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August 15, 2016 9:47 am

Jordan’s King Vows to Defend Al Aqsa Mosque Against ‘Repeated Israeli Violations’

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Jordanian King Abdullah II  said that he would fight against "repeated violations" by Israel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Jordanian King Abdullah II said that he would fight against “repeated violations” by Israel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Monday said he will stand against any attacks on the Al-Asqa Mosque on the Temple Mount by so-called Israeli “extremists,” following clashes on Sunday at the holy site.

“Our responsibility towards the Muslim holy places in Jerusalem is our top priority in the international arena, and we use all means necessary to defend al-Aksa Mosque,” King Abdullah said in an interview to the Jordanian daily, Al-Dustour, as reported in the Jerusalem Post.

King Abdullah claimed that Israel has continually tries to “change the status quo” on the Temple Mount, which currently restricts non-Muslim visitation and allows for unlimited Muslim prayer at the site. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said there will be no changes to the status quo.

Following the 1967 Six Day War, Jordan was given the authority to manage the Temple Mount and Al-Asqa Mosque, where several clashes have erupted over the years, often between Muslim activists and Jewish worshipers during holidays.

About 400 Jews visited the Temple Mount on Sunday to pray during the Jewish fast of Tisha B’Av, which commemorates the destruction of the Jewish Temples. Seven Jewish worshipers were detained for violating visitor rules. Groups of Muslims also clashed with police who were trying to distance them from Jewish visitors who were being escorted from the Temple Mount.

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  • A Zionist

    This is shocking. The only “violations” that take place are not from Jews but from Muslims. When Abdullah refers to “Israeli” violations, this means Jewsand constitutes “incitement.”

    Who stores rocks, Molotov cocktails, etc in the Mosques?
    Who verbally and physically attack Jews on the Temple Mount?
    Who lies about the Temple Mount, denying Jewish history?
    Who allows groups of Muslims shouting and screaming at Jews?
    Who plays football on the Temple Mount?
    Who turn their backs to the Temple Mount while praying towards Mecca?
    Who desecrates the Temple Mount and deliberately destroys archaeological remain on the Temple Mount?

    Who, in the spirit of Shalom, offered the Islamic Wakf responsibility for the 2 mosques on the Temple Mount; and who have taken this offer made by Moshe Dayan, as a “sign of weakness?”

    Who, consistently lie claiming the al-Aksa mosque is in danger? This lie was invented by the pro-Nazi Hajj Amin al-Husseini in 1929 and was used by Arafat to start the 2nd Intifada in order to prevent a peace deal offered by Ehud Barak (2000/2001). This same libel is used by Abbas and Abdullah today.

    These lies and libels must be countered by the Israeli government. Instead, we remain defensive and silent.

    Abdullah,like his late father, Hussein, remain in power only because Israel protects Jordan. The irony is that Jordan is a British colonial creation. In 1922, the British Colonial Secretary, Winston S Churchill, illegally took 78% (approx) of the land set aside in international law, for the Jewish National Home, in order to create the Emirate of Trans-Jordan, later the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

    This is beyond chutzpah!