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August 19, 2016 8:24 am

Obama’s Behavior Towards Israel Is Not Netanyahu’s Fault

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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President Obama and Prime Minister Netanayhu. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanayhu. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

At a conference on Wednesday held by Darkenu — a self-described “grass-roots movement of the ‎Israeli moderate majority” — former Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak ‎blasted incumbent PM Benjamin Netanyahu for endangering the country’s security. As someone ‎who turned imperiling the Jewish state into an art form, Barak ought to know better.‎

It was Barak, after all, who made grandiose offers of territory and other concessions to Palestine Liberation Organization chief ‎Yasser Arafat which, had they been accepted, would have done Israel in. It was he who exposed ‎the truth — the one the rest of us knew already — that the Palestinian terror master and Nobel Peace prize ‎laureate was ever-bent on annihilating the Jews in his vicinity. ‎

Indeed, when Barak made his final appeasement offer at Camp David in 2000, Arafat returned the ‎favor by launching a suicide-bombing war against innocent Israelis. Yet Barak proceeded to blame ‎his successors for a lack of a two-state solution.‎

And let’s not forget Barak’s hightail-it-out-of-there retreat from southern Lebanon that left a ‎vacuum for Iran to fill. Barak’s response since then is to spew more vitriol at Netanyahu than at ‎Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah.‎

But, hey, such is the manner of washed-up has-beens. To stay relevant on the think tank and ‎lecture circuit, they need something to say, and it isn’t “I’m sorry.”‎

It was thus not surprising that he devoted his talk at the Darkenu conference to what he called ‎Netanyahu’s “lack of judgment” and “fecklessness” regarding Israel’s most pressing and profound ‎security concerns by — get this — destroying the Jewish state’s crucial and previously warm ‎relationship with the United States. Yes, according to Barak, Netanyahu is a fascist who uses fear-‎mongering about “existential threats” like a nuclear Iran in order to stay in power.‎

Though Tehran’s ambitions and other issues do indeed pose some danger, Barak conceded, ‎Netanyahu has exaggerated them to the point at which the White House can no longer tolerate him. ‎You know, by doing things like warning Congress not to approve the Joint Comprehensive Plan of ‎Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal.‎

Evidence of Netanyahu’s reckless endangerment on this score, he said, lies in the poor U.S. aid ‎package and unfortunate stipulations about spending any of it on Israeli defense industries.‎

It is legitimate for rivals to attack Netanyahu politically. But not one word of Barak’s tirade was the ‎truth. In order to avoid being challenged about the many false “facts” he presented, he covered his ‎rear by claiming to be privy to “another incident [showing Netanyahu’s] failure to internalize the ‎potential of cooperation with the United States, as well as careless operational behavior, [which] led ‎to a most worrisome exposure of Israel to a key security challenge,” but “due to the matter’s ‎sensitivity,” he was not at liberty to elaborate.‎


How about we do some elaborating for him?‎

From the moment that US President Barack Obama took office, he proceeded to implement the ‎intertwined policies of “leading from behind,” reaching out to radical Muslims and emulating ‎Europe. In this context, he could only view Israel as a hindrance. To the new White House and ‎State Department, the Jewish state had to be seen — like America — as an entity at fault for the ‎hostility and belligerence it aroused among “disgruntled” Islamists and other haters.‎

In addition, perhaps even more importantly, as a country founded on Jewish nationalism, Israel by ‎its very nature was antithetical to Obama’s entire outlook — forged and cultivated by his mentor, ‎‎Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky. As this new America was doing away with the National ‎Anthem and Christian holiday symbols in public schools and institutions, Israel was maintaining a ‎sense of pride in itself, as well as a shared belief that the values of freedom and democracy are not ‎only worth fighting for, but necessary for survival in a region and a world increasingly moving in ‎the opposite direction. ‎

In other words, Israel appears to the administration in Washington to be like an extension of the ‎Republican Party.‎

Indeed, in today’s America, it is the Republicans who grasp what Israel is all about — and wish that their ‎own country would remember and embrace its own similar greatness.‎

It is the Democrats’ shift away from such basics that has caused Israel no longer to be what ‎Americans call a “bipartisan issue.” Netanyahu has nothing to do with it. And if Barak were to ‎replace him in the Prime Minister’s Office today, he would be given the same treatment by the ‎White House to which Netanyahu has been subjected for the past seven and a half years — merely ‎by attempting to protect Israelis from Palestinian terrorism and Iranian rockets.‎

