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August 19, 2016 2:27 am

Macmillan Geography Textbook Filled With Anti-Israel Lies

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Here are the first paragraphs of a section on terrorism written in the textbook World Regional Geography (with Subregions), 4th edition by Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher, Alex Pulsipher and Conrad M. Goodwin, published by Macmillan:


Seriously? The first modern terrorist attack in the Middle East was perpetrated by Jews? What was the 1929 massacres of Jewish civilians if not terrorism? What about the many terror attacks perpetrated by the Black Hand, the terror group founded by Sheikh Izz ad-Din al-Qassam in the late 1920s to kill Jews and the British in Palestine?

But this passage is much worse than that. It justifies Palestinian terrorism and Arab aggression (saying that Israel provoked each war – yes, I guess that if breathing is provocation, this may be true.)

It says that Israel was created on “Palestinian lands,” a falsehood that is seen throughout the textbook as the headline on this page shows:


They were “Palestinian” lands? What contemporaneous source from before 1948 ever referred them to them that way? (The book makes the same claim in several other places, like page 49, and most egregiously on page 38 where the claim is that the land “belonged to Palestinians,” which is false in every sense.)


The outrageous lies don’t end there. The caption beneath the maps on the page above says that it was the “Jewish settlers” who didn’t agree to the 1947 UN partition plan, and that they started a war themselves — exactly 180 degrees from the truth.

Another section, filled with the usual anti-Israel propaganda, claims that “thousands of Palestinians have been displaced” by Jewish settlements. This is another absolute lie; the vast majority of Jewish communities did not displace a single person, and in the rare cases that they did, it was because the land belongs to Jews either to begin with or via purchase.

There is plenty of other bias to be seen, such as the bizarre opinion that Israel “negated” its withdrawal from Gaza by imposing a blockade — without mentioning Hamas or rockets.


The separation barrier’s purpose to stop terror attacks isn’t mentioned, and the authors make it appear that the barrier was built to grab land (without mentioning the many settlements that are on the east side of the fence.)

Also, as far as I can tell, the figure of 30,000 farmers separated from their land is fiction. The best number I can glean is that there are a total of about 120,000 Palestinians who work in agriculture in both the West Bank and Gaza. The idea that such a high percentage happen to farm on lands that happen to be divided by a fence is simply incredible. I would love to know the source for this.

What is clear is that the authors have an anti-Israel bias in this textbook, and that many of the facts that they are teaching students are simply lies.

The main author is roundly criticized by her students for her intolerance for other opinions and her liberal/socialist, anti-American stance.

The book was published by WH Freeman which is owned by Macmillan. You can contact Macmillan Education at this webpage.

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  • Al Talena

    CAIR, which has known association with hamas, and other muslim groups, and other islamoc groups have been funding school books in the US. So while one can’t teach religion, it is OK to teach islam. In the books used in American schools, islam has been sanitized from a religion of war to one of total peace. In some schools, to get the feeling of being muslim, Christian students recite the shahada, muslim prayer of conversion.
    Muslim workers in the US are suing their bosses b/c they are not given enough breaks throughout the day to pray.

  • Hinda Blas.

    My letter to MacMillian:

    When I was a child in the 1960s-1970s our textbooks were very factual. In those days, the authors would do research without the aid of the internet as it was not available to the public at the time (NASA had an internet already in place).

    In those days, every article would be checked for accuracy not once but by at least three times. Our history and geography books were constantly checked for accuracy because the Department of Education was striving for the next generation to be fully aware of the history and of geography. Also at that time, countries in Africa and elsewhere were changing nearly on an annual basis.

    We also learned about Guerrilla warfare aka terrorists. We learned the facts not the fiction that is being portrayed in your books. It is very clear that your book of Regional Geography is highly anti-semitic. What? Can a school textbook be prejudiced against a group of people they are calling Zionists and also of Israel? Yes! By the very author of the piece whom has had many complaints from her own students and of faculty which have been ignored.

    Tell me is MacMillian now under the control of foreign entities who are loyal to the Ayatollahs of Iran? Or perhaps have friends in the OAC (Organization of Arab Countries), or of David Duke and his KKK, or of the UN which has never denounced the honor killings and of the destruction of Christians aka genocides being done in Syria and Iraq, less I mention of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, etc.

    Not too long ago another Educational textbook publisher was in hot water for their book “Across the Centuries.” There was more information on the fictional history of Muhammed than on the actual events. There were also chapters claiming that the Jews faked the Holocaust by numbers when the Nazis own accounting support over the 6 million who were exterminated. The book failed to mention the 7.1 million Christians, the 3.1 million Children, the 1.5 million handicap, the 900,000 Gypsies, etc. It glorified “Yassir Arafat and Osama Bin Ladin.”

    However, we parents had found out that the main authors of the text book did not even look at the chapters. They didn’t write them. “Ghostwriters” found on Craigslist did them. They were not even Americans but foreigners on Student Visas. They mainly came from Iran and Qatar (surprise, surprise). Could this also be your issue as well?

    This is what we are teaching the children in the 21st century? Then many people like me will make sure that this book will not be used in American schools. We Americans are strange people perhaps. We have our issues, many are promoted by outside sources like the Black Lives Matter, the Nation of Islam, etc. but all-in-all, we will stand up against bigotry and we who are Jewish will not remain silent.

    So, I am requesting as an American Taxpayer who’s taxes go to the schools so they may purchase the textbooks/computers to cancel this book and either allow the schools to use an earlier edition that was not so bigoted or take away the sections written by Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher, Alex Pulsipher and Conrad M. Goodwin,

    Believe me, in today’s world of the internet, nothing is left hidden. Blogs like the Elder of Ziyon, Algemier, Atlas Shrugs, and many others too numerous to mention will be keeping an eye on you. We will not be silent any more.


    Hinda B.

  • BDS MacMillan!!!

  • stevenl

    Burn the book!!!

  • Craig

    More hatred from Tennessee:

    Lydia Pulsipher
    Professor in the Geography department
    at University of Tennessee – Knoxville, Knoxville, TN

  • Ephraim

    Macmillan is only attempting to fulfill its obligations to its neoNazi supporters.

  • A Texan Parent

    The goal is for education and the texts to improve. Suggestions:

    1) Stress how this text increases anti-Semitism & incites violence.
    2) Most helpful source: Hadassah Curriculum Watch
    3) Contact your school, school board, state school board, legislators.
    3) Look for problems in other texts and get other parents to do the same.
    4) It goes without saying but in this emotional area Ill say it anyhow…Avoid invective, sarcasm, rude language.