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August 16, 2016 9:52 am

Alan Dershowitz: Black Lives Matter Must Rescind Its Anti-Israel Declaration

avatar by Alan Dershowitz

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Black Lives Matter protesters on  July  17, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. Photo by Jose Lopez, from Black Lives Matter website.

Black Lives Matter protesters on July 17, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. Photo by Jose Lopez, from Black Lives Matter website.

It is a real tragedy that Black Lives Matter — which has done so much good in raising awareness of police abuses — has now moved away from its central mission and has declared war against the nation state of the Jewish people. In a recently issued “platform,” more than 60 groups that form the core of the Black Lives Matter movement went out of their way to single out one foreign nation to accuse of genocide and apartheid.

No, it wasn’t the Syrian government, which has killed tens of thousands of innocent people with barrel bombs, chemicals and gas. Nor was it Saudi Arabia, which openly practices gender and religious apartheid. It wasn’t Iran, which hangs gays and murders dissidents. It wasn’t China, which has occupied Tibet for more than half a century. And it wasn’t Turkey, which has imprisoned journalists, judges and academics. Finally, it wasn’t any of the many countries, such as Venezuela or Mexico, where police abuses against innocent people run rampant and largely unchecked. Nor was it the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, where the police are a law unto themselves who act as judge, jury and executioner of those whose politics or religious practices they disapprove.

It was only Israel, the nation state of the Jewish people and the only democracy in the Middle East. The platform accuses the US of being “complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people” by providing aid to “an apartheid state.”

To be sure, Black Lives Matter is not a monolithic organization. It is a movement comprising numerous groups. Many of its supporters have no idea what the platform says. They cannot be faulted for supporting the movement or its basic mission.

But the platform is the closest thing to a formal declaration of principles by Black Lives Matter. The genocide paragraph may well have been injected by radicals who are not representative of the mainstream. But now that it has officially been published, all decent supporters of Black Lives Matter — and there are many — must demand its removal.

Criticizing Israel is not antisemitic. Like other democracies, including our own, it has faults. Criticizing Israel’s settlement and occupation policies is fair game. But singling Israel out and falsely accusing it of “genocide” can be explained in no other way than blatant hatred of Jews and their state.

In defending its citizens against terrorism since before its establishment as a state in 1948, Israel has killed fewer Palestinians than did Jordan and Syria in two much shorter wars. The relatively low number of civilian deaths caused by Israeli self-defense measures over the past 68 years compares favorably to the number of civilian deaths in other conflicts. This is because, as Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, put it: There has been “no time in the history of warfare when an Army has made more efforts to reduce civilian casualties…than [the Israel Defense Forces].” Though Kemp was specifically referring to the wars in the Gaza Strip — which are also the apparent focus of the Black Lives Matter Platform — his conclusion is applicable to all wars Israel has fought.

Genocide means the deliberate extermination of a race, such as done by Nazi Germany to Jews and Sinti and Roma or by the Hutu against the Tutsi in Rwanda. It has no application to deaths caused by self-defense measures taken to protect citizens against terrorism. To falsely accuse Israel of “genocide” — the worst crime of all, and the crime whose very name was coined to describe the systematic murder of 6 million Jews — is antisemitic.

Until and unless Black Lives Matter removes this blood libel from its platform and renounces it, no decent person — black, white or of any other racial or ethnic background — should have anything to do with it. We should continue to fight against police abuses by supporting other organizations or forming new ones. But we must not become complicit in the promotion of antisemitism just because we agree with the rest of the Black Lives Matter program.

To support an organization or movement that promotes antisemitism because it also supports good causes is the beginning of the road to accepting racism. Many racist groups have also promoted causes that deserve support. The Black Panthers had breakfast programs for inner-city children, while advocating violence against whites. And the Ku Klux Klan organized summer camps for working-class families, while advocating violence against blacks.

There must be zero tolerance for antisemitism, regardless of the race, religion, gender or sexual orientation of the bigots who promote, practice or are complicit with it. Being on the right side of one racial issue does not give one a license to be on the wrong side of the oldest bigotry.

To give Black Lives Matter a pass on its anti-Jewish bigotry would be to engage in racism. Black antisemitism is as inexcusable as white antisemitism or white racism. There can be no double standard when it comes to bigotry.

