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August 15, 2016 1:49 pm

Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Reveals She Can Read, Speak Hebrew

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Gabby Douglas said she can read and speak "a little" Hebrew. Photo: Twitter.

Gabby Douglas said she can read and speak “a little” Hebrew. Photo: Twitter.

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas knows how to read and speak “a little” Hebrew, she revealed in the Aug. 15 issue of Us Weekly.

The 20-year-old gymnast, who told the magazine that her favorite book is the Bible, was featured in a spread about the USA gymnastics team — which was awarded the gold medal in the women’s all-around finals at the Olympics in Rio on Aug. 9.

In her 2012 memoirIn Grace, Gold, and Glory: My Leap of Faith, Douglas wrote that her family “practiced some of the Jewish traditions.” She explained that the connection to Judaism began with her mother, Natalie Hawkins, and maternal grandmother, who occasionally prepared kosher meals. In addition, Hawkins studied Hebrew, according to the Jewish culture website

With the release of her book, the gold medalist told Us Weekly that her favorite food is matzah ball soup.

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  • Korahite

    My tribe is from Jerusalem. When we were enslaved by Romans and Arabs we were still from Jerusalem in the land of the Jews. We were still from Jerusalem when the 2nd temple was destroyed and we were taken as slaves to Italy and Spain. We were still from Jerusalem when we were forced out of Spain to a more tolerant Germany. We were still from Jerusalem when we died in the death camps of Europe. We are STILL from JERUSALEM. No other group has the history and physical proof of existence that the Jewish people do, yet still politicians twist the story to enrich themselves with stolen lands, money and confiscated property. The world will continue to do evil, and we will still be from Jerusalem.

    • DC T

      Jew-ISH is exactly what it suggests. Not a REAL Yahudim or member of the 12 Tribes, but someone who is kinda like a Jew. Your peopple are from the caucaus mountains and share nothing genetically with the people, voiding any claim to make towards the land. You are ashkanaz which means German from the Torah, meaning you are NOT from the bloodline of Shem but instead Japheth. Go tell your lies somewhere else. Gabby is a Hebrew Israelite, ancestor of those spoken of in the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 who were taken aboard ships, sailed to a land far away and sold as bondmen and bondwomen/slaves. When in history did this happen to the jew-ISH? Exactly!!!! NEVER!!! You wanna be jew-ISH? FINE! But don’t ever make the mistake of suggesting being Hebrew and jew-ISH are the same thing because they are not. Being Hebrew, is to be from a bloodline of which the Father was Shem, the progenitor of the Negro Race, and we can both see you are not apart of my race. Japheth did not settle in Shemitic/Semitic lands and neither were your people ever apart of that land, so your claims that people are being anti-semitic are invalid and full of BS, b/c you’re not a Semitic people, you’re a Japhetic people as with Gog and Magog from the Scriptures.

      • I agree with you that those who claim to be “Jewish” are not the original Hebrew Israelites but are “like” the Hebrew Israelites. I learned from the Hebrew Israelite groups that originated at 1 W. 125th St. in Harlem, N.Y.C. in about 1969 that so-called Negros, Hispanics and Indians are of the 12 tribes of Israel.

  • glenda Urmacher

    Forget the King James 1611 bible.
    You want to know what is in the bible, and who the people of the bile are, read it in its original language.
    that was the word an language of God
    not some gentile translation of what was picked, and chosen to put into the King James 1611 bible, or any other bile for that matter.

  • Hadassah Bas Yahweh

    Praise the one and only God YHWH (Yahweh) and his most sovereign son, Yahweh Ben Yahweh! The nation of Yahweh supports you in your growth of realizing who you are. We (the so called black people of America) were stripped of our original land, language (hebrew), culture, and God (Yahweh) …. Stay positive, beautiful, and humble. Spread the name of YAHWEH!!!
    -Shalom Aleichem

  • Hiddengoddess

    Good to know my brothers and sisters are waking up to the knowledge of who they are

  • Blukkytheguardian

    Mitsuyun achot! Qam yasharala!!!

  • dan ehrlich

    I think most of you people don’t know how to read. She didn’t say she was Jewish…just spoke some Hebrew and her family had a Jewish connection of sorts.

    As for who is Jewish: All DNA tests have shown a direct link between European Jews and the Semites of ancient Syria. Sephardim and Arabic Jews have similar DNA to Arabs.

