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August 2, 2016 4:00 am

Reuters and Mondoweiss Lie About Palestinian Olympic Swimmer

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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The 2012 Olympics. Photo: Facebook.

The 2012 Olympics. Photo: Facebook.

From Reuters:

Palestinian swimmer Mary al-Atrash can’t wait to make a splash at the Rio Olympics in August…

The 22-year-old university graduate’s preparations have been hampered because she does not have an Olympic-sized pool to train in. There are none in the Palestinian territories and she has to settle for a 25-meter pool.

Use of superior Israeli facilities and training partners in nearby Jerusalem, where there are several Olympic-sized pools and many swimmers, has not been possible due to the long-standing conflict with Israel.

Mondoweiss also reported on this story, writing:

 Nearby Jerusalem has better facilities, including several Olympic-sized pools and many swimmers to train with, but due to the Israeli occupation al Atrash is unable to travel to Jerusalem to train.

Unfortunately, Reuters and Mondoweiss did not bother to do any fact checks.

Israel’s COGAT has shown that both stories are a lie.

 FACT CHECK: Mary al-Atrash CAN train for the Olympics in Jerusalem, if she ever applied for a permit.

The Olympic candidate, Mary al-Atrash, claimed she cannot train for the Rio Olympics due to “Israeli Restrictions”. However, we found Mary never applied for a permit to train in Jerusalem in the first place.

Rather than investigate the truth, it’s a shame that media outlets such as Mondoweiss use these stories to paint Israel in a negative light.

We wish Mary the best of luck at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and hope she will come train in Jerusalem upon her return.

Neither outlet asked Israel whether the story was true. Which pretty much tells you all you need to know about Reuters’ and Mondoweiss’ lack of objectivity.

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  • manley kiefer

    No surprise, I expect that from anti Israel sources

  • art frank

    Lying is in the DNA of these people. She doesn’t deserve to use Israeli pools. She is
    the ENEMY!

  • Is the olympic pool that she was not denied use of in East Jerusalem or West Jerusalem?

    Are the Palestinians now claiming both?

    Would Jews be allowed use of Arab facilities?
    Why are we being defensive?

    Maybe she should be told that if asked she may or may not have had use of the Jerusalem facilities, but in order to ensure normal existence, she and her fellow Palestinians need to bring into power leaders who will make peace with Israel.

    Absent peace, the strongest control and all suffer. Her leaders have chosen not to make peace in hope.

    As for the world: I never understood how countries could refuse to have their embassies in even West Jerusalem while acknowledging Arab claims to for the eastern half – doesn’t this proove bias

  • Rick kaminer

    What these papers failed to say was that Jerusalemm is not part of Palestine and she would not need a permit to travel. Implying that the occupation is the reason she can’t train is a smoke screen to their message.

    It would have been proper reporting to ask why there was no 50 m pool. Maybe it’s because they Palestians used the money to build tunnels and there was not enough concrete left for a pool.

    • Kjell A. Amundsen

      There is no Palestine.
      Gazans build tunnels.

  • nat cheiman

    Why do palestinians and indeed, arabs tell fibs? I can recall so many lies even by “comical ali “during the Iraq war.

  • Lia

    If the story now seemed better to this young woman than the medal later, surely that’s her choice? Pity that Reuters & Mondoweiss are as lazy as the girl is.

  • stevenl

    Reuters and Mondos….t are simply purely antisemitic.

  • Yaakov

    The article should have stated that COGAT refers to Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories.

    As for the competition, I would assume that other factors take precedence over luck.

  • Rita Crespi

    I am SO surprised at this. NOT!!!!!! The anti-Israelis and ant-Semites do this all the time.
    Why didn’t she apply for permission to train in Israel. She would have been welcomed, but then there would be no lie to bitch about. Wel, she’s trained in a small pool. Her fault, her laziness or her opportunity to lie. Whichever, it’s her loss.