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July 25, 2016 11:42 am

Germany ‘Waking Up to New Reality’ Similar to Israel’s, Say Frightened Residents in Wake of Shooting, Machete, Suicide-Bombing Attacks by Mideast Refugees

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Police presence in Germany is becoming more visible, in the wake of a series of violent attacks. Photo: Twitter.

Police presence in Germany is becoming more visible, in the wake of a series of violent attacks. Photo: Twitter.

Following a series of terrorist and other bloody attacks in Germany, residents are “waking up to a new reality” similar to that of the Jewish state, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Monday.

According to the report, after Sunday night’s suicide bombing outside of a music festival in Ansbach in Bavaria — the fourth recent violent incident perpetrated by an immigrant of Middle Eastern origin — Germans are starting to fear for their safety on a daily basis.

“The increase in lone-wolf terrorism and violence is altering the atmosphere in Berlin,” Israeli poet and activist Mati Shmuelof told Channel 2. “More police are seen in public places, and suddenly bags are being checked at the entrance to certain venues. The greatest fear is that the extreme Right will take advantage of the situation, which it blames on Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

Jana Wagler, who lives near Stuttgart, said that the latest incident reminds her of the situation in Israel. “This morning, police cars were everywhere, and I felt, ‘Yes, this is what it was like in Jerusalem when I was there last year.’”

She added, “I am not afraid all the time; only initially, when someone approaches. The German government is confused. It has to learn what to do. This is new to us.”

Ansback resident Thomas Debinski, who witnessed Sunday night’s attack, in which a Syrian suicide bomber detonated himself in a crowd, wounding 15 people, told Channel 2 that the fear grows with each new terrorist incident. “After what happened in Munich and Reutlingen,” he said, referring to two other horrific attacks, “it’s disturbing when you know that such things can happen so close to you.”

Ursula Spengler, also from Ansbach, recounted the shock she and her fellow townsmen were experiencing. “Just yesterday, we were saying that Ansbach is so small, and how could something like that happen here? And now I’m afraid to go to a festival next weekend.”

Erika Miller is one resident who said she doesn’t intend on changing her routine. “I will continue living my life as usual,” she said. “Of course it affects me. But we know that [things like this] can happen anywhere.

Three of the 15 wounded in the suicide bombing in Ansbach are in critical condition. Police confirmed that the terrorist was the only person who died in the attack. The 27-year-old Syrian, who was denied refugee status, had carried the explosives in his backpack.

This attack came on the heels of an ax attack — perpetrated by a 17-year-old Afghani — against passengers on a train in the city of Würzburg. Three people were critically injured in that attack and the assailant was shot dead.

Other incidents that occurred in Germany over the past 10 days were that of a 21-year-old Syrian refugee who attacked and killed a pregnant woman with a machete and wounded two others in Reutlingen. This, according to police, was not a terrorist attack.

Last Friday, an 18-year-old boy of Iranian origin went on a shooting spree at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, murdering nine people before committing suicide. The investigation into the incident revealed that his motives were not nationalistic, but rather derived from a personality disorder.

The Syrian who blew himself up on Sunday night was about to be deported to Bulgaria, according to a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry, the Hebrew news site Walla reported.

The spokesman said that the danger of additional attacks being carried out across the country is still high. Despite the fact that the bombing has not yet officially been called a terrorist attack, it was the fourth security incident in Germany – and the third in Bavaria – within a week.

“At this point, it is impossible to deport Syrians back to Syria,” he said. “But this doesn’t mean that Syrian [migrants] can’t be deported in general.”

The suicide bomber, he said, had received two deportation notices, the second of which was issued on July 13.

A German government spokeswoman said that it was too early to decide on a change in policy regarding refugees. “The actions that were perpetrated over the last days and weeks did not paint a uniform picture of the situation,” she said in a press conference. “Most of the terrorists who carried out attacks in Europe over the past few months have not been refugees.”