I write this column both in sorrow and in anger. In sorrow because I support the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement — I have long been involved in efforts to expose and prevent police abuses — and worry that this obnoxious and divisionary platform plank may destroy its credibility with regard to police abuse in America by promoting deliberate lies about Israel. It is also alienating Jewish and other supporters who could help them achieve their goals here at home — as many such individuals have historically done in actively supporting all aspects of the civil rights movement.

I write it in anger because there is never an excuse for bigotry and for promoting blood libels against the Jewish people and their state. It must stop. And those who engage in it must be called out for condemnation.

Black Lives Matter should rescind the portions of the platform that falsely accuse Israel of genocide and apartheid. If it does not, it risks ending in the dustbin of history, along with other discredited bigoted groups.

It would be sad if the good work done by Black Lives Matter were now to be sidetracked by the mendacious and irrelevant accusation of “genocide” and “apartheid” against one foreign democracy — Israel.

Alan M. Dershowitz is professor emeritus of law at Harvard University and author of “Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law.’’

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  • chris n

    shut up you self important slimeball

  • Lorne Michaels

    Wait a minute. Alan Dershowitz has set a precedent, though. He claims the BDS movement is inconsistent. The rule he is stating is that consistency is a must and “singling out” is wholly impermissible. I’ll take him up on that. He opened the door.

  • Is Allan Dershowshits stupid or just pretending?
    All leftist movements in the world today are antisemitic and anti-Israeli and this is not going to change.
    Likewise Blacks in America are overwhelmingly antisemitic. They are 3 times as likely to be antisemitic as whites.

    Also it is a lie that BLM has contributed anything positive. Most of their protests are totally unjustified. For example they consider killing the violent thug in Ferguson a murder. While in fact it was totally justifiable. And it is very good that the thug was killed before he could hurt more people.

    This is not police brutality and certainly not racism, because police would and should have done exactly the same if the thug was white.

    • Sara Springer

      I was going to comment but you have said it all. Thank you!

  • Here’s why Black Live’s attack on Israel is wrong, hypocritical and bigoted.

    1) They do not attack China for its conquest and occupation of Tibet since 1950, even though Tibet had never threatened to destroy China.
    This occupation includes several hundred thousand Han Chinese settlers.

    2) They do not attack Morocco for it’s conquest and occupation of Western Sahara since 1975, even though Western Sahara had never threatened to destroy Morocco. This occupation includes a separation barrier and thousands of Moroccan settlers.

    3) They do not attack Turkey for its conquest and occupation of Northern Cyprus since 1973, even though Cyprus had never threatened to destroy Turkey. This occupation includes thousands of Turkish settlers and a separation barrier.

    4) They do not attack Armenia for its conquest of Nogorno-Karabakh form Azerbaijan in 1993, even
    though Azerbaijan had never threatened to destroy Armenia. This occupation includes thousands of Armenian

    5) As well, they ignore Britain’s occupation of Gibraltar, Spain’s occupation of Ceuta and Melilla, Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan, India’s occupation of Kashmir, Russia’s occupation of Eastern Poland, Russia’s occupation of much of Finland, Russia’s occupation of Crimea, Poland’s occupation of Eastern Germany (Pomerania and Selesia), France’s occupation of Corsica, and Chile’s occupation of coastal Bolivia—all, to different degrees, ongoing and often bloody disputes to this day, and all ignored by the boycotters.

    Since all these occupiers are not jewish, and conquered for aggrandizement, not survival, we must conclude that the focus on Israel is hypocritical and anti-semitic. In 1948 and 1967, before there were any occupations, Israel’s neighbours attempted her destruction, and Hamas still advocates and pursues Israel’s destruction eleven years after Israel’s total withdrawl. The concern is that any further withdrawl simply makes that final destruction easier. Just like forcing Czechoslovakia to surrender the Sudetenland in 1938 for “Peace in our Time” only encouraged Hitler to invade the now defenseless and friendless Czechoslovakia one month later.

    Nelson Daniels,
    3225 Lawrence Ave. East, suite #100
    Scarborough, Ontario
    Tel: (416)-439-6711

  • Jeffrey

    I looked on the Black Lives Matter website and could not find the platform position that Dr Dershowitz is discussing.

    Dr Dershowitz- could you please post the Citation for the comments you are addressing?