    • stacey

      she is Hebrew. 80% of the slaves of the transatlantic slave trade are Hebrew. A Bastard lives in Ashdod. That is you.

    • Read Devarim 28 ehrlich!for starters who did that ever happen to! certainly not german europeans or anyone else it was you all that did the converting!

    • Manny

      There’s no DNA study confirming European Jews to have Near-Eastern origins. The world Jewry is as mixed as Arabs. You should read “The Invention Of The Jewish People” by Shlomo Sand.

    • Joel

      These letters are from kooks. Gabby Douglas is a wonderful church-going CHRISTIAN. So Gabby likes some Jewish food, so what. She is no Black Jew, just a dear sister in Christ.


    • Joseph

      The Arab group never existed 3,000 years ago.

    • Lembe South Africans have the dna of the ORIGINAL Hebrew Israelite Jewish Ministers led out of Egypt by Moses.

  • WE R HEBREW ISRAELITE NOT jewish, we’re not wishing: We r the true Jews, Shalam

  • Mehkai Thorne

    Blacks are the real jews (judah) and she is tapping into a lost history of our people..

    • Pam Johnson

      DNA testing will prove who is Jewish or not.

      • Genetic tests carried out by British scientists have revealed that many of the Lemba tribesmen in southern Africa have Jewish origins, according to a report by the BBC. The Lemba, a tribe of 70,000 to 80,000 members who live in central Zimbabwe and northern South Africa, have customs which are similar to Jewish ones: Lemba refrain from eating pork or other foods forbidden by the Torah, or forbidden combinations of permitted foods, wear yarmulke-like skull caps, conduct ritual animal slaughter, have a holy day once a week, and even put a Star of David on their gravestones. According to their oral tradition, the Lemba are descended from seven Jewish men who left Israel 2,500 years ago and married African women, according to the BBC. The Lemba prefer their children to marry other Lembas, and marriage to non-Lembas is being discouraged.

  • Julian Bailey

    Gabby knows she’s an ISRAELITE ! Qam yasharahla! The most high is awakening the TRUE JEWS OF ANCIENT ISRAEL

  • Israel

    A lot of the comments are making it as though she is Jewish. She is an Israelite a Jew from the tribe of Judah.

  • Yasmina Israel

    Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos, and Native Americans are the Israelites of the Bible! We suffer the curses found in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 kjv

  • tomyka

    She isn’t practicing Judaism. She is Hebrew Israelite.

  • Wanda

    Gabby is no Jewish she is an israelite like all the other African Americans. Judaism is a religion gabby is one of the true descendants of Abvrham yishaq and yahcob. Unlike the Jews today which are Ashkenaz, no even shemitic people but from the seed of Japheth or Khazars

  • The so called Blacks are the real jews… The ashkenaz and khazars are imposters and converts… All praises to The Most High

  • shadrach7

    Wow so Gabby is a practicing jew. wait til she finds out that she is actually of the tribes of Israel. This is gonna make more sense to her as to why she loves the bible so much. and for the inquiring minds Yes the Israelites are aware and awaken. we know that our identity has been usurped by our trustees( the Jewish)but we will be revoking those rites to your trusteeship soon. To Gabby, sister i just want to say that you ARE ALL THAT LIL SISTER AND WE OF THE “REAL” CHILDREN OF ISRAEL ARE PROUD OF YOU.

  • Robert Davis-Israel

    People in the land of Israel currentlty are Gentiles. Most Ashkenazi from the seed of Japheth (see Genesis chapter 10). They are not from the seed of Shem.

    • Most Israeli Jews are not Ashkenazi. There are very large groups who came to Israel from Yeman, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Morroco, etc. There are at least 125,000 Ethiopian Jews.

  • Robert Davis-Israel

    She knows her Hebrew Israelite heritage as well as the elite. Descendants of the trans Atlantic slave trade are true Hebrews.

  • Michael

    The original and not the converts

  • mike

    shalom sister. Yisra’el loves you. The Hebrew community loves you.!

  • Is Gabby Douglas Jewish? Interesting!

