israel. Otherwise they lack the imagination to think that far?