    I did find a platform statement from a group calling itself “The Movement for Black Lives” at:

    That appears to have the language Dr Dershowitz is responding to, but it is not clear that “The Movement for Black Lives” is related to or part of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Without some evidence that one organization is related to the other, it would be unfair to ascribe the platform of one group as representing the positions of the other.

  • Anita Simon

    Singling out Israel for attack shows that the BLM have been kidnapped by the radical right, Black lives DO matter, and the organization should take back it’s own platform, which Jews have always supported

  • Anita Pomerance

    Those who wrote the Black Lives Matter platform plank condemning Israel for genocide and apartheid have no interest in objectivity, in fairness or even in thinking. If they had, then even if there were any valid basis for directing accusations of such crimes against Israel, the accusers would have seen the illogic of singling out Israel alone for such condemnation. This plank of the BLM platform is all about hatred of Israel and the Jews and not at all about the plight of the world’s victims of genocide and apartheid. BLM evidences no concern for those who suffer such abuses at the hands of non-Jewish nations, and no disapproval of non-Jewish nations which practice such abuses. BLM’s platform writers have adopted blind irrationality and bigotry as their operating principles even while expecting people to ensure that they are safe from the effect of such prinicples in the actions of others. What a botched job they have made of the BLM platform and of the perceptions of BLM by those in a position to extend or whithhold help!

  • Liz Wagner

    Having this piece published is better than having no such statement calling out the bigotry of the BLM statement on Israel; however, as long as most Jews remain tied to the virulently anti-Israel, and anti-Jewish, left, now dominating the Democrat Party, there’s no more powerful way to pressure BLM, or other leftist activists, to admit they are bigoted against Jews and Israel. These are people who promote the lies that Israel practices apartheid and genocide against the Arabs in Gaza and Judea. Then they lie about the lies by calling them “criticisms.” The entire anti-Israel campaign is built upon a mountain of lies. Unfortunately, the many Jews who continue to support these bigots and the Democrat Party, which protects them, make it nearly impossible to wage a serious fight against them, as far as I can tell.

  • laurence m. joffe

    Every commentary pro or con regarding this hot topic was done exceedingly well in tone and depth. I look forward to more well written critiques. Bravo!

  • John

    Anyone who cares about civil rights and racial equality should reject the organization BLM given that BLM has proven itself to be a bigoted and violent via the following: (1) BLM’s platform has singled out Israel for condemnation under the bogus allegation that Israel has committed “genocide” against the Palestinians when the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics reports that the Arab Palestinian population has grown 800% since 1948 (while spreading such fake allegations of genocide, BLM ignores very real genocides committed against Yazidis, Bahais and Middle Eastern Christians and the Hamas charter provision advocating genocide against Jews worldwide); (2) BLM students have called for white students to kill themselves; (3) the head of BLM Toronto recently tweeted for Allah to give her strength not to kill white people; (4) large groups of BLM demonstrators in NYC recently chanted “what do we want? Dead cops! When do we want ’em? Now!” and (5) BLM idolizes Assata Shakur — a convicted cop killer and bank robber who escaped from prison in the U.S. to Cuba. Note, a quotation from Shakur, the first woman to make the FBI’s most wanted list, prominently appears on the webpage of BLM.
    See the following:
    (5) and

  • Trying to “educate” these groups about the “evils of anti-Semitism” is like trying to teach pigs to sing. Alan may try, but nobody has succeeded in doing so yet. Instead, he and others should understand that their efforts will only succeed in making these “pigs” mad…. Alan’s arguments are no secret. Everybody realizes their veracity. The BLM are not unaware of Israel’s humanitarian significance. Instead, the BLM, are like many other organized minority movements that are anti-Semitic/Israeli and are also anti-American, socialist/communist, anti-free-market and anarchists. These are their true grievances – not the fabricated cause of BLM. So, Alan. Try to teach these groups about the virtues of America, the free-market, the evils of communism and socialism and the sanctity of “law and order.” And see how mad they get…..

  • Tess

    Mr Dershowitz, BLM is an integral part of your anti Israel liberal party
    Elections have consequences and your year after year support of the ” DAC” dems for anarchy and chaos has emboldened the most dangerous in the US and the Middle East. Very telling in this article that you begin by praising BLM as from the start they, as they call for destructive action against Israel, have made calls against the lives of our brave men in blue. But this article sheds light that blue lives just don’t matter to you. We’ve come to a place after 8 yrs that anti Semitism, anti Christian, anti law enforcement are all an integral part of your party. You are and always have been on the wrong side and you have played a part in this scary place we find ourselves.