    • No. You need to read Revelation chapter 2 vs 9 and 3 vs 9 Yes the So-called African American are the real HEBREW ISRAELITES according to the KING JAMES 1611 Bible . You need to also read Deuteronomy chapter 28 verses 15 thru 68. the curses that are still on us until YAH returns. read Jeremiah 14 vs 2, Job 30 vs 30, Lamentation 5 vs 10 and 4 vs 8, Joel 2 vs6 They were all BLACK not White, Why would the bible say this in the Book of Amos Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians, (They look like us ) they don’t look like White people, Why would the bible say this Exodus 11 vs 7 But against any children of Israel shall not a dog move his tongue, against man or beast: that ye may know how that the Elohim doth put a difference between the Egyptians and Israel, Because the real Egyptian are BLACK. Last of all Why would the most high say from the book of Isaiah 29 vs 22 Isaiah 29:22 “Therefore thus saith the Elohim, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob, Jacob shall not now be ashamed, neither shall his face now wax pale.” Wax Pale means NOT WHITE look it up in the Strong’s Bible Dictionary. So Mr. Schickler The Hebrew Israelites are waking up by the thousand. My last advice to you to prove that the Jewish people are not the true Jew from the tribe of Judah, Look up United Nation resolution # 181 The gig is up bro. The Jewish are Kazars and you know it.

      • Bejenin

        Good to know you read the King James Bible, try reading it in the original Hebrew.

      • mlw11743

        The Khazar Canard – that modern-day Ashkenazi Jews have an Eastern European or Caucasian rather than Middle Eastern origin – has been disproved many times over by genetic analysis and remains alive only in the fevered imaginations of conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, and medieval-minded throwbacks unable to wrap their brains around the idea that the Jews are out of the ghettos, back in their homeland, free, sovereign, prosperous, proud and beyond the reach of their torches and pitchforks.

        While Jews clearly intermarried with local people – especially women – no significant population of Jews has been found that cannot trace at least its paternal genetic heritage back to ancient times in the Land of Israel.

        Research into the DNA of Jews throughout the world has demonstrated that they:

        1. Have a common historical origin
        2. Are related to other peoples of the Middle East
        3. Are only partially related to local populations such as the Turkic Khazars

        For supporting evidence, please refer to:

        “No Evidence from Genome-Wide Data of a Khazar Origin for the Ashkenazi Jews”

        “Jewish and Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations share a common pool of Y-chromosome biallelic haplotypes”.

        “A genome-wide genetic signature of Jewish ancestry perfectly separates individuals with and without full Jewish ancestry in a large random sample of European Americans”.

        “Jews worldwide share genetic ties”

        “Jews Are a ‘Race,’ “

        “Jewish and Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations share a common pool of Y-chromosome biallelic haplotypes”

        The report by Eran Elhaik titled “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses” is cited by Shlomo Sand and others as definitive proof that Ashkenazi Jews have no Middle Eastern roots. Yet, the final sentence of his report shows that Elhaik doesn’t go quite that far:

        “We conclude that the genome of European Jews is a tapestry of ancient populations including Judaized Khazars, Greco–Roman JEWS, Mesopotamian JEWS, and JUDEANS and that their population structure was formed in the Caucasus and the banks of the Volga with roots stretching to CANAAN and the BANKS OF THE JORDAN [River.]”

        All Jews are 100% Jewish.

      • mlw11743

        In addition, note that Yiddish, the language of the Ashkenazi Jews that evolved out of High German, adopted loan-words from all of the nations through which the Jews wandered all those centuries. There are words from old versions of French, Italian, even Latin – preserved after 2,000 years.

        Yiddish for clown is “payats” which, along with the Polish “pajac,” came from the French “paillasse,” which came from the Spanish “payaso,” which came, ultimately from the Italian “pagliaccio.”

        From Latin came the Yiddish words “bentshen” – to bless – “benedicere;” “davenen” – to pray – “divinus;” “memern” – to reminisce – “memorare;” “cholent” – hot meal served on the Sabbath – “calent.”

        From the French “legere” meaning “to read,” came the Yiddish word “lejenen” – to read.

        The Yiddish for “kerchief,” “fa?ejle,” comes from the Italian “fazzola.”

        But Yiddish has no words or word roots related to the Turkic family of languages, of which most linguists believe the Khazar tongue was a member. The presence of such words would be expected if a significant number of Khazars had converted and formed their own distinct population of Jews.

        If Latin is represented in Yiddish, from 2,000 years ago, why is the language of the Khazars totally absent after only half that time? Because Ashkenazi Jews are not the descendants of the Khazars.

        Also, note that Yiddish is linguistically referred to as a “subject–verb–object, verb-second” language. This word order is common across primarily Germanic languages such as German itself, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese, and Danish.