Just as global antisemitism is not Israel’s fault, neither is the appalling behavior of the Obama ‎administration toward Netanyahu. It is time for Israeli politicians, especially failed ones, to stop ‎insisting otherwise.‎

Ruthie Blum is the managing editor of The Algemeiner.‎

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  • Al Talena

    Why have there been few islamo fascist terror attacks in the US compared to eurabia? B/c they are becoming a 5th column from w/i. No need for terror attacks. At the DNC, on the 1st night, there was not a single US flag to be seen but there was a pali flag being waved.
    CAIR, which has known association with hamas, and other muslim groups, have been funding school books in the US. So while one can’t teach religion, it is OK to teach islam. In the books used in American schools, islam has been sanitized from a religion of war to one of total peace. In some schools, to get the feeling of being muslim, Christian students recite the shahada, muslim prayer of conversion.
    Muslim workers in the US are suing their bosses b/c they are not given enough breaks throughout the day to pray.
    On our college campuses, arab students have successfully destroyed free speech as they violently prevent opposing student groups from having speaking events.

    This is a greater threat than communism ever was. And they are being legitimized by he loony left and the PC intelligentsia, both useful idiots.

  • nat cheiman

    Obama is a muslim. No more said

  • No matters who are leading the stat of Israel the Obama White House administration will behave to same toward Israel. In fact Netanyahu did an excellent job maneuvering exceptionally among superpowers. Here we are talking about the entire Global politics picture which Netanyahu did very well, from India, Russia, China, to Arab country leaders which he sees the general than just been busy with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Historically the Palestinian had fife opportunities to make peace with Israel, but No, the Palestinian did choose the wrong politics in hope to exhaust the Hebrew collective brains which is linked to what is happening within the anti – Israeli propaganda in Europe and USA to day, the rise of the anti – Hebrew propaganda goes parallel with the chaotic Arab Spring which did create refugees move into Germany for the far right neo – Nazis in Germany to rise, was the only way for German neo – Nazis possible to rise which Obama administration is by fact involved into it by clear evidence! The White House Obama administration nuclear deal with Iran did take place in time space for ISIL to grow for pushing as much as possible refugees into Europe and USA to create a global political Chaos for then the White House Obama administration will go for solving the chaos of ISIL global terror which they did self created. ISIL has nothing to do with Islam!!! ISIL was created trough many involved agents layers which even ISIL people are not aware of, ISIL is pushed from behind without been aware of been send to death, for those coward hided men who did create ISIL to split Europe for the rise of neo Nazis in Germany and in France, and ridiculing USA politics where USA citizens has no chooses left.

  • H. Givon

    Ruthie Blum has summarized Ehud Barak’s many failings with such accuracy that there is no need to add anything but thanks to her for revealing it to the public following his absurd tirade against PM Netanyahu!

  • Holy Shirt

    Where did the men of the dominant-male culture known as “The Tribe? disappear to? Ivanka is a good start, but Team Trump needs more from that spring of wisdom. If matriarchs are the driving force behind most patriarchs, may I suggest Donald quietly retain Ruthie and Caroline to inspire the sleepy sailors of our Ship of State?

  • Herbert Grossman

    A good article with many truths, but incomplete without adding Obama’s particular hatred of Israel, nurtured prior to his elective office by the anti-Semites Said, Khalidi, Ayers, Dohrn and Farrakhan.

  • Reform School

    Dominated by spinmeisters, bottom-feeding Lamestream Media find no depth too great for swimming with rabid sharks. Leading the fray in the Best Fiction category for literary prizes is the ASSociated Pre$$, selling tripe by the liter. The BBC Whirled Service and its National Palestinian Radio junior partner (NPR) are the de facto press spokesmen for the joint BDS-Democratic Party. Attempts to split them have mostly been futile—joint-smoking D’s spreading BS.

  • Ishaq yousuf

    it’s all about Jerusalem God words are true and all the remaining prophecies are going to full fill soon as per holy bible no body can change any thing

  • Miri

    Well said. It’s time to face the truth.

  • Paul Salkin

    Thank you for defining the problem.

  • Dear managing editor,
    To paraphrase PT Barnum Half truths may work with all your readers some of the time and with some of your readers all of the time but they don’t work with all of your readers all of the time. For the record, the US has allocated more funds to Israel under the Obama administration than ever before. No foreign Prime Minister has ‘dissed’ the President of the US the way Netanyahu has in recent memory and expected a pat on the head in return. Yes, Obama doesn’t like him, and with reason.
    Netanyahu has only one goal. His own continued political control.
    He wants to remain in power at all costs, else why would he keep so many portfolios for himself.

    • Jonas