    • Francis Figliola

      Tess, I know this is not PC, but ‘way to go girl!’ In addition, Mr. Dershowitz actively campaigned for Mr. Obama, an empty suit in an empty chair who sequestered all of his bona fides from public – never before done! Obama comes from a failed city within a failed state in which his closest associates were the likes of (published Race and Jew baiters: Mssrs. Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Wright), Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dorn, and slum lord, Valerie Jarrett! Need anyone say more?

    • Francis Figliola

      Tess, I know this is not PC, but ‘way to go girl’! Mr. Dershowitz actively campaigned for Mr. Obama, an empty suit who sequestered all of his bona fides – never been done before! What did Dershowitz expect for an outcome? Obama comes from a failed city in a failed state in which his close associates were the likes of( published race and Jew baiters Wright, Sharpton, Jackson Farrakhan), Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers and wife Bernardine Dorn, and slum lord, Valerie Jarrett!

  • Darren

    I respect Alan Dershowitz’s defense of Israel. He frequently writes articles and has penned a book in support of Israel. But his position above is not a principled one.

    He states that Black Lives Matter has “done so much good in raising awareness of police abuses”. Really? Black Lives Matter came into being as a result of a lie, the claim that Ferguson police officer Daryl Wilson shot Michael Brown while his hands were up. The Obama / Holder Justice Department – hardly a pro-police outfit, to say the least – exonerated the police officer. “Hands up, don’t shoot”, the mantra of BLM, was a lie. No matter. Ferguson burned.

    In Baltimore, in a case sensationalized by BLM and the media, six police officers, three white, three black, accused of homicide against Freddie Gray, had the charges thrown out by a combination of hung juries and a black judge who found no grounds to pursue the case. No matter. Baltimore burned.

    At the Democratic National Convention, the mothers of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin (killed not by police but by a Hispanic civilian), and several other black males, one of whom was killed in gang violence, were paraded before the cameras to propound the narrative of a supposed hunting season on black males by police. The arena erupted in chants of “Black Lives Matter!”

    So what Mr. Dershowitz has communicated is that this radical group, which has destroyed the lives of innocent police officers and contributed to a nihilistic atmosphere in the US, has “done so much good” but for its anti-Semitic manifesto.

    I am sorry to say that that stance is highly unprincipled. Mr. Dershowitz is, once again, facing the demons of cognitive dissonance that haunts so much of his writing. He is in many respects a man of the Left, but the Left has, at least since the Six-Day War, been anti-Zionist and increasingly anti-Semitic. One cannot dance with the radicals of the Left, if one supports Israel, and not get burned. And why the surprise? Is this the first time a group on the Left launched a blood libel against Israel? It is their bread and butter.

    I wish Mr. Dershowitz had written a different piece. I wish he had said that BLM is engaging in race baiting, racial divisiveness, and racial mythmaking, and the manifesto’s calumny that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians is simply the predictable culmination of the standard Leftist poison brew. But, as a man of the Left, he is unable to do that.

    To resolve that cognitive dissonance, he throws the innocent police under the bus and only comes out against the group when it shows it stripes on Israel. Not very principled in my view.

  • Antisemitism is once more acceptable both from the Right and the Left; in both the USA and Europe. I take issue with Dershowitz on the Israeli settlements. If the ‘Palestinians’ had wanted the settlements would never have been built after The Six Day War. The Arabs were offered peace, but as usual rejected peace and recognition of Israel; a position they still hold to this day. The settlements were built for the security of Israel against an enemy who to this day wants to destroy the Jewish State and drive ALL Jews into the sea and attack Jews anywhere and everywhere in the world.

  • Great job on this column, but 2 corrections:

    1. Israel does not “occupy”–it “administers” with the agreement of the PA under the Oslo Accords to varying degrees in Areas A, B and C. It is time to correctly characterize the dynamics in the so-called West Bank. Indeed as to Gaza, Israel does not occupy nor administer— HAMAS does that with brutality. So please get this straight.

    2. BLM has always been a hate organization–and you are right, they are the flip side of the KKK. But they are also infiltrated by Palestinian haters and Leftist haters (including the ex-Jew Gilmer, who helped push for the anti-Israel platform).

