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August 18, 2016 12:00 pm

Kurdish-Iraqi Jew Reunited With Israeli Family After Escaping Muslim Husband Threatening to Hand Her Over to ISIS (VIDEO)

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Liza (left), reuniting with her relatives in Israel. Photo: Channel 2/Screenshot.

Liza (left), reuniting with her relatives in Israel. Photo: Channel 2/Screenshot.

A Kurdish Jew who escaped Iraq after her Muslim husband threatened to turn her in to ISIS was reunited with her relatives in Israel this week, Channel 2 reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, Liza met with the Avrahami family at the home of her grandmother in Moshav Patish in southern Israel, after a difficult and complicated journey out of Iraq, via Turkey, and finally to the Jewish state.

Liza recounted that her husband, a successful — secular — Muslim businessman, recently became religious and demanded that she follow suit. “He told me, ‘If you don’t obey, I will hand you over to ISIS, and your fate will be that of the Yazidis in captivity,’” she said, adding, “He told me that I behave like a Jew.”

She continued: “I feared for my life… because I saw what they do to Yazidi women — kill them only because they are not Muslims.”

According to Channel 2, picturing the horrors that awaited her if her husband followed through on his threats, Liza absconded, leaving behind her four children. She managed this, she said, by blending in with the masses of refugees fleeing Iraq for Turkey. When she arrived in Turkey, she was able to make contact with her relatives in Israel.

Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara, an Israeli Druze and Likud MK, made the connection between Liza’s family — who had immigrated to Israel from Iraq in the 1950s — and an Israeli liaison with ties to the Turkish government. According to Channel 2, a weeks’-long effort to bring her to the Jewish state finally bore fruit when Interior Minister Aryeh Deri personally intervened to grant her an entry visa.

As The Algemeiner reported in March, a non-Muslim Iraqi parliament member, who serves as a kind of caretaker and sponsor for the remaining eight or so Jews in the terror-torn country, was in touch with Kara about protecting them from attack or helping them to make aliyah.

Watch Channel 2‘s footage of Liza’s family reunion below:

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  • For the other side of the story please see the link to the Kurdish news site Rudaw, in English:

  • Cecile

    Dear Talkbackers, All you show by your comments is how ignorant and merciless you are. First of all, in Irak like in other arab countries, very often muslims used to kidnap jewish girls to marry them to muslim men. Second of all, if she did marry him for love, who are you to judge. As she said in her interview, he was secular at first. People changed. So it wasn’t smart. Who are you to be so mean to a woman who has been through so many things. And about her children, I really hope that you heartless people will never have to make a decision like this one. Maybe they were brainwashed and didn’t want to come. In conclusion, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Think how she might feel if she sees your comments… Maybe you should try thinking that you don’t know all before you judge and hurt people!

  • Diane

    You people are all so cruel – try reading the Torah. Obviously you just read headlines and can’t be bothered with the article.

  • Michele F

    These comments are so hateful. Your words are an embarrassment. I hope readers understand that YOU don’t speak on behalf of Jews; only your cold hearted selves.

  • Peter Joffe

    If you marry a Muslim, do nor cry when he treats you like a personal possession. It is beyond comprehension that anyone could willingly choose Islam over freedom! You get what you deserve if you marry a Muslim. Perhaps a pre-marriage necessity is to read the Koran and the Sharia before you tie the knot that generally cannot be untied.

  • glenda Urmacher

    what kind of Jewish mother eaves behind her 4 children?

    • Steve Katz

      Actually, she acted according to Jewish law. If you have to save yourself or anyone else (even your own child), and you can’t save both, then you must save yourself.
      In the case of a child, the concept is that the mother (likened to a tree) can bear more fruit.

    • There are several factors that must be taken into account, that highlight this Liza’s difficulties:

      1. According to Sharia law in most countries dominated by Islam, the children in a marriage automatically belong to the father, NOT to the mother. Even if the woman had sued for divorce–not likely for any woman,let alone a Jewish woman–and won her case, the father would still have custody of the children. In all Islamic-dominated nations, Islam is
      viewed as the “superior religion” and the offspring of
      Islamic-Jewish or Islamic-Christian marriages will be forced
      to live with the Islamic parent.

      2. There was no way Liza could have fled with all of her children intact. She may have had her original passport taken from her, and the children may not have passports. At any rate, traveling with four kids unnoticed and unseen by prying eyes and nosy authorities was probably impossible.
      She was not guaranteed safe passage out of a Muslim country.

      3. In this case, the husband was already threatening to
      “turn the mother over to ISIS”. This woman was not guaranteed her safety any longer, even if she DID “convert” to Islam.

      4. If the husband had recently become “religiously fanatic”,
      this was not an event that could have been foreseen by the bride at the time of the marriage. Apparently his recent
      conversion to a fanatical form of Islam occurred several
      years after the marriage.

      Many women in Western countries marry Muslim men from various countries–men who may live “westernized” or even
      fully secular lives in Western countries, or even in their
      own country. The trouble may start, however, from the time
      the woman decides to go with the husband to live in the husband’s country of origin. Depending upon the country, its culture and the husband’s family, the woman may live in relative freedom for a time–as long as she is not caught transmitting her own faith to her children or seen as conflicting with her in-laws. This “honeymoon period” may end abruptly if the Muslim husband converts to more stringent forms of Islamic belief and practice.

      Until women in all countries gain the right to practice
      their own faith, we will continue to hear more stories
      of women who are and were trapped in nations that do not
      permit them to practice their own faith and transmit it
      to their children.

  • Tal

    Send her back to her husband. If shes stupid enough to marry him in the first place we don’t need her.

    • Steve Katz

      Tal – I guess you never heard of someone making a mistake. Are you that perfect that you never made/make any?

    • Consider the following from Pirqei Avot (1:2),:

      על שלושה דברים העולם עומד–על התורה, ועל העבודה, ועל גמילות החסדים.

      Al sheloshah devarim ha-olam omed: al ha-Torah, ve-al ha-avodah, ve-al gemilut hasadim.

      “On three things the world stands: on Torah, on service to God, and on deeds of lovingkindness.”

      I condemn no one for their lack of clairvoyance. This woman has suffered enough and shows regret. Now she is doing teshuvah in a big way. Let us welcome her back.

      • Linda

        The children will come to her and reject Islam. She saved herself and if she could she would have taken her children with her. There are many Jewish Institutions that will help her get her children back. It is the religion and her Islamic husband who will find a righteous path to unite the children with their mother. I believe this will happen sooner than later.