        In comparison, Slavic languages such as Bulgarian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, and Ukrainian are simply “subject–verb–object” languages while the Turkic languages – such as Turkish itself, Azerbaijani, and Kazakh –are “subject-object-verb.”

        The language of the Ashkenazi Jews is Germanic in structure and unrelated to the Turkic family of languages as the Khazars are believed to have spoken. Nor is it related, except for some loan words, to the Slavic languages, the other major language group of the region.

        Finally, there are no records of Khazar rabbis in the extensive responsa literature – no Rabbi Yaacov of Atil, Yitzhak of Balanjar, or Avraham of Kerch. Nor have there been any archeological discoveries of synagogues, schools, or cemeteries that would be expected of a multi-century existence of a distinctively Jewish empire.

        Even separated by distance, Jewish communities maintained religious and commercial correspondence with each other. Such connections were key to identity and trade across borders. At no time in history did the Mizrahi or Sephardi communities challenge the authenticity of their Jewish brethren in Europe.

        All Jews are 100% Jewish

      • The UN can not pass a resolution and say who is Jewish and who is not. That would be like passing a resolution that the earth is flat or the sun comes out at night and the moon comes out during the day. passing a resolution neither proves or disproves facts.

    • She isn’t and is a credit to the human race.

    • Israelite

      Gabbie is a Jew, she is not Jewish.

  • I am so happy with these comments embracing Gabby in our community! <3

    • Aliya

      That’s funny. You said you’re community. She is Hebrew by blood. We all know who GDs people truly are. So it’s a good thing that she and her family are waking up. HIS prophecy remais true even to this day. HIS people will return into HIM as in the days of Moshe’.

    • Aliya

      That’s funny. You said you’re community. She is Hebrew by blood. We all know who GDs people truly are. So it’s a good thing that she and her family are waking up. HIS prophecy remais true even to this day. HIS people will return unto HIM as in the days of Moshe’.

  • Ken Friedman

    I am impressed !
    Any positive connection to Judaism and the Jewish people is greatly appreciated
    We are your Brothers and Sisters

    • Israel

      She’s not Jew”ish”. She’s the true Jew from the tribe of Judah of the 22 tribes of Israel.

    • Mike Hood Sr

      Contrary to the popular lie the Israelite Bible is not a Christian book, nor were the followers of Yahawashi the Negro Messiah Christians (but Israelite who were called Christians-Acts 11:26), nor is there any Christian doctrine written in the Israelite Bible.

      Furthermore, contrary to the popular lie the Khazar’s (imposter Jews), Canaanite (whites) and Edomites (the caucasians whites) are not the Jews or any members of the 12 Tribes and their pagan invention of Judaism (Judaism was invented at the Council of Mainz Germany 1000 AD like Christianity was invented by the Romans pagans at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD) has no relations with Negro Jews from the tribe of Judah.

      Genesis 15:13-14 prophecy relates to the Israelite captivity in the Americas (New Egypt which is the house of bondage) and not ancient Egypt.

      Therefore, the Children of Israel (descendant of slaves) are God’s chosen people according the Bible and they would be identified by the prophecy of 400 years of slavery & oppression in a strange land among strange people.

  • Ben Merson

    Beautiful. Learning has no bounds.

  • Linda

    So very proud of you!

  • Good for Gabby! G-d bless her.

  • Marco Redwolf

    Considering how the crowd turned on her during the games and the bad mouthing still taking place I suggest she complete her connection to Judaism and make an Aliyah. Israel would embrace her.

  • Rita Crespi

    Then I shall say Mazel Tov to this beautiful talented young lady!

    • Chananiyah Crowder

      It would be Mazel todah..feminine…too would be masculine.

      • Chananiyah Crowder

        It would be Mazel tovah…feminine…too would be masculine.
        Yapha meode, Gabby. Aht osay todah d’varim.
        Much beautiful, Gabby. You’re doing good things.

  • Jay Lavine

    Mentioning “Jewish culture” rather than Judaism reminds me of my answer to the question: “What is a Jewish Bible?” Answer: It’s one of those silver-plated, jewel-encrusted Bibles people purchase on their trips to Israel — it gets displayed and admired but never read. Ever read the promotional tour flyers? A trip to Israel for people of Jewish ancestry is a “Jewish heritage” tour. For Christians, it’s a pilgrimage.