    It would be best if Allen Dershowitz stop his perpetual coddling and romancing of the Leftist haters. It sets a poor example in the fight for justice and fairness. It is best to recognize the haters for what they are and start to outright
    condemn them, with courage. The haters are not poor misguided
    young people. Many of the BLM hate leaders are well into their 30s. And, Gilmer had been active in Young Judea.

    In addition, you very well know that BLM seeks to stir up hatred not just against police but also against society as a means to obtain power. BLM will exploit and twist any police incident into a racist act, not to obtain justice and improvement, but to inflame and incite in order to obtain some kind of supremacy.

    BLM and its collection of haters want to take down
    US society and Israel’s lawful, democratic government which is not apartheid at all. Israel’s government includes Blacks and muslim Arabs.

    The irony is that it is the PA which is indeed an apartheid fascistic society. But that is of no import to BLM.

  • Alan,

    The entire left spectrum in the United States propounds that all whites are racist by definition. Now we know that to presume wrongdoing or bad motives of a person solely on the basis of their skin color is not only per se bigotry, it is anathema to the civil rights movement itself. Yet this is a principal tenet of the PC movement within the U.S. left. Under these circumstances, it should come as no surprise that a principal tenet of BLM is that Israel is guilty of genocide. To these folks evidence and proof is irrelevant. All that matters is PC dogma.

  • Jim

    Should Allen be having sex with underage girls? He is a criminal.

  • Miri

    I guess only black lives matter, Palestinian lives matters, every other life matters, but not Jewish lives. Jewish lives never seem to matter to anyone. And if Israel should claim otherwise, the whole world claims the Israelis care only about themselves.
    It always appalls me that people who claim they should be treated as equals feel no need to treat others the same way. Rather disgusting.

  • nat cheiman

    BLM is in fact a terrorist organisation

  • Ernie Lofthouse

    I find Alan Dershowitz cry of foul when it comes to the Black lives matter movement and the Jewish nation and people. where is his outrage over the calling for the murder of police officers and now the open call for eradicating whites? no one condones the abuse of any group by police but these incidents are small in comparison to the overhaul amount of police presence we have in this country. where is this groups moral outrage over the terrible death toll in the black community committed by other blacks? my regard for Dershowitz has diminished over time his continued defense of the democratic positions and dogma no matter how far out and even within mainstream America. I have not heard his stance on Hillary Clinton and her run for president.This individual in prison or under indictment at the very least, and to top that off she is a serial liar. and i still don’t know what her true stance on Israel, the democrats have failed miserably under Obama and she is running on his platform!if you look at history back as far as Reconstruction the Democratic party was responsible for Jim Crow the kkk and help set the mindset against the blacks in the south and also the North. as repugnant as Anti Semitic behavior is so are the others that this so-called “movement” is involved with and in.

  • Reform School

    Tell Hillary Clinton, Barry Soetoro, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder. Then read Steve Allen’s DUMBTH while facing a full-length mirror.

  • George Curtis

    I think Mr. Dershowitz needs to credit Senator Bernie. Sanders for the recent wave of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric coming from Black Lives Matter and the American black community in general. After blatantly lying and claiming that Israel killed 10,000 people in the last Gaza Sen. Sanders then enlisted Cornell West to be a member of the Democratic Platform Committee. Mr. West who is a philosophical icon in the black community has made statements to the effect that the ” Palestinians are the new Blacks”. Such a statement clearly equates Israel and Jews as oppressors and racists to be opposed and hated by the American black community. Mr. West and Mr. Sanders progressive followers have been in the lead in trying to have the Democratic Party adopt a clearly anti-Israel platform and the adoption of the anti-Semitic rhetoric that is now part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Sen. Sanders telling of blatant lies and working against the interest of Israel and of all Jews need to be called out and challenged by everyone and especially the Jewish Community

  • Moshe Akiva

    I love Alan Dershowitz, he is a very smart man. But I think in this case he should know better.

    The Black Lives Matter organization is not a dilettante, misled group who are just simply misinformed. Not at all.

    This is a racist, vile, evil group from the beginning, or if it wasn’t, their name would have been from the beginning “All Lives Matter”.
    These are at best gangsters, murderer thugs, people who would turn an entire city on fire if they could, have no qualms about human lives, they have no principles, they are simply just the garbage of mankind.

