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August 8, 2016 2:29 pm

Top Israeli Diplomat Says Jewish, Sunni Arab States Coming to View Mideast Through Same Prism

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Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General Dore Gold. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General Dore Gold. Photo: Wiki Commons.

The director general of Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs said on Monday that Jerusalem has been cooperating with regional powers to confront common security threats.

In comments to the Financial Times, Dore Gold claimed, “The Sunni Arab states increasingly see the Middle East through the same prism as Israel” — faced with the increasing danger posed by Iran and radical Shiite terrorist groups.  

Both Sunni Muslim countries and Israel have been openly concerned about Tehran’s growing influence in the Middle East and what they believe are Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions, according to the Financial Times, which explained that the conflicts in Iraq, Yemen and Syria highlight the Iranian regime’s power in an increasingly unstable region.

As a result, it said, Arab countries traditionally hostile to Israel — including those with no diplomatic relations with the Jewish state — “have been discreetly developing Israeli contacts, but are at pains to keep them hidden for fear of triggering a popular backlash.”

Where Egypt is concerned, Gold said, Israel has been “very permissive” about allowing Cairo to deploy greater numbers of military personnel in the Sinai to combat jihadists, despite agreements limiting its troop levels in the area.

Gold — who, together with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has also been forging and cultivating relations with African nations — said that if Israel did not cooperate with Arab countries in matters of security and defense, terrorist groups would have an easier time of wreaking havoc across the region.

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  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Israel and Saudi Arabia have a lot in common.

  • Michael

    It is interesting to know this as it has bearing upon Egypt in these last days. Many Egyptians will come to believe in Yeshua as Messiah during these days. Consider how many Jewish people stayed behind in Egypt after the Exodus and their cultural and especially personal and religious influences affected the Egyptians. Many Egyptian eyes will be opened to Moshiach Yeshua!

  • GENESIS: Cap. 15:18
    “In that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying: ‘Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river pf Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates;

  • nat cheiman

    Good thinking

  • Ithink someone is being overly optimistic
    In the Qur’an it’s written “all Muslims are brothers and when there’s difference between you hold and return the rope of Subhana Wa taala (Allah)which is the Qur’an no Sunni or Shiite will go against that.
    If you trust this clandestine meetings you’ll be back stabbed sooner or later

    • iche

      unfortunatelythere are too many muslims who do not read properly the Holy Quran. There it is clearly mentioned many times that Israel belogs to the BANU ISRAIL (Israels Children)as they were given it by God according also to the Bible
      There are unfortunatels too many KUFFARIN MUSLIMS who are not following thw words of God. and are trying to take from BANU ISRAIL their promised Land
      By ALLAH Those KUFFARS will be punished by never getting to the JINNAH but directly to the Hell
      Subhan Allah

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Common sense dictates that Israeli cooperation with Arab and Arab-Muslim states that do not recognise Israel must be very carefully orchestrated with a highly scrutinised gaze at Israel’s back. Sworn enemies among the Arab and Arab-Muslim states have no problem taking one another to task, even for seeming trivial reasons or circumstances: a fortiori, Israel must be exquisitely vigilant in any and every seeming agreement with its sworn enemies.

  • Never thought in my wildest dreams that this union
    could be possible.

    However,I am sure there is no real love loss between
    Israel and the Sunni nations , but simply they all have a common “enemy”