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August 19, 2016 10:36 am

Rabbi Stabbed in Northeastern French City by Knife-Wielding Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

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French soldiers guarding a Jewish institution in Paris. Photo: The Blaze

French soldiers guarding a Jewish institution in Paris. Photo: The Blaze

A rabbi was stabbed on Friday in the northeastern French city of Strasbourg by a knife-wielding male assailant who shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack, French and international media outlets reported.

The wounded man, reported to be in his 60s, was transported to a hospital in stable condition.

A Strasbourg police spokesman told The Associated Press that the attacker was arrested at the scene of the incident.

The spokesman said police were not classifying the incident as terror-related. He told The Associated Press the attacker was someone with “clear deficiencies” and a police record.

France has been on high alert for terrorism recently in the wake of last November’s Islamic State shooting and bombing attacks in Paris that killed 130 people and the Bastille Day truck ramming attack in Nice in July that killed 85 people.

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  • Sarah Collins

    Not a terror-related offence? Mentally ill perpetrator? Well, of course, normal people don’t walk around with knives, yelling ‘allahu akbar’ and stabbing total strangers do they? And they don’t go off to Iraq, enslave women, commit mass rape and torture and kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them, do they? They fact that Islamist murderers are mentally unbalanced does not depart from the fact that they are motivated by religious fanaticism and that they are committing acts of terrorism.

    I don’t suppose the members of the IRA who terrorised the UK when I was a girl were exactly sane and well-balanced people either. But terrorists they were and so is this killer.

  • If the man doing the stabbing is with “clear deficiencies” then are we expected to believe that Islamic suffer from “clear deficiencies because the Iman are teaching in the Mosques from children and adults to stab the Jewish people.

    The Islamic are preying on the Christian people to as we are led to believe to save them all the while when they can rid the world of the Jewish they can rid the world of the remainder of the people. In fact, in Europe the rapes, murders and other heinous crimes are being committed by Islamic yet we keep “saving” them as Mohammed was saved by a Jewish family. Look how Mohammad was – a murderer, thief, pedophile and every type criminal politician imaginable. Yet his following is massive. They Islamic are taught that it is okay to do these things outside the realm of the Islamic faith.

    So then they are not a people with “clear deficiencies” but criminals of the worse kind.

  • Al Talena

    And here I thought they were only anti-Zionist. Could they be lying?

  • James Alford

    Amazing tricks by the new world order claiming muslim attacks are committed by lunatics and criminals when,in fact,they are merely following the koran’s(mohammed’s)peaceful religious instructions of 109 exhortations “kill the Jews first,then the Christians and finally anyone who disagrees with you”.The Evil western organisations which are “part and parcel” of this conspiracy(nwo),are pathological liars and super hypocrites!!!!

  • nat cheiman

    Islamic Republic of France

  • Michelle

    Enough of always covering these stabbing a with the standard “mental deficiency” excuse! France took them in with open arms. By 2022 there will be a Muslim president in the Palace! G- D help the French. They brought it on themselves.

  • What is it going to take when Jews will finally say MASPEAK (Enough) and find a way to physically confront these one sided attacks from the Arabs.

    Doesn’t anyone remember the Holocaust which would have never have happened if 600,000 German Jews could have had just 1% of them, 6,000 tough Jews which could have killed Hitler and his Nazis in the 1920’s not in the 1930’s.

    For supposedly such an intelligent people we really are stupid and must have a death wish.

    Now that Jews in America have the blacks, the white Neo-Nazis and the growing Muslims against them its now or never.

    I remember seeing teh photos of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in exile in Germany touring the concentration camps and witnessing the murder of Jews and these are the people who are going to make peace with Israel. Not in a pipe dream will that ever happen.

    Jews have to become tough,strong and sadly you can’t perform that operation Dr. S or write that Pulitzer Price book you’ll have to fight to keep your family safe.

    I wonder if our enemies will have a Agnostic box car for Mark Zuckerberg and his family?

  • Richard

    … if terrorism were to be excluded as a motive then a common factor among these so called ‘clear deficiencies’ among perpetrators, appears to be the use of the same slogan when committing the crime. Why would that be ?

  • Stan

    Hear no evil
    See no evil

  • Shouting Allah Akbar !! And it wasn’t a terrorist act ! The fact the the victim was Jewish show that the so called nutter wasn’t so deranged !
    Another white wash when the victim “happened ‘”‘to be Jewish.

  • Sam

    Tell it the way it should be told.


    Shouting `Allahu Akbar`


    Where do you learn this dialogue and action of violence

  • stevenl

    Islamist: a genocidal fanatic affected by a man-made mental disease!

  • diane

    What a creep he’s a coward, by stabbing a defenseless rabbi.I don’t understand, if they hate so much why don’t they all go back to their own country and live there. They are so hateful they even hate their own but won’t admit it.therefor they hate to spread their hate into other countries, sickos.

  • Carol young

    Not terror related? Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ should be a bit of a clue!

  • Edna Anzarut-Turner

    The Muslim assailant cried Allah Hu Akbar and stabbed a Hassidic Jewish rabbi.

    If this is not terror-related or tacial-hatred related, then what is?

  • Tullymd

    Nope, not terror related. France is not safe for Jews.
    Also France is not safe for any non Muslim citizen.
    Denial can have serious consequences.

  • ART

    French cowards. Call it as it is a hate crime committed by a muslim. Plain and simple

  • glenda Urmacher

    Its interesting that in France, and in general countries around the world, have muslims who attacked or kill Jews and have “clear deficiencies”.
    It is the French, and the world populations that allow those with “clear difficiencies” to enter their countries, and attack only Jews.
    Perhaps countries should be more selective about who they allow to immigrate, and live in their country.
    Or perhaps only Jews have mentalities that abhor the attacking and killing of “the others”.
    We will have to learn to defend ourselves, because clearly deficiency mental problems are rampant in EU countries, and their collective populations.

  • Jay Lavine

    The attacker undoubtedly was suffering from brain dysfunction, but, as we’ve seen in so many similar circumstances, the atmosphere of hatred, in this case toward Jews, will spur such people to act against the object of the hatred. All those expressing Judeophobia share in the blame.