    Thus, it is not a wonder they turn on Israel, too.
    It is at least fashionable today, but most likely they were paid by Farrakhan and his gang, or other Muslim groups to do this.

    No Mr. Dershowitz – while all my respect to you in every way – this didn’t just jump off the roof, this is deliberate evil. I can smell where it comes from and you should, too.

  • diane

    Are these idiots for freaken real I guess they have nothing else to do but blame the jews again. Freaken open your eyes and see what all those fanatics are doing to the black community,gays,children,beheading women and families killing Christians,you bunch of sickos you are all just as sick, these people have nothing else to do but blame the jews.

  • Harvard

    BLM is one of the nodes in the “intersectionality” movement that connects various groups whose beliefs are simply totally detached from reality. If they were truly interested in saving Black lives, they would be advocating for a greater police presence in Black neighborhoods where violent death is all too common. They would be advocating for members of the Black community to reach out and form personal connections to police officers. They would be speaking against violence directed at police. Instead, they are pursuing the opposite of these measures that would actually save Black lives. Honesty requires recognition that the BLM doesn’t really care about protecting Black lives, rather it seeks to set up police “no-go” zones like the various Muslim enclaves in Europe where their violence will give them power over the common citizens. This would actually be very bad for Black people.

    Since they are taking their cues form other groups whose goals are actually the opposite of what they claim to fool the public, it should come as no surprise that they endorse violence against Jews and Israel, because their Islamist models do so.

  • SteveHC

    “Until and unless Black Lives Matter removes this blood libel from its platform and renounces it, no decent person — black, white or of any other racial or ethnic background — should have anything to do with it. We should continue to fight against police abuses by supporting other organizations or forming new ones.” – Absolutely correct, in all respects. We may have to take this specific issue up further with other member organizations.

  • Textbooks on History,Psych.,and even Business show how manipulation is used for a variety of ends.
    The fomenting common to politics, makes strange activity. Of course, this is what some want. Whoop up the crow, then profit from the mayhem.
    What makes papers is all that matters to some. “Wrong!”
    Old lies get repeated,dragging in those who know no different .I shake my head.

  • Martial

    Even if BLM should rescind its declaration, it would still be obnoxious to freedom & liberty. The right to riot, a BLM tactic, has never been considered valid in our country. Neither is expanding the spread of murder, rape, & robbery, the result of BLM’s efforts in Baltimore & the Twin Cities, a good cause for Jews to follow.

  • The real tragedy is when people forget history. Sadly, Jewish involvement in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement was forgotten. Any organization that falsely compares Israel to apartheid-era South Africa must never receive any support. And no good works come from a bunch of anarchists, only hatred and prejudice.

  • Larry Robins

    BLM is just another group of fat, ugly, smelly, black women who push their weight around because they know no one wants to confront them. Screw them – let them go back to their homes where their men beat, cheat and abuse them.

  • max olivier

    Black Lives Matter is dedicated to the proposition that black americans can do bad things and not be arrested. PROOF 1. Black lives manifestations are assemblies of disruptive often violent behavior calculated to summon and provoke the police to an arrest which is then to be protested and resisted. PROOF 2. Two thousand black Americans have been killed so far this year by other black Americans in the urban areas of predominantly black habitation . Most of these deaths are gun fire deaths. This awful torrent of black killing of blacks doesn’t seem much to matter to Black Lives Matter . On this terrible loss of mostly very young black lives , Black Lives Matter is curiously silent and inert.

  • Jennifer

    Alan, you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned stepping away from their original mission. All of the political scare tactics like others expressed aside, police abuse does exist, Blacks are killed at 4 times higher rates than whites (for similar or lesser ‘offenses’) an racism also exists within systems of jobs, pay and education. I study inequality.
    Not only am I upset about BLM’s stance on Israel and Jewish people, but I worry that it detracts from their mission, and it begins another cycle of pinning minority against minority, which only ever aids in empowering the majority. You also very eloquently and correctly mentioned that not everyone in the group will hold this view. ALL hatred and bigotry are wrong. I have the same feelings as you, Alan; I’m angered and sad.

  • What do you expect from a movement fabricated out of a lie that Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO was shot down by a white cop while he had his hands in the air surrendering.

    And all the blacks believed that lie along with a large percentage of Liberal Jews.

    Most of the police budget goes to policing black neighborhoods which have the most amount of crime and violent criminals.

