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August 16, 2016 5:08 am

Critics Question Hillary Clinton’s Health

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Hillary Clinton. Photo: Screenshot.

Hillary Clinton. Photo: Screenshot.

US News – Hillary Clinton has been traversing the country, making speeches, raising money and launching very serious criticisms against Republican Donald Trump as she mounts a typically exhausting presidential general election campaign.

The response of Hillary-phobes? Clearly, she must be sick.

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  • Facts and rules of laws! Hillary Clinton and as well George Soro do live in a world which do not exist! Their actions do exist in rules of laws which do not exist! Why? Because both of them do live in past ideologies which are find to day to be fake. In the no far past before and doing WW2 men could easily be made to swallow fake political staged events which does re – repeat it self to day. Whatever, those two people will not change a dam thing in human relations. How? Because to day no one can hides their brains structures intentions under the radar of Global social information technology. Game is over. Is the reason for men – politician to look foolish when living day in day out with self implanted lies in mind which their brains do instinctively reject them, which can be easily seen – observed when talking and on their faces and bodies strange behaviors. When dishonesty facts are observed the rules of law must take action! Otherwise fake political hided ideas under fake staged events will destroy the rules of laws. Means Chaos! Whatever will happen, The general rules of brains structures will seek balance to destroy “ Chaos”, because this kind of chaos derives from minds which can never master “ the general”. One or two or three private servers are not as the entire global social information technology, where dishonesty becomes naked bringing men into the labyrinth of insanity, becoming dead walking men, living for nothing at all! And life goes on, when the insane men are forgotten. Brunhilde Pomsel said: “I’m relieved I never had any children that I have to worry about.” What that means? End of human life on earth because she did swallow a reality which never did exist.

  • Israel

    Hillary may or may not be medically incompetent. But that is of little relevance to her being suited for the presidency. As a Jew I find her to be reprehensible. Her links to George Soros should have all Jews questioning her worthiness.