To sum up the situation in Germany, the north-east region executive director of the Israel advocacy group StandWithUs, wrote on Twitter:

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  • These are all terrorist attacks, either linked to terrorist groups like ISIS, or cladestine using mental illness or workplace violence as a cover story. The mass stabbing attack in Japan is also a terrorist attack with a clandestine motive and no visible connection to a political motive, but an attack on Japan just the same for no apparent reason.

  • Joel Shapiro

    I heard a lot of leftist intellectuals on the radio last year saying the only thing to fear with the massive influx of migrants into Europe is European racism against the migrants. I’m not hearing so much of that anymore. Nevertheless, leftists, sadly, are still blocking and deflecting criticism of the “Muslim right.”

  • nat cheiman

    The fault lies with Mrs Merkel and her government

  • Tony Trenton

    The Koran has NO order or historical sequence of any kind.

    It is just a random collection of verses, authored by a psychopathic killer . Muslims call their prophet !!!

    A Muslim is a Muslim, is a Muslim !!!

    Muslims by definition.

    Are either Jihadists. Or Strategic support for the Jihad !!!

  • Tony Trenton


    Islam against the rest of humanity !!!


    The horrors of Islam are in these RANDOM COLLECTIOM OF VERSES. In plain sight !!!

  • Shulamith Goodman

    I remember how no nation wanted to take in millions of Jewish refugees during the Nazi era. Most of the European sates were only too happy to let the Nazis murder their Jews. The British would accept only children – without their parents – and even the mighty USA – home of the free and the brave – and which has a poem on the statue of Liberty (written by a Jewish woman), welcoming the poor etc. etc. – even they had a quota – only a certain number of Jews were accepted – others were turned away even when they arrived in old rickety ships, lacking food, water and medicines. Most of these refugees got back to Europe and the majority perished. In place of the Jews, who always contributed to the countries they lived in – Britain and Europe took in millions of Muslims – and they are just beginning to realize what they are going to get in return for their political correctness. Oh – the bitter irony……

  • Europe has sown the wind, and is beginning to reap the whirlwind.
    Are we witnessing the demise of western civilisation ?
    One indication of this is the fact that the birthrate of almost all western countries has fallen below the level required to maintain the population.
    Another is, being totally firm in the belief of its invincibility, the west has not bothered to defend itself against predatory outsiders of a different culture who can and are in fact beginning to take it over.

    • Jack Tucker

      Defeat you? Out-reproduce you. That’s how they will take over Western Europe. Maybe Israel as well.

  • Rosa Lopes

    Who elected you Muslims as god?

  • Rosa Lopes

    Who elected y0u people as God ?

  • Ephraim

    I have two things to say to Germany.

    1. Stop your stupid ignorant antisemitism and love affair with the savages. Wake up in a way other European countries steadfastly refuse to do. And stop supporting tremendously destructive ‘deals’ such as was done with Iran.

    2. Work with Israel to learn how to fight terrorism. Find solidarity with Israel. After all of your Nazi past (and present?) start working with people who are really much closer to you than you would care to admit, and expel the terrorists who infest your country, before they destroy you.

  • The French have woken up. Here is what Alexis Brézet wrote in Le Figaro after the Nice attack:
    “Merah, Charlie, Bataclan , Magnanville , and now Nice. How long before our eyes are opened ? How many wild attacks , indiscriminate massacres before our leaders admit that Islamist fanaticism initiated a fight to the death against our country and our civilization? How many innocent victims – men , women and children – before our leaders finally decide to take ruthless measures called for by the barbarity of these madmen of Allah?

    ” We are at war ! ” Now it is said. After much procrastination , the term is now on everyone’s lips . But really, who really believes it ? ” To arms, citizens,” we shout lustily , but our weapons are those of peace candles, hashtags , processions and subtleties of our Code of Criminal Procedure.”

    As for the Germans, they still think this is all done by mentally ill or depressed individuals.

    Robert Spencer on the Global Outbreak of Mental Illness