    The residents don’t know the costs of anything because everything they have is based on entitlements and freebees.

    Black criminals who are killed by police or by their rival gangs will never contribute to the continuation of our society or the next great cure.

    These people who are already career criminals at the age of 23 like the black who was shot to death by a black cop and still they rioted and burned businesses to the groung.

    If only they would take $100/mo from their food stamps until the damages were repaid it might produce something,but institutional poverty is too ingrained along with criminal behavior and a 73% illegitimacy rate which is destroying our country.

    God help us if they ever take over which they will in time.

    Black Lives Matter depends on hatred of Jews and whites and Christianity.

    MLK, Jr. must be turning over in his grave.

    • A.

      Not only Martin Luther King Jr. must be turning over in his grave, but even Malcolm X must be turning over in his grave too.

  • joe quellman

    BLM and BHO are indivisible .acronyms

  • brenrod

    they are funded by muslim orgs so they must do what they’re told. Dersh should stop begging from the anti semitic scum.

  • Marco Redwolf

    So Black Lives Matters has a bunch of good people who don’t know what their platform is ? Black Lives Matters platform has been high jacked by a bunch of radicals ? Alan, give me a break ! The entire narrative of BLM is a crap sandwich ! It is based on a falsehood AKA total bullshit. that being the story that Michal Brown was surrendering , hands up , facing away from the officer and yelling Don’t Shoot… There is NOTHING redemptive about BLM . They are a radical, disruptive bunch of Anti Semites who besides their abject racism and hate of anyone white are basically as ignorant and stupid as a box of horse turds. Period…

  • Aliza

    Dershowitz is a friend of Obama. He was a supporter of Hillary and may still be. Both Obama and Hillary support BLM.

    BLM is out to destroy our police system. At the Democratic convention, the police were told there was to be no uniformed police in the convention hall. They did not want to upset their sensitive supporters… with a semblance of law and order.

    What is happening in Milwaukee hast been stoked by the legitimization of this kind of behavior by BLM and BLM has been legitimized by being invited to the White House to speak with the President of the United States.

    Dershowitz is wrong to attribute any positive aspect to BLM. Does he think BLM will read his article and say… “Oops, we made a mistake about Israel. Please forgive us. Let’s be friends.”

    How about Dershowitz saying “Oops I made a mistake about BLM.” C’mon Dersh, with a little due diligence, you can find out the truth about BLM and correct your mistaken message.

  • Alan you have no credibility. Twice you you supported Obama who in Cairo made clear he reveres the mass murderer of Jews, Muhammad. You cannot see antisemitism when it is shoved in your face. Anyone who reveres a mass murderer of Jews is a raving antisemite…But you continue to revere Obama, BLM, and so many other antisemitic individuals and institutions.

  • Why doesn’t he renounce them for the racists that they are? That’s not counting being a terrorist movement.

  • Joseph

    In contrast to the previous comments, I believe this is an excellent opinion piece by a well known and respected jurist who is far from myopic. The piece really needs far more exposure than Algemeiner can give it. I was thinking an op_ed in the NYT, WP or the like. But, after reading Jonah’s colorful comments, its clear to me that it also needs to be targeted to organs and venues where well meaning members of the Black community, and in particular the BLM community, will see it.

  • Avi

    If black lives truly mattered, there would not shootings, gangs, murders and drugs, in the hoods across the USA. It is an old black plague. BLM’s only goal is to gain clout, awareness and prestige as an influential black, radical activist movement. They are so successful in their mission and in attaining their goals, they decided to take their eyes of the ball and divert their attention to assist their historical frenemy. Muslims that enslaved and traded them in the New World.

  • Benjamin Gruder

    There’s a little bit of confusion here. The coalition that put out this idiotic platform is not BLM (they really should copyright the name). It’s M4BL (“Movement for Black Lives”). It’s important to distinguish between these people, otherwise they all become enemies.

  • Darren

    No, no. You all misunderstand Mr. Dershowitz. What he is saying is that had Black Lives Matter not supported anti-Semitism, he would have been perfectly fine with the organization throwing innocent white and black cops under the bus. Cops like Darren Wilson, who the Obama / Holder Justice Dept. refused to prosecute when it became clear that Michael Brown was not the innocent victim BLM made him out to be. Cops like the three white and three black cops whose charges were thrown out when a black judge ruled against the Baltimore prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case.

    What a shame. If only the radical leftist BLM movement hadn’t reared its ugly anti-Semitic head, Mr. Dershowitz would have been fine promoting the movement at the expense of the many innocent police who have been unfairly calumnied by the movement.

    But Mr. Dershowitz (always) want to have it both ways. He just can’t quite cut loose from a Leftism that is increasingly at odds with Zionism, so he constantly finds himself in a situation of cognitive dissonance. A stadium of thousands of people at the DNC chanting Black Lives Matter! Well, that’s the price of supporting the Democratic Party’s “noble” goals. A Bernie Sanders candidacy that sweeps up masses of Democrats while pushing an anti-Israel agenda? Guess it’s just the price of supporting those other “noble” goals.

    Alan Dershowitz, at his age, will never be able to resolve that cognitive dissonance. But the reality is crystal clear: If you are a Jew who cares about Israel and feels compelled to dance with the Left, you will get burned. And no amount of cognitive dissonance with salve that burn.

  • BLM was born from the blatant lie that 18 year old Michael Brown was shot in the back in Ferguson, MI. He weighed 300 lbs was full of PCP drugs and tried with all his human strength to seize a cop’s gun. I’m sorry, but BLM perpetuates a fraud.

  • Mike Portland

    Dershowitz should talk to his heroes Obama, for whom he voted twice, and Hillary for whom he will vote next time, both of whom are great supporters of BLM. What a hypocryte?

  • one has to respect Dersh but, with all due respect, one shouldn’t hold one’s breath waiting for decency, brotherhood and good will for Israel and the Jews to break out in BLM. one should hope for it and work for it but don’t expect. BLM is dominated by people who hate Israel and the Jews or for whom, in the best case, hatred of Israel and the Jews is a matter of utter indifference.

    and, it should be said that, for many of the BLM faithful, Black Lives Matter means Only Black Lives Matter…nothing else matters and no one else matters.

    But, let’s see if Dersh’s assessment of BLM is right.

  • DockyWocky

    Dershowitz must have blown a gasket to come to the aid of a reprehensible crap organization as Black Lives Matter. There isn’t an iota of worthwhile anything coming from this group of savages. They are just ignorant rabble, performing like trained seals and rousing other rabble with their phony cause.

    Gee. If there was anything about their hero, Mikey Brown worth passing on to young blacks, I am sure they could have accomplished that in a sentence or two.

    Phony cause, phony people, phony everything – but where does the money come from?

  • Tullymd

    The Black Lives Movement is alienating potential allies. This is self destructive behavior in keeping with other such behaviors as when they shoot and kill each other, their drug use, their family dysfunction and out of wedlock births, and a culture which has stated that studying and becoming educated is “acting white”.
    Such is the result of centuries of persecution. Someone please enlighten them…the best revenge is success. Get a life. Jews as well have been persecuted for centuries but somehow survived or should I say thrived.

  • Ani

    Why are you surprised? Does it offend your liberal sensitivities? Not gel with your knee-jerk tendency to defend blacks no matter what? A black movement is anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. What a surprise!

    I’m not at all surprised. I’ve kept far away from BLM. I think I always figured who and what they were about all along. Way too easy for them to just target Jews once gain rather than focus on the ills in their own communities.

  • Sadie

    Myopic vision blind sided you.

    The BLM was always part and parcel of the BDS movement. The Soros Foundation has been funding it all along and you, Prof. never questioned his motives. Rube!

    • Judy Watson

      Good for you for posting this. What in the world is the matter with these old men that they have refused to look at Soros. All you have to do is ask who funds BLM and up pops the anti semite’s name.

  • Jonah

    They are only interested in what their president wants…the extermination of Israel. As with any gang they put their plan in motion by name calling to incite the base. A good start would be coping Allan’s article and nailing it to telephone poles in Baltimore, put it in their papers, and send it to the black church’s. Dershowitz would then be on Obamas dung list but who cares, somebody needs to get the truth out. Send it to trumps headquarters it will not get any fly time with Hillary she needs the black vote.

    • Black churches , i am black and a Pentecostal at that and you are off base .

  • Alan, wake up the BLM movement is a terrorist organization that has called for the killings of police officers, why are you surprised that they are also antisemitic. If would stop looking at everything through the mind of a left winger and use simple commonsense, these things are obvious.